Inside cover:

Wes Hiland jersey served August 28. Several of the cows will have calves in March April & May 1914. Sela will calve last of May 1914. bred Topsy to Runion Oct. 8, 1913.

Tom Chapmans crop of onion, potatoes and corn. Onions 1650 bushels sold at 70 cts pr bushel 1650 x 70 =$1155.00 Tom's share $462. Potatoes 200 bushels at 80 cts pr bushel 200 x 80=$1600.00. 2/5= 64. Corn 50 bushel at 50 cts pr bushel. 2/5 = 10.00 Total $536.00

On or about August 19, 1913 Bird mare disappeared from the pasture on the Ranch in Stark Co. Ind. I suspected Francis Hazen and Alva Mathias as being the parties who stole her. Both of them in my opinion are not well responsible. Found her dead on Thursday the 28 of August 1913.

Your letter of Nov. read and considered. In answer will say that I told you that your mother had no claim in the land in law. I stated to you that I had no interest in the land and that I was no ----to any proceeding in the case if that might be instituted--cases. If I had I would check with your mother as I did with the party who thought he owned the land. I stated try what I did.

Now your mothers claim is his is entirely different. He had possession and I would have to bring suit to dispossess him and that is the reason I give him something. (Impossible to read)

Motled face cow which had a calf in Nov. was served by Young Bucher Jan. 13, 1914. Had a heifer calf Oct. 15, 1914 served again by Bucher Jan. 18, 1915 Wagner cow served Jan. 19, 1915.

Sweet Pickles that are fine Mrs. Morgans way. 10 gallons of pickles put in salt water for 7 days changing the water each day. Then sealed them in diluted vinagar until they turn white. The diluted vinegar should not be very hot else they will wilt and get very tough. Then put them in a vessel and pour over them hot vinegar enough to cover them that has mixed spices one package to 10 gal of pickles add to each gallon of vinegar one pound of sugar.

Let stand in the pickle 4 days. Then pour it off and boil it and skim it well and put it back on hot same as first. The pickles will be tender and very fine in flavor and will keep for months. Keeping a weight on them to keep them under the pickle solution. Keep the vessel covered so no flies nor other things can get in. I never eat pickles that were so fine and tender.

Page 1 Book 19

Monterey, Ind. August 14, 1913

I am this day 78 year. I was born in Perry Co, Ohio August 14, 1835. At the present time I am in good health both physical and mental. My mental strength is decidedly the strongeest seemingly much stronger than when I was 20 years younger. My business affairs are satisfactory not annoying me in anyway but little. My indebtness near $7000.00 and does not annoy or concern me but little and will not so long as I can pay the interest without embarrassment.

I don't care whether I ever am out of debt I feel better to have the incumbrance on the property as it is the free from the fact is no more than to pay the tax on the property I own wards off scoundrels and Jackasses. The tax on the land operates the same as a mortgage on the land by private loans no difference as to the incumbrance. The lands will always be incumbrated on account of the tax the land is holding for from year to year. A mortgage can be paid off. My tax now is near $600.00 pr year and the interest I pay on the mortgages is near 400 pr year. I need to get a move in order to meet the payment of both. (sic)

Page 2 Book 19

My annual expense amounts to near $4000.00. My income had not been but little more pr annum. As long as my income is as great as my expenditure I will be satisfied. I do not care to increase my possessions. I am satisfied with what I have and feel that I have been successful in all of my affairs both professional as well as farming all my life. I do not think it is the best or as good as some others, but good enough to satisfy me. I don't know how long I will be able to attend to affairs and manage as I have in the past certainly not many years more. I intend to continue to work as long as my strength hold out. I prefer to work rather than to be idle even if I did not get any pay for my work.

In regard to the practice of medicine I have no desire to engage in active practice anymore. I feel best when I have no sick ones to attend, but when I attend any one sick I am anxious to be successful. The same as I have always been in the past. I have made it a rule in my practice to cure my patients as soon as possible.

I would rather treat my patients without any pay rather than not be successful. Nothing give me more pleasure and gratification than to be successful and get praise from my patrons. I do not now and never did want the patronage of any one nor any family who were not intelligent enough to recognize my ability to do as good as the best.

I recognize that some are so prejudice that they will suffer and even die rather than imply who they have the best of reasons to believe they could be cured of their acting and their life saved. Stubbornizers best name suited to such.

Mankind is very far from being civilized even among the most learned to the highest standard possible. Many of the most learned believe they are at the top of the ladder as to civilization and cannot get higher.

Ignorance. I know of no other expression that suits such as believe they can learn no more and that they are as great as it is possible to attain. Ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise is an old saying.

Page 4 Book 19

Aug. 21, 1913 Sowed wheat on Reister place east of the orchard about 7 acres. Seeded timothy clover & alfalfa.

I plowed the ground in the month of June and harrowed well twice and sowed it to clover and timothy. I got no stand on account of extremely dry and hot weather. I then disked the same and crossed harrowed it the 13th & 14 of August and drilled about 1 bushel of wheat pr acre with clover seed alfalfa and timothy seed at the rate of 1 bushel to 8 acres. Done the seeding on the 20th and 21st of August.

On the 22 I halled 4 loads of well rotted stable manure about 300 bushel and spread with the manure spreader commencing on the east side putting on about 8 loads pr acre. On the 23 I continued to put on manure until evening. There is about 11/2 acres well manured. The land is in fine condition for the seed to grow. I intend to top dress all over the field if I get time and notice the result.

Sept. 25, 1914 No good Neither wheat nor clover is 1/2 a stand I intend to plow it in the spring and grow some kind of product. The manuring I think will have fine effect by next spring in making the land productive.

Page 5 Book 19 I finished stacking hay at the Ranch August 28, 1913. There is near 70 tons all in good condition.

Page 7 Book 19 Cow Page

May 16 C. Lewis cow service calve Feb. 24

" " Bundle heifer C. Lewis Calve Feb. 25 B.

" 25 Motled face cow looks like Sela

June 10. Daisy Wes Hiland milked

16 Little white face yearling

18 Cow with horns nice bag

Several other cows and heifers, so they will come in March

Aug. 28. Wes Hiland Jersey

" 26. Little hereford will milk

Sela had twin calves

July 26 Goldy served by Hereford

The cow related to W.E.K.'s old Goldy served again March 6, 1914

Aug. 15 Sela had twin calves about August 15, 1913 both calves make fine one Sela nursed and the other John Wagner cow nursed.

Aug. 30 2 of the white face cow served and several others each day so they will all have calves earlier than usual.

Motle face had a calf Nov. 26, 1913 Bull.

Aug. sold the calf with 7 others for 240.00 to Jo Brown

Dec. 2 Bought 1 holstein yearling at Mrs. Bennet's sale for $22.00

Bought 4 head of cows at Sam Allen's sale Dec. 4, 1913 79.00

Jan. Bought of Gus Rock one heifer 30.00

Bucher Feb. 1914

Page 8 Book 19

Work to be done during the month of July, August, Sept and October 1913.

Cutting 65 acres of oats for hay. Cutting 60 acres of timothy for hay. Cutting clover for hay 18 acres. Cutting clover seed 18 acres. Plowing on Reister place 45 acres for wheat. Disking twice, and harrowing the ground twice. Drilling first 7 acres to one bushel of wheat about the 15 of August and sowing clover and timothy seed at the same time. Fertilizing the 7 acres with 2 tons of land plaster and some muriate of potash. Halled one day & 1/2 manure and spread with manure spreader about 11/2 acres of the 7 acres. Drilled on the 38 acres about 11/2 bushels pr acre with wheat I got of Jo Keller. Drilled 20 acres on the south part of the 38 acres . Drilled first North & South 11/4 bushel then East & West 1/2 bushel and sowed 2 bushels of clover seed that I paid Jo Keller $9 pr bushel. I bought my seed wheat of Jo Keller for 90cts pr bushel.

Page 9 Book 19

I put in 260 rods of tile to drain the land 45 acres 200 rods of 6 inch costing for the 6 inch pr rod and 60 rods of 4 inch. The cost of the tile seed wheat work to prepare the field for seed clover seed and work to put in the tile and the fertilizer will cost near $300.00.

I make 115 rods of wire fence on the west line of the 38 acres of wheat. Roofing the stable in Stark Co. Roofing the Reister barn on south side. Building shed on the east end of Reister barn 16 ft. wide & 36 feet long. Building shed on the north end of the Shenk barn 16 feet wide and 48 feet long. Building wood house at home. (He crossed out Building shed on north end etc. Wrote Did not do it until 1914.). Painting house at home and the E Klebner house. Thrashing clover and timothy. Sawing wood for winter. Gathering the fruit. Digging the potatoes. Building a levee on the line between my land and Frank Falstitch. Building corn cribs, roofing the kitchen of the house at Ranch. Did not get to it.

Page 10 Book 19

Aug 21, 1913 Paid J. Engle $7.50 for 6 barrels of salt. 5 of them in his elevator this date.

Aug. 21- Aug 30 9 visits to A. Keitzer to visit wife 2.00 each

Sept. 2 and 4 2 visits to visit wife 2.00 each.

S. C. Allen Aug. 29 -31 Sept. 2. Total 4 visit to visit wife. 2.00 each

H. C. Reneholt to visit girl of Wes Hiland Sept. 12, 13, 14 2.00 each.

O. Freeby Aug. 31 to visit girls and presc 2 1.75, Aug. 31 to antitox in each 2.00

Sept. 1, to visit 2 girls, self & Arthur and Antitoxen each case 10.00 Presc wife 1.00

To visit girls in the evening & pres extra self & Dr. A. J Kelsey All recovered fine.

Page 11 Book 19

I bought of Plack Slonaker one stand of bees with the hive almost full of honey for $5 cash which I paid him. New swarm.

Saturday evening Aug. 23, 1913 I put letter K. on the north side of hive. The hive stands on the north end with one honey box on top of hive under cover. I also bought stand of Crawford for $5 cash Aug. 2, 1913. Both of these stands and new swarms 1913 1/2 blood Italian the best variety of bees to make honey.

I insured the Reister house and barn with John Engle Agent in the Farmers Ohio Co. 8.00 on barn and 6.00 on house cost $19.00 for 3 years.

August 25, 1913 will expire August 26, 1916. I insured in favor of the North Western Insurance Co. which I have a loan from on the farm.

Bought stand of bees from Crawford for $5.00 cash paid him $5.00 Aug. 27, 1913.

Wes Hiland Jersey served by Bucher Aug. 26, 1913.

Page 12 Book 19

Sept. 1, 1913 90 degrees in the shade.

Sept. 1, John Collins to visit self paid 1.00

2. O. Freeby to visit girls morning 4.75

2. " " evening 4.74

3. " " 4.75

3. to presc. Br. H girl 1.00

Notified health office at Knox. He ordered to pick up cards and Dr. A J.Kelsey put up notice.

4. Irvy Young to visit wife 3 hrs. 2.00

4 Mrs. Arthur Bennet to presc self .75

3 Sam Allen to presc self .50

4. C. Keller to presc self .75

4. Wm Hartman to presc wife paid .75

5. Oto Freeby to visit girls to pres 2 4.75

7. to visit girls & presc. 5.25

Lancing absess 2 2.00

Page 13 Book 19 Sept. 6 Drove over to the Ranch in Stark Co. 10 head of horses all healthy and in good condition.

Page 14 Rained Monday afternoon and Monday most all night. Fine rain much needed very calm and no wind.

Sept 10 Irvy Young to presc wife. .75

10. Jo.Marbaugh to visit babe l.00

10. John Decker to visit wife 1.00

12 " " 1.00

13. " " 1.00

14 A. Wolfrom to visit self paid 1.00

18. " " 1.00

15. Frazee at Ora, Ind to visit self paid 3.75

17. Jo Keller to pres self paid 1.00

12 S. C. Allen to presc self paid 1.00

18. Jef Smith to pres girl .75

Settled with Fred Fell in full and give him a receipt. I lost up to the present time by reason of this compromise near $1000.00 besides the timber he took of mine on the east side of the west 1/2 S.W. 1/4 S-E 13 Pulaski Co, Ind. known as the James land. (might be $100.00)

Page 15. Book 19

Finished seeding to wheat about 35 acres on the Reister place east side. I drilled 11/4 bushel pr acre north and south 113 rods long. Then crossed drilled about 20 acres on the south end with 1/2 bushel of wheat and seed to clover seed about 1 bushel to 10 acres with small variety clover . Got the seed of Jo Keller the fall of 1912 and paid him $9 pr bushel.

The ground is in fine condition and I am of the opinion that if I fertilize the ground well I will get a pretty good crop if the weather and fly does not injure.

As to getting a stand of clover it is uncertain. I finished putting in 6 inch tile on the west side of the field 113 rods except about 15 rods of 5& 4 inch tile on the south end. I also put in about 60 rods of 4 inch tile near the center of the field and run them west to the 6 inch tile.

The tile I am of the opinion will be of much benefit to the land.

I had sowed 3 acres to clover on the west side of the field and drilled two bushels of wheat where the open ditch was. I levy up on the line 1913 between Frank Falstitch this day Sept. 18, 1913.

Page 16. Book 19 Al Maple

Dear Sir. Your letter of the 2nd. received and considered. In answer will say that the pain and tingling sensation in her feet and lower extremities of your daughter is due to a loss of vitality in the nerve periphery of the parts affected.

such a state of things generally affects the lower extremities and is followed by long continued sickness such as your daughter has passed through. Such cases generally recover and seldom ever are cripples.

