Page 1 Book 27 Record of the weather from December the 15th l920 as follows:

Dec. 15 6AM 30 stormy and a little snow

Dec. 22 42 Raining and thawing. Report from west great blizard cold below zero snow deep and blockade of RR storm come down South Dacota, Nebrask, Minnsota, Western Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and on. Did not come east of Chicago to amount to much.

Dec. 23 22 above zero snowed a little.

Page 2-3 Continue all weather. Jan. 30, 35 still drizling rain ground thawing out and the ice melting fast 8AM getting colder and snowing at 1/2 past 8 AM snow coming from the east Snowed all day.

Jan. 31, 30 almost clear, calm snow 4 inches deep. Nice winter day with little sunshine and no wind.

Feb. 13, 32 above almost spring like children out playing AJK's children on the porch swinging at noon ground almost thawed out, geese flying to the north in great droves for 3 days past.

Page 4 Book 27 Jan. 27 Hall first load of hay from Earl Brown, Jan. 29 Halled 2nd load. Jan. 29 Halled first load of oats straw. Jan. 29 Selected the cattle on OKeef place. Cattle looks well. WE K drove 5 head of his cows home 2 of them had young calves. Sent a letter to E. J. Kelsey Kansas inquiring about alfalfa.

Halled 4 tons and 700 lbs of straw from Spooner place and paid 4.00 pr ton for --- except $2.20 yet due for the 700 lbs.

Feb 3, l921 Halled up to date 2 loads of hay from Earl Brown 34.40 bal due 560 and one load of straw 1500 lbs. Feb. 5, Halled 2 loads of straw on the 5 move.

Feb 12 l921 Bought 31/2 bushels of clover seed from S. Wilson for 9.25 pr bushel $32.37. Feb. 12, 100 lbs oil meal 3.00 Sent 11/2 bushel to E. J. Kelsey Marion, Kansas.

Feb. 12, 1921 Bought of P. E. Womack on the Mike Kelley place 10 tons of Praire hay in the barn to be halled out in March l921 for $9 pr ton and paid him $2.00 check the ballance when I hall the hay.

Page 5 Book 27 C. R. Sennet 90 Health Win South Bend. wrote a letter Feb 8, l921

Feb. 12, 1921 Bought of Ed Keller 2 tons of praire hay in the barn for $80 pr ton and oats hay about 1 ton $10 pr ton.

Fred Fell died the morning of Feb 12, l921 said to be apoplexy. Buried at Monterey Feb. 13, l921 by Ray Wolfrom.

I sent a check to D. B. Harne- Delong, Ind. for ballance due on straw bought at his sale Feb 15, l921 Bal Due 105. Halled hay & fodder sheded for later from J. Raidestorf 38.95. Hay & weeds 17.80 Ballance 2.20

Feb 25, l921 Bought 1 cow at Tileys sale and some buckets amounting to $72.50.

W. E. Kelsey bought hay 27.00 and gasoline engine 42.00 = $69.00 Bought of R.Wilson 2 rolls of barbed wire 80 lbs each for 4.50 pr spool.

Page 6 Feb l921 W. Stephens sale bought 2 coming 2 year old colts and one comeing 1 year old. (sic)

March 4, l921 Bought 2 stands of honey bees from H. Rogers for $18.00 and paid him. They seemed to be healthy and near 40 lbs of honey in each of the hives.

S. Casper halled 3 loads of corn up to the 4 of March on Thursday they did not hall any in. I paid $5 cash to brother who halled the corn in.

Page 7 Record of weather for March. March 1, 30 above clear & calm. March 2, 44 above almost clear, it rained a little last night robins and blue birds are here, pleasant all day. March 28, 34o at 6 AM 2 hours after 26o fell 8 degrees. 6 degrees below the freezing at 6 PM . 24o 8 below the freezing at 9 AM it commenced to snow and blow until about 11 AM then more calm and sunshine ballance of the day.

March 29 18o 14 below freezing this is the coldest morning since February 20, l921. 8 degrees colder than any morning this month. The plum trees are almost ready to bloom. I don't know whether it will kill them or not. This morning is clear and calm at noon 36 calm.

Give note at Brown sale Give note to Ora Johnson 110.00, Give note to Ann Kleckner 27.27 Give note Bert Kleckner 80.00 (spelled give, gvie)

March 22, l921 Rented to S. Casper 80 acres of land at the Ranch, 40 for oats and 40 for corn Left contract at the bank.

Sowed clover seed alfalfa and a small amt of Alsike south of the school house 12 acres with 70 lbs of seed March 25, l921 in the rye. I first harrowed with a light harrow north and south then sowed the seed and harrowd east and west all done in one day by Wes Hiland and myself. I done all of the harrowing. The alfalfa seed was inoculated so if there is anything innoculation I ought to get a fair stand.

I disked the bottom land down at the Fish Pond the 23rd of March 21 and sowed timothy with a little Alsike and clover seed after I seeded the same to oats. I first sowed the seed broad cast then disk both ways after then harrowed over well and sowed grass seed.

Page 10 -13 Patients' names: Slaterly, Cook, Alfa Hoesel, Dan Haschell, Mrs Lowl, Wm Decker, Samp Allen, Fergeson, E. Rearick, H. Uhl, Jacob Beck, Anna Upp, Martin Keller, Mrs. Shall, George Sellers, John Shall, John Casper, Kitchner.

Page 12 Buchered 2 hogs December 18, l921 dressed about 250 each. Sold one cow & 6 calves to Zechel the 6 calves amount all together $160. Dec 30 I drove the cattle from E. Brown to the OKeef place to corn stock pasture which I paid $60 for to E. S. Ul-- 41 head.

Page 14 Spooner black jersey served by Will's holstein bull Jan 11, l921 will be due to calve Oct. 11, l921

Page 15 Book 27 I bought 2 bushels of timothy seed and 2 bushels of clover seed this day Jan 7, l921 from Glen Wilson. The clover seed is the Coxcomb variety raised by young Overmire. I put the seed in the drug store. I also have over at the Meredith house over 3 bushels of the same seed of Overmires raising, that I paid $11.00 pr bushel for and the last bought of Wilson 10 pr bushel.

Jan 8 1921 Will drove 10 cows up to OKeef place 2 of them comeback.

Settled with Dave Castelman and he owed me $25.25 took his note one day after date. Settled with Rob Pabsel 14.75 took his note.

Jan. 13, l921 Received 2 bushels of alfalfa clover seed from E. J. Kelsey, Marion, Kansas cost 10 pr bush at Marion and 4.50 express making $24.50. bought of Glen Wilson one bushel of alfalfa clover seed for 14.25 pr bushel Grimm variety.

Page 16 Book 27 Mrs. Rosenbaugh paid bill $45.50 Jan 14, l921.

Jan 18, l921 I ordered 2 tons of fertilizer of Glen Wilson $46. pr ton 7 pr ct off and I to get the fertilizer off of car on its arrival to be delivered not later than March 15, l921. Jan 20 Wes went out to husk corn at the Ranch. Bought 101/2 lbs Alsike clover seed and grain sack .57cts $3.80 Hung it up on the back porch.

