Page 00 I gathered my seed corn of the Docata variety that I got the seed one ear from John Marbaugh the spring of l918. I planted the corn the 20th of May l918 and was fully matured the 10th of August. I have 4 crates of the seed. Will make near 2 bushel when shelled. I put in the place where I keep my seed corn in the back end. I am of the opinion that to plant it about the 10th of May it would fully mature by the15th of August and command a good price for feed or for seed. I had other corn planted on each side that had the same cultivation that was not so early by 15 days and not so well matured and not so good in quality nor so much in yield. I intend to plant 10 acres next spring and watch closely the results. Sept. 3, l918.

Helped WE K 21/2 days to fill silo Wednesday 2/3 of day, Thursday one and Friday 1 day. He finished filling his silo the afternoon of the 20th of September l918. Suppose to be150 tons.

Ed Masters put in cement work 23 & 24 of Sept. l918 $49.00. $10. to high.

Seeded the field on Reister place east of the barn to wheat Sept 23, l918. About 11 acres.

Page 33 Book 27 Nov. 15, l918 The European war is ended with the over though of the German and Austrian governments by the allied governments on the 11th day of November l918. The first thing is a conference of all the nations engaged in the war to settle so there may be a lasting peace throughout the world.

All of the allied nations are entitled to indemnity so far as it is possible for Germany & Austria to pay. The next thing is reconstruction of all the nations engaged in the war which will require several years to restore the business interest in Europe as well as in the United States.

I am of the opinion that the reconstruction in the United States will be more difficult than in the foreighn lands by reason that the laws in existence on the tariff is not suited to the necessities of the business interest of the U. S.

The existing tariff law is a Democratic affair unsuited to the development of the various manufacturing industries in the United States greatly needed. The present tariff law will surely cause no development of the various needfull industries in the United states to resume business and new ones to be developed, and by reason of no operation of the needfull industries. Hundreds of thousands of men and women will be out of employment which will lead to stagnation in business and panick and want for several years.

Under existing tariff laws of the United States the U. S. will be the dumping ground for the foreighn products especialy the manufactured products of the foreighn nations. There will be great activity in the foreighn countries to manufacture goods of all kinds and shipp them to the United States and get a better price than at home for them. Competion will be virtural destroyed by reason of the manufacturing industries not operating in the U.S. No man or parties will build or operate and employ people to work unless there is a prospect of a profit on their products when put on the market reasonable.

The nations that can manufacture the cheapest by reason of cheap labor will supply the goods to the consumer of other nations. The United States is one of the nations who has no protective tariff to ward off foreighn manufactured products. Until a tariff for protection is established similar to the McKinley tariff in many respects there will be no prosperity nor employment for millions of people who will be idel and working for small wages. There will be no new industries developed nor old ones in successfull operation until a protective tariff is enacted by the Congress of the United States. Activity and prosperity will quickly develop as soon as the prospect is favorable for a protective tariff is assured. Otherwise the stagnation in business will increase and the United States will be full of idel people and tramps as was the case when the Wilson and Gorman Free Trade law was enacted under the Grover Cleveland administration in l893. The farmers will not get so much for their products because the consumers will not have the purchasing power as they would have if employed in the various industries that will be idel. There is only one farmer and food producers out of every 20 consumers. The farmer may fair a little better than the other class but not so well as if the consumers were employed and getting fair wages.

The Democratic free trade policy is a curse to national prosperity and mankind in general always has been and will be as long as free trade is existing. The doctrine of free trade as advocated by the leaders of the Democratic party is the oposite of common sense as much as was the Democratic doctrine advocated by Wm J. Bryan on the free and unlimited coinage of silver at a ration of 16 to one of gold and make the same a legal tender for all debts private and publick.

Bryon knows and so did the leaders of the Democratic party know that the poor man did not own any silver mines and no silver bullion to get coined by the government free. Not more than one man of 100 thousand owned a dollar in silver bullion and silver mines. Yet the leaders of the Democratic party humbuged the great mass of Democrats to vote the Democratic ticket believing that to do so was a good thing for the poor man.

If the Democrats had elected Bryon and his free coinage policy carried out every poor man who had wages due him would have to take a fifty ct dollar for his pay. The Bryon dollar would be worth only 50 cts in gold. Free trade and free and unlimited coinage of silver was great humbuging schemes of the Democrats to get control of the government. The injury done the people amounts to billions of dollars to the people of the United States. The policy of free trade and free coinage of silver as advocated by the leaders of the Democratic party has caused millions of people to starve in the United States of America.

Woodrow Wilson the President of the United States, Macadoe the Ex-Secretary of the Treasurer of the U.S. and leaders of the Democratic party declare the wages will not come down in the United States. Their conclusions are very far from facts and contrary to reason and common sense in my opinion. Why they make such mistakes is either to humbug the laborers or for the lack of good reasoning may be both. The wages will in my opinion be less than 1/2 in 3 years not more than 1/3 as high as they are today Nov. 15, l918 Reconstruction in every avenue is the first thing to do before there is stability in national affairs.

Page 49 Book 26 Record of what I have done for A.J. Kelsey since he started to school at Danvill, Indiana up to the time of his graduation is not less than $2000.00 two thousand dollars. Give him lands as follows:

Espey 40 acres 4000.00

James 80 acres 6000.00

Bruce Lake outlet land 4000.00

House in Monterey 1000

6 head of Horses 500.00

Lumber and other material 100.00

3 years all the proceeds of the Kleckner place 300.00

Page 50-51 Book 26 Patients name: Harman Uhl, F. Keitzer, John Decker, Perry Guise, Mrs R. Hoesel, Peter Hamis, S. C. Allen, Jacob Brucker, Overmire boy, Johnson boy.

Page 52 Book 26 Sowed rye at Ranch 41 acres Oct. 7, 8 & 9th Oct 1 sowed the south part of the field with timothy seed.

Oct 9th Sold 3 horses for $330.00 Baker mare, gray horse, Sweeney & Bass Lake horse.

Oct 12 I sold 21 calves for $750.00. $36 pr head to Shearer.

Finished seeding rye at the Ranch field south of the house. Bought of Chris Peters 21/2 bushels of clover seed like the Follmar and Kleckner variety.

Paid $250.00 for Liberty Bonds one of 200 for myself and one for Emma Hartman for $50.00

Oct. 18 l918 I castorated 9 hogs for W.E. K. and one for myself.

