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George Kelsey was BORN: abt 1572, Thorpe, County Essex, ENG, DIED: , Thorpe, County Essex, ENG

According to, Elizabeth Hammond was born abt 1575, Lavenham, Suffolk Co, ENG. She was the daughter of Thomas and Rose Hammond.

According to Harleian Society Publications," Vol. XIV, Visitation of Essex, Part 2, page 588, Elizabeth was the daughter of William Hamond of Westmill Bury, in County Hertford, see email from Bonnie Kelsey below.

George and Elizabeth were MARRIED:1599, Essex Co, ENG

My original info is from, which is now defunct.

George Kelsey was BORN: abt 1572, Thorpe, County Essex, ENG, DIED: , Thorpe, County Essex, ENG
Elizabeth Hammond was born abt 1575, Lavenham, Suffolk Co, ENG.
MARRIED:1599, Essex Co, ENG (now defunct) was a site that has the paragraph:

George Kelsey may have been the father of William Kelsey. He was born about 1572 in Thorpe, Essex and married in 1599 Elizabeth Hammond, the daughter of William Hammond. She was born about 1575 at West Milbury, Herts.
Their children were:
1. William Kelsey 1600 - 1680 +Hester ? 1605 - Abt 1680
2. John Kelsey Abt 1602 - 1680
3. Henry Kelsey Abt 1604 -

Feb 2009: Scott:  I saw your website today and wanted to pass along the following for the Kelsey family of George Kelsey and Elizabeth Hammond. If you have any questions, let me know. Bonnie Kelsey <>

Son: Henry Kelsey info:

Personal correspondence from Winchester Cathedral, Winchester, Hampshire, England received 6 Jan 2003. From : John Hardacre <> Wonderful contact!!

"Dear Bonnie, In the centre of Bay 8 of the nave of the cathedral is a very worn stone, inscribed: MARY, late wife of Henry Kelsey Esq./ marryed to him the 11th of July 1639/ was by Death divorced from him/ the 12th of July 1671./ Dead here shee lyes, whose candid life/ Drew the true Pourtrait of a Wife:/ Freynd she depicted too; beside,/ Christian shee liv'd & soe she dy'd.

There is no stone now visible to Henry Kelsey, but there are several in the vicinity of Mary's stone that could be his but they are worn flat. All the best for 2003. John Hardacre."

Will of Henry Kelsey: Received from the Hampshire, England record office, #1683 B 22/1-2, copy in mail - 15 January 2003:

" Memorandum: that on or about the 17th day of December Anno Domini 1683 HENRY KELSEY, Esq. of the parish of St. Swithin near the city of Winchester being sick and weak of the distemper (he afterward died of) but of good mind, memory and understanding with an intent to settle his estate and to prevent any trouble that might happen hereafter from any other, his kindred claiming or pretending to claim any shares or part out of his estate when his debts be paid did utter and speak these words following or the like, in effect, that is:

When I die, I order that my niece, Mrs. Anne Kelsey, shall receive all that is due to me and desire her to make sale of my goods and there with pay my debts which words or the like in effect words so uttered and declared by the said HENRY KELSEY, Esq. in the presence and hearing of Henry Harbin and Jane Harbin his wife, credible witneses. 24 December 1683 (Their signatures).

INVENTORY: Dated 28 January 1684:

"The inventory of the good and chattles of Henry Kelsey, Esq, deceased taken and appraised the 8 and 20th day of January in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred eighty and three by Richard Henry of ye city of Winchester in the county of Southhampshire, Esq, and Wiliam Over of the soke (A 'soke' was once an area of land allotted special powers and privileges by the church) near ye said city, Gentlleman:

Imprimo: his wearing apparal
Item: his study of books
Item: the furniture of his chamber
Item: in desparate debts
Item: 2 rings, 2 silver seals and some other small silver things

Signed: Richard Henry William Over


Son: John Kelsey, JR, brother of Henry:

Harleian Society Publications," Vol. XIV, Visitation of Essex, Part 2, page 588, gives the Kelsey pedigree as follows: "George Kelsey of Thorpe Hall in County Essex, descended out of Cheshire; wife Elizabeth, daughter of William Hamond of Westmill Bury, in County Hertford; issue: WILLIAM; HENRY (second son) of Gray's Inn, Barrister, etc., of Winchester, England, married Mary, daughter of Henry Manninge, chancellor of Diocese of Exeter; JOHN, of Chelmsford in County Essex, married Martha, daughter of Jeoffrey Lingwood, of Braintree in County Essex."

"To John Kelsey of Chelmsford in the County of Essex, Gent. & to Henry, his brother, to assigne unto them such armes as they lawfully beare considering their worth and merit, I do publish and declare that they may beare these arms hereafter mentioned, that is to say, sable on a pale cotised or three escocheons gules. The crest, two hands proper holding an escocheon or a sleeve able cuff argent." (Not signed or dated.) "Burke's General Armory," states that these arms were granted 24 June 1634, and gives them as follows: Sable, on a pale between 2 palets or, 3 escuthcheons gules. Crest, two cubit arms erect proper, vested sable, cuffed argent, holding in hands proper an escutcheon or.


WILL for John Kelsey: From Chelmsford, Essex, England, 1620-1720. LDS reference book 942 B46, vol 79, pg 206. Reference 392 BR 8.