Bought of Mosers sale 4 tons of oats straw $7 pr ton 28.00. Old buggy 5.00, old harness 2.00 buggy hornes 1.50, 1 collar canvas 30 cts. Paid cash $36.80

Feb 25 Bought 1 ton of alfalfa hay prime of Cevenber for $20 and paid him $3 three dollars on same . Present W. Kearick W. E. Kelsey.

Page 17 Book 27 Patients: Harry Lepo, Harman Uhl, Stephens, John Peterson, Robert King, George Burket, Ambrose Keitzer to visit wife.

Page 18 Jo Freese, Whiting, Sam Allen, Biddenger from Leiter's Ford, Charley Louis, John Peterson, A. Keitzer to visit wife.

Page19 Fred Fell was buried today Feb. 13, l921. Patients on Page 19: Ed Keller, Roy Keller, Fritzie, Whiting, Sam Allen, Frank Keitzer for wife.

Page 20 Book 27 Record of cows as to breeding and calving. Feb 28 l921 Daisy cow bought at Lawton served by W.E. K Holstein will drop calf December 2, l921 $80 cost Tuley $145. extra good. Wrote a letter to Wallace & Vanmaster Winamac, Ind. March 7, l921

March 11 Daisy Brucker cow calve bull, Runt hereford cow, Pet cow jersey bull, Rose cow a WEK's barn, Speeker Zorge cow, Also a 2 yr old heifer of W.E. K's, White face calved heifer, Ralston jersey, hereford cow with big tit calves, heifer fine calf. Apr. 7, I have 24 head of cattle out on the Reister place all looking well. There is 3 hereford calves out with them. Apr. 23 holstein cow calved heifer motle faced cow calved heifer, Rose cow at Will's barn served by holstein bull. (Skipped some words in copying.)

Page 21 Book 27 Babe born to A. J. Kelsey, girl, 6 lbs. March 7, l921 (Ruth Helena Kelsey Kleykamp)

Page 22 Nora Kelsey sick with the influenze March 9,10,11,12.

Page 23 March 18 Paid interest on the Shenk place and Reister land $383.25 Kleckner sale March 19, l921.

Pages 21-25 All patients listed before except Lee at Bass Lake, Tom Chaney,Clarence Fry, Dr. H. Lowe for wife, George Burket died at 7 April 13, l921, Oswald Smith, Dora Keller.

Page 27 Discharged Willie Hiland because he is no good and paid him in ----and to a receipt in full for all that was due him. Patients: Alfa Hoesel, Mrs. Whiting, Flo Allen, J. Beck, H. S. Fansler, Wolf at Delong, Ketchner boy hurt by explosion of ------at Wensel's not likely to die as he is no good. Dr. Parker of Ora died this morning, gangrene, Stevens.

Page 28 Book 27 Patients names: Alfa Hoesel, Dan Haschel, Jacob Beck, Tom Cheney. Mar. 26 Fine rains the 25, 26, 27 much needed good for the oats, clover and pastures. In fact is good for all vegetation in this locality.

Page 29 Book 27 June 1, Sold a corn plow to John & Wm Shaffer for $15.00 due 4 months after date with interest at 8 pr ct from date. May 2 Bought of M. Chapin stand of Italian bees 7.00 Paid her in full. June 4, l921 Filed my claim for Medical service rendered Wes Hiland family 79.75.

Page 29 Book 27 I visited C. K. Sennet South Bend, Ind. Germiad treatment. I prescribed for C.K. Sennet oil cheiopodian corlolick acid and sul quchsere oral filled No 2 capsules with orders to take one of the caps each morning and evening with the view of saturating the------ that will come in contact with the germs that causes his disease.

Page 30 Book 27 Record of the weather from Apr 6, l921 Apr. 17, 6 AM 30 ground covered with snow calm, fruit is not injured by this storm . Apples and pears are in good state of preservation now. Later report badly damaged.

May 6, Spring weather about 40 each morning. June weather every day and warm fine rain May 25, 26 & 27. May 30, very fine & warm up to 60. May 31, Fine morning and quite warm fine growing weather.

Page 31 Book 27 Mrs John Harts ( skipped words here) she is anemic and liver ailing as well as a tendency to dropsy. Her feet is swollen considerable now.

June 22, l921 Wrote a letter to A. Savery surveyor of Stark Co. I wrote in regard to reviewing the Hawkins ditch in NB Tp SC

Page 32 Book 27 May 27, l921 I took down to Samp Allen 2 bee hives which he agrees to put a swarm of bees in for me for one of the hives I took down as soon as they swarm.

June 1st Samp Allen put the honey boxes on my bees 24 stands. June 1, Finished seeding the 20 acres John Casper land to oats and buckwheat. The whole 20 acres except where it is burned out recently is seeded including the ditch bank. June 12, W.E. K. cut his last full alfalfa Sat the 10th of June and haled it in the 12th about 3 tons. Wes is harrowing the field on the Reister place 2/3rd of the 55 acres on east side.

C. K. Sennet I examined him at the hospital at Health Win the 11th of June l922. I found him improved and a fair prospect of recovery in the future likely one year or more provide he takes treatment I have presscribed and conforms to the care and treatment at the hospital. His left lung is solidfied and seemingly no air or resperates through the left lung. His right lung is good and will likely not be disturbed if no medling in his case surgicaly to restore the function of the left lung.

Page 36 Book 27 June 1st 1921 I made a contract with Wes Hiland to pay him $35 pr month for his work attending to the feeding every day including Sundays 8.75 each week provide he looses no time. I have paid him 9.00 each week up to July 2, 1.25 more than what is due. He owes me one dollar for 1 bushel of seed potatoes making 2.25 he owes me this evening after I paid him his weekly earnings.

Page 37 Book 27 Put a fence on the east line of the 20 I bought of John Casper in Stark County, Ind. July 11, l921 40 rods on the south end being my share I bought of Brock 80 rods of gavanic and paid him $4.80 for same. Sold my hogs 15 head for 9 cts for 14 of them pr lb. and 81/2 for one. The 14 head weighed 2030 x9 = $212.45 One weighed 350 at 81/2 = 29.75.

Page 39 Book 27 Chapman boy worked 8 hours.

Henry Warner died at Winamac, Ind. 23 of July l921.

Aug. 1, l921 Rained in the evening hard and during the night and still raining in the morning of the 2nd. Greatly needed for growing crops especially pasture and to make it possible to plow for crops of any kind.

Page 40 Book 27 Record of farming spring of l921 & summer. March 25, l921 Sowed clover seed alfalfa timothy and a little Alsike on the field south of the school house. I first harrowed the ground north and south then sowed about 70 lbs of mixed seed principally red clover broad cast. Then harrowed it in east and west. I done the harrowing both ways in less then one day & Wes Hiland sowed the seed.