Page 53 Book 26 Oct 21 Made a contract with Myron Garrison to work for me one year and I agree to pay him in cash $6 every Saturday evening provide he looses no time See 174 & 175 for article of agreement this book. Page 54 Myron Garrison commenced to work for me the morning of the 23 of Oct.

Page 54 I present to Frank Keitzer 2 accounts for medical service rendered Niel Hazen family and Wes Hiland family. Niel Hazen account $39.50 Wes Hiland 35.00 Oct 25, l918 $74.50 I sent both claim to the auditor Wm Muchenberg Winamac, Ind for him to file for me the same day. The trusted OK them Oct. 25, l918.

Page 55 Book 26 Paid my tax today Oct. 28, l918 $172.28 to C. Keitzer at the bank. Tax at Winamac $10.00

Sella Brucker sale I bought as follows the articles. Horse shod .30, Wagon 5.00, Wagon 12.00, Harness 1.00, Harness 5.00, Harness double 8.00, Hens 28.80, Cow 58.00, Hay 55.00 Check $172.12.

Page 56-58 Patients: Joseph Keller, Al Shall, Jo Keller, P.A. Follmar, Myron Garrison, Grant Burket, Frank Keitzer, C. Reneholt, John Casper, Mrs Slonaker, George Chittic, Ed Olds, Clarence Fry, Fredie Olds, Sella Brucker.

Page 59 Book 26 Deposited Nov 20, $84 in Monterey bank. 2 checks from County for med service Niel Hazen & Wes Hiland amounting to 74.50 & change including check from Loring Olds of 4.52.

Nov 22 I purchased of A. M. Kleckner 2 racks of old praire hay east of Slonakers for $8 pr ton. The racks are about 40 feet long making 80 feet in the E. rack. It is estimated that 8 square feet will equal a ton.

Bought of Frank Hartman 140 bushel corn and paid him check 145.05

Tommy horse died at the Ranch last night Nov. 30,1918.

Dec. 4, Mrs. Wm Peters died this morning influenze and uremia.

Sen. Pershing will be the next president of the United States after Woodrow Wilson.

Page 60 Book 26 Hereford bull registered bought of H. Taylor Feb. 1, l918 $125.00

Page 61 Rose cow white face hereford had a calf Dec. 4, l918. Heifer sire H. Taylor bull reg. Bought hereford bull Feb. 1, 1918.

Page 62 Dec. 9, l918 I sold to Zechel Bros 6 head of cattle as follows: Canada cow 100.00, Canada heifer 40.00, Hartman cow 65.00, Buchanan cow 60.00, Bridegroom cow 70.00, Kleckner cow 70.00. 405.00 Jersey heifer for W.E 40.00 $445.00.

I bought the Conner cow of W.E. Kelsey and paid him 95.00 for her and allow 35 for the little jersey heifer. Give him a check for $130.00. Dec. 9, l918.

Sold 4 head of hogs for 16.75 pr 100.

Bought Wm Peters corn about 100 bushels for 170 pr 100 and pay him 25 cts for unloading same in my crib, delivered. Dec. 9,

Dec. 5, l918 Bought 22 acres of stock pasture for $30 of Ambrose Keitzer and he agrees to water them as long as they are pasturing the stocks. I am to give him credit on my books for medical service rendered his family.

Page 63 Book 26 Beauty had a calf Dec. 6, l918 heifer from Taylor bull.

2 sows served by boars in the hog pen Dec. 8-9 l918 Due to pig Apr. 9 l919.

Dec 13, l918 I sent an order to A. A. Berry Seed Co. Clarenday, Iowa as follows:

2 bushel of Alsike & timothy mixed 13.00

1/2 bushel alfalfa world brand extFancy 6.50

1/4 bushel sweet clover extFancy 4.20

1 bushel mamoth white rye 2.30

Sent draft to pay for same and ordered it shipped by express to Monterey, Ind. $26.00

Dec. 16, l918 Bought of Alfa Hoesel 70 bushel oats at 67 cts pr bushel 46.90. Put them in the granary at lower bank.

Contracted with Wm Peters for 100 bushels or more of corn at 170 pr hundred and I to pay for unloading it in my cribs.

Dec 31 1918 Commenced to hall straw from the Zuke farm this morning Dec. 31, l918.

Page 64 Beauty, Wes Hiland heriford cow had a calf Dec. 5, l918 heifer from Taylor bull.

Dec. 20, l918 Mrs Martin Keller received pay in full for medical service rendered Martin Keller in his last sickness in full. Paid by Roy. $18.25

Page 65 Book 26 I wrote C. R. Newman, Culver Administrator Ditomie Estate stating to him that I filed my claim against the Ditomie estate itemized at Rochester Fulton Co., Ind. Sometime since in answer to his letter of the 21st of Dec. l918.

Dec. 24, l918 Blizard at Chicago and South Bend. Missed Monterey although much colder than the 23 and snow and sleet a little all day but no blizard. Christmas 26 froze ice a little last night, cloudy.

Halled out manure at the lower barn on the field south of the barn 72 loads. Manure spreader puting on about 6 load pr acre. The spreader does fine work up to present time. January the 5th l919 Sunday.

Drove out to Tom Passmore's on Whiteside place, 22 head of cattle to feed on oats, straw for 1.50 pr head pr month. Passmore agrees to attend to watering them daily and care for them in times of storms by shelter in barn. Jan. 5, l919.

Jan 11 drove out 19 more making now 41 head all to be cared for by Tom Passmore at 1.50 pr head pr month.

Page 66 Book 26 Theodore Roosevelt of Oyster Bay died sudenly Jan 6, l919 Monday ex-president of the U.S.

Jan.3, l919 Sent a statement to Eva Smith Montpelier my account for medical serve boy Apr. 30, May 7-11, l918. $5.00.

Ambrose Keitzer to visit wife night accute indigestion 2.75.

George Chittic to visit house keeper indigestion 1.50

Page 68 Book 26 Jan 17, l919 I sent a check to Alfred Savery $51.00 to pay my assessment on the Anton Crahk ditch in North Bend Township Stark Co., Ind.

Sent to Winamac 3 bills for the auditor to file for me as follows: Jan. 18, 1919.

Ketchner 6.00, Wes Hiland 11.25, Henry Forsythe 4.75 Received check for same $22.00.

Page 69 Book 26 On the 18th day of Jan. I found 32 head of my cattle out in the road near the Reister house. They had been turned out by Chris Petere from his stock field. I drove them into the pasture field and the next day drove them back to Tom Passmore's straw stack at the barn. Passmore agreed to take care of them when I first drove them over and water them daily. He neglected to look after them as he agreed to and by reason of his neglect one cow was lost that I paid $105.00 Oct. 1918 at Spencers sale.