"In the Name of God, Amen. I John Kelsey, the town of Chelmesford in the county of Essex, Gentleman, being weak in body yet of sound mind and memory (God be praised for this) do make and ordain this my last will and testament as follows that is: First and above all things I bequeath my soul into the hand of Almighty God that gave it hoping and believing same shall be raised in and through the merits, mediations, and sufferings of his only son and my above Savior and redeemer, Jesus Christ.

And my body I commit to the earth from whence it came to be decently buried at the discretion of my executix, hereafter named, there to rest in hope until the great and general day of resurrection at which time I believe the same shall be reunited to my soul to live together eternally in ye highest heavens. Amen.

And for that portion of goods which God of his goodness in behalf lent unto me in this life I give and bequeath the same as followeth (to wit) First I give to the poor people of ye parish of Chelmesford 20 shillings to be distributed amongst them at the discretion of mine executrix.

Item I give unto my sonne JOHN KELSEY all my precident books and all my drafts and papers for the returning of writtes which remain here in the country or in my desk at London.

Item I give unto my sonne WILLIAM KELSEY all my wearing apparel both linens and woollen hose and shoes and boots. Item (my debts, legacies, and funeral charges being paid and discharged) I give and bequeath in two parts (in 3 parts to be divided) of all the residue and remainder of my good and chattels and plate unto my beloved wife MARTHA Kelsey and the remainder or other third part there of I give and bequeath unto my daughter ANNE KELSEY and do nominate and appoint her my said daughter ANNE sole executrix of this my last will and testament which was written with my own hand and by me signed and sealed the 4 and 20th day of July Anno Domini 1669".

John Kelsey

Will proved 1 December 1669 by his daughter, Anne Kelsey.

Aug 2009: Additional info from Bonnie Kelsey <>

Here is some information for George Kelesy, Jr, father of William, John, and Henry Kelsey:

1. Sources: Kelsey Genealogy Vol 1 pgs 24-30; American Ancestors (FHL Conn. N2b V12.

2. George Kelsey's (father of George) will dated 11 Jan 1575, Takely, Essex, England (Source: FHL Film 94,372); American Ancestors, Connecticut, Book N2b V12.

3. George Kelsey descended out of Cheshire, England. Coat of Arms given to Henry, John, George, and their posterity by Richard St. George, Knight, of Clarenceaux, Principal herald of the king on Jun 24, 1624.

Clarenceux King of Arms - The senior of the two English provincial kings of arms. His jurisdiction lies south of the River Trent. Clarenceux has had the southern province since 1420. Clarenceaux was a position of government.

4. Reference to George Kelsey in John Badcocke will of Great Bentley, Essex, Dated 4 Feb 1602/03. The reference is LDS book 942.67 P2e v7, pg 141, entry 736:

"... to my wife my copyhold tenement in Thorpe wherein GEORGE KELSEY dwelleth to sell towards paying my debts and legacies..."

"....I revoke my gifts to her and the executorship and then make my cousin JENT executor and give him my good and my house wherein GEORGE KELSEY dwelleth towards paying my legacies..."


Essex Court Rolls (England), Court in session, court rolls: Michaelmas 1606 document #: Q/SR 177/127 - Alehouse keepers' recognizances For Tendring hundred, before Edward Grymston and Edward Waldegrave, esqs:- Victuallers. Sureties. St. Osyth's William Bond. Austin Ellys and Bartholomew Whealer of the same, yoemen. Mistley. Roger Browne. robert Hurt and bernard Payne of the same, yeomen. Little Clacton. John Moore. John Dier of Great Claction and GEORGE KELSEY of Thorpe, yeomen.


Essex Record Office Sessions Rolls Easter 1607 Q/SR 179/89 4 March 1607 - General recognizance for alehouse-keeping in the hundred of Tendring, before Edward Grymston and Edward Waldegrave, esqs. Victuallers. Sureties.
Thorpe. Alice Beamont, widow. John Beomont, yeoman, and GEORGE KELSEY, beer-brewer, both of the same. William Barns of the same. Thomas Biggesley. Gregory Bacon of the same, yeoman, and THE SAID KELSEY.
Great Holland. William Ellis. Philip Stubbs of Little Clacton, gent., and THE SAID KELSEY.
Little [Claction]...More. John Cossen of the same, yeoman, and THE SAID KELSEY.
Kirby. Jerrett Feild. THE SAID KELSEY and William Mace of the same, yeoman. John Eyddman. ditto and George Ryvett of the same, yeoman.
Tendring. Joan Vincent, widow. William Taylor and Stephen Cooker of the same, yeoman. Weeley. John Everytt. Thomas Wellock and John Vittell of the same, yeoman. Robert Kennester. THE SAID KELSEY and Wellock.



BORN: 1600, Chelmsford, County Essex, ENG , DIED: abt 1680, Killingworth, Middlesex Co, CT, MARRIED: Undefined, abt 1625, Eng . Had 9 children.



Born 1604 in Gray's Inn, County Chelmesford Essex, ENG. Was Barrister of Wincester. Married Mary Manninge (daughter of Henry Manninge, chancellor of Diocese of Exeter).


BORN: 1602 in Chelmesford, Essex, England. MARRIED: Martha LINGWOOD (daughter of Jeoffrey Lingwood, of Braintree in County Essex). Had a daugther Anne.
GEORGE II Found in (defunct). No other source for this child - may not really exist.