Inside front cover of Book 11

I dreamed a dream last March the 23, l907 that I and W. E. Kelsey was going through a corn field that was appearing the most vigorous that could be imagined standing very thick in rows. The ears very long hanging down almost matured. The grandest appearance of any thing that could be immagined in the appearance of growing corn. If there is any thing in dreams maybe it fortells the goodness of the crop we would like to grow this season in the line of corn. If our crop of corn should be 1/2 as good as the one appearing in my dream, it would be immence.

Since the dream we have now planted up to this date corn as follows and fertilized previous and at the time of planting about 70 acres on Reister place 35 on Shenk place 50 on Ranch making to date 155 acres May 18, l907 On the ranch there is about 35 acres yet to plant. Maybe the dream will come true as interpected. We will wait and see how the crops of corn turns out and register it sure if it is favorable. It is now all planted and fertilized Wednesday eve the 22 of May. Coming up fine everywhere. All cultivated and harrowed over up to May 31, l907 generaly good stand. We fertilized all of our potatoes and plowed them May 30 before they come up.

Page 34 Book 11

C. S. Mason of Huntington was here today Apr. 20, l906 to see me in regard to my claim for damage done my orchard by fire by the Erie RR Co. March 25, l905 and damage done me by causing my team to run away and fracture my foot in 3 places, dislocate my forefinger and jam my shoulder on Sept 15, l906 at the depot of the C. & Erie RR Co.

I stated to said Mason my claim for all damages was not less than $150,000 damage. That I would make him the following proposition for a settlement out of court as follows. I will accept $7,500.00 Seven thousand and five hundred dollars as pay in full for all demands to date against the Chicago and Erie Rail Road Co. If paid prior to the expiration of 60 days from this date. Apr. 20, l907 and Signed.. Wm Kelsey

June 20th the time will expire June 21, l907. C. S. Mason failed to accept my proposition above stated. I am of the opinion that he was playing Boy. The same as in the case of arbitrating damage done to my orchard in l905 March 25. No dependence can be placed in what they say. The RR Co. is on the beat wherever they can. NO HONOR.

Page 35 Book 11

When I married Sarah J. Barnes in Aprile l858, I got with her $985.00 in cash from Samuel Wolf guardian for her. The interest from Apr. that time to the present date Aprile l907 amounts to $14,840.00 at the rate of 6 pr ct pr annum. interest compounded annually.

This is just to the heirs of Sarah J. Barnes according to custom and possibly law, should be taken in consideration of the division of my property if I should not divide it otherwise.

Page 38 Book 11

The following is a statement made in writing by Mc Lowery on the 18th day of February l907 in regard to the service I rendered him from Nov. 21, l906 to Feb 18, l907

This to certify that the bone in my right arm was broken off about 5 inches above the elbow joint and repair of the ligaments of the elbow of same arm on the night of the 21st of November l906 and that Dr. WM Kelsey rendered skillfull medical treatment in healing my arm from Nov. 21, l906 to Feb. l907 with good results and perfect satisfaction to me and Dr. Kelsey is in no way to blame for any defects or failure of a perfect cure of my arm injured above refered to.

Feb. 18, l907 Attest: Dr. A. J. Kelsey This was read to him prior to his sighing in the presence of Dr. A. J. Kelsey and Charley Lewis. The same was read to him on the 25th day of March l907 in the drug store in the presence of Henry Keitzer and Mart E. Rearick and shown to Mac A. Lowery at the time he stated that he signed the certificate and that it was all right that he had no fault to find with my treatment. That S. W. Thompson of Winamac told him I had made a little mistake in setting the bone that he would need to be taken to the hospital at Chicago and have it treated over. He also said that I told him in the beginning that his arm would never get entirely well on account of the paralysis.

He also stated that Dr. Henry Thompson had examined his arm about the 20th of February and stated to him that the treatment Dr. Kelsey rendered him was all right taking into consideration the nature of the injury. But that George Thompson did not agree with Henry when he examined my arm 4 weeks later.

When the dressing of his arm was removed by Lowery about the 20th of Jun l907 the results as to repair of the broken bone was fine. The mobility of elbow joint was good considering the injury. The paralysis was much less of the arm from the elbow down . I advised him to not let his arm hang down on the 18th of Feb. l907 but to support it in a sling to favor the circulation and thereby restore the lost nervous force. He refused to do as I directed. Lowrey stated that he did not like to carry his arm in that way because the people would think he was playing off. H. Keitzer, M E. Rearick and A. J. Kelsey all heard him make this last statement. Lowery made statements to Jack Pryor, P. H. Wagner and many other parties that the treatment that Dr. Kelsey rendered him in breaking his broken arm was all right and that he was fully satisfied with Dr. Kelsey treatment. John Decker told me he see Lowery in Winamac the 30th of March l907 that he was leting his hand and arm hang down without any support and that his hand was bluish livid.