The field is in rye midling good stand enough to make a nurse crop and break the force of the wind. March 26 Prepared the ground at the Fish Pond and seeded it to oats and mixture of grass seed. First sowed the oats and disked it in both ways. Then harrowed it well. 2 days after the river raised and backed the water over most of the acres seeded to oats, and dislodged the crop.

I bought of Wm Kahler all of the plank at the bridge piled out except a small pile on the north end west side for $12. Give my check for same Aprile 1st l921. Apr 1 Seeded to clover and alfalfa 20 acres on Shenk farm where W.E. & I raised corn l920. The east 1/2 of the 20 acres I first harrowed it over 2 times the west half I disked it both ways then harrowed it over 3 times. Then sowed alfalfa on the north end about 20 rods south then sowed alfalfa on the west 10 acres entire length of the field.

The east half I seeded with mixed seed with a little more alfalfa then was in the seed south of the school house. Then cross sowed the west 1/2 about 9 acres to with one peck of alfalfa seed after which I harrowed the ground east and west. This sowing and harrowing it in was done in one day. Apr. 1, l921 I done most of the harrowing by hitching 3 horses behind the buggy making more speed then by driving the usual way. I first manured the west 10 acres before I disked the ground with good stable and barn yard manure, 7 loads pr acre.

Apr 4, l921 Sowed red clover seed Alsike alfalfa and timothy on new ground where rye is growing. Harrowed it both ways in order to make a good seed bed and to cover the seed. NO GOOD

Raked the clover field and halled it off the 6 & 7 of Apr. The weeder is the best to rake up the stocks & stuble and the hay rake to bunch it. The weeder cultivates the clover and benefits.

Apr. 7, l921 I planted 9 rows of potatoes Irish Cobler where I grew potatoes last year. Ground in fine condition. I plowed it last fall and harrowed over a few days since Apr 7, l921

Apr. 8 and 9 double disked the ground south of the woods.

Apr 11, Disked orchards on Shenk place the apple orchard both ways and sowed them both to clover alfalfa Alsike and timothy the 13 of Apr l921 and harrowed over 3 times before I sowed the seed and once after. The plum orchard harrow once before seeding and once after.

Apr. 15 Commenced to disk on the Reister place south of the rye and orchard.

Harrowed the rye at the Reister place Apr 18, l921. Sowed about 8 acres to red clover alfalfa Alsike and timothy and harrowed it in. Then sowed about 150 lbs of land plaster & hyd lime 3 parts LP

Page 43 Book 27 C. R. Sennet 90 Health Win South Bend, Ind. Apr. 16, l921 Prescribed for C. R. Sennet 24 capsules containing about 5 drops of oil of chenopodium and powder genhan 1 gr. in each capsule using bicarb soda to prepare same. I gave him directions to take 3 each day for 3 days then omit for 3 days and resume and take 3 each day for 3 days 1/2 to 1 hour before meals. Apr. 16, 1921.

Apr. l921 Wrote a letter to M. A. Diltz in answer to one he wrote me asking what I would take for the 40 acres of land near Winamac. I answered him and said that $4000.00 would buy it and $200.00 to him for selling it.

Apr. 21, l921 Planted peach seed on the Burch lot north side 12 rods long.

Page 44 Book 27 Apr. 21, l921 I sent 75 cts to state government agent to issue license to practice medicine and use opium.

I sent check to County Treasure of P.C. dated the 25th of Apr. l921 to pay the spring installment on 40 acres in Monroe and tax on Lot 19 in Winamac, Ind. Did not take all sent me back $5.35.

Serephen Casper planted the west part of the field corn May 12 & 13. He did not plow only about 5 inches deep. John Casper planted the 20 acres north of the dredge ditch when I grew corn l920 May 10 & 11. The ground is in fine condition as to moisture.

Page 45 Book 27 Commenced to improve the John Casper 20 acres May 13, l921afternoon by first disking it with 4 hands. First 1/2 day & hand $4.00, Sat 14, day & 2 hands 1/2 day with the 2 hands Monday 16, Disk with 4 hands. $6.00 Finished seeding the whole 20 acres June 2, l921 about 19 days work done more to improve the 20 acres in 19 days than John Casper done in 40 years.

Commenced to disk the field on Reister place south of where I seeded to oats and buckwheat Sat the 4 of June which I will seed to oats or cowpeas. Finished disking it both ways June 10, l921 and commenced to harrow it oposite the last way of disking which will make a good seed bed. I intend to disk in the seed. I seed the land with first of the comeing week.

Page 46 M.E. Rearick died June 22, 3AM l921 Apoplexy due to the use of tobacco smoking. I warned him several times of the damage it was doing him and what it would result in. Paralize the nerves and cause apoplexy.

Made application for use of opium narcotics and license for year of 1921 from July l921 to July 1922 and paid $3.00 June 23, l921

Received 3 pair of socks .39 cts. Also the smoker. No studs.

I am going to see S.A. Miller near Andrews with Sennets and Harmans. We arrived about noon and found them all well. Returned home at 10 PM same day.

Page 47 Book 27 A.M. Kleckner's barn on his farm in Fulton County, Ind. struck by lighting and burned June 27, l921. Rained the 27th in the afternoon and wet the ground down 4 inches much needed. 28th rained in the forenoon so the corn & grass is much benefited.

29th cleaned up and very hot. July 1st hot and clear, 2nd 96 in the shade and getting dry.

I disked the alfalfa 10 acres west of the rye 10 acres with the little seeder disk the 29th & 30th. I also disked the alfalfa south of the clover field about 7 acres 27 of June and the 2 acres south of the plum orchard the 2nd of July . I am of the opinion that the disking will be of much benefit. The 20th of June to the 14th of July for 10 days in succession hot 94 to 98 each day. Monday 4th 98 in the shade. Need rain badly. July 14, l921 had a good rain at Monterey, Ind. Much needed.

Page 49 Book 27 Took off first honey this day. Aug. 1st l921 pretty well filled with honey.

I went to Knox and filed a petition for a realotment of my allotment on the Hawkins ditch. Filed it with the suveyor A.H Savory. I gave John F. Borg a copy of the petition I filed with the surveyor for a realotment of my part of the Hawkins ditch in North Bend Township Stark County. Oscar B. Smith prepared the petition for me for 2.00. I paid him and said I would sign the petition at A.H Savory's office Aug. 8, l921.

Page 51 Book 27 I disked the ground west of the Shenk barn about 21/2 acres over 3 times and harrowed it twice then seeded it alfalfa about 10 lbs. pr acre and after sowing it harrowed it in. The seed is what was grown near Crown Point WEK inoculated the same. The ground is in fine condition for the seed to come up. Commenced to prepare the ground 9 & 10 and sowed it on the 12th of August.

I commenced to disk the 10 acres south of the barn where I sowed alfalfa the spring of l921. Harrowed it over well on the morning of the 13th and then sowed about 8 lbs pr acre with the Crown Point seed then harrowed it in. Ground in fine condition. Finished it.