March 20 M. Garison did not work.

Mar. 20 Drove 2 head of cows away from Passmore leaving 39 head to feed straw. Jan. 21. Sent cow hide to Cogel Bros Chicago Weighed 60 lbs.

Page 70 Book 26 Jan 20 M. Garrison did not work on account of back, humbug him.

Bought at WmKeller's salethe following articles:

1 cow Wm Kellers 104.50

2 colts 40 & 41.50 81.50

1 cow 104.50

1 harrow 2.50

1 scoop shovel .80

1 halter .95

2 forks .25

1 double tree .25

1 disk 1.50

1 cow hay---- 62.00 2 pr ct off for cash. I cashed the above $249.09 Jan 27, 1919

Page 73 Feb. 3, l919 Made arrangements with Wm Haschell to feed 25 head of cattle at his straw stack in North Bend Township Stark Co., Ind. and water them twice pr day as long as they are in his care for 5 cts pr head pr day and pay him $2.50 for driving them from my barn yard to his place of feeding and take good care of them and protect them from getting under the straw stack from the falling of same during the whole period of time in his care. Drove away 25 head Feb. 3, l919.

Page 74 Book 26 Feb 5, l919 Settled with Vick Follmar and recorded pay in full to date of my account and have paid him in full to date of all I owe him.

Feb 7, I went to Rochester today attend medical meeting, next meeting March 7. Page 75 Influenza was the subject discussed. Charley Long read an excellent paper on same. Next meeting, March 7, 1919.

Sent a letter to Ira Wade, Logansport, Ind. dated the 8 of Feb asking him to pay me by the 25 of the month what he could conveniently.

Page 75 Frank Keitzer- 12 medical calls to visit either Paul or Clara Keitzer. $2.75 each.

Page 77 Book 26 Sent an order to A. A. Berg Clarinda, Iowa for the following seeds.

3 bushels of Timothey & Alsika 19.50, 1/4 bushels red clover & timothy mixed 2.00, 1 bushel timothy seed new 4.85, R. spelt 1 bushel 2.00, Sent draft $27.50 to pay for same. Feb. l919.

Feb. 29 Wrote a letter to Ira Wade Logansport, Ind and sent him a receipt for $25.00 he sent me to be placed on his note for 171 & 35 cts dated July 24, l918 due 2 months after date 6 pr ct interest.

Marbaugh Bros sent me a statement that I owed them $4.40. The facts is I do not owe them anything but they owe me about $11.30 after deducting the 4.40 they sent statement I owed them my claim is as follows: 5th wheel to cabb $3.50 Rebate on $52.00 worth of woven ----surgery on S---John 3.00, Set to --- girl 1.50, Dressing head of Theodore $2.50 Total $15.70.

Page 78- 79 Patients names Hamer Chapman, Mrs. Wm French, Williams, M Scheuer, Mrs Keitzer, Sister, A. Downing, Al Johnson, Alfa Hoesel Tustee,

March 1, 1919 Wrote a letter to Alva Mitchel who wants the 40 acres to farm season of 1919 Winamac, Ind.

Page 80 Book 26 Book ballanced of deposits in First National Bank Monterey, Ind. 15 Dec. 17 Ballance $2977.23

Dec. 17 A. Kline 93.75

Jan. 10,1918 118.12

Jan. 18. 208.20

Jan.19 75.12

Feb. 16. 511.20

March 11, 305.60

Page 81 There is 25, 250,000 clover seed in 1 bushel of seed.

There is 380,160 square inches in one acre of land

1 grain of clover seed to each square pr inch would require 380,160 grains.

20 acres would require 20 times as much as one acre = 7,603,200

7,603,200 to seed 20 acres which would be 12 seeds pr foot near 40 seed pr foot square.

380,160 x30=11,404,800

Page 86 Book 26 Filed my income tax report March 13, l919 Chas Keitzer made it out. Registered the report.

Page 87 Book 26 I went to Knox the evening of the 20 concerning the T. B. San----with H. Rogers & wife, Elmer Johnson and John Marbaugh. prospect is good. ( can't read this note)

Paid interest on Casper land $24.00 at the Monterey Bank by check to C. Keitzer who added $24 to the 72 that John Casper paid both in one draft.

Page 88 Book 26 Page about seeding field south of the barn to sweet clover.

Page 90 Book 26 Disked the ground at the Reister place.

The rye east of the orchard out in head the 3rd of June looking fine and very vigorous. The oats looks bare on account of poor land.

Page 91 Book 26 Turned the cattle out on the Reister place Apr. 1st, 1919. Grass is short weather fine for 10 days after. The 12th the weather not very favorable cold and rainey for 5 days. Finished seeding the land on the Ranch to oats Apr. 26, 1919 about 50 acres.

Page 92 Book 26 Sent my claim to J. C. Howe auditor of P.C. for service medical Wes Hiland family $94.50

Page 93 Book 26 Took over to the bank notes Apr. 12, 1919. as follows:

M Scheuer & Widmans $273.00

Lou Shall & All 126.30

Arthur Kalley 31.90

Ed. Olds 25.00

George Langenbahn Cr. by 10 lbs clover seed at $20 pr bushel 1/6 of a bushel $3.331/3 mamoth variety.

Page 94 I owe A.M.Kleckner for 171/2 tons of Prairie hay at $8 pr ton $140.00 He owes me $8 for medical service due him $134.00 (sic)

I sowed land plaster on the plum orchard and field west where I seeded alfalfa about 6 acres May 15 & 16. I also sowed land plaster on the wheat east of the plum orchard the 16 & 17 about 150 lbs pr acre.

Pinned onto Page 94 Western Union Telegram Apr. 24, 1919 Received at 1039 AM Dated Sumner, Ill To: Dr.. Wm Kelsey Monterey, Ind. Mother is at the point of death come immediately. Mrs. Anna Marbaugh (or Harbaugh)

Page 95 Overmire 39 & 53 lbs lard at 30 cts pr lb.

My assessment on personel $49.05

May 1st. 1919 I went to Summer , Ill to see Sister Eliza. I found her near death from repeated attacks of the influenze and old age. She was 79 years old on Feb.. She died the 4th of May 1919 at 9 PM, Sunday. Buried on Tuesday May the 6th we arrived home on Thursday night at midnight.