I am of the opinion that the amount of milk you give pr day is double the amount she should consume pr day. Milk when given in such quantities in such cases carries much pain in the feet and legs as high as the knees in some.

I would advise Scotts Emulison to be given in one 1/2 the quantity that is recommended to begin with. I would not force her to take food that she does not like or in some degree crave or relish for it. Seldom does any good but many times harm.

I had a case last winter and spring very similar in regard to the pain and tingling sensation you referred to that made a complete recovery and is in fine health now.

I prescribe Scotts Emulsion of cod liver oil and allowed her to have ice cream as much as her stomach would bear which agreed with her and seemed strengthen her as well as rather better than any other kind of nourishment.

I give her medicine to relieve the pain that she suffered with fine effect. See page 25.

Page 17. Book 19 Monterey, Ind. Jan. 7, 1914

A. B. Maple

Armour Dacota Dear Sir: Your letter of the 2nd received and considered. In reply will say that it is no easy matter to decide what is the cause of the pain and peculiar feeling your daughter has in her lower extremities.

Page 18. Book 19 W.E. Kelsey commenced Saturday at noon to seed his land on Shenk place. Sept. 20, 1913 and finished the 23, 1913

Drilled 11/2 bushel pr acre, hoe drill, George Uhl done the drilling. It took a little over 2 days. There is about 19 acres in the piece ground in fine condition. Sept. 22nd in the afternoon W.E.K. and Nora commenced to fertilize the east 1/2 with 200 lbs of muriate of potash. Forenoon of the 23 sowed muriate of potash and phosphoric acid on the west 1/2 of the tract 200 lbs. pr acre equal parts.

Sept. 23rd 1913 I commenced to sow fertilizer on the 38 acres of land I drilled to wheat on Reister place Sept. 23, 1913 200 lbs pr acre composed as follows 3 tons of land plaster, 1 ton phosphoric acid, 3/4 ton muriate potash. Finished sowing the 25, 1913. On the east side about 8 acres the entire length of field 113 rods. I sowed mixed fertilizer in the month of August at the rate of about 200 lbs. pr acre now adding 200 lbs more makes 400 lbs pr acre. Finished fertilizing Sept. 23. May be followed with good crop in 1914.

Page 19 Book 19 Sept 1913 On the night of the 22nd first frost of consequence. In the morning the ground was quite white. Tender vegetation killed low land corn frosted. So it will make but little development in maturing. The weather on the 24th warm and a little windy. Commenced to put in tile the 24 of Sept. The crossline of ditch 100 rods about 40 rods south of the north line 6 inch tile about 4 ft. deep will finish it in 3 days with 2 hands and my self.

Sold 5 head of hogs weighing 990 lbs. at 8.50 pr hundred $83.00

Commenced to rain at midnight the 24 of Sept and rained until 5 o'clock Sept 25. Fine.

Page 20. Book 19

I ordered from Sears & Roebuck the following articles costing the following prices:

1 pr wool blankets No 24N7520 3.50 color scarlet

1 pair of pants No cost 4.45

2 stoves No one 6.42 the other 3.90

Size 7 1 pair of shoes No 15 N 999 Price 1.23

10 yds. toweling No 36 N 2963 Price 1.00

Under shirt & drawers Brace & Bits No 2N1301 12

Set of Bits 2N 1302 12

1 pr. suspenders No 2 1282 12

1 tin funnel No 2N 331 2

5 hasp No 2 No 202 10

1 short handle s----No 2N273 30

5 pr strap hinges No 2N 603

1 hammer No 2N 1286 14

1 clothes line No 2N1224 12

1--ck towel 8

Oct. 2, 1913 H.C. Reneholt to visit Willie Hiland 2.00 3rd. 2.00 4th 2.00

Page 21 Book 19

Oct. 6, Vick Follmar to visit wife 1.00 8th 1.00 15th 1.00

8th H.C. Reneholt to visit Mrs. Wes Hiland 2.00

Ordered suit of clothes from S.R. & Co. Oct. 9, 1913 Cost $28.50 Sent check

Cloth No. 81 N 9828 Style No 4 should have been dated the 7 the check

Suit come all right Oct. 20, 1913

Ordered articles named on the opposite page from Sears Roebuck Oct. 10, 1913 except the pants and underwear.

Oto Smith boy to presc self .75

Oct. 18, 1913 Rev. Meredith to presc wife $.75 22nd .75 25th .75 Nov. 2 .75pd. 5.00

Nov. 25 John Marbaugh to dressing face and head 3.00

" 24th Simon Lehman to presc self .75 26th 2 .75.. Paid 3.50 To visit self 2.75

Page 22 Book 19

I have about 5 acres plowed south of the orchard on the Reister place about 41/2 inch deep on the 9,10,11 of Oct, 1913 and harrowed it over east and west on the 11th and seeded the same to rye on the --- of Oct, 1913 and sowed about 3 pints of timothy seed pr acre.

I drilled about 1 bushel of wheat on the field east of the orchard on the Reister place Oct. 11&13th 1913. I had seeded the same to wheat about the 15 of August and sowed clover seed at the same time. The dry and hot weather damaged both wheat and clover so it is a poor stand.

I sowed timothy seed on the first 3 acres on the north end of the field. It is late in the season but may be it will do well. I fertilized the field during the summer with land plaster about 200 lbs. pr acre.

Page 23 Book 19

I put tile in the field east of the orchard about 125 rods since the 5 of Oct. 1913 up to date Oct. 14, 1913. I am of the opinion that I will succeed in making the Reister farm a good one in less than 5 years and surprise many who believe it cannot be done.

Oct. 13, 1913 I finished putting in the tile east of the orchard which drains 15 acres or more of the land that is now seeded to wheat the tile ending about 25 rods north of the road east of the barn. The size of the tile from the center of the field east of the orchard is 6 inch and enters into a 5 inch that I put in 15 years since. I found the 5 inch tile I connected the 6 inch with in good condition seeming to be free from obstruction. This is a plot of the field east of the orchard and lines of tile put in the past 10 days. One 137 rods of the east of the orchard 4 lines 9 rods one 50 one 32 4 lines 12 and one 3. (Drawing here of field)

Page 24 Book 19

Oct. 15, 1913 Sowed fertilizer on the field east of the orchard 7 acres seeded to wheat on the 11&13 of Oct. 1913 composed as follows: 75 pr ct gypsum, 15 pr ct muriate of potash, 10 pr ct phosphoric acid. Sowed about 150 lbs pr acre. I don't know what will be the effect of the fertilizer. I am of the opinion that it will be of much benefit to the land and make the land more productive if not next year 1914. Surely in 1915 & 1916. Sometimes it requires more time for fertilizer to be available than at other times. Nobody is here enough to foretell what will be the effects if the fertilizer until it is demonstrated by its effects in time.

Oct. 15 Sowed fertilizer on the field east of the orchard seeded to wheat the 11 & 13 and the 4 acres south of the orchard on the Reister place about 150 lbs pr acre consisting of 75 pr ct gypsum, 10 phosphoric acid and 15 muriate of potash.

Oct. 15 in the afternoon put an asphalt roof on the shed on east end of the Reister barn.

18th Roofing on Saturday put asphalt west 1/2 of north end of the corner of Lot No 2 old printing office.

Page 25. Book 19 See 16

I am of the opinion that May Maple would recover here at her home if managed right much earlier than where she is. If she was my daughter I would not hesitate to move her home as soon as possible. There is no place so good as home when one is not in good health or in the condition you represent your daughter. Yours truly, WmKelsey

Page 26 Book 19 Oct. 16th 1913

I measured the field east of the orchard on the Reister place and found to contain 7 acres. The little field south of the orchard and south of G. Uhls truck patch contains 4 acres. Both of these fields I seeded this fall and sowed about 200 lbs of fertilizer to each acre on the 16 of this month.

The 7 acre field I seeded to wheat in the month of August and sowed clover seed at the same time. The dry hot weather destroyed both wheat and clover so there was not a 1/2 stand. I then reseeded the same piece by drilling in about one bushel pr acre on the 11 & 13th of Oct. 1913. There is quite a good deal of clover in places and patches of the wheat I sowed in August still not killed. The 4 acres I drilled about 1 bushel of rice pr acre on the 14th day of Oct and sowed the 4 acres to timothy on the 16th.

Page 27 Book 19

George Langenbahn and I viewed the lands of A.M. Kleckner, Fred Miller, Ed Zehner, and Henry Keitzer who were assessed recently for the construction of drainage ditches on their lands & others.

We found as follows on Kleckner lands as follows: The first piece wood lands on the E. Lopp place 20 acres of timber that is covered all over with a fine stand of young timber that would be damaged by drainage and no benefit. The next land and system of drainage we found that the tile east of the road coming south is not practical and sufficient in capacity to carry the water when heavy rains and would over flow and wash out.

Surface drain would be much better and avoid unnecessary expense. The line that runs east through Mrs. Weidmans we consider practical. The drainage through the 2 16 inch tile where the tile drain crosses the publick high way is all right to carry the water under the road.

The 12 inch tile commencing on north side of the road that the 2 16 inch tile enters in to is not 1/2 as large as it should be and would not be practical but a failure and no benefit.

We are of the opinion that the ditch from the publick high way where the 2 16 inch sewer pipe runs under the road should be an open ditch to the praire at least. The praire land we think all of the land out side of the ground that is mowed for hay would be benefited not less than $20 pr acre. We mean the land that lays in the basin out all around when the grass grows and where it is not got a growth of young timber growing.

The old Weidner field we found the west --- --- bling to the north and north west and not practical to drain east and north. The line of drainage that ends in Casper Weidmans field is all right as compared with Weidmans assessment.

Page 29 Book 19

Fred Millers land will not be benefited by a dredge ditch nor tile from the fact the land is on a level with the lake and river almost and because the land is made wet from the seeping or spungy condition where the high land and the low lands meet we do not believe that a ditch of any kind possible to change conditions that will be of any benefit.

Ed Zehners land we find that he could make drainage that would drain his land as well as it is possible on the main line not costing more than $100.00 one hundred dollars. We were of the opinion that to construct a ditch on the line that is engineered will take up 2 acres of land and require a bridge to cross the ditch that will cost near 100.00 dollars to enable him to get to his land on the east side of the ditch. We are of the opinion that he would be entitled to damage of not less than $150.00 over and above the benefits.

Page 30 Book 19

Oct. 20, 1913 first snow of the fall in the evening. In the west and southwest quite wintery in Texas & Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, all wintery and cold.

The thermometer down 25 deg above zero in many places.

Oct. 21 At Monterey, Ind. 32 above zero with a little snow on the ground.

22. 35 deg. above snow early calm rained all afternoon steady.

23 32 still raining. Report that at Duluth Minnesota it was down to zero and Canada 15 deg below zero. Coldest ever known so early in the season.

24. 42 calm and fine day

25 Put roof on old printing office and Reister barn

26 40 calm

27 46 cloudy & calm

28 43 " raining a little

29 43 " and calm

30 39 snowing calm

31 32 cloudy still

Nov. 1 30 " "

2 35 clear & calm

4 36 " "

5. 40 " fine day

6. 42 " " "

7. 55 cloudy and calm

8. 40 Rained seemingly cold

9. 34 Snowed wind a little from east storm increased by noon the wind from the west blizzard like. Snow at noon 6 inches deep. By night 8 inches deep and still blowing and snowing. The worst storm I ever see so early in the winter.

10. 24 Storm still on blizzard like from the west getting colder. This is the first real winter. See 32 page

Page 31 Book 19

Rudy Kelsey son of C. S. Kelsey come to my house Oct. 28, 1913 from Detroit, Michigan where he has been living for near 7 years. He will be 24 years old the 12th day of January 1914. He is a very healthy looking man and has the appearance of being temperate and not bummy as reported. His occupation is moving picture shows. He calls it. I think it is a poor trade and tends to lead to bad eventually by reason of the association excitement and exposure. He is not likely to lay up any thing and accrue any thing of importance that will be needed in later years to give him comfort and enjoyment of life as every one is entitled to if they make a proper effort.

Page 32 Book 19

Winter set in Nov. 9, 1913. There has been no freezing nor temperature lower than 28 degrees previous to the 9 of Nov. 1913. See page 30

Nov. 9 Storming all day blizzard like snow 6 inches deep at 6 PM

10 24 Still snowing an blowing blizzard like snow 8 inches deep. This is the worst storm I ever see in 60 years so early in November.

11 21 Clear and calm

12 32 " " fine day snow most all gone 54 in the evening at 7 PM snow almost gone except where there was drifts.

13 42 fine day

14 40 drizzling all day

15 41 fine day

16 40 " " Snow drift not all melted

17 42 chilly forenoon and breezy

18 50 fine day like spring cattle and horses still out on grass and doing well.

19 60 cloudy sprinkling rain

20 50 In the evening 64 above calm fine day

21 54 fine day 64 in evening

22 60 fine near 70 in afternoon

23 44 cloudy & calm

24 40 fine day

25 35 clear & calm

26 45 cloudy & misting

27 48 " and calm

28 60

29 55

30 48 rained

Dec. 1 47 "

2 55

3 50 calm cloudy

4 55 " clear fine day

5. 42 " and cloudy

6 44 windy and raining see page 60

Page 33 Book 19

Paid tax on follows: Oct. 27, 1913 $60.00 to Frank Joseph, Stark County on land in North Bend Township 280 acres full install exact amount paid $52.39

Oct. 27 Tax in Pulaski County $142.16

27 John Engle for rye 13.23 One day expense paid $215.39

Rebuilt shed on west end of South shed Saturday Nov. 1st Shenk Barn

Wes husked a load of corn in the forenoon and helped to put the roof on the shed in the afternoon and then gathered 3 bushel of apples in lower orchard principally Russetts and put them in the cellar.