Page 52. Book 27 Monterey, Ind. August 14, l921

I am 86 years old today. Born August 14, l935 in Perry County Ohio, 7 miles from Sommerset which was the County seat of Perry County at that time.

I am in a good state of health at this time. No ailing of any kind existing. Mentally I am as good as I ever was at my best to fully understand and comprehend and do especialy in the practice of medicine. Physicaly I notice that I am not so active and firm in my movements. I have lost in weight in the last year 15 lbs and there is shrinking of the skin on my hands and neck . Otherwise normal. My circulation is fine, no weakness of the heart. My digestion is good, much better than when I was 40 years old.

I drink but little coffee, never drink any intoxicants. I used tobacco for 20 years of my life until I was 39 years old. Would not now be living if I had not quit. WmKelsey

Page 53 Book 27 I was out to the Ranch the 14th of this month. There are 56 head of horses and colts there all in good condition. The pastures are good. The corn is almost ripe and very good considering the cultivation. The oats and rye crop a failure and the caring for it by Seraphin Casper also a failure.

Page 54 Book 27 Settled with Tom Chenney this day all things between us. He owes me this date Aug.15, $26.25.

Paid Brock in full to date August 25, l921

Seeded to alfalfa the clover field south of the barn 21 & 22 of August. Disked it twice then harrowed it and sowed 8 lbs. pr acre of the Kansas seed pr acre and harrowed it in.

Seeded about 9 acres of alfalfa east and south of the orchard the 24, 25, 26, sowed 8 lbs. pr acre. I disked twice then harrowed it well. Then disked it with the seeder disk. Then harrowed it and sowed the seed after which harrowed the seed in . Then run over it with the weeder. I don't know whether I will succeed or not. Finished sowing alfalfa this day August 26, l921 about 40 acres. I made a good seed bed and I think sowed good seed. The weather is fine for germinating.

Page 55 Book 27 Lewis sow served by W.E. Kelsey's boar Aug. 5, l921 Due to farrow Dec.5, l921.

Sunday 2. I took 2 boxes of honey off the hive. I got of Tom Chapmen about 20 lbs. I took 3 weeks previous about 15 lbs Aug 28, I put on 2 super one of them had 28 the others 31.

Sunday 28th I brought of Fran S. Allen a hive he put in one of my old hives about 10 days since I put it in the shed where my other 3 stand of bees are. I made 2 supers today that holds 26 to 30 sections and 2 that holds 12 sections east one set on top of the other double. I think they are just as good as the ones that Sears and Roebuck makes and do not cost more than 1/4 as much. Easy done when a man knows how and willing to work and save much. We are having fine rains, which is just right for alfalfa and pasture also fiting the ground so we can plow. The corn has been greatly benefited by the rain. Much of the corn is better.

Page 56 Book 27 (cont.) Aug. 24 I took off a super the hive next to the stable that was filled all right 24 sections. This is one of the swarms I bought of Roggers for $9. with the super filled.

Sept 1, I put supers on all of the hives 2 on each double. The honey pasture is fine now. Swam need buckwheat alfalfa & white clover plenty if the pasture should --- 3 weeks. I am of the opinion that the 4 stands will gather more than 100 lbs.

Page 57 Book 27 August 22, l921 I received from E. J. Kelsey 2 bushel of clover seed from Marion, Kansas. Sowed 1 bushel south of the buggy barn on Shenk place.

Patients were: Frank Houser, Al Masters, Mrs. Shall, A. Miller, Mrs. S. Allan, Flo Allen, Tom Channey.

Page 61 Book 27 Sent check for $485.80 to Martha Rouch cashier of Leiters Ford Bank to pay the Brown note pr statement sent me the 8 which I returned Sept. 9th, l921. Sept 10th I sent interest they claimed of $27.44. $25.55 is all that was due them. This makes $512.24 to pay the Brown note. A great mistake in the purchase and allowing it to run on interest for 9 months & 20 days.

Sept 11, l921 Raining hard for more than 1 hour. Lanie Kelsey, AJK and Mary have gone to church. I presume to confess their sins and tell the lord what they want and what he should do in general. How foolish and heathenish is most of mankind. Not much above the Chinese and other heathen nations. Superstitious and very ignorant very easy to humbug. The preachers are on to this job and make an easy living and some get rich in their efforts. Take the cash out of the ministry there would be but little left. Some of them believe what they preaches is true, many of them know they are simply humbuging the people.

Page 62 Book 27 Received the Brown note from Leiters Bank amounted principle 485.80 interest 27.44 $573.24 Sept 15, l921 Bad deal sure.

Repaired fence east of the plum orchard.

Wes plowed new ground and drilled it to rye about the 10th of October. Come up fine prior to the 22 of Oct. 1921. Harrowed the alfalfa west of the barn also the 8 or 10 acres on the south of clover field and the 10 acres on the west with sl--- harrow teeth up straight. There are some insects in the alfalfa that are trimming it and doing some damage. Not so much as the grass and weeds are doing.

Oct. 15 Rye come up fine on the field south of the school house 6 days after drilling it in with disk 11/4 bush pr acre.

Page 64 Book 27 I give my check to Sam Agnew for the Wm Hartman blacksmith tools and loaned them to Tom Chenney to use and pay me $5 each month from the 23rd day of Sept l921 with interest at 8 pr ct from date.

Bought 200 lbs of midlenes from J. Bear for 1.35 pr 100, $2.70. For the hogs that I am fatening. Wes halled manure on the potatoe ground Burch lot and plowed it in the afternoon 6 inches deep. I intend to plant potatoes next spring l922.

Page 65 Book 27 Beauty cow served by WE Kelsey holstein bull Sept 30, l921. Oct 10 Whiteface cow serviced by WE Kelsey bull.

Sept. 30, 1921 Commenced at noon to drill rye in the field south of the school house 1 bushel north and south and 1/2 bushel east and west. Finished drilling Oct. 3, l921 The seed bed is fine I first plowed the ground in the last 8 days. Harrowed it twice. The ground is in fine condition for the rye to come up. Variety of rye Rosen pure. (or Pine)

I commenced to seed the land south of the woods11/4 bushel strong pr acre disked it in north & south. The ground was plowed about 5 inches deep and then harrowed it over twice. Rye bought of Russel 90 cts pr bushel. Seeded the field east of the 10 acres of alfalfa 10 acres to rye 11/4 pr acre disked north & south Oct. 5 & 6th ground in fine condition to insure comeing up variety of rye Rosen got of Andy Smith 1.00 pr bushel. Rained during the night of the 6th and all day the 7th. Oct. 8th Finished disking WE Kelsey's acre field with Rosen rye. (sic)

Page 69 Book 27 Oct 12, l921 Tilly Shall visited us, Hot Springs, South Dacota.