Dr. H. Lowe Castorated 12 colts and stud June 1919. Rendered service when the mare was sick overheat by Wes Hiland. Castorated 2 2yr old 1920 4 yearlings. Cr. buy prairie hay all to be giving him credit for medical service rendered his family and self.

Page 96 Book 26 I commenced to plant corn Monday the 12 of May 1919. Planted 21/4 acres new ground Dacota Corn Dacota seed.

Planted the field south of the barn on the Shenk place to corn the 15 & 16 of May.

Commenced the field 20 acres to plant May 21, 1919 to corn.

Page 98 Book 26 Bank book ballanced Feb. 19, 1920 Ballance $1161.15.

Page 100 Record of the weather from the 25th of Dec. 1918. The month of Dec. up to the 25 very mild almost like May weather. The grass growing like in May. Stock both cattle and horses out in pasture. On the night of the 24 it turned cold and snowed a little enough to cover the ground Christmas morning. No wind.

Page 101 Book 26 Record of the weather Very mild and pleasant since the 16th of Jan almost like spsring.

Very fine weather since the 16th. No wind nor but little cloudy weather in the afternoon near 40 deg. above the freezing each day. No snow this winter of any consequence. At no time more than one inch days. Fine weather for stock my horses are out in the pasture. Yet I hall straw to them and fed. No rain up to this time.

102,103,104 all weather record.

Page 105 No plums on the orchard on Shenk place. Fine at the Fish Pond never better. Trees very full and free from wormes.

Page 106 Book 26 June 20, 1919 I planted one large potatoe left in my cribb by someone in the buggy shed. I cut it in 9 pieces and planted in the garden over at the barber shop lot on the east of the cabbage patch. I also planted on the Reister place about 1/4 acres in potatos south of the orchard June 20 & 21. Ground in fine condition as to moisture but poor. Would be all right if manured with fine manure in the hill.

Page 109 Book 26 Sept 6, 1919 Paid Willie Hiland in full to date for work and play since 26th of Aprile 1919 up to Sept 6, 1919 in full of all I owe him $88.50. ( bold writing)

Sold to J. Cromley Sept 18, 1919 Bull calf 75.00 He agrees to send me check for same in a few days.

Sold 23 calves to B. Hawkins for $813.50

Sold to WmStevens the 2 black bull calves for $78.00 same day.

I sold to Stevens Daisy for 55.00

I sold to WmThompson sometime in August 5 heifers and 1 bull calf the heifers 75 each 225.00 Bull calf 50. Hawkins calves 813.50, Stevens 133., J Cromley 75.

Page 111 Book 26 I made application for insurance with Walters of Ora, Ind this day Sept. 29, 1919 on the following property.

Dwelling house on Lot No 1 8.00

On stable & granary & cow stable 2.00

On household furniture. 2.00

Sikeb--res house Lot 8 4.75

Keitzer house 8.00

Keitzer barn 1.00

Fish Pond house & poultry 2.50

for 3 years 28.25

Shenk Barn 10.00

House 4.00

Page 113 Book 26 I sold the calves to B. Hawkins 23 head for 813.50 Average price $35.37 pr head.

Took a certificate for 1000.00 one thousand dollars at 4 pr ct interest due in 6 months First National Monterey, Ind. Oct. 20, 1919.

Paid tax Pulaski Co in Monterey & Township 192.10 Paid tax N. Bend Township S.C.100.


Bought wagon with apple bed at Osborn sale 12.00 good purchase

Bought at Reeds sale 5 chairs 75cts., cuboard 25 cts, stove 50

2 doz cans fruit $.30. Molases $3. bucket 60, harness 3.25 $11.35

Thomas Sale Heifer 28, Vinegar, 2.60 Stove 1.00, Doubletree .60, Fork .80, Scoop 1.00, Las--.85, Water tank 2.00 37.25

Page 117 Book 26 Wrote a letter and sent to S.D. Roul Tipton, Ind. in regard to tile drain meet me and Exaver same when the weather permits. Dec. 10, 1919.

Wrote a letter to George Champ, Leiters, telling him I was at his home looking after pay for horse. His wife said the cow died that was part security and the horse was in the barn all right and that George could not pay for same as he had nothing. I told her I would take the horse back and for him to bring the horse down. Dec. 10, 1919.

Page 117 Book 26 Ordered from Montgomery Ward: 1 Derby Hat 3.50, No 45E 3248 .30 45 E 3247 .35, 45 E 3242 .13, 2 pair socks 302 14 12 .66, Postal 11 cts Sent check $5.05.

Page 118 Book 26 Bought 1 bushel mamoth clover seed from Hoesel. Albert Brucker raised it. Dec. 26, 1919.

Patients: M. Rosenberg, Alfa Hoesel, Clarence Shall, Jeff Smith, Charley Engel, Jacob Beck, Mr. Hamis, Samuel Allen.

Page 119 W. E. Kelsey and family went to Richmond, Ind. Walter Misners. Dec. 24, l919.

Jan 5, I sent a letter to Ira Wade Logansport & his wife asking him to pay me $50 the 25 of this month Jan. 1920.

Page 121 Book 26

On December 26, 1919 I visited M. Rosenberg at Monterey who was reported to me near death from cancer of the liver. On examination I found a case of hydrathora and slight pe---litis. I did not examine him all over as the care was not mine to treat and did not expect to get in the case. I notice that there was enlargement of his liver and some tenderness. Mrs. Rosenberg stated to me that Dr. Collins Shaffer of Rochester and Dr. Campbell of Winamac had diagnosed cancer of his liver. I then made a closer examination of his liver and lungs and stated to Mrs Rosenberg that I did not believe that the diagnosis was correct. Mrs. Rosenberg also stated that Dr. Collin stated Mr. Rosenberg could not live more than 3 days. I told her that the doctor was mistaken. I made a diagnosis in part and prognosis which was so distant from the other physicians that they procured another physician Dr. Hoffman of Rochester, Ind. who visited Mr. Rosenberg on the 1st day of Jan l920 and made a very careful examination of Mr. Rosenberg's case and his diagnosis was the same as my own stated to the family on the 26th of Dec.1919.

Page 122 Patients: M. Rosenberg, 3 visits, Jacob Beck, C. Engel, Alfa Hoesel, C. Johnson M. Rosenberg 3 more visits. M. Rosenberg visit I put on a blister yesterday the 13th 1920 which drained fine.