Finished roofing south side of barn on the Reister place.

Nov. 5,6,&7th Repaired up the old drug store and now having it painted by Harry Shall 2 coats of paint.

Work on the Reister barn siding the south side west end. Rudy Kelsey helped me from 21/2 until 5 Oclock Nov. 7 afternoon.

Went to the Ranch today Nov. 12 found the stock all right and doing fine WEK went with me.

Page 34 Book 19

Oct. 31, 1913 Simon Lehman to pres self .75 Nov. 1 to visit self 2.50

Oct. 31,George Uhl to visit wife twice and reducing hernia 4.50 Nov. 1 to visit wife 2.50

Nov. 4 S. C. Allen to presc self paid 1.00

5. Simon Lehman visit and to surgical treatment A.J. & myself on his right knee 5.00

9. Frank Keitzer wife confined last night Arthur waited on her

Nov. 17 John Drake to visit self 1.00

18 S. C. Allen to pres self paid 1.00

21st A. KLeckner home

21 Man on Cupp to visit wife paid 1.00, 22nd 1.00, 23rd 1.00

23 H. C. Reneholt to presc Willie Hiland .75 25th .75

Page 35 Book 19

I went to the Ranch today Nov. 10, 1913 to look after the cattle and horses. Found them all right. They had got into the yard at the stable and eat up one stack of timothy hay and part of another. I turned them in to the stacks of oats on the east side until I can find feed someplace else after the storm and roads permits. The drifts were very great in several places between Monterey and the Ranch some places 4 feet deep. Arthur drove my team and cab to Jo Castlemans in the forenoon and broke the buggy tongue Nov. 10, 1913. Arthur drove my team to Copelands the morning of the 11, 1913.

Monday forenoon Nov. 17, George Uhl and myself put in 3 rods of 8 inch tile at the dredge ditch west of the Reister barn crossing the road we put it down 6 inches deeper than the tile we took out. The tile that was in were only 6 inch and not a good quality. There was a raise in the tile about the center of the road that prevented the water running. So it would empty the tile on the south side of the road. The tile on the south side were more than 1/2 full of water and liable to freeze and burst. It is now in fine condition to give a good outlet for more than 300 rods of tile that has to discharge through the tile we put in today.

Page 36 Book 19

Nov. 4, 1913 Work that needs to be done as follows: On Reister place tile ditch from where the tile ends about 50 rods south of the road in the Kelsey ditch 6 inch tile running south to the cross ditch the east with a 5 inch tile 50 rods until it intersects with the center ditch on the west side of the wheat field.

Also extending the 5 inch tile south of the 5 inch first mention east until it intersects the center ditch on the west of the wheat field.

Also improving the south end of the center tile ditch by extending it south through Frank Falstitch to the ditch or west to the willow and sickmore tree (sic)

Also inspect the tile ditch from the dredge ditch that conducts all the water from more than 500 rods of tile drainage on the 100 acres of the Reister place. The tile is an 8 inch tile and is of the greatest importance for it to be in good repair.

North of the road west of the barn a line of tile 6 inches should be put in on the line of 4 inch that is now in causing up the fall to the road and cross the road and connect the line with the line of tile that runs north from the maple tree and connect all of the lines of tile in the field west of the barn with the 6 inch line and inspect the 8 inch tile that runs from the east line to the 40 acres on the north end of the 40 acres to the dredge ditch. This line of tile is of great importance to give outlet to more than 200 rods of tile.

Also inspect the line of tile that runs across the publick road east of the orchard north and enters into the 8 inch that runs to the dredge ditch.

Make a woven wire fence on the west side of the Brossmire land along the dredge ditch about 200 rods long.

Plow the orchard also field on the south 1/2 east of the barn.

Build a shed on the west end of the barn similar to the one on the east end

Putting in manger on the east shed recently built and make a corn crib on the north end of the shed.

Paint the gavels of the Reister barn and shed one coat. (sic)

Trim the orchard and manure the trees.

All of this work needs to be done this fall yet if possible. Not certain of doing any of consequence.

Page 38 Book 19 Work that needs to be done on the Shenk place: Husk the corn. Build a shed on the north end of the barn similar to the one on the south end. Repair the east side. Paint the barn if possible. Build woven wire fence in several places. Paint the house. Hall out all the manure. Make corn cribs in the sheds and hog pens. Trim the orchard. Saw winter and summer wood. Cut some logs for lumber for building purpose and repair.

Page 39-40 Book 19 Work that needs to be done at the Ranch. First husk the corn. Improve the ditch on the east of the land north of the Griffin ditch. Build considerable fence in several different parts of the Ranch. Make tile ditch from the dredge ditch on the west line between my land and Millers carrying up the fall and ending on a line with the south line of the garden 4 to 8 rods each and connect all of the branch line with this line of tile. Extend the tile north in the center with a 7 inch tile with the ditch that enters in to the pond on the line between my land and Raycroft land. Construct a tile ditch from the pond on the west line to the east line and then north a short distance then east and connect with the Osborn branch tile drain of the Hawkins ditch. Reconstruct the ditch on the west line south of the dredge ditch by digging deeper not less than 16 inches and cross the road and construct the ditch on the east side of the road about 40 rods south of the dredge ditch and connecting all of the lines again after reaching the high ground about 35 rods south of the first crossing. Putting in some spurs on the field south of the garden. Constructing a tile drain on the line of ditch where old Charley died and making some branch lines out into the basins on either side. Tile the Griffin land on the east where the low land is clear up to Tom Chapmans N. East corner with a 6 inch tile making it dry enough for grass or grain.

Page 41 Book 19

Nov. 26, George Uhl to visit wife 2.50, 27th 2.50

Nov. 27, C. Davison to visit self $3.75, 29th 3.75, Dec. 1, 3.75, 2nd 3.75, 3rd 3.75

Nov. 29 1913 Irvy Young to visit boy 1.00, 1st. 1.00, 2nd. 1.00, 3rd. 1.00 To 2 visits in December 2.00 $6.00

H.C. Reneholt 1st. to visit wife of Wes Hiland 2.00, 2nd. 2.00, 3rd. 2.00

Dec. 13, 1913 Mrs. Bennets sale today. I bought the following articles:

2 buggy tongues 1 corn cultivator

1 mall hedge 2 long chains

2 shovels 1 plow

2 forks 1 colt 2 yr old

1 set breast straps 2 pulleys

1 post digger hay rack

Dec. 2nd. A. M. Kleckner to visit self 1.00 paid

3rd S. C. Allen to presc self 1.00 paid

Page 42 Book 19

Nov. 20, 1913 H. C. Reneholt to visit wife of G. Uhl and reducing hernia wife 3.00

27. to visit wife and accute ---- 2.50, 28th 2.50, 29th, 2.50, 30 2.50 Dec. 2 2.50, 5th to presc wife & boy 1.00

Dec. 3, A.M. Kleckner to visit wife 1.00, 4th 1.00

Dec. 5 H. C. Reneholt to visit wife of Wes Hiland and extra service due to uterene displacement 3.00, 6th to visit Mrs. Hiland 2.00

Dec. 5 Ed Olds to presc little girl paid .50

5th. George Sellers to pres wife & girl paid 1.50

6th Martin Keller to presc girl paid 1.00

Page 43 Book 19 Bought the following articles at Mrs. A. Bennets sale Dec. 2, 1913:

One colt coming 2 yr old 81.00

1 Holstein heifer 26.00

1 post digger 40, 1pr breast straps 80 1.20

1 buggy tongue 1.60, 1 buggy tongue 3.50 5.10

2 pully pully .10 1 mall .25 .35

1 breaking plow 4.75, cultivator 3.70 8.45

1 small linked chair .60

1 hay rack 6.30 Big chain 6.30

2 forks .80 plow point .90 $131.80

discount 5 pr ct. 5

deduct 131.80 - 6.59

Actual cost of the Bennet purchase $125.21

Bought Dec. 4, 1913 the following articles S. C. Allen sale

2 stoves 1.25 1 plow 2.50 3.50

1 male hog 3 shoats 14.70 22.70

1 brood sow 22.00 1 cow 69.50 91.50

1 red cow 50.00 1 Lemont cow 43.00 93.00

1 red heifer 35.00

1 colt coming 2 yr old 155.00 360.95

discount 5 pr ct. 18.04

Actual amount of Allen purchase $343.91

Bennets $125.21

Allen 342.95 Total $468.16

Page 44 Book 19

Keller butchered 3 hogs for me Cost $4.50 each paid

Dec. 16. W.E. Kelsey drove Uhl boar over to his pen to serve his sows.

16 Cupp on A.M. Kleckner place in town corded up my wood in the yard west of the house.

Dec. 15 Tore down the old stable on the Shenk place and built a hog house on the 16 & 17 near where the old stable stood. There was 3000 feet of timber in the old stable. Much of it in a good state of preservation . The stable was built by John Doyle for me in 1872. 41 years ago.

Finished halling wood from Jacob Becks to day December 15. 15 cords at $2.. pr cord $30.00

Dec. 17 Finished husking corn on the Ranch W.E.K. and myself have raised about 4000 bushels most of it good quality.

Dec. 18 Motle faced cow had a calf, bull calf fine

20th White faced cow with spot on her nose calved

Page 45 Book 19 Dec. 1913 Butchered the 16 of Dec. 1913 3 hogs and paid Keller for the work 4.50 on the 18th check.

16th Ed Olds to visit wife night 3.75

16th Frank Keitzer to presc girl paid .75

18 Ed. Olds to visit wife 3.75, 20th 3.75 to presc boy .50

14-25 H. C. Reneholt Trustee to visit child of Lon Hiland as follows 12 times 3.00 each visit. (One night visit was 3.50)

21 Frank Keitzer to visit wife Paid 1.00, 22nd 1.00, 24th 1.00 Paid in full

Page 46 Book 19

Naeda Baker at A. Kailey

Dec. 25, 1913 to visit self 3.50, 26th 3.50 Young man who lives at North Manchester said he would pay me.

27th Bergene to pres wife by D. Shanks 1.25 .75

27th Simon Lehman to visit wife paid 2.75

31st Drove 25 calves over from the Ranch and put them down at the barn on the Shenk place.

Jan. 1 Halled oats hay from the Ranch.

5th & 6 of Jan. 1914 Dehorned the calves and cows near 20 head.

Page 47 Book 19

Jan. 1, 1914 Sam Allen to presc wife .75

5th F. Keitzer to visit wife paid 1.00

Jan. 3, Arthur Kailey to visit boy , day, 3.50, 3rd. evening 3.50, 4th, wife & self 3.50, 6th wife & self 3.50, 7th, evening 3.50.

6th Glen Dockerly to visit girl paid 1.00

6 Vick Follmar to visit self 1.00, 9th self 1.00 9th presc girl .50

16 Visited office & got medicine of AJK

Jan. 5th Frank Keitzer to visit wife and digital examination pr vaginun 2.00

6th to visit wife 1.00, 7th 1.00, 9th 1.00, 10th to prescription wife .75

Jan 6 H. C. Reneholt to visit wife of Wes Hiland 2.00 7th to wife of W.H. 2.00 8th to presc. .75

6th George Uhl to visit wife. 2.50

Page 48 Book 19 Jan. 9, Henry Bergene to call wife paid 1.00, 10th to pres wife extra .75

10th Dayton Shanks to presc wife paid .75

10th Sam Allen to presc wife .75, 14th .75

13th Jerry Harman to visit self paid 3.75 16th to presc self extra 1.25 Total 5.00

13th Harry Shall to presc self .75

13 Arthur Kailey to presc wife .75

13 H. C. Reneholt to visit girl Wes Hiland 2.00, 14th 2.00, 15th 2.00 16. 2.00

15 Henry Bergene to visit wife 4.75 16th presc extra 1.00

16 Martin Keller to visit self 2.75

Page 49 Book 19 Neil Hazen flunked out and went back to Ora Sunday Jan. 12, 1914. No dependence in him and unsafe man to hire by the year or month. He owes me for medical service $3.50 and $3.00 for lean and use of home & buggy.

I made saw logs in the river bottom below the bridge Wednesday and Thursday. I cut down the big maple tree at the north end of river bridge and made 2 logs out of the butt 8 ft. long and 4 out of the limbs of the top. The butt was 37 inches in diameter, seeming sound and clear. There will be near 1000 feet of lumber in the tree worth $20.00 if it proves sound. There will be 4 or 5 cords of stove wood that will be worth $5 or $6 dollars possibly more. I cut 4 sickamore trees that made 12 logs that will make 1500 feet of lumber and 2 maple trees down where the river turns north that will make 800 feet 3 slim trees that will make 500 feet and 2 buckey trees that will make 400 feet

Page 50 Book 19

Sent an order to S & R. Nov. 7, 1913 as follows

No 47857 1 doz hinges 8 in. 1.02

" 1 " 6 in .66

48975 security hasp 1 doz .39

48965 hook & staple 1 doz. .20

132 storm alask Size 7 1.04

429 fire shovel 4

605 tin bed pan 6

779 sheet steel baking pan 6

1282 suspenders 12

278 hatchet handle 2 4

277 hammer handle 2 4

240 brush 2

376 shoe lace 2

323 kitchen whetstone 2

612 safety pins 3 doz 6

439 Japan stove shovel 4

202 4 wrough hasps 8

236 boot pull 2 4

590 strap hinges 2 8

537 linen thread black 4

956 wire cutting pliers 8

1135 corn popper 10

814 carpenter's ----rule 8

132 storm alask size 7 1.04

854 4 qt. tin pail 8

168 soft kid size 7 1.00

116 " " 7 1.00

6202 1 hat black size 7

8240 rubber color size 15

The bill of good come all right

Page 51 Book 19 Cow page

Motle face had a calf Nov. 26, 1913 male

Dr. A.J. Kelsey put 24 of his steers on the Reister place to pasture Nov. 26, 1913

Opened up the fence for the cattle to get in the 20 acres next dredge ditch in corn stock pasture and repaired the fence on the south side of the 20 acres and closed the gate at the ditch where it goes into the 4 acres patch next to Mike Kelley place south of the dredge ditch. Nov. 26, 1913

59 There is 59 head of cattle at the Ranch including calves. 17 head on the Reister place 2 cows at the lower barn or Shenk place 2 cows at town 2 at W.E. Kelsey's 82 head altogether Nov. 26, 1913. I bought one at Mrs. Bennets sale and 4 head at Sam Allen sale Dec. 4 making at this date Dec. 4, 1913 87 head.