Nov 12, Sowed timothy seed at the Ranch on the north 10 acres after harrowing the ground first. 13th, Racked it and gathered up the rakings. Sowed altogether about 25 acres. Oct.13th Harrow the oats 10 acres on the east and sowed timothy seed. Quite frosty in the morning. Thermometer 36 at 6 AM. Oct 14 Sowed to timothy seed the 10 acres south of the stacks after harrowing it first. I harrowed 6 acres in the forenoon while Wes Hiland sowed the timothy seed about 3/4 of a bushel pr acre. Enough if sowed even, altogether about 25 acres. Oct. 15 Commence to drill rye at the Ranch north of where J. Casper raised corn. Commenced on the south side drilling east & west about 30 acres some timothy seed on the north end and west side about 5 acres.

Oct. 16 Went to Jennie Hogan's to visit Oct. 16, l921 had a fine time.

Page 70 Book 27 Oct. 18, l921 Finished seeding rye on the Ranch about 30 acres. Got the seed of Ann Kleckner Rosen rye one bushel pr acre disk drill. I mowed the nettles and raked them up and burned them, so the field looks much improved. I don't know whether they will come up in the spring and damage the rye or not. If they do the land will need to be plowed and the nettle roots destroyed the same as Canada thistle. 19th raining this morning.

Put 18 loads of manure on the alfalfa west of the barn Oct.19 & 20. 21st Disked over the 21 forenoon. There is not a very good stand. Commenced to manure the alfalfa on the north 1/2 of the 10 acres on west side 6 loads pr acre good barn yard manure.

Page 71 Book 27 I visited C. Sennett at South Bend, Indiana Oct. 30, 1921 I examined him and find him in a very bad state of health on account of pulmonary tuberculosis as general tuberculosis conditions outside of his lungs. His weight now is 106. His temperature is 100 & 5/10. He is not hopefull. Prognosis unfavorable.

Nov. 9, l921 First snow of the fall about 1/2 inch deep. snowed a little during the day of the 9th. Melted most all as fast as it snowed. 11th 2nd snow about same as first. 13th 3rd. snow about11/4 inches. 16th heavy rain day. 17 & 18 heavy rain night.

Page 73 Book 27 Bought at T. Chapman's sale the following articles. Nov. 15, l921 Bought at Allen sale cupboard, table and some other things gave check $17.05

1Milwake mover 36.00

1 holstein heifer 39.00

one bugy harness .75

one brush scythe .50

one hay knife .40

4 mover sickels .30

one bugy fill & tongue .35

l bugy fills .10

1 potato scop .50

1 6 tine fork

1 pitch fork .25

Lots of sacks .75

1 pump .50

1 " 2.75

1 plow 2.50 84.85

Discount Nov. 15 give check for 83.05 to Tom Chapman sold the calf to Burch for $40.00 I made in handeling the cow & calf. $24.50

Nov. 16 Halling coal for house use.

Flo Allen sale: 17.00 1 table 3.00 pillows 2.00 Cupboard 3.50 Mating 3 lots. Not a good deal.

Page 74 Book 27 Princes George cow had a calf Nov. 22, l921 Heifer fine. The cow looks good and has a splendid udder. The calf ought to save for a cow sired by WE Kelsey registered holstein bull. Cup holstein cow had a calf November 25, l921 heifer. I intend to let W E K milk her and raise the calf for me.

Page 76 Book 27 I ordered from Sear Roebuck & Co. 10 rolls of bar hide roofing 35 lbs. 1.70 pr roll. Other patients this page: Doctor Lowe, Alfa Hoesel, Dan Haschel, Jacob Beck, Frank Keitzer to visit Paul 3.75 to visit in evening 2.75 Doctor Consuel met me in council everything all right and satisfactory. Boy all right next morning without any change in treatment.

Page 77 Book 27 Dec 10, l921 Drove 43 head of cattle to George Wensel place Saturday Dec l921 Paid Fechner $12.00 and to a receipt for same and contract for pasturing up to March 1st, l922 10 acres of stock and 30 acres of timothy clover and Red top. Splendid. I also contracted for 20 acres more of stock for 12.50 that I am to turn into as soon as he husks the corn and pasture up to March 1st. l922.

Wrote in regard to Minute potash D.D. Johnson 35 N. Dearborn Street Chicago, Ill. Sent the letter I reeived H. A. Hueston 42 Broadway New York who handels potash. My check book 3989.21 check 10.38 = $3999.59

Page 78 Monterey Bank Record of transactions from Dec. 16, 1921 and on Grant Burket note $1099.00 6 months after date 8 pr ct. Dec 16 l921 interest in bank. Bank account 82.00, A. Keitzer rent 22.00, Clarence Fry rent 6.00.

Page 79 Book 27 December wrote a letter to John Keitzer Logansport, Ind. Dec. 26, l921 asking him to send me check for $15.00 also to Ira Wade same.

Jan 14 Farmers Co Operate Co. owes me $2.90. They have not given me credit for. I give my note to them and there should be a credit of 2.90 on the note that they did not give me.

Page 80 Book 27 Key to lock hangs up where the themomstat hung.

Tom Cheney moved to Milford, Indiana left me with old B. Smith tool that he agreed to pay for $5 each month beginning Oct. 23, l921. I bought them off Agnew for $70.00 and intended for Tom Chenney to use them until he paid for them $5. each month.

Page 81 Jan 28, l922 Rose cow died from calving and neglect she had a heifer calf white face sired by W E Kelsey holstein bull. I intend to raise it. The calf died from neglect to care for it. ( He is mad)

Tilie Keitzer was buried today Jan 29, l922 She died on the Thursday previous.

Page 84 Book 27 Record of notes and business transactions that I have to meet. Give Ann Kleckner my note to pay off the note of $277.50 and interest of 12.50 and for 25 bushel of rye 22.50 making in all $312.50 due 6 months after date. Date of note December 20, 1921 with 8 pr ct interest. The $277.00 note is in the Monterey Bank to be given to me when Ann Kleckner shows the $312.50 note I give for the taken up the $277.50.

Page 86 Book 27 Jan. 11, l922 Attended the Vegen sale and bough or bid off $3.00 bush corn at 40 cts pr bushel.(sic) W E Kelsey bid off $57. of sheded foder 6 tons or more and stack timothy hay for $34 making in all $171.00. We give our note for due 6 months from date at 6 pr ct interest. There is some corn yet not estimated and not settled for. I settled for 200 bushel the ballance to be settled for when we had it and get it weighed.

Jan11. I purchased the Rowel corn in the north end of the barn about 300 bushel for 100 dollars which I wrote a check for and give the check to Charley Stevenson wife. W.E.Kelsey present when I paid for the corn $100.00

Jan 13. Drove from George Wensel farm where Oto Fechner live 43 head of cattle most of them W E Kelsey's to the Ranch in Stark Co. except 9 head. We pastured them 33 days for $12.50 cts on good corn stock and timothy clover and blue grass and they gained in flesh and look good. The value of the pasture was not less then $2.15 pr day for 33 days $69.95. I had purchase the field of stocks west of where we turned in which was all.