Page 44 Settlement with H. Keitzer this day all things between us. There is due him after deducting the ballance due me on the note I held of his given in March l905 $13.90 Deducting 13.90 from the bill for stove wood amounting to 27.84 leaves due H. Keitzer $13.90 This is also between us a settlement for the hay I got belonging to Lou Fink of $22.00 March 2, l907 $35.90 Settled the above by one colt service $5.00 leaving $8.90 yet due for wood if not paid to A. J. Kelsey by me Nov. 7, l907

Page 52 Book 11

Wes Hiland moved out of my house over to the Johnson house in Stark Co. Apr. 4, l907 Quit work Apr. 2, l907 NO GOOD

Page 55 Book 11

Sears Roebuck & Co. May 1st l907 In answer to my letter of Apr 26, l907 in regard to buggy broke in shipping. Recipt for repairs sent in for 2.00 May 3, l907 sighned by Wm Hartman

Page 67 Book 11

Copy of letter written C. S. Mason not exactly verbatim only in substance.

Monterey, Ind. July 2, l907 C. S. Mason Huntington, Ind.

Dear Sir: I notified you by letter dated the 13th of June l907 that the time would expire the 20th of June l907 for you to accept my proposition for a settlement for damage done me by the C & E. RR Co. and have not as yet received any answer to my letter.

I now inform you that I intend to bring suit in court to recover what I think is justly due me from the C. & E. RR Co. if the matter is not attended to immediately. You can settle with me out of court for much less than what I am justly entitled to have if you wish. Yours truly, Wm Kelsey.

Page 71 Book 11

I hired Orvel Johnson for $55 for 3 months from the 9th day of July l907 and agree to pay him out the end of each week and half he earns pr week and the remainder at the expiration of the three months when he works his time out in full. He agrees to look and attend to the feeding on Sunday mornings and evenings and careing for my team every day until the 8th day of Sept l907 or longer if any time is lost.

July l907 Hired Jordan for 3 months for $50.00 for the 3 months and I promise to give him $5 as a present if he works well and takes an interest in my affairs. Commenced to work Monday morning the 15, l907.

Page 79 Book 11

Helped Henry Forsythe to thrash wheat Wednesday and Thursday August 20-29. Cal Dockerty first, Al Johnson, Charley Keitzer and Ralf Jordan the 2nd day. There was about 440 bushels of wheat of poor quality. Rained in the afternoon about 4 PM very hard also during the night, so they did not finish all the thrashing.

The rain is all right for corn and grass at this time. Corn is behind 4 weeks compared with other years. We commenced to disk the clover field south of the barn on Shenk place about 12 acres. I had it sown with timothy seed and a little clover mixed 2 days since. Aug. 30, 1907

The clover in the wheat field, in the corn fields on the Shenk place and in the clover fields looks fine at this time Aug 30, l907. We now have on the Shenk place in clover and timothy 125 acres well set. The best we ever have had. We have on the Ranch in Stark Co. about 100 acres in clover timothy and blue grass. On the Reister place near 151 acres in timothy clover & blue grass.

Page 81 Book 11

I paid Orvel Johnson this day $5.00 cash this makes $25.00 I paid him since the 9th of August l907. He quit working 20 days before his time was out in the mids of making hay when his work was worth 2 or 3 times as much as it was the first month he worked. He told me that he was going to quit because he was not earning me anything. He done well for 3 weeks then began to shirk and ----- ---- ---Hammond or someplace else.

Page 82 Book 11

Wednesday Friday & Saturday Sept 11, 13 & 14 we made 140 rods of wire fence at the Ranch fencing that ground we had in wheat, so we could pasture the cattle. We made a 4 wire fence new wire.about 530 of wire. Post one rod apart the cost of making fence was about $30.00 We drove over to the Ranch head of cattle.

On Sunday the ---- of Sept l907 I was called by friends of Robert Forsythe to visit him on account of injuries he had sustained by falling off of the wagon 6 days previous. The injuries was stated to me over the phone was a broken arm and dislocation of the shoulder joint of same arm. I asked who was treating his case. They answered Dr. Thompson of Winamac. I answered them Forsythes I would not touch the case nor render any service unless Dr. Thompson were present nor give an opinion as to the nature of the injuries. I told them to send for Dr. Thompson.

About 2 PM same day Dr. S.W. Thompson called me up on the phone and requested me to meet him at Lawton in the case of Rob Forsyth at 31/2 PM. I answered him I would. I met both the doctors at the appointed time. S.W. & W.H Thompson, and me examined Rob Forsythe carefully and found the condition as to injuries doing well as can be expected in every respect.

Page 85 Book 11

Sold our wheat Oct 11, l907 for 90 cts pr bushel and delivered about 425 bushels for 366 dollars. Deposited money in bank at Rochester.