19 There are 19 head of horses at the Ranch. 5 at the lower barn 6 at the Reister place 4 at my stable at town, 5 at W.E. Kelsey's stable 39 head this date Nov. 26, 1913

Dec. 5&6 made a woven wire fence on the west side of the Brosmire land along the dredge ditch setting in close to the ditch line. I could convient and there by increasing the acreage and putting the fence on top suitable ground. (sic)

Page 72 Book 19

Jan. 16, 1914 Abe Genther to presc self paid 1.50

16 John Harmon to presc self .50

16 Wm Lopp to visit wife night 2/00

20 Vick Follmar to visit 2 girls and pres both 1.75

20 S. C. Allen to pres self paid 1.00

20 John Decker to pres wife paid 1.00

20 Mrs. Amand Stubbs by cash in full paid by Mrs. J. Harmon Paid 7.00

20 Black sow had 6 pigs last night

21 Man on Bergene place to visit & surgical treat shoulder settled by cash 3.75

Page 53 Book 19

Estimated cost of hired help for the year 1913 as follows.

Geroge Uhl 285.00 cash $285.00

House to live in 60.00

Garden & truck patch 10.00

Poultry privilege 25.00

Use of team & some wood 20.00

Cow to milk & fruit 20.00 $415.00

Wes Hiland

Wages cash $260.00

Wood 40.00

Cow to milk 40.00

Privilege of poultry 20.00

Use of team 25.00

Truck and garden 10.00

House to live in 60.00 $460.00

Francis Hizer $72.00 72.00

Acia Strawford $80.00 80.00

Henry Drake $18.00 18.00 $1025.00

Page 54 Book 19

December 1902 Hereford purchase

Bout of Wm Thuse 4 head of hereford cattle as follows

One bull British 3 yrs old $300.00

One cow & calf 150.00

One spring calf 75.00 $525.00

These cattle were fine and as good as in the United States as to being pure blood. They were a selection out of the Sothem Herd of Missouri one of the noted hereford cattle breeders of America.

Ignor and one of her calf died she had a calf the 25 of Feb. 1904 which we kept for a bull. He proves to be a fine specimen of the hereford breed. He will be 10 years old the 25 of February 1914. Splendid animal. Kind and gentle very sure. British broke down from some cause after we had him 3 years and could do no service. Sold him for $50.00

Sela we have yet in good condition. She has a calf every year. The year 1913 had twin bull calves pretty good.

Page 55 Book 19

I made a contract with Hays of Culver to dig a ditch on his west line from the Casper ditch 6 feet deep at the Casper ditch running north to the dredge ditch a distance of about 182 rods for 190.00

Commenced to work Sept 21, 1902 and finished it Feb. 7, 1903 and received pay in full from Hays for the amount he agreed to pay. This ditch is on my east line of the land between the dredge ditch and the Casper ditch in North Bend Township Stark Co., Indiana.

Page 56 Book 19

Jan. 21, 1914 Harmon Runk to visit girl paid $2.50

21. Ed Olds to presc girl .65

21 Jo Keller to presc self paid 1.00

21 Man on Bergene place to visit self and paid surgical treatment 3.75

22 H. C. Reneholt to visit boy G. Uhl's 2.50 24th visit boy of G. Uhl's 2.50

25 H. C. Reneholt to visit Ves Washboni child 3.75 27th child 3.75

Jan 21-23 Four of my breeding sows had pigs one of them had 7, one had 6, one 9, one 10, in all 32. I give one of them to Nora Kelsey. The sows all done very well.

Page 57 Book 19

On the evening of Jan. 23rd a young man I don't know him. He did not say who he was come into my house without knocking with folded type writter papers in his hand. He said he had some paper to read. I ask him by what authority. He said he was paid for coming here. I asked him to see the papers that he was intend to read. He answered I won't do it. I answers him and said you then shall not read the paper to me. He said he would. I then said to him you shall not without first showing your authority and let me look at the papers. He answer that he would not and further stated that he was going to read. I then opened the door and order him out and if he attempted to read the papers without my consent I would knock him down. I also told him he was a fraud and attempting to hold me up or bull dose me. He was standing in the door way and I pushed the door to... He then pushed the door open and pushed against my left arm. I then pushed him quickly clear out of the door way and ordered him to leave. He commenced to mumble something by memory. I closed the door and he skipped away.

Page 58 Jan 24, 1914 George Sellers to visit girl $3.00 Cr by cash $1.50

26 H. C. Reneholt trustee to visit babe George Uhls 2.50, 26 to presc Albert .75, 26th presc John .75, 27, to visit boy 2.50, to presc 2 others 1.50, 28 to visit boy 2.50, to presc. John .75, 28, to presc babe .75

28th to visit Lon Hiland wife 1.00, 29 Lon Hiland's wife 1.00

30 Litchwork 1.00

27 to visit self sick with pulmonary tuberculoses 3.75, 31 visit self better 3.75

27 James Fry to visit wife night paid 1.50, 28 to visit wife 1.00

Feb. 3, H. C. Reneholt to visit wife L. Hiland 1.00

26. Frank Keitzer to visit Jennie 1.00, 27 to visit Jennie paid 1.00

28 Wm Lopp to visit wife 1.00

30 Dave Castleman to presc Shadls wife paid 1.35

Page 59 Book 19 Peterson & Shidiaker notes left with Elmer Johnson for collection. Jan 29, 1914. Put in the hands of Elmer Johnson two notes of hand. One on Charles Peterson whole amount principle and interest about $37.00

One note on Shidiaker for $25.00. Both notes past due with 8 pr ct. interest on each.

Commenced to snow the night of the 31st of January 1914. Snow about 4 inches deep at 8 AM. The month of January fine only one morning was the thermometer near zero which was the morning of the 12. 4 above zero. Some of the days in the afternoon up to 60 deg. Quite a good many plowing and disking. The snow is 6 inches deep on the level not drifted much. At noon it stopped and the sun peeped our occasionally and the wind ceased to blow. Evening it was seeming mild. Thermometer indicated 32 above zero at 6 PM.

Castornated the calves today March 2, 1914.

Page 60 Book 19 See page 32 Record of the weather. The weather for 30 days have been very mild. I see dandelion bloom out on Reister place the 6 of this month.

Dec. 7, 40 raining and a little windy.

Sunday commenced to snow at 7 AM At 10 blizzard. At 6 PM 18 above zero. 22 deg. lower than at 6 AM Still blustering.

Monday 8 20 fair 20. 30 rained and snowed

9 26 " 21 32 calm fair a little skift of snow

10 30 fine day 22 34 cloudy

11 44 " " 23 36 "

12 40 " " 24 26 "

13 32 25 28 "

14 40 26 32 "

15 46 27 33 "

16 38 28 35 "

17 36 29 34 "

18 34 30 32 "

19 19 31 34 "

Jan. 1, 1914 36 Cloudy

2, 35 snowing a little

3. 36 snowed a little last night. In New York report is 25 deg. below zero.

4. 36 snowing 4 in deep stopped at 2 PM

5. 32

6. 36

Page 61 Book 19 Record of the weather see opposite page

Jan. 7 34 calm snow on ground

8 35 " " "

9 32

10 34

11 26 windy

12 4 above 6 AM cold windy coldest this winter

13 12 calm

14 32 rain

15 36 fine day thawed all day

16 38 calm

17 38 calm

18 35 commenced to snow at 9:30 AM 4 inches deep at 4 PM

19 38 calm

20 40 thawing, calm snow all melted off

21 26 a little breezy snow 1/2 inch deep

22 24 snowed again snow 1 inch

23 40 thawed all day 50 deg. in the evening rained very hard about 7 PM

24 40 cloudy

25 30 clear & calm evening snowing

26 34 cloudy & calm snow about 2 inches deep in morning snow melted off entirely by night

27 36 fine day 50 in the evening

28 41 calm

29 38 calm

30 20 " cloudy

31 24 Snowing hard until noon about 6 inches deep. At 6 PM the temperature was 31 calm and almost clear during the night calm.

Sunday morning Feb. 1st, 14 above clear and calm snow not much drifted See page 62

Page 62 Book 19 See page 60 & 61 for record of the weather of December and Jan. 1914. The month of January 1914 similar to the January 1913. During the month of January 1914 there was considerable plowing done.

Feb. 1, Temp 14 clear and calm with about 6 inches of snow on the ground.

Mon 2, 30 clear & calm thawed 45 deg. afternoon

Tue. 3, 30 " "

Wed. 4, 12 " "

Thur. 5, 30 " "

Fri. 6, 32 cloudy, snowing

Sat. 7, 10 above, windy

Sun. 8, 4 below, calm coldest this winter 2 above zero from 10 AM until 5 PM

Mon. 9, Zero exactly at 7 AM 28 above rising, calm

Tue. 10, 15 above calm & 28 in afternoon

Wed. 11, 0 zero "

Thur. 12 1 below " cold, cloudy 2 below at 6 PM

Fri 13, Zero calm

Sat. 14, zero at 1 AM 2 above 6 AM, 7 above at 7 AM

Sun 15, 5 deg below zero the coldest this winter, snowed all the afternoon snow 6 in. deep.

Mon. 16, 11 below, 10 above 6 PM

Tue. 17, 16 above calm evening

Wed. 18, 22 " a little stormy in eve

Thur. 19, 22 " calm & cloudy

Fri. 20, 8 " clear & calm

Sat. 21 2 " cloudy & chilly

Sun. 22, 16 " " "

Mon. 23, 1 below cloudy & windy, cold

Tues 24, 6 below clear, calm

Wed. (missed this day)

Thur 25 4 below clear, calm

Fri. 26, 0 zero clear, calm

Sat. 27, 16 above " "

Sun 28, 12 noon, 34 evening 50

March 1, 8 above zero cold and windy and almost clear very disagreeable snow 31/2 inches deep .

2, 10 above cloudy & snowing. The snow is about 11 inches deep no wind.

3 12 above calm

4 20 " " almost clear See 63

Page 63 Book 19 The cold wave that come in on the 7th of Feb. begun to let up about midnight on the 8th. At midnight it was 7 below zero at 6 in the morning zero at 7 AM 2 above. Feb. 11, 2 above zero The cold wave is still here and this morning the 12th, 1 deg. below zero.

March 5 20 almost clear

6 26 " "

7 28 snowed last night

8 20 snowed last night, clear today

9 22

10 18

11 20

12 14 clear & calm

13 22 " "

14 24 " "

15 28 " "

16 44 " "

17 22 raining & snow

18 16 snowing quite winter like all day.

19 18 calm almost clear

20 12 calm & clear, cold

21 18 fair day almost clear

22 16 blusterey snowing flurries

23 12 snowed last night almost clear

24 16

25 14

26 36 raining & thundering

27 40 "

29 45 "

30 42 "

31 42 "

Apr. 1 48 raining a little & cloudy

2 38 cloudy

3 30 almost clear

4 32 " "

5 28 " "

6 36 cloudy, raining steady

7 32 " " a little
8 20 above zero freezing and snowing a little See page 78

Page 64 Book 19

Jan 31 H. C. Reneholt to visit Ves Washbons babe calarral pneu 3.75

31. H. C. Reneholt to visit boy of G. Uhls 2.50, to 2 pres 2 other boys 1.50, to presc Mrs. Uhl .75

Rev. Veach to pres wife 1.00

31 Ed. Reneholt to call child 1.00

31 Vick Follmar to presc babe & bot cough medicine .75

31 Frank Keitzer to cough medicine paid .35

Feb. 1 Burt Long to visit girl 2.00

2. Dayton Shanks to visit little girl 2.50, 4th visit little girl 2.50, 6th presc little girl .75

7. Vick Follmar to visit babe 1.00, 11th to visit babe 1.00

Page 65 Book 19

I went to Rochester in ditch matters of H. Keitzer, Fred Miller and Ed. Zehner and Betz.

Feb. 3, 1914 Litchwark to visit self 3.75, 5th 3.75, to bot cod L. Oil 1.00, prec repeat .75

24 to presc self .75

5th Jerry Harmon to presc self paid .75

4th Whiting to pres Lizy & wife 1.00

4th Vick Follmar visit babe 1.00 (Crossed out)

5th & 6th Vick Follmar 1.00 each (Crossed out)

4th H. C. Reneholt to visit wife of George Uhls 2.50, 6th to presc Mrs. Uhl .75

4 Wm Lopp to heart tonic wife & pres 1.00

Drove over to the Ranch. Head of Cows. There is now at the Ranch--- head of cattle including the calves. There is now at the barn on the Shenk place ---head of cattle including the calves. At town there are now 5 cows, 3 of them to calve in a few days.