Page 87 Book 27 bough part of oats straw stack on Whiteside place of Addick for $2.00 and paid by check in full also bough 6 tons of timothy hay in the barn for $10.00 pr ton. Halled 12 loads of straw away and finished halling Jan 30th good deal. Jan 30 Commenced to hall the hay the 30th of Jan. Halled two loads first day altogether about 5 tons. W.E. Kelsey got all except about 11/2 tons.

Page 88 Book 27 Bought of Claudia Addington twenty five feet off of the north end of the stack of oats on the Whiteside place where Addington lives for $20.00 and 6 tons of timothy hay in the north end of the barn on the Tame place and paid twenty dollars down and the remainder prior to February 8, l922, I am to pay. He is a good one to help himself. I don't think he would cheat himself out of anything he could get away with.

Page 89 Jan 23, l922 Killed 2 horses on the RR belonging to Boyles about 1 PM.

Sent a letter to E. J. Kelsey Jan 23, l922. Received answer Jan 29, l922. Sent another letter the 30 inquiring about alfalfa clover seed.

W.E.K. and I went to Winamac this afternoon to see A. Freeman and get an extension of our loan. My loan that will fall due the 16th of Aprile l922 $55.00. I aplied for an increase of 1500 which would make my loan if increased $7000 .

W.E.Kelsey original loan was 3000 he wanted an increase of 2000 which would make his $5000. Commission 3 pr ct was the agreement with Freeman. It is much easier to get in debt than to get out.

Page 90 & 91 all weather report. Top of page hard to read. Amel Hendrickson dummy would not answer when you called him or shake. All fools have a similar habit. They need watching for they don't have far to go to get crazy.

Page 92 Book 27 Sent a letter to Carl Vergin Plymouth, Ind and statement of corn. There was 270 bushels and 42 lbs. Two hundred bushels. I settled for on day of sale leaving a ballance of 70 bushels and 42 lbs. to settle for $28.25 -60 = $27.65 I sent him my note for same due 6 months after date which was Jan. 11, l922 The whole anount as to weight. I reported 18780 lbs. 68 lbs pr bushel. Mailed the letter Feb. 7, l922

Drove 26 head of cattle from the Ranch to Veberts on old John good farm and turned them in the barn yard to rye straw stack. Splendid place for them.

Page 94 Book 27 Bought at Mrs Addison's sale Feb 7, l922

1 mare 50.00 Old wagon

1 2 yr old colt 33.00 bugy pulls & tongue

12 pigs 3 hog troughs

1 cresent saw 1 box fruit cans

junk 1 barrel fruit cans

singel shovel plow light wagon rack

double corn plow

Gave my note 9 months after date $197.00

Tuberculosis clinic March 6 to 11th l922.

Page 95 Feb 14, l922 I attended the Farm sale and bought the Phil Wagner double harness and a tracter.

Page 96 Feb 24, 1922 Bought at Hales sale

10 sacks of oats 9.00

one pure bred Poland sow 34.00

one colt 28.50

oats hay 6.00

3 bushel seed corn 1.95

Corn 50 cts pr bushel 66.00

hog crate .70

Bought of Jo Keller 100 bush seed oats for 38 cts pr bushel and checked him $20 on the same ballance did him when I get the oats $18.00 I got 32 of same lbs. Bought of Peter Langenbahn 27 bushels of corn for 35 cts pr pushel and paid him by check for same 121.49. I put the corn in the north part of WE K's south cribb.

Bonus Soldier Bill passed the House of Congress March 24, l922 353 voted for it.

Page 99 Book 27 March 27, l922 I wrote a letter to Tom Chenney Milford, Ind. notifying him that I place to his credit on the note he give me and that he to pay me $35.00 and a little interest and get them all settled. (sic)

March 30 I turned the cattle on the Reister place. Grass is short but growing a little.

Sat. 31 Brought them off and turned them on stock pasture WE K's on account of snow storm.

Page 100 Book 27 Sec. 22, l921 my checks returned.

December 22 Ballance $82.03

22 Deposite from A. Keitzer 22.00

March 21, l920 Renewed the mortgage on the Reister place to $7000.00 due Apr. 1st. l927 6 pr ct interest, Commission 3 pr ct , $210 paid to Freeman. W. E. Kelsey present after paying interest due and commission. I received a check for $1216.95 which I put in bank at Monterey, Ind.

March 29, l922 I ordered from Frank S. Betz Hammond, Ind a medicine case. No 35745 $16.50 Sent a check.

March 29, I wrote Swife & Company for price on 3 tons of knit 3 of acid phosfate and 1 ton of in potash delivered at Monterey, Ind. (sic)

Cut big tree in front E.Kelberger house in Monterey, Ind and cut up all of the tree for wood, except 22-----------of the wood or more.

Page 101 Charles R. Sennett died at Health Win Sanatorium South Bend, Ind. March 21, l922 at 3 AM Brough home to Monterey, Ind. on train in the evening March 21st at 8:30.

Corn from F. Scheuer $10.18

Anne Holmes 4.39

Peter Langenbahn 12.00

March 28 Commenced to spray my plum trees in the orchard below in the forenoon. Sprayed in the south orchard all except one row &1/2 lime sulphur 3 lbs to 8 gal water and 2 oz posses grien. (doubt last 2 words)

Mar 29, Sprayed in chicken park, plum trees and 11/2 rows down on Shenk place and in hog lt. Finished spray all my fruit trees about 4:50.

April 11, l922 Spooner black jersey cow served by W.E.Kelsey holstein bull Apr. 11, l922 due to calve Jan. l923, 11th.

April 10, Commenced to seed to oats at the Ranch about 50 acres south of the dredge ditch 2 bushel pr acre one bushel each way with disk drill.

Apr. 25 Wilie Hiland skipped to Milford not much account except I am with him. He is a sherker and seemingly done know much.

Page 103 Book 27 Buchanan jersey cow will calve about May 5, l922 Follmar cow served by Diamond Apr. 26, l922.

Apr. 8 Planted 6 rows of potatoes Irish coblers. I plowed the ground and harrowed 4 times with spring tooth harrow. Then maked it out and droped 1 piece about every 16 inches. Then I put a big handfull of scrapings of the barn yard on each piece of potatoe and then covered them 4 or 5 inches deep. I don't know what effect the barn yard scrapings will do in the way of making them yield well. I am of the opinion that is a good thing to do and if it proves all right I do it again. The puting on the manure requires but little more time than the droping the potatoes.

I finished reseeding about 30 acres of alfalfa today. I first disked it with the alfalfa disk then sowed the seed and harrowed it with 3 section harrow. I believe that it is the right way to reseed. No damage to the growing clover but a benefit.Aprile 10, 1922

Apr. 13 Finished reseeding W. E. Kelsey's alfalfa 5 acres next to Russels. 4 acres west of barn & 3 acres west of the 3 acres west of the orchard.

Page 104 Book 27 Apr 13, Commenced to seed the ground east and south of the orchard on the Reister place about 8 acres with clover seed. Timothy & Alsike. I first disked it then harrowed it.

Cow struck by lighting Tuesday night 12th Apr. l922 worth $65.00 2/3rd value.