Sold $472 dollars worth of cattle to J. Smith Oct 9. l907. The steers $3.80 pr hundred and heifers $350 The steers were yearlings past heifers 2 years old 16 head altogether $27.81 cts pr head average all around. Good sale.

Page 89 Book 11

The moral citizens of Tippecanoe Township, Pulaski Co., Ind won a great victory in securing a majority of the votes cast at the election l906. The number of cards signed here 156. 138 would be a majority. There were several men who were moral cowards among whom were Moses Rosenberg, Jacob Brucker, Dan Haschell, Troy T--- and some others I will not name who have made a record for themselves that will not add any luster to their career. Oct. 31, l907

Page 94 Book 11

Nov. 30 Snowed all day. We are ready for winter now. We have wood plenty, corn in the crib, 6 or 8 hundred bushels. Hay in barns and quite a good deal in stock. Taxes all paid, interest on loans all paid that is due. About 100 acres of stock pasture that is good. Almost 100 head of cattle mostly young. Sold off about all of the old cows, 35 head of horses as follows, 18 out on Reister place, 4 in my stable , 5 in W E K's stable, 5 at lower barn, 1 at Fish Pond, 2 over at Ranch.

Page 95 Book 11

I went to Winamac today Dec 4, l907 started 5 minutes past 11 AM arrived 25 to 1PM on account of examination of Soldiers examination for increase of pension. There were 4 applicants. I paid Dr. C. W. Moss cash $5 for service rendered me this day.

I went to Logansport today Dec 6, started at noon to see Dr. Hetherengton.

Dec. 7 Went to Winamac WEK & I to confer with Spanglers & Moss in Lowery case against me.

Page 102 Book 11

I wrote a letter to C. S. Mason Huntington, Ind claim agent for the C & E RR Co stating as follows: Monterey, Ind Dec 17, l907

C. S. Mason Erie RR Co. Huntington, Ind. Dear Sir, I intend to commence suit against the Erie RR Co. for damages done me if my claims is not paid immediately. Yours respectfully, Wm Kelsey

On Jan 1st l908 I had a scary examination of my foot by two surgeons. Their diagnosis was that the condition is not so favorable as it was 2 months previous. They stated to me that the --------condition at the injured parts obliterated the joint almost. The exastors at the great toe was such that the pressure and ------ cause the pain in the foot and by reason of reflex the leg should and --- were made painfull at the same time. They both stated that my foot give me much trouble in the future and never get well. I wrote C. S. Mason.

Page 103 Book 11

January 1, l908 Laney had one of her crazy fits again possibly the worst she ever had on account of a little pig that was perishing from cold. I brought in to care for. Arthur calls it fits of hysteria characteristic of the family to have such. Brain storms from slight causes. Most men of intelligence would not tolerate such conduct. No one would without they were possessed with but little sense not object to such craziness. It may be possible that she cannot help having such fits periodically seemingly for they come on when there is no apparent cause.

Page 104 Book 11

I went to Winamac to examination Soldiers for pension. I had my foot examined by Dr. Claud Moss by the ex-ray. He stated to me that the infiltration about the ---- ----at the great toe where it was fractured on ----- was much greater than the last previous examination also said that the central part of the foot and side was no better. That the injury would be permanent and likely to give much pain and disability in the near future.

I wrote C. S. Mason this morning the 2nd of Jan l907 stating to him I had received his letter of the 20th of last month. That I had an ex-ray examination of my foot by two surgeons on yesterday the 1st of Jan l908 whose opinions confirmed my own. Mailed the letter Jan 3rd. I was now ready to compromise if attend to early hear me of your coming. Yours truly, Wm Kelsey

Through mistake there was a letter mailed to C. S. Mason on the 2nd of Jan. l908. I don't know what it was I wrote to Mason to return the same and mailed it the 3rd with the letter I intend him to have instead of the mistaken letter.

Page 105 Book 11

The same had been arbitrated at the suggestion of the C & E RR Co. He said he did not have anything to do with the arbitration. I stated the RR Co should make me a proposition and if it was fair I would give the matter a fair consideration. He said he would refer the matter to the Co. & New York.

He appeared to be a little out of fix. I called his attention to a statement he made 6 months since that. The question of dollars and cents was the only thing the company considered honor and justice were not considered. He did not take kindly to the statement I called his attention to, as to dollars and cents. He further stated 6 months since that there was so much red tape about the matter was the reason I had not been paid long ago. He said the matter had been sent over to New York for final consideration.

Page 106 Book 11

I received a letter from Mac Eckmen of Hammond, Ind. dated Dec. 28, l907 stating Frank Lindsey was complaining then that he was damaged while in my employ by reason of his sowing fertilizer that contained amonia. Wrote a reply but said he did not send.

Page 108 Book 11

Letter to C. S. Mason Huntington, Ind. Jan 7, l908 Wrote a full letter on this page but said he did not send it.