Page 66 Book 19

Feb. 7, 1914 Anderson Sennet place to visit child 2.50, to pres child .75, to presc child .75
8th John Decker to visit self stomach 1.00, 9th to presc self extra 1.50

8th Vick Follmar to visit babe paid 1.00

9 H.C. Reneholt to visit Mrs. G. Uhl. 2.50

9-22 H.C. Reneholt to visit Mrs. Wm Lopp eight visits1.00 each.

12 Vick Follmar Cr by cash in full for medical service 10.00
13 Wilson Barley to visit little girl 3.50, 17th presc little girl .75

21st H. C. Reneholt to visit John Drake 1.00, 22nd 1.00, 23rd, 1.00

Page 67 Book 19

I was summoned by phone by the Sheriff of Pulaski Co. to appear on the 20th day of February 1914 where in Susan Griffin is plaintiff and WmKelsey defendant.

Feb. 2 Wm Lopp to visit wife 1.00 3rd to visit wife 1.00

3rd.l Henry Vergen to visit wife paid 4.75

Feb. 9 Uhl & Wes Hiland

9, 10, 11, 12, 13,14, Halled straw from the Ranch

Feb. 9 I was chosen Delegate to the District Convention to be held at Marion the 10th tomorrow, I can't go.

Page 68 Book 19

I sent letters to the following parties asking them to pay me. John Keitzer, Logansport; Ira Wade, Winamac; R.M. Stephenson, Knox; Dave Castleman, Delong; Sears Roebuck & Co, Chicago; Ambrose Keitzer, Monterey; Sweester Tile & Drain Co.

Feb. 16th I sent to J.M. Spangler , Winamac the abstract and 2 deeds of Garrison place. I phone him on the 17th, today after he said he received the papers abstract & deeds.

Feb. 22, 1914 I contracted with Tom Chapman for his stock and grass pasture on land east of Bremmers for $20.00. The stock privilege to run 50 days or----- The No of acres in the pasture represented 80, good place to water on the land. Chapman to keep the fence up in good condition.

Feb. 22 Drove to the Chapman pasture, 43 cattle and 19 horses, 23 drove over 10 head more.

Page 60 Book 19 Record of cows and heifers that have been bred to Diamond hereford bull and cows that has had calves. Motled faced cow had a calf Nov. male

Heifer I bought of Guss Rock served by Diamond Feb. 14, 1914 Heifer bought at Bennets sale served by Diamond Feb. 14, 1914.

Feb. 24 Old Jersey Chas Lewis cow had a calf Feb. 24, 1914 heifer

Charley Lewis heifer babe had a calf Feb. 25th 1914 heifer fine calf.

16th Crumply white faced cow had a calf today. heifer. This cow 3 or 4 years ago had a calf on the Ranch when thermometer 5 deg below zero. Calf's ears froze and live and done well.

Feb. 25 Sam Allen cow had calf male Feb. 25, 1914.

Red cow calved Cherry 26 heifer calf.

White faced cow in Chapman pasture had a calf Feb. 25, heifer.

Motle faced cow had calf March 5th heifer, 2nd calf heifer

Red spotted cow of Kleckner cow had calf March 6, 1914 heifer

Sela served March 6, 1914 See page 80

Page 70 Book 19

Feb. 15, 1914 Dayton Shanks to presc self 1.25, 17th presc self .75

Simon Lehman cash in full to date ten dollars for medical service 10.00

17th Eph Wilson to visit self $3.75, 20. self 3.75, 24th presc self 1.25, 27th 1.00, 29, to visit self 3.75, Cr by cash $13.50

28th Sam Allen to attend wife obstet 12.00

20th H.C. Rineholt to visit John Drake, acute indigestion night 2.00, 22, visit 1.00, 23 visit 1.00, 24 visit 1.00.

24th Harry Hartman to visit self 1.00, 26th to visit self 1.00

21st Whiting to presc wife .75,

24th Rev. Meredith to presc self .50

Page 71 February 19, 1914 H.C. Rineholt to presc Wes H. wife .75, 20th presc boy Willie .75, 22nd to presc West Hiland 2.00, 25th to visit wife of W.H. and special treatment 3.00.

Feb. 22 H. C. Reneholt to visit Fred Hazell 2.50, 24th presc 3.50, 25th visit 1.00, 29th 1.00.

29th John Drake HCK to visit self 1.00

26 Vick Follmar to presc babe .50

22nd Rev. Meredith to presc self .50, 25th to visit wife & presc 1.00

25th Susan Hoesel to visit self paid 2.50

Page 72 Book 19

March 5, 1914 I ordered 20 tons of land plaster from Grand Rapids Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. 15 tons in bulk and 5 tons in sack price 4.25 bulk 63.75. 5.00 in sack 25.00 FOB Monterey $88.85 cost laid down.

March 5, 1914 I also ordered from E. J. Kelsey Marion Kansas 200 lbs. of alfalfa clover seed.

March 4 & 5 sowed clover and timothy seed on the 20 acres where the rye is growing on the Ranch next to Kelly place.

Sowed clover and timothy on the Reister place east of the orchard and on the wheat south of the hickory tree where we left off sowing clover seed last fall when we were drilling wheat north from where we commenced about 20 acres. Now in the eight of the moon and no particular sighn. March 10th finished sowing the south end of the wheat south of the hickory tree. All of the wheat ground is now seeded to clover, and timothy about 45 acres. Sowed on wheat at Kleckner place March 12.

Page 73 Book 19 R.K. Shepperd Chicago, Ill. owns Pat Helm land interested in the Fletcher ditch.

March 7 H.C. Reneholt to visit child W. Washburn 3.75

7th Mrs Susan Hoesel to call self paid .75

7th Jerry Harman to presc self paid 1.00

9th H. C. Rineholt to visit George Uhl and presc 4 of the family 3.50, 10th to visit little boy 2.50.

10th H.C. Rineholt to pres extra F. Hazell 3.50 12th extra 2.50, See ledger 351

11th Vick Follmar to visit babe night 1.00, 12th to visit babe 1.00

14th Land plaster arrived freight bill 38,000 lbs. 24 tons 19 in bulk & 5 in sacks. I ordered 15 tons in bulk at 4.25 pr ton and 5 tons in sacks at 5.00 pr ton. Mistake of 4 tons than I ordered weighed out 1600 lbs the bulk ---less than 15 tons.

Page 74 Book 19

Commenced to trim the fruit trees on the Reister place the 9 of March and finished the 11. G. Uhl and myself done the trimming, Uhl the most of the work. Also trimmed at Fish Pond the 12th-13th. George Uhl commenced to work on the 2 year at 286.00 under the old contract of 1913 same contract without any change in any way.

Page 75 Book 19

There are 31 yearling calves, 29 of them at the lower barn and 2 over on Tom Chapman's place in corn stocks. All in fair condition March 12, 1914

There are 4 cows at town one out G. Uhls, 2 at W.E.Kelsey, 4 at the lower barn making 11 head. There is on the Chapman place in corn stock pasture ---head of cattle March 12, 1914.

There are horses including W.E. Kelsey and colts at this date March 12.

There are 17 pigs including the 4 I got of Sam Allens sale at town and down at the lower barn these are 6 hogs and ---little pigs.

The Sam Allen sow had 6 pigs the 25 of March, 8 or 10 days to soon. She destroyed them by eating them. Her time would be the 3rd of April. She was bred to Jo Kellers boar Dec. 3, 1913. I paid $22.00 at S. Allens sale for her to be kept for a breeding sow. I think best to sell her from the fact she may destroy next litter if should have one. I sold her to Jo Cower for $32.00

Page 76 Book 19

March 15, 1914 work needed to be done as follows: Unload land plaster. Done it on the 16th of March. Finishing trimming fruit trees and manuring them. Gathering trash off the orchards. Repairing fence around chicken park and building an addition. Putting in tile on Reister place and at the Ranch. Plowing field for clover seed and oats on Shenk place or double disking. Seeding to oats on Shenk place and sowing land plaster on wheat at Reister place and on the clover and oats on Shenk place. Preparing ground at the Ranch for oats and clover. Sowing the meadow with timothy seed on the east end to --- Seeding to clover strip on the east side of the wheat from the first clear ----west of the hickory tree. Raising the levy on the line between my land and Frank Falstitch.

Page 77 Book 19

Seeding the land down at the Fish Pond and over the river below the bridge for pasture. Building shed on the west end of the Reister barn. Disking both ways and sowing clover seed and timothy seed on the Kleckner land where Arthur raised corn. Building fence on the west side of the Falstitch 40, also on the south side of the 40 Snyder ought to build the east 1/2 of the fence. Building fence on the east side next to Kelsey's along the Hawkins ditch and along the dredge ditch. Scraping up the manure and halling it out on the Reister place and on the corn ground at cow barn. Repairing fence over the river below bridge. Halling the saw logs at the saw mill and halling away lumber. Sowing land plaster on all of the lands about 65 acres on Shenk place 75 on Reister place. 30 at the Kleckner place 100 lbs pr acre. Sowing migriate potash on lands at the Ranch.

Page 80 Book 19

Cow page See page 69 Cow that is always bawling had a calf March 11, Red heifer had a calf March 11. Hereford cows had calves about the 15th. One hereford cow at the lower barn, male calf. Would make a fine bull. Cow is full blood and a good milker very kind and gentle. Fanny had a colt March 17, 1914 over on Tom Chapman's north of Al Johnson's.

Page 81 Book 19 Received land plaster and unloaded it the 16th of March 1914. There was 125 sacks, 5 tons at $5 pr ton delivered fee 25.00. In bulk 28,400 lbs short 1600 lbs at 4.25 pr ton $60.35. The amount due $85.35 less the freight. Wrote letter to Co as follows March 18, 1914. 125 in sacks 5 tons, 28,400 in bulk short 1600 lbs. I have it in shelter so you can inspect same as to amount in bulk. Yours Truly, Dr. WmKelsey answer at once.

Page 82 Book 19

March 16 H.C. Reneholt to visit wife of W. Lopp, 1.00, 17th 1.00, 19th 1.00, 21st 1.00, 23rd 1.00, 25th night 2.00, 27 1.00.

16th John Inks to visit self paid 4.50

18th I ordered from Sears Roebucks & Co. one end gate seeder 32.31150 5.65 Rush. 20th H.C. Reneholt to visit & presc F. Hazell 2.50

17th Cupp to visit wife 2.50

18 Herman Litchwark Cr by cash in full to date with Thanks 23.50

19 Bert Slonaker to visit wife $2.75, 20th 2.75, 21st, 2.75,

21 H. C. Reneholt to presc extra F. Hazell 1.50

Page 83 Book 19

Anderson commenced to work Monday morning the 16, 1914

Mon. 1 day 831/2 cts pr day .83 Tue. Thurs. Fri. Sat. each 83 cts. $4.18 March paid cash 3.00 Cr. on Dr. bill balance 1.18

Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Paid him $5 the last week he worked. Then he skipped out in debt to me 1.75.

March 26 I finished cleaning up the river bottom below the bridge and seeded it to oats clover and timothy seed. I put a little alfalfa clover seed to see whether it will do any good. I double disked the ground then sowed the oats. Then harrowed it over and sowed the grass seed. Commenced to rain soon after the seed was sown in the evening and all night and the next morning the 27 just what is needed to get a good stand if the seed is good. The only thing is high water that would destroy after it is up. Drowned out entirely 10 days after.

Page 84 Book 19

I put on a canthardes plaster the 22nd. Done fine and improved her condition.(sic)

May 20 Jo Marbaugh to visit wife tuberculosis 1.00, 21st, 1.00, 22nd 1.00, 22nd put on canthantes plaster 1.00, 24th 1.00, 26th, 1.00, 27th 1.00, 29th visit wife 1.00, Apr. 5, 1.00 11th presc wife .75 15th .75. (sic)

May 22 J. Biddinger to presc wife extra 2.00

23 H. C. Rineholt to visit wife of West Hiland 2.00

28th Wils Bailey to visit self 3.50, 31st 3.50

Aug. 2 M. Keller to presc self 1.00

3rd John Decker to pres wife extra 1.75

6th Vick Follmar to visit wife 1.00

10th H.C.Reneholt to visit wife of W. Lopp extra 2.00

10th M. Keller to presc self .75

Page 85 Book 19

March 26, 1914 I purchased the Meredith property Lot No 3 in P.W. Demoss plot of the town of Monterey, Ind. for 750.00 on the following terms. $200.00 cash 1,2,3,4, -----150.00 in 5 years from date with interest at 6 pr ct pr annum, paid annually.

He assighn the insurance policy over to me on the dwelling house and give me full possession and a warrenty deed for the property. I paid him cash $10.00 and his receipt for sale of the property and the $10.00 paid. He did not assighn to insurance policy as he agreed to. He made me a warrenty deed for the property and will make him hold---for the tax of 1914 which will be payable 1915. He agrees to assighn the insurance policy over to me on the building.

Apr. 2, 1914. Drove over to the Ranch 26 head of cattle and 12 head of calves. Turned them in on the meadow north side of Griffin ditch.

Apr. 4 Took the horses over to the Ranch

Apr. 4 Drove about 50 head of cattle and calves out on the Reister place Sat. the 4, 1914.