The plum and pear trees are almost out in bloom weeks later than in Apr. l921.

Disked on the Reister place with 2 disk about 20 acres 10 or 12 on the north side by Wes and 8 or 10 on south side by Willie. I am doing this because it is to wet at the Ranch to seed oats or do any cultivating of the land. It is the wetes in 15 years and the softets all over the lands that are low. No farm being done anywhere except on high sandy lands in this part of the country Aprile 15, l922. (sic)

Page 105 Book 27 Explosion at the restaurant in Follmar Building in Monterey. 7 AM Apr. 7, Gasoline stove exploded. Damage to the inside more than $500.00.

Apr 20, l922 Sent draft for $110.00 to the Treasurer of Stark Co. to pay spring installment on my land in North Bend Township.

I seeded to clover alfalfa timothy and alsike seed about 15 acres. Principaly red clover seed on the field north and west of the barn on the Reister place. Sowing more seed pr acre than usual, especial on the first 8 acres on the north. I prepared the ground as follows, disked deep both east and west then harrow it well and sowed the seed. Then harrowed it in right after sowing except 1/6 of the piece on the east on the south part. I did not harrow after it was sowed. Finished it on the 22nd of Apr. l922. The method of preparing the seed bed seems to be all right and I am of the opinion I will get a good stand. I will notice the result and remember the method of seeding. I seed from the north to the white oak tree on the highest and best suited for clover.

Page 106 & 107 Weather, patients, and cows bred. Filed with A. Hoesel May 9th Wes Hiland bill 110.00, also one of Tom Chenney 42.25, also one on Vince Wald 16.25.

Page 109 Book 27 I sent 2.50 to Tribune Co. Chicago for 3 months daily. May 23, l922. I sent $3. to Indianapolis report on narcotics and license to use same.

Sent my claim to J. C. Hart auditor Pulaski Court to fill the medical service rendered Wes Hiland family. OKed by Alfa Huesel, Trustee my bill was $110.25. Service up to May 9th l922.

Wes Hiland finished plowing the 20 acres next to Rowel's on May 23 and commenced to harrow same diagonal. Plowed the land 7 inches deep. Selected seed corn out of the J. Casper corn raised on the Ranch l921 and checked it. May 26th & 27th then harrowed it on the 29th Fine condition.

Jo Marbaugh was buried May 2, l922. Died at South Bend, 3 day previous.

June 8, I ordered from Montgomery Ward & Co. 300 sectio-- scalloped 135 pr 100 4.05 partial post .10 = 4.15

Page 110 Book 27 Commenced to plant corn at the Ranch adjoining Rowel's land. Finished May 28, l922 not a very good stand. I harrowed it over diagonal 3 days after planting and then sowed land plaster on about 10 acres on the south. June 12 Not a good stand I should have disked it and harrowed until more comp--t and had some man to plant that knew how.

I planted the ground south of John Marbaugh's to potatoes Monday the 12th and Tuesday the 13th, l922. I plowed the ground last fall again in May l922 and later the first of June l922. The last time 8 inches deep and harrowed it over 2 times with spring tooth harrow. The furrowed it out one way twice in the same furrow. 30 rows on the west Rural (NY), next 3 rows Irish cobblers, next 22 rows don't know, look like late rose.

Page 111 Book 27 On the night of the 25th of June cold. Dropped from 98 to 56o. Monday morning June 26, l922 the cold freeze of l918 4 years since was the night of the 22 of June. (sic)

Page 112 Book 27 I hived a swarm of bees of John Steis the 25th of June. Hybrids. I put them in the new hive I made out of the Carolina popular I had sawed up by Diltz. I noticed that on the 27th they were working fine.

Finished cultivating the 18 acres corn adjoing Rowel's at the Ranch and also cuting out the weeds.

Page 113. Book 27 July 6 fine rain, lasted 1 hour much needed.

July 3 Planted about 1000 hills of potatos at the Ranch. NO GOOD Oct. 10, l922

July 5 Planted some sweet corn I got seed of Langenbahn.

Commenced to cultivate the corn last time on the 20 acres at the Ranch July 6, l922.

Page 114 Book 27 July 10, l922 Fine rain at Monterey weting the ground down 4 inches. Not much at S. Exavers nor at Knox, Ind. Done lots of good to the corn and late potatoes also will benefit the pasture on the Reister place. Good for our alfalfa on the Shenk place.

I paid $28.49 part of the Vergene debt. W.E.Kelsey paid $17l.10 the ballance. There was $35. for hay and shed--- 51 = $86.00.On day of sale about $6. interest about 250 bushels of corn was bought and put in W.E. Kelsey's cribb and fed by him to his stock. I halled all the hay & foder to his place for him about 12 loads. I also halled all the corn.

Page 115 Book 27 Wes Hiland quit working for me the 12th day of July l922. I am glad he quit. He demanded $10. pr week, team to go visiting, cow to milk, wood, garden, truck patch, and house to live in. He said if I did not give it to him he would quit. I told him I would not give what he asked, that he should quit as I had no strings to him. I told him I would give him 20 cts pr hour same as other men got at farming and no more. He said he would not take it but wanted the 10.00 pr week and other favors as stated above. He went to Delong to get work. I don't believe he will get 1/2 as much as I give him. He is a very disagreeable man to have anything to do with. Sometimes he seems to have but little sense and very poor judgment. I have paid him almost twice as much as he earned for me in the past 15 years, and keep him out of the poor house and his family for 3 years. But he does not know enough to appreciate the favors I have done him. I am of the opinion that his family will go to the poor house in less than 3 months from the fact he will not earn enough to feed them & clothe them.

I am also of the opinion that he will want to come back to me before winter. I believe that I am better off without him and would have been for 15 years if I had not had him around. Sometimes he done very well but when he done bad all the good he done was lost. I know him better than he knows himself and better than any other person knows him. He will surprise many people he deals with without he changes his ways. I am of the opinion he will never be any better, but grow worse as he gets older and broke down from previous disease and his habit of chewing tobacco and smoking.

Page 118 Book 27 Vanmeter rented 40 acres for rye l921 & 1922. 2/5th my share and all the straw.

Page 119 Aug. 3, I wrote a letter to Tom Chenney to come and see me and I would give him much better wages than I give Wes Hiland.

Aug. 3 I paid Sam Agnew up in full for black smithing 4.00 Sam Agnew debit to 1 bushel plums which I agree to get black smithing due 2.50.

Page 120 Book 27 Thrashed my rye & Will's August 7 & 8. I had to help me the following parties. Jo Johnson 1 day, Frank Keitzer 11/4 days, Sam Allen 11/4, Andy Smith 11/4, Andy Smith's boy 11/4, John Exaver 11/4, Courtney 11/4.

W.E.Kelsey had the following hands. Rushaw 11/4, G. Burhnell 1/14, Kertchner 11/4, Russel boy 2 days. August 4, l922 I do not intend to grow either wheat or rye when I can not get one dollar pr bushel unless I can hire to work for 1/2 what I now have to pay. WmKelsey.