Page 110 Book 11

C. S. Mason Jan. 19, l908

Wrote a letter to Mason of Huntington stating that his feeble effort led me to the conclusion the Erie RR Co did not intend to settle with me out of court. If not settled immediately I intended to put the case in the hands of my attorneys the first of the week.

Page 111 Book 11

Saloon out of business at Monterey. Saturday night 11PM by reason of the rembustance that carried in the township by 12 majority during the closing hours on the 11th. All was pretty quiet. There was no rioting or much excitement as was predicted by some.

Sunday morning the town was much like if there was some one dead of note. All is very quiet and orderly. I am satisfied that a great change will follow the abolishing the drinking of beer and whiskey at Monterey as has been the custom for 50 years continuous. I am of the opinion there will be more industry and a better state of things in every respect. That is necessary to build up the best interest of the town of Monterey and country surrounding. We have been virtualy living in a state of heathenism and did not realize the fact. There are many people here yet who do not know the depth of degration of those who drink daily intoxicants because they have never give the matter on serious thought on the subject. They have simply followed their training and early education believing that to drink and get drunk was mans right and should not be interefered with.

114 Book 11

Wm Spangler died suddenly on the morning of the 18th of January l908 from heart disease.

I and W. E. Kelsey attended the funeral of Wm Spangler at Winamac, Ind. We examined the records at Winamac in regard to delinquent tax and-- --ditch tax, on Guise ditch, Peterson ditch, Reneholt ditch.

I went to Logansport today with John Elis on account of his eye to consult Dr. Thomas the oculist and get my eyes examined for glasses.

Page 132. Book 11

Feb. 26,1908 (Doesn't feel good, hard to read his writing this illness)

I from constant active work and repeated attacts of the----- ---- entirely all in and almost helpless. I am not sick but seemingly exhausted of normal force . My left lung in the lower anterrer of part is affected a little for 2 weeks ---- most of the patients I visited were not all my or much I myself. (Copied as written) 27th In the morning seemed better, in evening not so well evidence of pneumonia developing , coughing and expectorating some bloo-- I think comin from the trachea. 28th I feel tonight bowels constipation, coughing and expectorating considerable. St--ked with blood. I had my bowels flushed after taking some cathartic pills to operated pretty well improving my condition. 29th I feel a little better but not near well coughing and expectorating considerable, bowels moving but not free as they should during all this time. Then has been no fever nor chilly sensations as is usually the case in other attacts of similar character. I had a severe chill followed by a high temperature and immediate recovery my kidneys were not much affected. March 1,2,3, a little improved March 4 feel much better in the afternoon. March 5 a little better in the evening. I am gaining slowly appetite not good 8, 9, improving 10,11,12,13,14, appetite pretty good and gaining in strength.

Page 136 W. E. Kelsey and I have been triming fruit trees for several days. We have sowed no clover seed, yet and do not intend to for 20 days or more. Yet on account of fearing freeze. I am of the opinion we loose 2 years out of 3 clover stand by reason of sowing to early, especially on sandy land. We want to give sowing late a trial and put the seed in, in good condition.

Page 140 Book 11

The Ranch I value at 15,000.00 in Stark Co.

Shenk Farm the north 1/2 of the NE1/4 of section 11 10,000.00

The south 1/2 of the north east 1/4 8,000.00

The Kansas Lands 8,000.00

worth bough this with money

from W. E. Kelsey to the

amount of $1800

The Brosmire lands worth 3,000.00

Lands and Lots at Delong 2,000.00

Lot No 1 in P.W. Delmars

plot of the town of Monterey 2,000.00

[ A 87 acres south 1/2 of 26 town

[ R 31 where Stubbs lives 2,500.00

[ T James land 80 acres 2,500.00

[ H Espy land 40 acres 1,600.00

[ U Kleckner land 1,600.00

[ R Lot No 11 where Cutters 1,000.00

Garrison place { Mary 3,000.00

Drake place Sennett} 1,600.00

Farm at Winamac 2,000.00

In law belongs to W. E. Kelsey

and Mary Sennett. I bought the land

with their mothers money in l858

Howat land 2,000.00

Barber Shop and buildings on No 10 1,000.00

Land own by Rauls. 500.00

Page 142, Book 11

Sprayed all the plum and pear trees twice to date Apr 1, l908. Most all of the cherry trees down at the Fish Pond have been sprayed 2 also the pear and peach at the fish pond have been sprayed twice. The plum trees in Will's orchard and pear trees have been sprayed once. The plum and pear trees on Shenk place have been sprayed twice to date Apr 11, l908. The plum, pear, and apple trees in Stark Co have been sprayed twice up to Apr. 11, l908. Sprayed most all again Apr. 13 & 14 also J. R. Sennetts and Frank Hartmans.

Sprayed about 500 hundred trees today down at lower barn & old orchard on Shenk April 17, l908 place.

April 18, l908 I built a bridge over at the Ranch in Stark Co. Sat afternoon, Apr. l8, l908. Surgeon, Wes Hiland, Ian Baker and Lou Forsythe helped. Finished it about 51/2 oclock.