Page 86 Book 19

I sent to Winamac 3 deeds to be recorded. One from A.J. Kelsey the Kleckner place; one Frank Hartman for out lots and Lot 14, 15,16, 17; one from Orrange Meredith for Lot No. 3 P.W. Demoss plott of the town of Monterey date of the Meredith deed was March 27, 1914.

12th H. C. Reneholt to visit wife of W. Lopp 1.00, 13th 1.00, 14th 1.00

14th John Smith to visit wife paid 3.50

Apr. 7, 1914 I with George Langenbahn go to Knox in the Fletcher ditch case in the Cabb I remonstrated against my assessment for the construction of the Fletcher ditch on the ground that my assessment was excessive and the assessment were to high compared with Miller and that the method of drainage would be impractive and not of benefit compared with the cost. I am of the opinion I will win if my attorney makes no mistake.

Page 87 Book 19

I paid as follows to Frank Glenn for engineering on the Fletcher ditch for the remonstrations as follows: I paid 2.30 to Kelley, 40 cts to Bowers, 5.00 for Oswald Smith, 10.00 for DB. Ford. $17.60

Mr. Glen agreed to do the engineering on the ditch the work for $20 or $25. There will be due him Feb. $7.40 I expect we will need to pay him extra for his attending court on the 7, 8,9th of Aprile, 3 days. I am of the opinion that he is entitled to good pay for his service. I have done the following service in the way of assisting Mr Glenn and his assistant in the matter of engineering first day. I took them out to the ditch and in the evening went after them 3.00 Second day took them out and in the evening went after them 3.00 Paid for them at Hobe 2.20 at restaurant and lunch .60 $8.80 eight dollars & .80 at 2.50 last June. $11.30

Page 88 Book 19 Frank Glenn and Garber survey the Fletcher ditch today and yesterday. They took the full in the ditch on the east line of the SW 1/4 of the Sec. 23 and found over 9 ft of fall from the John Casper ditch to the Osborn dredge ditch distance between the 2 ditches only 182 rods more than 5 feet of fall pr mile. They found many mistakes in the engineering by English on the Fletcher ditch that Glenn says will surely defeat the establishment by the court.

F. Glenn stated to me at North Judson that it would not cost for the engineering needed in the case more than $20 or $25. F. Glenn stated when he reached the bridge at the publick high way at the lower end of the ditch there was only about 3 inches difference in the leveling and the leveling he made last May. He also said there was enough fall in the ditch to give 2 feet of fall pr mile and make the ditch 6 feet deep at stake O at the head of the ditch.

Page 89 Book 19

Martin Keller to sick on or about the 16th day of Jan 1914. I visit him first time on the 16th of January 1914 the nature of his ailing was influenza & malaria complication. On Apr. 3, 1914 I made the last prescription for him for conditons similar to when I visited him on the 16th of January 1914.

Sowed clover seed on the meadow of Stark Co. farm after the ground was disked Apr. 14 & 15. Then harrowed it in. Sowed about 75 acres north on the corn stalks after the land was disked both ways then harrowed it over after which sowed mamoth clover seed mix with a little timothy seed about 1 bushel to 10 acres then harrowed it over well. It took 4 days to disk and 2 days1/2 to harrow it.

Page 90 Book 19

I wrote a letter to Grand Rapids Plaster Co., Mich as follows: Monterey, Ind. Apr. 15, 1914

Dear Sirs; Your letter of the 24 of March 1914 received and considered. In answer will say that I ordered from you about March 3, 1914, 20 tons in bulk and 5 tons in sacks. See the original order 652 and your letter dated March 7, 1914. I received 20 tons less 1600 lbs. I reported the shortage to you see your letter to me March 19, 1914 and allowance of $3.40. I paid 3840 freight discount .85 check 46.10 $88.75

15 tons land plaster and bulk 63.75

5 " " " in sacks 25.00 $88.75

The above statements are true in every respect.

Page 91 Book 19

Apr. 12 John Decker to pres wife .75, 14th 1.00, 15th, 1.00, 16th,1.00

16th Smith to visit boy 3.50, 17th 3.50

7th H. C. Rineholt to visit John Drake 1.00; 10th 1.00; 12, presc. .75

John Chenney's son in law to visit wife 3.50

Apr. 30 Mrs. James Sneyder to visit self 3.75; May 2 extra prescription 1.25; 23rd, to visit self night 4.75; 25th night 3.75; 25th 1.25.

May 3rd. H. C. Reneholt to visit W. Lopp's wife 1.00; 4th 1.00; 5th 1.00 351 See Ledger

26th Leslie Stubb to visit wife 3.00; 29th presc girl 1.00

Page 92 Book 19

Babe mare had a colt May 5. Have colt now at the Ranch out of Kaileys horse. Bayman had a colt Monday morning 17 of May 1914 horse colt

Gray mare Cobey Mares colt had a colt Thursday May 2, 1914 Bred her Irene

Bay mare that was mixed in Tom Chapman pasture served by young stud Babes colt by Kailey's horse coming 3 year old. Pretty good colt.

Page 93 Book 19

May 9th H. C. Reneholt to visit girl consultation

10th H. C. Reneholt to visit W. Lopp wife 1.00; 11th 1.00; 14th 1.00; 15th 1.00;

15th 2.00; 16th 2.00; 17th 2.00; 18th 2.00; 19th 2.00; 21st 1.00; Sent to Long Cliff Insane Asylum filed this claim and drawed the money.

Page 1914 Book 19

May 14, 1914 Commenced to plant corn Thursday the 14th of May field at the school house finished it the morning of the 15th of May 9 AM. G. Uhl done the planting.

Went to W. E. Kelsey's field to plant his at 9 AM Friday the 15th.

Commenced to plant W.E. Kelsey's corn at the Ranch the 26 of May 1915. George Uhl done the planting 21/2 days. Done poor work.

Rock commenced to plant his corn. I found the seed corn for him 3 bushel which he is to pay me 3.75 for the 3 bushels of seed corn.

Page 95 Book 19

May 19 Dan Haschell to visit self 1.00; 20th 1.00; 21st 1.00; to pres Silva .50; paid all except one visit self the 21st.

Commenced to plant corn at the Ranch the 20th of May 1914 piece south of the house about 12 acres.

Fertilized Rock's 20 acres with muriate of potash and land plaster 100 lbs. pr acre May 22, 1914 finished on the east 4 acres May the 26th 1914. Fertilized Demont 24 acres, part May 23 & --- down finished it May 26th.

Commenced to fertilized 12 acres south of the house at the Ranch May 25, finished it May 26th. I also fertilized the oats and clover with muriate of potash and land plaster equal parts about 100 lbs. pr acre.

Page 96 Book 19

I contracted with W.E. Kelsey for the 21/5 acres he seeded to onions. I to give him 1/2 ton of muriate of potash for what he has done. He disked the ground both ways this afternoon the 26th of May 1914. He said he put on 1200 lbs. of fertilizer 400 I furnish of muriate of potash. The onions he planted were damaged by water so there was not a good stand and would not pay to cultivate them.

Page 97 Book 19 May 29, 1914 I paid Frances Hiser 2.00 at supper table 1.00 $1 cash.

Page 98 Book 19

June 7, Mrs Sneider to visit self 3.75; 9 additional visits all 3.75

June 10, Al Johnson to visit wife..2.50

July 1 S. C. Allen to presc self 1.00; 2nd wife extra 1.25

H Reneholt Trustee to visit John Drake 17th 1.00; 18th 1.00; 19th 2.00; 20th 1.00; 22nd 1.00; 25th 1.00.

H. C. Rineholt to presc extra G. Uhl's wife 17th 1.00; 20th .75.

Page 99 Book 19

June 13, 1914 sowed cow peas this day about 3 pecks pr acre on the field west of the Reister barn. I plowed the ground about 10 days ago then harrowed it over twice the day before I drilled the peas. I fertilized the 9 acres with 150 lbs. of fertilizer composed of 2 parts land plaster and one part muriate potash drilled every other drill hoe by closing every other one. I planted the piece of ground at the Ranch where Will plowed up for onions with corn there are 2 acres and about 1/3 of an acre with potatoes June 5, 1914. The vaiety of corn is what I got of Ruis Overmire a very early variety. I had the corn plowed on yesterday the 12th a very good stand. Good Yield. Sound corn Nov. 25, 1915. Finished seeding to cowpeas at Reister place the field west of the bank June 19th and sowed fertilizer 150 lbs. pr acre 2 parts land plaster and one muriate of potash. Pretty good rain the morning of the 22nd of June.

Page 100 Book 19

Horse page mares bred and colts born.

March 17, 1914 Fanny had a colt horse.

27 Bred her to Rienion

June 18 last time Coly had a colt

Apr 19 horse

Bred her to Rienion on 10th day 30th of Aprile

June 23 Again last time

Apr. 12 Dolly had colt horse died the 19 could not stand. Bred her to Rienion

May 5 Babe had colt May 5, 1914 Bred her May the 14, 1914 to Rienion Bred her again June 23rd.

Bred Dolly and Fanny to Rienion June 18, 1914 several of the mares at the Ranch served by the colts. Wills cow and Wagner cow got last of J. Wagner served. June 17, 1914.

Sold 8 hogs for $85.63 June 20, 1914.

Bred red sow at home to Poland China June 22, 1914.

Page 101 Book 19

Henry Reneholt commenced to cut his wheat west of Monterey 1/2 mile. The earliest harvest I ever know of in this part of Indiana. The wheat is fine generally as to quality and better than generally by 1/3 or more. The corn on my lands is fine and pretty free from grass and weeds. The condition is the best I ever had it in. I have out on the Shenk place about 30 acres and 12 acres at the Ranch in S. County. W. E. Kelsey has out at the Ranch 20 acres and about 18 acres on the Shenk place all well cultivated and looks very fine at this time. I have 40 acres of wheat to harvest on the Reister place that will make near 300 bushel when thrashed. W. E. Kelsey has about 25 acres on Shenk place and Reneholt 17 acres that is pretty good. It will make near 500 bushel when thrashed. I have out oats on Shenk place about 14 acres and at the Ranch 16 acres that is fair. It will thrash out 6 or 7 hundred bushel if I thrash it. I have 16 of rye at the Ranch pretty good, will make 15 bushel pr acre when thrashed.

Page 102 Book 19 We had a splendid rain the night of the 21 and the day of the 22 at noon. Just what was needed for the clover and the corn.

June ear fellow client variety. I planted the ear of corn I got of G. Langenbahn on the west side of the 2 piece south of the barn on the Shenk place and one row on the south. I replanted some on the fields on the 23, 24, 25, and 26. I don't know how it will pann out. I planted at the Ranch on the north east part of the field that W. E. Kelsey is farming the 25. I drilled soy beans on the Reister place next to the Hefline land about 4 acres also a strip on the west side next to Sullivans about one acre June 25 & 26. The ground is in fine condition well fertilized with muriate of potash and land plaster 150 lbs pr acre. 2 parts of land plaster to one of muriate of potash. Fine rain on the 26th at 4 PM just right for the corn clover timothy oats and the cow peas.

Page 103. Book 19

Commence to harvest wheat on the Reister place June 25, 1914 and finished the 29. Commenced to cut the rye on the Ranch, June 28 and finished the 2nd of July. Finished the 5th. There is seemingly a good quantity moisture in the land but the hot winds and intense blasting to the corn on high land.

Well it fixed my corn on the Shenk place so I will not get 5 bushels pr acre. The hot wind destroyed the corn same as it does in Kansas & Nebraski. (sic) The tassell turned white in 48 hours and no growth after of consequence. Had there been plenty of moisture in the ground the hot winds would not have injured the corn so much. At the Ranch where there was moisture the corn was not damaged near so much not more than 30 pr ct short.

Page 104 Book 19

I filed my bill with H. C. Reneholt for medical service rendered George Uhl and Wm Lopp's family G. Uhl's 61.75 Wm Lopp 31.00 July 1, 1914

July 3, George Exaver to visit wife 2.50; 4th 2.50; 5th 2.50; 7th 2.50 Paid by John $10.00

July 2, Vick Follmar to presc 3 girls 1.00; 5th 2 girls 1.25

July 5th Dan Haschell to presc self paid 1.35

5th Jo Keller on hill to visit girl 2.50

5th James Land to presc wife extra 1.00 Due from H. C. Reneholt

8th J. Dunkleberger to visit paid 3.75, To presc wife Paid 1.00

9th Dave Shaffer to visit wife paid 3.75; 10th 3.75

5th Mrs James Sneider at Ora to visit self 3.75; 8th 3.75; 11th 3.75; extra 1.25; 14th 3.75; extra presc. 1.25.

Page 105 Book 19 10th S.C. Allen to presc self paid 1.00

10th Man on Sennet place to presc wife old man 1.00

14th Ambrose Keitzer to visit & presc wife 2.00

12th White elevator man at Ora to visit wife paid 3.75

14th F. Hiser to cash 3.50 to get tobacco & a shave

14th S.C. Allen to presc wife .75

14th J. Dunkleberger to presc wife .75

12th H.C. Reneholt Trustee to visit Wes Hiland's wife 2.00; to presc 2 of the children 1.00

Page106 Book 19

14th Elmer Johnson to pres self paid .75

15th Dayton Shanks to visit wife fractured rib and badly bruised hands by falling down on cement cellar stairs with a jar of cream 5.00; 17th to visit wife 2.75

17th James Lane to presc wife 1.00 due from H. C. Reneholt

21st Mrs Sneider to visit self 3.75; extra presc 1.00; 26th A.J. with me 3.75, 1.00; 30th 1.00

21st Wm Diltz to call wife 1.50; to presc girl .71

21st Jacob Dunklebarger to call wife & Rx paid 2.00

21st Smith to presc wife paid 1.35

26th Teems at Ora to call & presc wife 1.00

20th H.C. Reneholt to presc Mrs. W. Hiland .75

Page 107 Book 19

July 16, 1914 Very dry and hot 95 in the shade at 1 PM today. The corn is suffering greatly on account of the extreme heat more than from the drowth. If there was plenty of moisture the heat would not damage so much. At 3 PM a good shower of rain that will be of much benefit to the corn and grass.