Page 123 Book 26 I sent 1.00 to E. J. Reefer expert poultry man for 2 packages of his egg producer. 4041 Reefer Bld. Kansas City, Mo. Jan 10, 1920

122 alfalfa clover seed from the farm in Kansas at elevator, Monterey, Ind. express 3.28 Jan. 10, 1920 worth pr bushel 30.00

Page 125 Book 26 Lost stock in the past 60 years consisting of horses and cattle alone as follows: On the Reister place horses and colts 21 head, On the Shenk place 14 head, At Monterey 6 head, Garrison place 4 head, Ranch in Stark Co. 16 head. Total 61 head.

Cattle & calves on the Reister place and north of the road 16 head, Shenk place 15 head, at Monterey 6 head, Ranch in Stark Co. 11 head, Bruce Lake 3 head , 40 south of Guise 6 head, total 57. Grand total 118 head. Hogs more than 100, Sheep more than 50.

I have lost 5 head of horses since assayer, assessed the horse. Was assessed at $50 each 250.00 4 head of cows assessed at $60 each. 240.00 Total $490.00 Dec. 16, 1919 Jan. 22, 1920 Lost Babes colt.

Page 127 Jan 24, 1920 Sent a letter to Ira Wade & wife Logansport, Ind.

Jan 24th Sent a letter to E. J. Reefer 83.31 Reefer Bldg. Kansas City, Mo.

Page 128 Book 26 I went over to the Ranch found all right cattle and horses looking well. WE.K. holstein heifer with little calf a few hours old, bull.

Jan 26 I sent a letter to J.O Ferrer Culver, Ind in regard to paying the order for 5.00 given me by Del B--gh for medical service asking him to return the order if he does not intend to honor same.

I sent a letter to Ira Wade dated the 24th of Jan. 1920 and registered the same asking Wade to pay me 25 or 50 dollars on the note he give me for medical service rendered his family.

Page 129 Jacob Beck record of work done as part pay for horse wagon he bargained for at $35.00 the same to be his when paid for. Jan 27th First work choping at 30 cts pr hour.

Jan 27 8 hours choping 2.40, Feb. 7, 9 hours 30 cts pr hr. 2.70. On the 7th of February the deal for the wagon call off by J. Beck and my self WmKelsey. I agree to pay him for all that he J. Beck has worked for me to date. I giving him credit on his disked for medical service rendered him previous to this date. His Dr. bill is as follows: visit to baby boy 1.50, To consultation at last sickness of wife 5.00, to little girl, sister of wife 1.00, self 1.25.

Page 130 Book 26 Jan 29 Simon Johnson and C. Fry choped in the fternoon wood at 2.50 pr day. Worked 5 days. Jan 6, Paid them $25.00 $12.50 each.

Page 133 1920 March 1st come in almost clear and calm Beautiful morning.

March 1, 6 AM 18 calm & almost clear, The last 7 days of February snowed every day a little there is but little snow on the ground and no thawing since the 2nd day of December.

March 2 28 above clear and calm

3, 34 clear an calm

4 40 above raining all day in the evening commenced to snow by 6 PM blizard like and very disagreeable.

5. 16 above snowing and stormy 2 inches snow storm not passed. The first 3 days of March was very fine one like the other I see blue bird on the 3 of March this morning the 5 is winter like. The papers states that in the west worst in 30 years snow 12 to 20 feet deep in Colorado.

6 7 AM 10 above cold all day.

7 7 AM 12 cold all day 16above zero at 4 PM. The coldest all day of the winter.

8 6AM 10 above clear windest day of the winter. -------- in the evening.

9 6AM 20 calm and a little cloudy.

10 6 AM 38 cloudy

11 6AM 44 cloudy & calm snow all gone and ground thawing rapidly and raining in evening and fore part of the night

12 6 AM 50 cloudy

13 6AM 20 winter breezy snowing and very disagreeable ground frozen 2 inches.

Page 134-138 Patients names: Ambrose Keitzer, C. Engel. Dr. H. Lowe, Alfa Hoesel, R S. Whiting paid in full 33.00, Martin Vogel, Albert Wolfrom, Williams, Dan Haschel, M. Rosenberg, Frank Keitzer to visit Gerald, Sela Brucker, Arthur Decker, Overmire boys to visit KK

Sent check for $108.24 to John L. Reister Knox, Ind County Treasurer to pay my spring installment on the land in North Bend TP S6 Ind. Feb. 25, 1920 The fall installment will be $92.34.

Paid tax Tip TP & Town PC $219.24 Feb. 25, 1920

Feb. 26 I --- of Williams 2 bushel potatos Irish coblers, 1 bushel soy beans Holly Brook

Bank book ballanced Feb 19, 1920 $ 1161.15. I have a check on bank drawing interest 1000. total 2161.15

$815.00 since the 1st. of Jan 1919 and 585 from Jan. 1919 to Jun 1920.

Page 140-141 Book 26 Jenny Miller told me that Laney Kelsey told her that she had to work hard and provide everything for the family. Meaning me Dr. WmKelsey. I stated to Jennie Miller if she made that statement to her she lied. I stated to Jennie Miller that my wife Laney Kelsey never furnished one dollar while I furnished 10 to cover our expense of house keeping in the past 10 years or more.

My wife never paid out one dollar for any of the following articles named unless I made it possible for her to do so by being at the expense of $2. two dollars. She never bout a ton of coal, never one cord of wood, never 1 bushel of corn, wheat, or rye, never 1 bushel of potatoes, never paid for any building except $60 on a cow stable 25 years ago, never paid anything for cattle, nor for hogs, calves, poultry, hens, or apples, pairs, nor food of any kind. She has paid for sugar one dollar in the past 30 years where I paid $10.00 same for coffee until the past year.

She paid nothing for the farms and nothing for any furniture in the house except it cost me more than $2 to her one. She never provided any pasture for the cows, nor feed in the winter. I have been at the expense of not less $400.00 four hundred dollars each year for 25 years to furnish cows to milk which she has milked and sold and give away more than $500. five hundred dollars each year for 25 years, amounting to more than 1000 one thousand dollars

It has cost me not less than 800 eight hundred dollars to pay the expense of housekeeping for more than a 40 years amounting to more than three thousand dollars in 35 years.

Now for any one to say that I do not provide as well as the best of providers in Monterey, tell a dirty stinking lie. But sometimes the parties are jealous and envious and possessed with but little sense and are natural dead beats. They rather tell a lie than tell the truth is the nature of some people. They don't like any body that is prosperous and industrious and possessed with more than themselves in property and ability to do . No man can be possessed with much property that does not work and save except where they acquire by gift or occassionaly a good streak of luck. Industrious and saving is the great secret of success. (sic)

Page 142 Feb. 28, 1920 I ordered from Sears Roebuck & Co 200 lime sulphur, 10 lb boreax mixture 2.79, 5 lbs arsonate of lead, Paris green 2.25 total 29.29

March 1st I ordered from Sears Roebuck & Co. engate seed $10.98 shiped to Monterey by Freight RUSH.