Apr 22, W. E. Kelsey spray trees in Burch orchard and some of the plum trees.

Page 143 Book 11

I wrote a letter to C. S. Mason Huntington, Ind in which I stated that the time had expired that he set on the 20th of March l908 to call on me with the claim agent and settle my claim for damage two weeks. Since I stated I did not know by his honor not complied with his promise he made in his letter of the 20 of March l908 and previous letters and adjust my claim. I asked him to answer and state whether he was coming Apr. 15, l908.

I wrote a letter to C. S. Mason dated May 22, l908 in which I stated that I had received no answer to my letter written him in answer to his letter of the 20th of March l908 in which he stated that he and the claim agent from New York would call on me in a few days to make settlement with me for damages done me by the C. & E. RR Co. I stated that I had been away west since the 21st and they might have been to see me as promised in my absence. I stated I was ready to take the matter up and settle the same out of court or in. You can choose which you prefer.

Page 144 Book 11

I leave for Kansas this date Aprile 22, l908 going to Marion Co. In case of any accident matters at home are in condition in the care of W. E. Kelsey to provide for all that have any special interest in my affairs with special instructions to deal with each, fair, in every respect. I am not and have not been since l894 the possession of but little real estate nor personal having deed most all to W. E. Kelsey at that date. The deeds were lost and misplaced and in Apr l907 I redeeded the real estate making some changes. Real estate principally to W. E. Kelsey to manage so each heir shall share alike. Aprile 21, l908 Wm Kelsey

I arrived at Marion Wednesday evening and found the friends all well. The country from Kansas City west looked fine. Finer than I ever see it on account of the growing crops and stock pasturing on the fields clover, timothy wheat, oats, and blue grass very luxuriant. The improvement in looks was 50 pr ct better than it was 3 years previous. The whole country is green with grass consisting of alfalfa clover, timothy red clover and Kentucky Blue grass. The alfalfa taking the lead. I found the manage of our land by Enos had been and was when I arrived all right. There was one mile in stretch of alfalfa clover and red clover most all of the farm now set to alfalfa red clover, and blue grass and all the acres on the Price farm in cultivation not in alfalfa & red clover in corn and oats.

There is certainly a fine future prospect for the farmers of Kansas as compared with the states east if the farmers will only take advantage of their opportunities. Raising grass of the various kinds, hogs, cattle, poultry and fruit is the most profitable method of farming the Kansas land and the least labor and the least risk on account of conditions of weather doing harm to the growing products. Fertilization of some of the old lands that are worn is necessary to get good stands of clover. Growing grain is not half so profitable as growing grass and stock for the Kansas farmer.

I returned home on the evening of the 28th of Aprile l908 and found the folks all well and everything in good condition and a very fine prospect for a good crop of grain, grass and fruit.

Page 146 Book 11

Commenced to seed wheat at ranch with clover and timothy seed, May 15, 19 worked about 3 hours and it commenced to rain. We also commenced to disk field south of wheat adjoining to make seed bed for clover and timothy same date. July 10, l908, examined the stand of clover and think it is No Good.

Turned the cattle about 100 head on clover 16 acres to graze it off so it will make good quanity of seed left them on from Thursday noon May 21 to Sunday noon Mary 24. They trimmed the field off pretty well and no bloating of stock. On Sunday at about 2 PM May the 24, l908 we turned them in on the south part of the field at Shenk barn about 5 acres and left them on until May 28. July 12, l908 I am of the opinion that it was a mistake in pasturing off the clover either for seed hay or fertilizer and in the future not to do so again.

Trial with Mac Lowery ended and victory for W Kelsey May 16, l908. Lowery sued me for mal practice and demanded $10,000 damage. Trial was out less than one hour. All of the physicians treated me fair. The publick sentiment was in my favor. H. Steis, Spangler my attornes paid each $70.00 to date. This trial was the 2nd with Lowery, Burson & Burson and Frank Vurpilat was Lowery's defenders.

Page 151 Saturday June 13, l908 Severe wind and rain at 2 PM. The rain was much needed for grain and grass except wheat. W. E. Kelsey & myself, we replanted the acre of ground west of the barn on the Shenk place with variety of corn known as Pride of the North. We planted one row extra on the south side and intend to watch it and see how well the corn matures in this south row especially. C. Danson said this day that replanting was NO GOOD. I am of the opinion he is MISTAKEN.

Page 152 Book 11

Weather for the entire month of Aprile l908 and many days of May.

Page 153. Commenced to sow clover seed Apr 11, l908. Saturday on the Griffin orchard in Stark Co. Sowed about 6 qts pr acre Cox Comb variety. We first disked it well then harrowed it east and west. Then sowed the seed and harrowed north and south. Certainly a fine seed bed and ought to make a good stand if there is anything in making a good seed bed and putting it in well. Finished the field on the 13th about 10 acres on the evening of the 14 and morning of the 15th. Fine rain just what is need to hasten the coming up. Monday the 13, l908.