July 18, 1914 Thrashed my wheat on the Reister place July 18, 1914 in the afternoon. Wheat good quality. Price of wheat today 70 cts at the elevator. Democratic price.

Men who helped me thrash Dayton Shanks & boy, H. Drake, C. Forsythe, J. Engle, H. Reneholt & boy, C. Freese, G. Uhl, W. Hiland, Frances Hiser.

Page 108 Book 19

Thursday at Monterey, Ind. July 23, 1914 Temperature 1031/2 at 2 PM in the shade. Considerable wind or breeze all day. Does not seem to be very oppressive nor sultry. The corn and pasture are suffering for want of rain. The great heat is doing more damage than the drowth. For 3 days now in succession the heat has been at 2 PM over 94 deg. in the shade. The men in the field do not complain of the heat and the horses do not suffer as they sometimes do even when the heat is not so great. The intense heat injured the corn on the Shenk place so there will not be more than 1/3 of a yield. The tossills turned white in a few hours after the intense heat which fixes the yield. If I don't get a fair yield of corn off of the lands on the Shenk place I will seed it to wheat. If the fly should destroy the wheat I will grow corn or cow peas next year 1915.

Page 109 Book 19

July 1914 Commenced to stack the oats at the Ranch. First day 16 loads very large one with 2 teams and 4 hands, G. Uhl, W. Hiland, Frances Hiser and C. Engle.

Page 110 Book 19

July 27, 1914 Charley Davison to visit wife, Aug. 1, to visit wife, 3rd presc wife 1.00.

25th H. C. Reneholt to presc Mrs. W. Hiland .75

July 31 George Uhl to presc self .75

July 31 Mel Osborn to presc self paid .65

Aug. 5 Mrs. James Sneider to visit self 3.75 to presc self 3.75 to presc extra 1.00

Aug. 10 Henry Vergan Cr. by cash in full

10th James Lane to presc wife extra 1.00 Due to H.C. Rineholt

9th H. C. Rineholt to visit Mrs Drake 1.00, 10th night 2.00, 11th, to presc John .75, to visit Mrs. Drake 1.00, 11th, night 1.50, 12th visit Drake 1.00, 12 to presc John 1.00, 13th, to visit Mrs. Drake 1.00.

12th Mrs. James Sneider to visit self 3.75 extra presc 1.00

12th James Diltz to visit wife 3.75

12th presc. Nellie 1.00

Page 111 Book 19

August 5, 191 The following is some of the work to be done in the next 2 months: Sowing turnip seed. Cutting hay and stacking. Cutting weeds out of the corn. Making fences in various places. Trashing the rye on Ranch. Disking up the ground for wheat where I grew oats on the Shenk place. Putting roof on the house at the Ranch. Building shed on the west end of Reister barn and repairing the front. Building shed on north end of the Shenk barn. Building wood house at home. Seeding to wheat don't know how many acres. Putting tile in on the Reister place. Buzing wood for winter.

Page 112 Book 19

Aug. 12, 1914 Jo Johnson to pres girl eye paid .75

12th John Collins to presc wife paid .65

9th Mrs. Book to presc on the 9th 1.00, and the12th, .75

Sold calf to Jo Coran for 8 cts pr lbs. It weighed 350 $28.00 even, good price sure. The calf was a heifer out of the Charley Lewis cow. I ought to have kept it for a cow which would be worth not less than $50.00 in one year from now.

Aug. 12 Dave Castleman Cr by post order $6.00 to apply on account.

13th Frank Tracy Dr to consultation and assistance to Dr. AJK in case of wife's confinement obstetrics $10.00.

Page 113 Book 19

Aug. 13, 1914 We finished making hay and stacking at the Ranch. Thrashed the rye Aug. 9, had 200 bushel even. Straw stacked will make lots of feed. Collins 2 boys cut weeds out of corn about 7 hours Monday the 10th. 11th 3 of the Collins in the afternoon cut weeds in corn field south of the house at Ranch rained 1/2 day. 12th 3 cut weeds 1/2 day in the afternoon. This makes altogether about 22 hours work up to date Aug. 17th.

Page 114 Book 19

15th Omer Lewis to presc wife 1.00, to presc child .50

I went to Knox and Mel Osborn bill off the tile ditching of the Fletcher ditch in North Bend Township Stark Co., Ind. for 2600.00. Twenty six hundred dollars. The agreement I made with Osborn is that each of us is to be at equal expense and share equal when the work is completed.

Page 115 Book 19

August 17, 1914 Bred Babe and Coly to Frank Babe in the forenoon and Coly in evening Both served well.

Aug. 16 1914 Jo F. Keller to presc boy .75 Cr by cash in full to date 3.25

14th Os Downing to presc boy twice paid 1.75

Paid Oscar B. Smith Atty. $30 in full of all I owe him.

15th Paid Francis Hizer 4.00. W. Hiland 5.00, G. Uhl 5.50 10.50

I have paid F. Hiser up to date more than I owe him. I am of the opinion that his is not disposed to do what is right in regard to working out his time and is aiming to over draw and quit most anytime. He is young and not possessed with but little stability or honor. Maybe that he will improve as he gets older and more experience.

Page 116 Book 19

Good rain Aug. 18, at 4 PM, needed very bad. The dry and hot weather the past 6 weeks has almost ruined the corn. There will not be more than 1/3 of a crop on the high lands. On the low lands the corn is average.

I commenced to plow the oats ground 14 acres for wheat this morning Aug. 18, 1914. It is very dry and cannot do good work. I thrased my timothy seed Aug. 16 on the Ranch place 634 lbs. 14 bushel & 4 lbs. S. Overmire done the thrashing 45 cts pr bushel. Paid him by check in Oct. 1914 $6.34.

I intend to seed to wheat about 50 acres this fall and about 50 acres to rye for pasture fields as follows: Field at school house 14 acres. 3 fields south of the barn 17acres; Field where I raised oats and the field south all on the North 1/2 of the Shenk farm 20 acres. 51 acres

Commenced to plow the oats ground Aug. 17.

August 21, 1914 commenced to cultivate with one horse cultivator the corn ground on Shenk place first at the school building.

Page 117 Book 19

August 20, 1914 Frances Hizer broke his right leg by falling or jumping out of the buggy when we were going down to Wes Hilands. The mare Fanny got frightened by Francis raising the buggy whip and jumped forward quick as though she was going to run. Frank in his excitment grabbed one of the lines out of my hand and fell or jumped out lighting on his leg so as to break both bones about 6 inches above the ankle. There were no bruises or abrasions indicating the breaks was due to any thing except the weight of his body in the full or jump out. A. J. Kelsey rendered the surgical treatment in the case. I did not want to touch the case from the fact Francis is careless and not well disposed and might make trouble as is a common thing where a Doctor has anything of consequence. There are plenty of pettifogging lawyers who are ------to engage in black mailing when there is only a shadow and for that reason I need to keep clear of such cases in surgery especially. There has not been in the past any just cause for faulting me and surgical care.

Page 118 Book 19

Aug. 23 day set by the Japanese for Germany to answer their demand to evacuate Chio Chera, China else they would declare war.

18th Henry Reneholt to visit John Drake 1.00; 19th 1.00; 20th 1.00; 21st 1.00; 22nd 1.00.

23rd. Whiting to visit wife Neuralgia of stomache 2.75. See ledger 340

Aug. 17th Mrs. James Sneider at Ora, Ind. to visit self. 3.75; 21st to extra presc 1.25, 22nd to visit self 3.75 to extra presc 1.00.

Aug. 22 Paid Francis Hizer this week $5.00.

Aug. 22 Paid Henry Drake for 2 days work 1.50

Aug. 23 H. C. Reneholt to pres Mrs. J. Lane 1.00

Aug. 23 Temperature 96 at 3 PM Fine rain at 5 PM.

Page 119 Book 19 Finished leveeing on the line between Frank Falstitch and my land Aug. 4, 1914. I think I now have it high enough to prevent the water from flowing over my land.

Aug. 24, 1914 I sold to Jo Cown 8 head of sucking calves for $240.30 average 30.03 3/4 cts pr head. The calves weighed 3350 lbs. 5 of them weighed 2190 at 7 cts. $153.30. 3 of them weighed 1160 at 71/2 $87.00. 3350 lbs. $240.30

Aug. 24, 1914 Lon Hiland paid his rent up to Sept. 20, 1914 amounting to $11 for the 2 months. $5.50 pr month.

Bought of Dan Haschell 45 sacks for 2.25 cts to put grain or cow peas in Aug. 26 & 27 1914.

Sept. 20, 1914 Finished cultivating corn on Shenk place with 1 horse cultivator once in a row to make seed bed for wheat. I intend to drill at the rate of 1/4 bushel pr acre about Sept 20th and later until I put in about 50 acres.

Aug. 27th, 19114 Jo Marbaugh to visit wife & ext presc. 1.75; 29th presc wife .75

29th George Uhl C.H. Reneholt to call & presc 2 boys 1.00; 31st to visit babe 2.50; 1st. 2.50; 2nd 2.50, 3rd 2.50.

29th M. Rosenberg to cauterize throat of boy -----1.00. 30th to prec boy ex. 1.50

30 grandmother Sneider at Ora to visit self 3.75 to presc extra 1.00 Sept 4 to visit F. Hartman took me down in auto 3.75.

Oct. 31 Ed. Olds to presc self paid 1.00

31 Wm Harman to visit boy paid 1.00

31 Jo Marbaugh to visit wife 1.00 31st presc 2 girls 1.00, Sept 5th to visit wife 1.00

Page 121 Book 19

Aug. 31 George Uhl to presc babe .50 3rd to call child 1.00, 4th to visit 1.50.

Sept 1st Rained in the evening hard for one hour with much thunder and lightening. Fine growing weather putting the ground in fine condition for seeding.

Sept. 1 Butcher to visit wife night 1.0; 3rd. to visit wife night 1.50

5th S. C. Allen to presc wife .75

Sept 3 Mrs. Sol Wolfrom to visit self 1.00; 4th 1.00; 5th 1.00; 7th 1.00; 8th extra presc 1.50; 10th visit self 1.00; 12th visit self 1.00 10th S. C. Allen to presc self paid 1.00

10th Smith Bass Lake to presc wife paid 1.50

Page 122 Book 19

The European war that is now being waged will if continued for 6 months result in great disaster to all the nations that are engaged in the war. There will be famine and pestilence that in my opinion will surely follow if the war last longer than 6 months. The pestilence will consist of the most deadly and matiglant type of disease that will quickly destroy life. Germany is the chief aggressor and will not meet with success as anticipated prior to the beginning of hostilities. All the nations that are engaged in the conflict will be injured and none benefited. The ending of the war and final settlement will be my mediation and the United States will be the principal nation chosen by the powers in conflict to settle the war and restore peace.

Page 123 Book 19 Brindle cow Charley , Louis cow served by Beecher Oct. 7, 1914. due to calve July 7, 1915.

9th Wensel to visit boy council with Dr. A.J. Kelsey 5.00; 9th to visit and council with Dr. S. W. Thompson in the evening 5.00

9th Mrs. Sol Wolfrom to visit self night 2.00

15th Jo Marbaugh to visit wife 1.00

15th S. C. Allen to presc self 1.00

18th John Inks to visit self paid 4.50

18th H. C. Reneholt to visit John Drake 1.00; 19th 1.00

20th John Davis to presc boy 1.00

20th H. C. Reneholt to presc wife of Wes Hiland .75

Pge 124 Book 19

Commenced Aug. 31, 1914 George Uhl to drill rye in the corn west of the Shenk barn. 1 bushel pr acre, 2 little fields near 5 acres in the 2. Sept 1st on Reister place south of the house about 7 acres finished drilling it 1 bush pr acre Sept 1, 1914.

Sept 1st Finished plowing the 25 acres where I raised oats on the Shenk place. Also finished disking it well after the same was harrowed soon after plowing. The field was disked about Aug. 20 previous to plowing it. I intend to harrow it again before I drill the same to wheat and make a good seed bed and seed the same about the 15th of Sept. Seeding it late so as to escape the hesian fly.

Sept 7th Commenced to seed to wheat in the corn on the field next the school house about 14 acres 11/4 bushels pr acres. Ground in fine condition Sept. 7, 1914.

Sept. 12, 13,14 Seeded to wheat south of barn in corn. Ground in fine condition. Finished seeding on the Shenk place about 50 acres to wheat. Ground in fine condition.

Sept 25 wheat is up and looks fine.

W. E. Kelsey finished seeding to wheat where he growed wheat 1914. Seed bed is good. He is seeding to wheat 10 acres next both place Sept. 26th.

Page 125 Book 19

September 1914 There is 20 acres in the field where the oats was grown on the Shenk farm now ready almost for seeding to wheat. There is near 14 acres in the field next to the school house now ready to drill to wheat between the rows of corn. There is 15 aces south of the Shenk barn ready to seed to wheat between the rows of corn making near 48 acres for wheat the fall of 1914.