I ordered from Sears Roebuck & Co. March 12, 1920 200 lbs lime sulphur 19.00 arsonate of lead 7.25, Boreax mixture 2.79, Paris green 5.74. $34.71.

Page 146 Book 26 March 15, l920 I sent $108.00 to Dickenson and Reed to pay interest due Aprile 1st 1920 and renewed my loan on the Shenk place for 5 years at 6 pr ct interest and I sent my check for $34 to Ab Freeman to pay his commission & service the loan March 15, 1920.

March 14, 1920 Received the interest $4.25 on check Gov. Bond 100.00.

March 20 Went to Rochester this day and received the 75.00 due me from Delmers estate without any kick from the parties who objected.

Apr 22 I planted 6 rows of early rose potatos on lot No 3 Meredith lot I got the potatoes of John Smith.

Page 149 Book 26 Fuestone commenced to spray my fruit trees the afternoon of March 31st worked 21/2 hours. April 1st sprayed 7 hours. Apr. 3 worked 5 hours. Making hours work to date 14 hours. Apr. 9 work sprayed about 4 hours machine out of repair bursted pipe.

Apr 10 Spray 3 hours about on account of freeze and busting of extension rod and failure of machine to work.

Apr. 10 Paid Isack Fuestone $10. in cash. Paid Gurbison in full to date for his work $5.40 Reister orchard 4 1/2 hours.

Lime altogether spraying 16 hours including geting water. No of trees sprayed 213 big and small. machine use near 210 lbs lime sulphur. WmE. Kelsey's spraying 12 hours. No of trees 297.

Apr 1 J. Gurbison worked 1st day 71/2 hours, Apr 3 worked 51/2 hours. Paid him cash balance due him .90cts. Apr. 10, Paid 1.50 5 hours, Apr.11, Paid him in full. $2.40.

Page 150 Book 26 Record of the weather.

Apr. 4, 6AM 32 snowed all last night and still snowing this morning. Snow near 6 inches deep or more. Temperature in the evening at 6 PM 30. Snowed considerable during the night and drifted morning of the 5th near 8 inches of snow and snowing occasionaly.

Apr 5 6AM 26 snowing near 8 inches deep and snowing a little occasionaly. There now as much again snow on the ground as there has been any time this winter at one time. It is most winter like than any morning in the past 5 months except not so cold. The fruit buds on the plum and pare were almost ready to bloom. The liylocks bushes green and the willows also looks green. This is not the greatest snow so late in the season as in the past 30 years. One time we had a snow storm on the night of the 29th of May, 6 inches deep that did not melt away for 24 hours or more. At another time snow so great when the fruit trees were in full bloom. So heavy that the branches bent down and the limbs broken. Both of these late snow storms did not damage the fruit any but little nor do much damage anyway. Did not thaw much during the day.

Apr 6 6AM 24 cloudy & calm in the morning and snowing at 6 AM not much. Calm all day and a little sunshine.

Apr 7 6AM 24 clear & calm snow did not thaw but little.

Apr 8 6AM 24 snow on the ground calm in the morning and clear. Three mornings in succession 8 below the freezing. I don't know whether the fruit is damaged much or not. It is a close call sure. In the south report came that the peaches, plums and pears are killed. On Sunday the 4th there was a great blizard and sleet storm through the south and west. (sic)

Page 151 Book 26 Apr. 11 6AM 38 cloudy & calm I examined the fruit budd. This morning and find them damage to some extent. I am of the opinion that there will be plenty of good buds for apples, pears, peaches, plum, and cherries.

Apr 13 6 AM 30 cloudy & calm in the morning no snow on the ground melted as fast as it fell yesterday afternoon. Freeze ice 1/4 inch thick on the ground.

Apr. 14 6AM 28 clear & calm. Freeze ice again. I do not think the fruit is injured very much.

Apr 15 6AM 44 cloudy rained a little last night.

Apr 16 6AM 40 cloudy rained last night and continued all day a little.

Apr 17 6AM 45 clear & calm. 36 one year ago 1919.

Apr 18 6AM 44 cloudy & calm

Apr 19 6AM 44 cloudy and rained most all day

Apr 20 6AM 50 cloudy commenced to rain at midnight and rained hard for several hours and during the day showered.

Apr 21 6AM 48 cloudy

Apr. 22 6 AM 46 cloudy and very windy all day sand drift great in some places the wind was in current tornado like.

Apr 23 6AM 46 cloudy look for rain.

Page 152 I ordered spray pump complete from Sears & Roebuck Apr. 6 1920 and sent check to pay for same of $19.75. No 42V5560 Paid $19.75.

On Friday the 2nd of Aprile and Sunday the 4th of Aprile the storm tore off near 5 squares off of my barn on the Shenk place that I have insurance by R. Walters of Ora in the Insurance Co. Notified Walters on the 7 of Aprile of the damage by storm to my barn on the Shenk place.

Page 153 Book 26 Apr. 9, I presented my bill for medical service rendered Wes Hiland from March 30, 1919 to Aprile 8, 1920 $118.20 and he accepted same.

Page 154 Book 26 Monday Apr 19, 1920 I mailed my claim for medical service rendered W. Hilands family to J. C. Howe auditor Pulaski County Ind. Bill $118.25 OKeef by Alfa Hoesel Trustee of Tippicanoe Township Pulaski Co. Ind. the 8th of Aprile 1920.

Apr 19 Sold mare to John Casper for $95.00 cash.

Put the cattle on the Reister place Apr 21, 1920. This day is the first spring like day since the 21st of March.

28th I seeded the field south of the Shenk barn Apr. 29. I put on 5 sacks with diske.

May 2 Fruit safe yet plums, cherries, peaches, and apples.

Page 155. Apr 20 Grant Burket to treat boy's throat antitoxen NS and prescription 2.50.

Apr 22 Great wind storm Thursday sand drifted in some places great wind in currents like a tornado or cyclone.

Apr 22 I planted 6 rows of early rose potatoes . I got of Smith in the garden Lot No 3 Meredith property Aprile 22nd.

Page 156. Record of the last part of Aprile weather. (Skipped.)

Page 158 Zorger sale I bough 3 cows and one heifer and fertilizer drill.

