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From Joyce Zoubul (May 2010):

I have a picture of a Keitzer Bros store that says Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Dry Goods & Notions. The people in the picture are Frank, John, Jenny (their half sister), and two other unidentified people ( maybe the half brother, Fred). I assume this was in Monterey. The date is in the 1890s. [This would a be a store in Monterey, predating the Logansport store -sjt]

John Keitzer Jr. was born June 1, 1870 and died July 27, 1951.
Carrie E. Zehner was born Apr. 11, 1874 and died Jan 24, 1948. She was the daughter of Soloman and Sarah Jane Yearrick Zehner.

John and Carrie were married in the Methodist Parsonage (Marmont) in Culver IN in Apr 1892.  They moved to Logansport IN where he sold insurance and later owned a grocery store on Bates street. Mother [Janette Keitzer] remembers that his store was bombed during WWI because of the German name and because he refused to join the KKK.

John and Carrie had six children.

{sjt#1-13}A typed letter from Mary Alice Dilts to Robert Kelsey Thomas:
John Keitzer, oldest son of John and brother to Frank, married and lived in Logansport, In. where he owned and operated a grocery store. Wife's name was, Sadie. They had a son, John, Jr., and a daughter, Sarah Keitzer Cunningham; husband, Dr. Cunningham, surgeon, practiced in South Bend., In.  Johnny Keitzer operated a Convenient Store and a Drive-in in Logansport, In. called "Johnny's Place", for many years.



b. Mar 11 1893, d. Dec.28 1977, married Guy Whitman (July 24 1885 - Aug 23 1950) and lived in Logansport.  They had one son: Rex K. Whiteman, MD Sept 16 1917 who married Margery Dilly - Dec.4 1922 and lived in Warren, OH. They had 5 children: Rex, Amy, Bobbie, Peggy, Julie


b. Aug. 6 1895, d. May 13 1983. Married Peter Joseph Birmingham, MD on June 18, 1924 and lived in South Bend IN. They had two children:
a) Rosemary who marrried Jack O' Brien and lived in Annapolis, MD.  They have two children: Anne and Dennis.
b) Richard Birmingham, DDS, married Jeanne? and lived in South Bend IN. They had four children: Mary, Peter, Annette,and Muffin? (this must be a nickname).


b. Oct. 22 1897, d. Jan. 15 1983.  Married Edwin R. Eisler, MD - July 26 1895 - Oct 30 1980. They had one child, Jeanne (Jan 15, 1930 - Dec. 2008) who married Robert Brandwein and lived in Chicago. They had two children: Debbie and Bruce.


b. Dec. 9 1899, d. Jan 31 1962 - John took over his father's grocery store and later had a restaurant called Keitzer's Drive-IN. Married Mildred L.Kearns - Dec 1 , 1900. They had two children:
a) Betty - married Fred Horner and lived in Waukesha, WI. They had four children.
b) John (Jack) married Betty Miller and lives in Leesburg FL. They had three children: Carla, Colleen, Steven.


b. Nov. 2 1904, d.Oct 31 1997.  Known as Tudy.  Married Joseph Miller Uhl Dec. 24 1899 - Sept. 13 1981
They had two children:
a) Elynor Jane (b. July 1933) married George Richard Wildman Apr. 18 1932 -.  Three children: Jan Claire (b. Mar 17, 1957);  Julie Louise (Pepe) (b. Aug.24, 1960);  David George (b. July 6 1962).
b) Joyce Ann (b. Jan. 6 1939) who married Harold Menos Zoubul (b. June 25, 1938). Joyce U. Zoubul was the source of most of the information on this page:  They have two children: Carrie Sophia (b. Sept. 7 1973) and Christopher Joseph Keitzer Zoubul (b. March 28 1978).


b. Apr. 23,1907 - d. May.  Was an MD. Married Betty Ford - lived in Akron, OH. They had two children:
a) Walter Ford Keitzer, MD lives in Tyler, TX. They had four children.
b) Linda.

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