28-29 Sowed alfalfa seed at the old orchard on Shenk place May 20th l908 and harrowed the same in well. The seed was inoculated by nitryfing cocktered according to the government directions. Sowed about 10 lbs to the acre. I also sowed down at the Fish Pond about 4-8 rows on north side of lot seed was inoculated same as for old orchard.

Sowed 20 acres on the Reister place May 22 & 23 to timothy & clover seed after the same was disked light. Did no harrow it inn on the north end we sowed English Blue grass seed about 3 or 4 acres. Sowed back about 25 rods south.

Planted corn this week ending May 23, l908 46 acres on the Shenk farm and 18 on Ranch next to Casper ditch. = 64 acres. Fred Beerwart done the planting. We fertilized all in the hill that we have planted to date.

Page 154 Book 11 Oct. The first part of month very warm and dry. The wheat that has been sown the first of Sept did not come up for more than 6 weeks after being sown and for that reason the wheat does not look well at this time Nov. 1, l908.

Page 157 Book 11

Commenced to make hay Monday morning in the meadow on the west side of Shenk place. Wm Mclosh mowed it in 13/4 days. We got 27 loads in the barn. The last about 4 PM Thursday July the 2, l908. I hired parties to help do the work as follows: Lon Hiland 2 days $3.00 L. Spurgeon 2.75 West Hiland 2.00 Bill Mclosh 3.00 Myself and W E K 5.00 this is all the expense except use of teams which I do not estimate at more than 10.00 =$23.75.

We estimate there is 27 tons in at this time Costing $23.75 about 85cts pr ton. The hay is worth at least 12.50 pr ton as it now is in the ---$337.50

Commenced to mow field at school house July 10, l908. Bill Mclost done the mowing ready 24 tons after to take in. Finished making hay Aug 8 l908 on the Shenk place and Ranch and Shenk place we now have about 150 tons of hay in fine condition.

Page 160 Book 11

Fire in orchard by C. & Erie RR. Aug 5, l908 about 5 PM by freight train going east, set fire to my orchard and destroyed 69 fruit trees, consisting of apple, plum, pear, cherry and peach also destroying a row of concord grape that were fine. The damage is not less than $1500 fifteen hundred dollars. Frank Hartman was standing at the crossing near where the fire started when the freight that set fire to the orchard was passing and see the blaze when it was very small. Charley Engle helped to fight the fire. A.J. Kelsey also helped put out the fire. The second fire occuring from the burning of the fence at the crossing occured about 7 PM 2 hours after the first fire.

Page 166 Book 11 Monterey, Ind 2-4-1908

C. S. Mason Huntington, Ind. Dear Sir: Your letter of the 1st received and considered. In reply will say it is up to you now to make me a proposition for settlement. I have made one the 20th of last that I considered fair then and less than the actual damage that has been done me.

Page 168 Book 11

Oct 20, l908 Bough 5 bushels of Rural New York potatos of Ambrose Widman for 90 cts pr bush and paid him the cash for same.

Oct. 20 Charley Newman paid $96.60 on note I held of his I got of Mrs. McKisel

Oct. 22 James Watson spoke at Rochester Thursday evening Oct. 22, l908 a very large attendance and much enthusiasm.

Oct 22 Will paid Ora Driff and Sime Johnson for husking corn 600 and some odd bushels by check $18 and some cts.

30. Will paid Ora Driff and Sime Johnson for husking corn this evening Oct. 30, 1908.

They finished husking the 12 acre field east of the Spurgeon piece of corn.

Page 170 Book 11

Nov. 3, l908 President election W. H. Taft Republican candidate W. J. Bryan Democratic candidate. W. H. Taft is elected by a very large majority over Bryan who has made the race 3 times and defeated each time. The nation is now safe in the hands of the Republican party. Confidence will be restored. Business will revive and the National prosperity will be secured and panick will not occur from the fact that the policy of the Republican party is suited to the wants of the whole nation in all the essentials that National prosperity is dependent on.

On the other hand if W. J. Bryan had been elected on Nov., l908 the confidence would be so shaken that panick and stagnation in business would prevail over the whole nation, from the fact that the policy of the Democratic party is not suited to the wants of the people of the United States, especially to the industries that give the laboring people employment. Therefore all the people have reason to rejoice that Wm Bryan was defeated and the real benefactors of all the people elected after the victory is won there will be improvement in conditions that will be of great good to all the people. I am of the opinion that there will be a great boom in business throughout the United States. The greatest in the nations history.

One of the strange things about Democrats that seemingly are wise that they cannot see and understand that the country is in the hands of the party that will restore the confidence and make the business of the nation possibly the best of any nation on the globe. If the Democrat party had gained the victory and control of both branches of congress as they did in l893 and enacted a free trade law such as the Gorman Wilson tariff law. A panic would come on just the same as it did.