Patients names Johnson, Alfa Hoesel, Henry Warner, Dan Haschell, Grant Burket, Sam Allen, Man from Leiters.

Page 159 May 6, l920 I planted 9 more rows south of the first 2 rows of early rose planted in the Birch lot . I did not espect the 9 rows to germinate as I did the 2 first rows. I planted 6 rows of sweet corn south of the 9 rows of early rose potatos.

Apr. 8, l920 Seed 7 acres to clover and alfalfa where I seeded in l919. Seeded the ground south end of the plum orchard Aprile 11, 1920. Both of these tracts of land I plowed about 6 inches deep then harrowed it. Then drilled in about 1 bushel of oats pr acre. Then harrowed it over well and sowed the alfalfa and clover. Mixed 2 parts alfalfa and one mamoth red clover seed. Then harrowed it over again seeded about 1 bushel pr 10 acres.

Apr. 11, 1920 Drove my cattle over and part of W.E. Kelsey's to the Ranch and turned them on the rye near 60 head altogether.

Page 160 Book 26 Cow at Wes Hiland's served by holstein bull June 8, l920.

Patients: Grant Burket, Jo Marbaugh, Dobin Wright, Henry Warner, to visit self, night, A.J. & myself. Indigestion cause of his pain & vomiting. $15.00. Grant Burket to visit girl 3.75.

Page 161. Book 26 May 30 Pet cow served by holstein, May 31st. Daisy down at Wes Hiland's served same. due to calve first of March l921, Brucker cow served June 5, l920, June 19 Buchanan cow served.

Patients: Henry Warner, Alva Hoesel to visit Loney Hiland son of Wes Hiland malarial fever & nephritis., Father Senegan's housekeeper,

Stevens butcher has not settled for 3 cow hides and one calf hide about 50 lbs weight apiece, 150.

June 1 W.E. Kelsey and I, WmKelsey planted sugar cane west of the Shenk barn share equal and be at equal expense in growing same. Seed said to be that kind that will make light color molasses and will granulate. June 1st, l920.

Page 162 Book 26 June 1, 1920 Wes Hiland plowed the lots back of where John Marbaugh lives which I intend to plant to potatoes. The ground Wes plowed about 8 inches deep. I intend to plant 2 or 3 kinds Irish cobler, early rose and 8 lbs of a fine looking kind I bought of Vick Follmar. I paid $6 pr bushel.

June 3 The north side I planted 22 rows of Irish coblers. The 6 rows of sweet corn, next 3 rows of the fine looking potatos I bout of Vick Follmar for 80 cts. Next 4 rows of cults of my own raising. Then 4 rows 1/2 of pop corn. I planted 3 rows of pop corn on the S. East of Birch lot.

Finished husking corn this afternoon June 5, l920.

June 5, Nora come home from Rochester hospital looking all right.

June 15 Finished planting 10 acres of corn on Shenk place.

June 16 Commenced to plow the 18 acres of drilled corn on the Ranch. Finished it the 20th of June. Big wind storm the 16th at Monterey about 5 PM. Did not do much damage.

Page 163 Book 26 Pet Jersey cow served May 30th, l920 due to calve Feb. 30, 1921 Brucker cow served June 5, l920 due to calve March 5, l921.

I have worked every day this week from early morning until near sunset making fence at the Ranch, getting up before 4 o'clock some mornings. I fenced out the rye, east of the house about 20 acres that I will cut for hay and possibly to harvest for grain. Rye is worth 215 this day and it will pay to thrash it and sell for seed or on the market. Roren rye is the variety I will have near 40 acres to harvest this season and about 10 acres of spring rye I seeded on the Shenk place last of May.

Page 164 Book 26 Soy beans plowed east of the orchard on Reister place about 3 acres of ground the 21st and planted one bushel of soy beans on 23rd by drilling about 3/4 bushel pr acre. Ground in fine condition for early germinating. June 23, l920. Late planting may be they will mature before geting frosted.

24th plowing ground adjoining on the east for cow peas about 4 acres which I intend to drill to cow peas, black eye, the 25th l920.

I bought 200 lbs of binder twine of Glen Wiilson and paid cash for same 14.60 pr 100. Received the same July 9, l920

July 9, I laid by the 20 acres of corn north of the dredge ditch at the Ranch July fine condition cut out the weeds on the 20 acres myself in 21/2 days. Wes plowed it the last time in 21/2 days with the wing should certainly be a cheap way to destroy weeds and hoe corn. If there is plenty of rain it will certainly make a good yield if no frost.

Page 165 Book 26 Molly holstein heifer had a calf July 9, l920 heifer calf fine.

I planted sweet corn back of John Marbaugh July 8. I also planted on the Reister place July 12, 3 rows of stowels evergreen.

Finished cutting rye at the Ranch July 19, l920.

Ordered from Sears & Roebuck 20 rolls of oriental roofing at 210 pr roll $42.00 July 29, l920

Seeded about 4 acres to alfalfa & clover east of the orchard on Reister place July 20, 1920.

Page 168 Book 26 Property to be assessed the spring of 1919 as follows:

The land & improvements. Cattle 38 head as follows: 5 milk cows common, 19 common cows midling only $35. Yearlings coming 2 very ordinary worth not more than $25., 2 pigs 40 lbs for home use, horses, 8 working horses 3 of them midling good 5 ordinary, 6 colts are year old, colts coming 2 yrs old and some mare is not used for any purpose except to breed poor in flesh and not of much value. Farm implements old and not of much value. 2 wagons, old. Buying 2nd hand cart $65. Manure spreader no good, worn out, 2nd hand, said by hardware was to be of no value JUNK.

Page 169 Poultry 4 doz. grain none, hay none, house hold goods,

Shenk land: The lands are some that is good 70 acres NE NE Sec. 11

Reister place very poor to produce.

Fish Pond & swamp land north of the grave yard 5 acres.

Strip of land below the river bridge 4 acres 1/2 of it midling good pasture no good for anything else.

Kleckner place 80 acres poor work not more than $35 pr acre I will take in cash that for the land.

Page 170 Book 26 Ordered Engate seeder March 1st, l920 from Sears Roebuck, Chicago, Ill. price 1098 Send check 1098 to pay for same.

March 12, I ordered from Sears Roebuck and Co. the following insectisides:

Coolage 680 Lime sulphur dry 200

SV 5281/4 arsnate of lead 25

SV 5771/4 bordaux mixture 10

SV 5221/4 Paris green 25

SV 5051/4 I wrote them the 29th of March 1920 that my order had not been filled nor any report that the Monterey Bank had paid the check the16 of this month. I did not get this order filled except 1/4 lbs of Paris green.

