From The Collection of Scott Thomas

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EMMA; WIFE of ; DR W.E.KELSEY; DIED; OCT. 15, 1888; AGED; 24Y.8M.14D.  This was the 1st wife of the younger W.E. Kelsey, born in 1859. There is another photo of "ROY" who was probably their son.

ROY D. SON OF W.E.&E.KELSEY; DIED FEB. 8, 1888 AGED 2Y.10M.17D. This was probably the son of William E. Kelsey (the younger one) and Emma (his 1st wife).

.... WIFE OF DR. W.E. KELSEY; DIED AUGUST 6, 1877 AGED ...  This must be Sarah Barnes, the 1st wife of the older W.E. Kelsey (born 1835).

The  tombstone of both the William E. Kelseys. Both were M.D.s. The father was born in 1835 and the son in 1859.

The middle two wives of the younger William E. Kelsey, Ellie Mulford and Caudia Misner.