Page 172 Book 11

Nov 11, 1908

Sold 11 hogs this day to P. A. Follmar for 87.50 cts and received cash in full from Marbaugh Bros. 1.30

Nov. 12, l908 Bough buggy cab of Marbaugh Bros for $81.00 with tongue. W. E. Kelsey gave check for same.

Page 173 Book 11

Sept 9, 1908 Expenditures for the year l908

Henry Steis S. Bend 50.00

Tax Rochester 16.00

" Winamac l19.00

" Knox 58.00

P. A. Follmar for purchase cow 7.25

Barley for good's bough at sale 28.00

Zehner 20.00

West Hiland month of October 20.00

Rosenberg 60.00

Armour fertilizer Co 37.00

Freight on cattle & expense 49.95

Wes Hiland 4.00

" " 3.50

A. J. Kelsey cash $25.00

C. Louis hog 7.00

Jack Pryor ditching for AJK 10.50

Buggy Cab 81.00

John Spangler 50.00

Record up to date of

expenditures since Jan

1st l908 $2513.53

Wes Hiland 4.00

To Frank Lindsey 5.00

To Wes Hiland 15.00

To --- colt---- 75.00

Lindsey 6.00

Manure spreader 102.90

To shoeing & work 4.00

Lindsey 5.00

Wes Hiland 4.00

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W. E. Kelsey and I went to South Bend, Ind to attend District Medical meeting at Oliver Hotel. I was elected vice president for the next year. Nov. l8, l908 Wm Kelsey

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Hypothetical Assuming When 12 men who are suppose to be men of intelligence and honorable are chosen to hear the evidence in a case after they have voluntary taking a solemn oath to hear the evidence in the case and render a verdict according to law and evidence they then fine a verdict contrary to the law and evidence and special instructions of the court would it not be reasonable for all of the people who heard the evidence in the case and instructions of the court to believe the jury so finding were very ignorant or dishonest who would find in favor of the party who failed to introduce any evidence sufficient to establish one fact against the oposite who furnished 10 times as much from the very best citizens who are known to be truthful and of good repute and so considered by 49 out of every 50 person well aquainted with them And the other party who has furnished no proof nor giving one evidence consistent with facts who has a reputation among 49 out of 50 of his acquaintes shall know him to be a common loser and no standing among men for truth and honor.

Would it not be natural for every honest conscious person to believe such a jury man who would so decide was either a fool or a purgered sconderel and possibly both? (as written)

Page 177-178 missing.

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Your letter of the 1st of Feb. received and considered. In answer will say that I had concluded that you did not intend to settle with me as you indicated. You desired to out of court. Several months since and would have bought suit 3 weeks ago had it not been for the death of my principle attorney, ex-judge Spangler. (Copied as written)

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Your letter of the 1st received and considered. In answer will say that I made you a proposition last that I considered fair at the time . One that I now am certain was not more than I am justly entitled to proved by my loss since the injury done me on the 15th of Sept l906. To say nothing about the suffering and no prospect of ultimate recovery from the injury.

I made you a proposition on the 20th day of April l907 to take much less than the actual damage done me by the C & E. RR Co on the 15th of Sept l906. (Crossed out the word) "much less than I am able" to prove by competent and honorable man. I made the proposition that the damage might be settled out of court. I have stated to you the facts as to the nature of the injury and the prospects of recovery. I am now fully convinced that the injury is permanent. You have had plenty of time to investigate and learn the facts in my case. It is up to you to propose if you wish to settle.

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I had concluded several days since that you did not intend to settle with me out of court. I am not now convinced that you wish to settle with me on a fair basis from the fact of so little effort when you were here on the 6th of last month. You made no proposition since I made you one the 20th of --- l907.

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On the night of the 21st of Nov. l906, I was called to see Mack A. Lowery who was at the saloon at Monterey, Ind near midnight to assist Dr. A. J. Kelsey. On examination we found a simple fracture of the humerus of Lowery's right arm about 5 inches above the elbow joint and paralysis of the arm below the elbow of same arm. The fracture was caused by force from behind. The ends of the bones were not separated. The ends were held together by the periusterim or covering of the bone. His arm was very slim there being no swelling we could easy outline the picture. We set the bone perfectly and dressed the arm in the usual way that seemed the best results.

After the bones of the arm was perfectly set we applied a roller bandage. Then heavy paste board splints double that em---ted the arm reaching from his elbow to the upper part of the bone at the shoulder. Then secured the splints by strips 2 1/2 inches wide about 3 inches apart. After which a board bandage securing his arm 8 inches wide bring his arm up to his side the ends of the bandage encircling his body properly secured. Then a support for the arm and hand bringing his hand up to his lift niple. The condition of the arm was now in the most favorable for good results with care on the part of Lowery.