Page 171 Wrote S. D. Roul Tipton, Ind. Aug. 2, 1920 in regard to paying me 55.20 balance due me for the construction of tile ditch on the line between his land and mine WmKelsey.

Page 172 Book 26 Article of agreement made and entered into this the 30th day 1919 between Dr. WmKelsey party of the first part and Wesley Hiland party of the second part is as follows: said Hiland agrees to work for the said Kelsey for the period of one year at all of the kinds of work that said Kelsey requires of him said Hiland to work at such work as said Kelsey has been in the past 5 years require of said Hiland to work at for the sum of $364.00 cash and loose no time except sickness and in the event of sickness to continue after the 30th of January 30, l920 to work until a full year is worked out and further pay for said work said Kelsey agrees for the work done by said Hiland to let him have a dwelling house to live in, a cow to milk, wood for fuel out of the wood land pointed out by said Kelsey, and a team of horses to hall the same to the house where he lives on the farm west of Monterey known as the Shenk farm, a garden east of the dwelling house, and a patch south of the house for potatoes and truck the same ground that said Hiland farmed in truck last year l918 for himself.

Also one pig that is grown on the premises out of the 5 head now about 6 weeks old and care for the pig up to the first of Oct. l919. The hog at that time expected to weigh near 200 lbs. The same to be part pay for said Hiland's work up to the first day of Oct. 1919.

The giving of the hog on the first day of Oct. 1919 is not to be given unless said Hiland works continuely and steady up to the first of Oct. 1919.

Said Kelsey reserves the right to select one of the 5 head for said Hiland on the date above named the 1st day of Oct. 1919. Said Kelsey agrees to meet on the premises where said Hiland lives on the Shenk farm. Two dozen hens for said Hiland to have one half of the eggs and one half of the increase of the young chickens the year of 1919.

The said Kelsey has the right to the original poultry and the right to remove the same at any time provide said Hiland does not comply with the above agreement to the best of his ability.

Said Hiland agrees to take good care of said Kelsey's stock on the Shenk farm and on his farms nearby during the whole period every day where into this day sighn our names. WmKelsey Wes Hiland

Page 174 Book 26 Article of agreement made and entered into this 26th day of October 1918 between WmKelsey of Monterey party of the first part and Myron Garrison of Monterey party of the second part is as follows: The said Garrison agrees to work for the said Kelsey for the period of one year from the 26th day of Oct. l918 at all of the different kinds of work that said Kelsey may require said Garrison to work such work as said Kelsey has in the past years accustomed to engage in. Said Garrison agrees to be at his post of duty every day and give good attention to every thing that is needing attention every day and keeping things in good order. Said Kelsey agrees to pay said Garrison at the end of each week $6 in cash if no time is lost and a dwelling house to live in, a cow to milk, and the privilege of geting his wood for fuel at his place of living out of such timber as said Kelsey may point out, and the use of a team to hall the wood. Also a garden and truck patch, also the privilege of taking care of a brood sow and the feeding her and the privilege of one half of the increase of pigs. The dividing of the pigs or increase 8 weeks after they are born. Said Kelsey to have first choice at the time of dividing and said Garrison the 2nd and so on, until the increase is divided. It is hereby agreed and understood that the increase of the brood sow is in consideration of said Garrison being faithfull to do work for the full period of time.

Said Kelsey agrees to find the pasture and rough feed for the cow and said Garrison agrees to find the brand if any is fed. Where into we have sighned this agreement Oct. 26, l918 Wm Kelsey Myron X Garrison

Page 177 Book 26 Article of agreement made between WmKelsey party of the first part and Clarence Fry party of the second part entered into this the11th day of January 1919 is follows to wit the said Kelsey has rented to the said Fry dwelling house situated on Lot No 8 known as the Eikleber lot in Monterey, Ind. for a house to live in and the ground surrounding said house as part of the lot on which the house stands for six dollars pr month. The first 2 months to be paid in advance and the payments following to be paid on the 11th of each month after. The 2 first months as long as he occupies the same. Said Fry agrees to take good care of the house and leave it in good repair as he gets it when he first moves in less the natural wear.

Said Kelsey agrees to put in windows, lights, and a lock on the front door of the east part of the house as soon as he can get some mechanic to do the work. Said Kelsey agrees to find a truck patch for ground for growing potatoes near same premise. Said Kelsey reserves the south west room where there is oats now stored until the 1st day of Aprile after which the whole house will be for the use of said Fry to occupy where unto we have sighned our names Jan. 11, l919 WmKelsey Clarence Fry

Page 181 Book 26 Article of agreement entered into this the 5th day of March 1918 between WmKelsey party of the first part and Niel Hagen (Hazen) party of the second part is as follows:

The said Kelsey has hired the said Hagen to work for the said Kelsey at all of the various kinds of work said Kelsey has been accustomed for his hands employed to work in past recent years. For the period of eight months from the 5th day of March 1918 up to the 5th day of November 1918 or for a longer period of said Hazen looses anytime until the full period of 8 months is worked. Said Hagen agrees to work steady without laying off except in case of sickness until the full period is worked out taking good care of everything in his charge. Rising at daylight and doing the feeding and cleaning the stables and curring the horses and ready to go to the field at 1/2 past 6 o'clock in the morning and noon for dinner and feeding ones horses and continue to work up to 6 in the field up to 6 oclock PM according to strength and ability to work.

Said Kelsey agrees to give said Hagen for his work 30 thirty dollars in cash, house in Monterey to live in where he now lives, one cow to milk, wood for summer use, 1/4 acre of ground for truck patch and garden, feed for 2 doz. chickens consisting of corn, horses to plow and prepare the ground for truck and garden, horses to hall the wood from where said Kelsey directs and points out of such wood or trees that is fit only for fuel. Said Kelsey also agrees to furnish pasture near for the milk cow above mentioned for the season, and pay the said Hagen at the end of each week six dollars and at the end of each month the remainder of the $30 in full.

Said Hagen agrees to make a present to the said Hagen of twenty five dollars in cash if the said Hagen fulfills his promise and works his time out in full 8 months on the 5th of Nov. 1918 if no time is lost other wise no present.

It is hereby agreed and understood that there is work to do in shelter when there is rain and unfit to work outside. It is also understood that the geting the fuel and cultivation of trucks is not at said Kelsey's expense. It also agree and understood that said Kelsey is to be at no expense not here in mentioned.