On the Reister place there is 42 acres in the bugfield where I grew wheat that I intend to seed to rye. Also seed to rye the land that is now growing corn peas west and north of the Reister barn near 25 acres. There is about 7 acres south of G. Uhl's truck patch that I am seeding to rye Sept. 1st one bushel pr acre drilled in with the hoe drill.

Commenced to seed to wheat the oats field Sept. 11, 1914. I finished seeding wheat on the Shenk place Sept. 15, 1914 about 50 acres 25 in the corn and 25 in the field where I had oats. I drilled 11/4 bush pr acre on all of the ground. The condition of the ground is fine for early germinating and rapid growing. No fly at this time visible See page 129.

Page 126 Book 19

Sept. 26, 1914 Gen. Matoreno Governor of the state of Sonora, Mexico fought a battle with Gen. B Hill who is defender of General Carranz now acting as Provision President of Mexico at Mexico City.

Sept 7 1914 Grandmother Sneider to visit self 3.75; to extra prescription 1.50; to visit self 3.75; to extra presc 1.50; 20th to visit self 3.75; to extra prescription 1.25.

Sept 5th G. Uhl H. C. Reneholt to visit boy babe 2.50; 6th 2.50; 7th 2.50; 19th to call wife 1.00

6th John Decker to presc wife paid .85

Sept. 10 H.C. Reneholt to visit Mrs. W. Hiland 2.00

6th George Langenbahn to visit wife 2.50

5th George Uhl H.C.R to visit babe 2.50; 6, 7,8, 9, all 2.50; 9th prescription Albert .75; 10th day & evening 2.50 each, 11th day & evening 2.50 each; 12th day & evening 2.50 each, 13th to visit babe 2.50; 13th visit noon with Dr. A.J. 2.50;13th visit evening 2.50

Page 127 Book 19

Monday 14th Sam Allen to presc Flo .75; 17th to visit Flo 1.00; 18th to presc Flo .75; 18th to presc wife .75.

13th H. S. Fansler to presc self paid .50

13th Frank Keitzer to presc girl paid .50

17th Mitchel to presc self .75; 19th.75; 19th to syring .50

24th P. A. Follmar to prescription Alvina 1.00

15th Mrs. Sol Wolfrom to visit self 1.00; to extra presc .75; 19th to visit self night 1.50; 23rd 1.50; 24th 1.50; 25th 1.50; 25th night and council with with Dr. Thompson 3.00

23rd. Sam Allen to visit Flo 1.00; 25th 1.00; 26th morning 1.00, 27th evening 1.00; 28th morning 1.00; evening 1.00; 29th 1.00

Page 128 Book 19

Topsy had a colt Sept. 24, 1914 Horse fine and active. Bred her and the Drake mare to Runion Oct. 3, 1914. (sic)

Sam Allen cow that Wes Hiland milks served by Beecher Sept. 26, 1914. I bought Beecher from Moorehouse on the 26th of Sept 1914. He was stubborn and hard to drive. It took all forenoon to get him down to the red barn on Shenk place. 10 minutes after her served the Allen cow above mentioned. Sept. 26, 1914 babe and Fanny is on the Griffin land in pasture with their colts. Coly & George are down at the Fish Pond. Bought at John Drakes sale one gray mare for $20.00 about 12 years old left hind leg spanned and a little heavy will do to breed and raise colt. I also bought hay rake 6.00, corn planter, McCormic mower 8.00 with 2 sickles, one oliver braking plow 2.00, one buggy, one sled .50, one double shovel .35, plow, one double walking corn plow 1.00, one brush scythe, 1 scoop shovel, one sled .50, or mud boat. One set of harness with good collars 7.50 that are almost new all amounting to $56.20 due 6 months after date March 26, 1915.

Page 129 Book 19

Seeded to rye about 50 acres on the Reister place where I had in wheat 1914. I plowed the ground about 5 inches deep then harrowed it well and drilled with a disk drill about one bushel pr acre then harrowed it over after it was drilled. Finished the seeding on the south of the road Sept. 24, 1914. The work done is fine and the field looks splendid. If the land was rich the yield would be all right. I am not expecting more than 10 bushel pr acre. I will pasture the rye if I am scarce of pasture and may pasture with the view to fertilize the land and grow cow peas the season of 1915. I may cultivate the land up after the rye is cut and drill cow peas for fertilizing the land if nothing more. Apr. 1915 I pasture the rye until the 15th of June. Then disked both ways and harrowed it well and drilled one peck of cow peas about 22 inches apart so I could cultivate them. I cultivated them 3 times over and they now at this time look very well. Aug. 29, 1915. There is not much bloom yet on account of cold wet weather.

Page 130 Book 19

Sept. 26, 1914 Mrs. Wolfrom to visit self morning 1.00; noon 1.00; evening 1.00

Sept. 27, Mrs. Wolfrom morning 1.00; noon 1.00; night 1.00

28th Mrs. Wolfrom morning 1.00; evening 1.00

29th Mrs. Wolfrom morning 1.00; evening 1.00

30th Mrs. Wolfrom morning 1.00; evening 1.00

Oct. 1, med. 2.00; Oct. 2 med. 1.00; Oct. 4 med. 1.00

27th Mrs. Kechner to presc girl's baby .50

28th Tony Young to visit boy & extra service 3.00

29th Leslie Stubbs to visit wife paid 2.00; 31st to presc wife paid .50

29th Mrs. C. Hill to presc girl paid 1.00

29th Frank Overmire to visit boy 3.00

30th Mrs. Chas Davison to presc self 1.00

Page 131 Book 19

Commenced Sept 30th in the afternoon to drill wheat on the field west of the Reister barn 11/4 bushel pr acre with the disk drill. The field has about 25 acres in. I growed cow peas planting them the last of June and harvested them about the 20th of September. I disked the ground both ways after I gathered the peas, then drilled in the wheat and then harrowed it over making a splendid covering of the wheat and a good seed bed. I sowed on the field at the time I seed it to cow peas 150 lbs of mixed fertilizer consisting of muriate of potash 50 lbs. and land plaster 100 lb pr acre. I am of the opinion that the fertilizer will do good to the wheat and make much better yield and better quality. I will know better next harvest whether the method is a good one or not. Finished sowing wheat on the Reister place Oct. 3, 1914 about 30 acres. I sowed on the N.East corner of the field west and north of the barn broad cast after it was drilled a few rods to wheat broad cast extra. I also (Page 132 Book 19) seeded to wheat the patch and black ground that I had broke up south of the black oak tree after it had been seeded with the disk drill and fertilized broad cast with 150 lbs. of muriate of potash 100 lbs. of land plaster. I do this to experiment and know whether there is any thing in the fertilizer and whether double seeding is of any benefit.

I sowed extra broad cast wheat on the ground broke up and all the black ground west and south and all of the black ground east where the sow beans were grown and the strip next to Budman's and disked it twice and harrowed it over after it was disked and seeded so that the seed bed is as good as it could be made.

I intend to sow fertilizer on the black ground and watch the effects. I will sow100 lbs. of gypsum pr acre and 50 lbs of muriate of potash. If the season is favorable and not a good crop it is proof that the land in the condition it now is as to fertility no good for wheat. I am of the opinion that barn yard manure would fix it all right if anything would.

Bred Topsy this day Nov. 3, 19114. Also bred the Drake mare Oct. 3, 1914.

Page 133 Book 19

Paid Henry Drake in full to date Oct. 3, 1914 I notified him I did not want him anymore from the fact he is disposed to shirk and rough with horses and takes no interest in doing what is necessary without telling him repeatedly the same thing to do. He has a stubborn hateful way of acting that is very offensive to any one of good sense who has any dealings with him. Ignorance is to some extent the cause and heredity is the principle cause of his ways. It cost me not less than 2 dollars for every dollars worth of work I got out of him while he has been working and the agravating ways can not be estimated in dollars.

Page 134 Book 19

Oct. 3, 1914 Next Tuesday evening at 4 o'clock there will be a meeting of the Fulton Medical Society at the Medborn cottage on the south of Manincuckee Lake. The way to go is to go in past the Skates place. There turn north just before getting to the Skate place. After passing a lane a short distance the road running east leads to the cottage. Dr. Clem Slonaker extended the invitation. Banquet at his expense. He is anxious for all of us to attend expecting to have a good time and of much interest to the Medical Society and those in attendance. (sic)

Page 135 Book 19

Oct. 3, 1914 Charley Falstitch to visit child at Wm Hartman's. Convulsions and give hipperdermic injection and other special treatment.

Oct. 3, H. C. Reneholt to presc Mrs. W. Hiland 3.00 & .75

3rd Sam Allen to visit Flo 1.00

3rd J. Marbaugh to visit wife 1.00

4th Plake Slonaker to visit babe apathae 1.00

6th Arthur Kailey to presc wife paid 1.00

6th H. C. Reneholt to pres John Drake 1.00

4th M. Cobey to presc girl 1.00; 7th to visit girl 3.00

8th George Uhl to visit girl 2.00

8th Fine rain today much needed wheat looks fine but little fly at this time. Weather very warm and splendid to breed the Hesian Fly.

Page 136 Book 19

Oct. 8, 1914 Goods ordered from S.& Roebuck

No 33T28 3 mens white shirts 3.00

No 30T1670 1 qt. carriage pt black .45

No 30T1858 1 gal vermilion 1.35

No 30T1640 1 qt dark green .45

30T1650 1 qt blue .45

30T1600 1 qt yellow .45

3T 28825 1 collar button .07

No 4 20801 6 collar " .20

20821 6 " " 20

1180 1 pr cuff button .10

24029 1 " " " .19

4726 1 pair shoes size 7 2.85

999 1 " " size 7 1.29

6209 l hat black size 7 2.00

3820 10 lbs. roofing nails .30

1286 2 hammers .24

1184 1 set of gold plate color but .10

818 1 hair brush .08

576 1 pad lock .04

562 1 doz. shoe strings .04

525 1 oiler

484 1 oxford shoe laces black

7952 1 pair pants waist 34 inside seam 301/4 4.25 $18.38

Page 146 Book 19

Monterey, Ind. Jan.22, 1914

J.C. Fletcher Knox, Ind.

Dear Sir:

Your letter of the 20th was received and considered. In answer will say that I remonished because my assessment was unjust and not provided for tiling the first mile or more with tile as requested and promised.

No water has flowed out of the Manitou Lake into the Casper ditch since the Osborn dredge ditch was constructed which is near 15 years.

I do not understand why a hole dug in the ground 11/4 miles long when there is not water to run in it more than would be carried by a 12 or 14 inch tile.

I stated to you last June that I was in favor of the construction of practical drainage. I also stated to you by phone that I was favorable and suggested that the ditch from Stake O to the Doyle arm be made with tile about 2 months since.

I invited you to come over and go out with me over the line of drainage and fully understand what was practical. You indicated that you would.

Had you come and learned the facts as to actual necessities of drainage, I am sure you would have a very different of construction nor cost to the various land owers whose land would be benefited.

My opinion of your ability to fully comprehend when you examine carefully all things pertaining to the construction of a ditch on the line of the John Kasper ditch would be all right.

I am just as anxious to have the ditch constructed as you are and demonstrate because I am sure the proceedings are not warrented. (blank line here) opinion of what was best for yourself and all of the other parties who have been assessed.

I am fully satisfied that you are able to comprehend the actual necessities after carefull investigation of the premises at any body else.

Page 148 Book 19

Monterey, Ind. Jan. 14, 1914

J. C. Fletcher Knox, Ind.

Dear Sir:

Your letter of the 20th was received and considered. In reply will say that I remonstrated because the assessments of my land is not just and for the further reason that to dig a hole in the ground 11/4 mile long where there is no water to flow greater than would flow in a 12 or 14 inch tile, since the Osborn dredge ditch was constructed now known as the Casper dredge ditch near 15 years ago.

There is no necessity of a greater size tile to carry all the water successfully from Stake O down to where the Doyle arm comes in to the John Casper main out let.

I called your attention to this part of the ditch several months since and you indicated to me that such method of drainage of the first 11/4 mile of the main line would be all right when I called you over the phone.

You also promised me to come over and go with me and view the main out let and lands that would be benefited by the ditch you petitioned. Had you come over and investigated carefully and learned the facts in the premises you and I would not disagree as to method.

Page 149 Book 19

Monterey, Ind. Jan. 22, 1914

J. Fletcher Knox, Ind.

Dear Sir:

Your letter of the 20th was received and considered. In answer will say that I remonstrated from the fact the assessment is unjust and method of construction impracticable and wholly unwarrented. I am surprised at the report as made. I was of the opinion the viewers would examine the lands and learn the need of drainage especially the SW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of Sec. 2.

Page 150 Book 19

The Republican party has been and is the only party in the United States of America that has a record to be proud of from the time of the days of Abraham Lincoln.

The development of the various industries in the interest of the nation and especially in the interest of the laboring and common people was due to the protective policy of the Republican party.

Had it not been for the protective policy the nation would yet be in a Democratic rut such as is usually the case when they are in full control of the government.

During the long period of time from 1861 up to1914 the Democratic party policy has been free trade, declaring that the protective policy never brought into existence one industry needfull to the people of the United States.

They in their national platforms declared that the tariff was a tax and that the consumers had to pay it every time.

The leaders of the Democratic party made the people believe they were telling the truth and were placed in control of the government and directed the progress of national prosperity causing panic, stagnation in business and made it possible for the rich to become richer and the poor, poorer. Generating trusts and combinations that are now in existence all over the United States of America.