I visited him on the 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 29 30, Dec 3, 6, 9, Jan 17. I visited him on account of the circulation of the blood not being good in the arm below the elbow not being good on account of the paralysis.

I never give any person better attention than I did this man Lowery. I done the very best I could. If he had taken proper care and obeyed the instruction we give him and meet with no accident his arm would not be in the condition it is now.

On the 17th day of January l907 Dr. A. J. Kelsey and myself visited Lowery at his home. We examined his arm and found it doing well in every respect. The paralysis was almost entirely recovered from he could raise his hand to near his face. He said he had no pain anywhere above his arm and had not from the first but little. There was but little swelling of his arm at anytime from the beginning and but little inflamation after the first 4-5 days. We redressed his arm on the 17th of January l907 putting on splints and bandages so that the arm could be at rest and avoid any movement that would tend to interfere with the early recovery and told him to wear the dressing at least 6 weeks longer stating to him that by reason of the partial paralyses it would require a longer period of time for complete recovery. We also stated to him that we had done all that was necessary to get good results, and that the results were much better than we thought possible.

In less than 10 days after we dressed his arm I see him in Monterey with no dressing to give support to his arm with his arm out of the sling. I told him that the responsibility rested with him if there was any unfavorable results. He answered me and said his arm was well and did not need any splints or bandages nor any sling for his arm to be in.

After the 17th of Jan. l907 I had nothing to do with his case as to rending any service or advice.

On the 25th of March l907 he come into my office and said that he wanted to speak to me. He said they told him not have anybody around when he was talking. He went around to the prescription care and I followed him also Henry Keitzer & M.E. Rearick. I asked him want he had to say. He said Dr. George sent him to see me that Dr. George said he would have to have hospital treatament for his arm that his arm was not quite right. That he Lowery was a poor man and had a large family that I could help him to get a hospital treatment.

I stated to him that I was under no obligation to contribute anything that he had not paid me anything that I had done all that was possible to get good results and then read the certificate that he had given me on the day he moved away from near Monterey. I showed the certificate to him he said he had signed it and every word was true and that I was in no way to blame, but Dr. George said I should come and see you and get some help. He also stated on the same occasion on the 25 of March l907 to me and in the presence of Henry Keitzer and M. E. Rearick that when he took off the splint and bandages that his arm was all right.

On the 10th day of Aprile l907 I see a radiograph of his arm at the office of Dr. Thompson and on that same day I examined Lowery's arm and found out that he had had refractured his arm. Broke it over the fracture not being anything like the fractured treated almost 3 months previous.

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Medical affidant in the case of Henry Miller May 15, l907 As follows:

I have engaged in the practice of medicine 50 yrs. I am well accquainted with said Perry Miller for 25 yrs I was the family physician from the time of his birth to present time. H. was a rigid and health by and at the time of his enlistment free from ailing of any kind. I have treated him recently for chronic diarrhea Apr 12, 20 and May 12 recent dates. Previous dates I have no record of. My diagnosis is chronic diarrhea and indigestion. In my opinion his case is such he will not be permanently cured by any method of treatment now known to the medical profession. My diagnosis is the mueous membrane of the intestinal tract are degenerated in that preculiar way that a case is not likely to be effected. His general appearance in the past 2 years indicated to me that he is not able to perform labor of any kind greater than 1/2 compared with an able bodied man nor with what he was able to do before his enlistment.

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Four letters of --- received and considered. I did not answer earlier from the fact I wanted to be certain in regard to the injury to my foot and shoulder getting well. I have had an examination made again by another surgeon whose opinion is in line with the others surgeons that my injuries will be permanent and always painful. I hope that in time my injuries would not trouble me. It is now almost one year without any improvement as far as the pain is concerned.

The damage to me in my business amounts to more than I proposed to you accept on account of the injury of Sept 15, l906 alone. You stated to me that you preferred to settle out of court with me and would make an effort early after you were here on the 20th day of Aprile l907. No effort has been made as you promised not even to settle the damage by fire done my orchard March 25, l905, that you had arbitrated and damaged fixed by the arbitrators and reported to you. If you want to settle with me out of court you will have to give the matter early attention as I do not intend to wait but a few days longer.

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Monterey, Ind, Aprile 15, l907

C. S. Mason Huntington, Ind.

Dear Sir,

Your letter of the 5 was received and considered. In answer will say I am now ready to make you a proposition for settlement for damaged done by the Erie RR Co.

I am now fully convinced that my injury done on the 15th of Sept. last l906 in the runaway at the depot will never get any better. My foot expecially is very painful and seems to be not near so well as it was two months ago.

I am informed by the surgeons that it will get worse and lead to paralysis which I greatly fear. I stated to you twice when here that I would rather be well and free from pain than to be in possession of all the Erie's possessions. I am aware there is a limit to damages and settle out of court if possible the best way. You had but wire me of your coming that I may be at home. Yours truly, Wm Kelsey