Page 121 Book 27 Received of Clarence Fry $14 in cash and $8 cuting wood last February l922 making $22 to apply on rent past due for the months of January, Feb, March, Apr, May, June, July l922 at $6 pr month on dwelling house in Monterey amounting for the 8 months $48.00 deducting the $22.00 paid this day at ballance of $26.00 that will pay up to the end of the $8 months Aug. 31, l922.

Page 122, Book 27 August 25 John Borge Trustee N.B. Tp S. C. notified me to clean the Hawkin Ditch 16 stations. I conc--ed to clean it let it cost what it may. If I fight it, it would cost me an attorney fee and considerable for witness and a lot of time and might posibly loose the case. A.H. Savory promised me to review and correct the mistake of over assessing me and ajourned the hearing on the 11th of Aug. l920. The purpose he made in the presence of Abel, Ray & W.E. Kelsey and myself in his office. He said he would do nothing unless the dredge ditch was improved.

Page 123 Book 27 I insured my hay at Ranch 30 tons $10 pr ton 300.00, 15 ton barn Shenk place 15 150.00, Farm Implements as follows I had 3 wagons, Thor horse, 1 spring wagon, 2 harrows, 1 disk wheat drill, a disk seed sower, 3 riding cultivators, 2 riding tracker plows, 1 gang plow,1 weeder, 2 bugies, 1 hoe drill, 2 hay rakes, 3 walking plows, 1 manure spreader, 1 disk, $700,00 on grain.

Page 124 Book 27 August 14, l922 5AM I am 87 years old this day born in Perry County, Ohio August 14, l835. Moved to Huntington County February l849, 7 miles east on the banks of the Wabash River south side about 3 miles west of town of Markle.

I began the study of medicine when I was 15 years old with Doctor Scott of Markle, Ind.

I commenced to practice medicine when I was 20 years old. I attend medical college the session of l856 and seven Columbus, Ohio. I moved to Monterey, Indiana Sept 25, l859 and practiced medicine ever since.

My success financialy has been as good as the best . My reputation for skill has been all right with the physicians of all of my association as well as of the publick generaly. The following named disease I had extraordinarly success as follows: typhoid and typhomalarial fever, diphtheria, influenze, dysentery, lung fever, appendicites, and inflamation of the bowel, malarical fever of all grades, cerebro spinal meningitis, acute indigestion, gastro enteritis collitis, pleurisy, neuralgia, liver disease, chronic and acute pleurisy, rheumatism, stomatitis materia--and many other disease that other physicians fail in. Apendicitis I have succeeded in curing every case up to date that came under my care and treatment.

My health is good. I am strong both mentaly and physicaly considering my age. I notice that I am not energetic physicaly as in the past. Mentaly I am stronger and better able to understand many things than in the past. It is easier to diagnose ailings of different kinds and treat susccessfully a greater pr ct of the cases that come under my care.

I intend to give more attention to the practice of medicine than the past 20 years if my physical ability does not fail. I don't know how long I will live and am not concerned about the hereafter that mankind is saying so much about. I am concened about this world and not worring about the next and do not expect to so long as my reasoning facilities are not affected. I believe in a supreme being. In a creator but do not know where the power is not when the being come into existence nor when it will cease to exist.

The world and the creation is a mystery to me and I am of the opinion it is to all mankind. I believe that those persons in the past and present who say they fully understand all about the creation and the creator are not telling the truth. No man of good sense or judgement can believe anything without evidence and the evidence must be such that there is no doubt else he cannot believe no matter how much he desires to believe. There are many who believe without any evidence who never give any reasonable thought or consideration of the evidence that makes their belief.

Page 127 Sent a letter to the Chicago Merchant Taylor Wholesale Merchants Chicago, Ill. Sept. 8, l922

Rained good the 10th Sept also during the night much needed.

A. Keitzer butchered the jersey calf weight 162 dressed at the depot Sept 12th shiped it to (left blank.)

Adjuster or insurrance of W.E. Kelsey barn here the 13th of Sept. l922. His insurance estimate at 2000.00. My allowance was estimated $19998.00.

Senator Henry Watson of Georgia died of asthma Sunday Sept 22, l922.

Page 128 Book 27 Wes Hiland come back Sept. l922. Commenced to work Friday the 22 of Sept for 35 pr month.

Page 129 Book 27 I insured my buildings in Monterey, Ind. with Ruff Walters of Ora, Ind. Also barn and house on Shenk place. Oct 11, Bough at Zechel sale a Scotch Roan Durham Bull 83.00 Zechels guaranted him to be sure and was Registered. If not as represented they would refund the $83. when the bull was tried out and proved not to be good as represented. Buchanan cow serve by Zechel bull. Spooner cow served by Zechel bull. Billy

Spooner heifer served by Zechel bull small which speck on the right shoulder near the top.

Oct 14, l922 Insure Reister barn 700.00 farm implements 200.00 House 600.00 Ruff Walters 1500.00

John Merket see him last time Oct. 10, l922 and reported the same benefit Railway Co. employes North State St. Chicago, Ill.

Page 134 Book 27 Article of agreement made and entered into this the 20th day of September l922 between WmKelsey party of the first part and Wes Hiland party of the 2nd part is as follows: The said Hiland agrees to work for the said Kelsey for $35 pr month every day at all the various kinds of work such as plowing, disking, ditching, husking corn, feeding stock and watering stock and do not less than 10 hours work each day . One hour to feed, water, curry and clean stable and the ballance of the time out in the field or other places to do work.

Said Kelsey agrees to pay the said Hiland $8 at the expiration of each 7 days and $3 three dollars at the end of each month if the said Hiland works all right. The said Kelsey agrees to let the said Hiland get wood out of his timber for house use when he is work for said Kelsey and a team to hall the wood into his place on the farm and the use of the team for no other purpose.

Said Kelsey agrees to put in a new floor in that part of the house on the farm where the said Hiland live west of town of Monterey on the farm known as the Shenk farm. Said Kelsey agrees to let the said Hiland have a cow to milk and care for. Said Hiland agrees to not permit any horses of his own nor anybody else to come on the premises, nor and family of any body to move in with him. Said Hiland agrees to work on days it rains or very stormy to work in doors to do whatever said Kelsey requires to be done. WmKelsey also signature of Wes Hiland

Page 140 Book 27 Monterey Feb. 3, l92 The following is a list of land and gifts given A.J. Kelsey. 1st. I paid his education for 12 years schooling 4000.00

Home where he lives 1500.00

Espey 40 acres of land 4000.00

James 80 acres 6000.00

Bruces out let acerage 4000.00

Horses 6 head 300.00


Use of Kleckner land 4 yrs 500.00

Given W. E. Kelsey

Reister land 2000.00

Land at Delong 4000.00

South 1/2 of Shenk land 6000.00

Reneholt 77 acres 1000.00

Automobile 1000.00

Horses, use of land to

grow crops 1000.00

Feed for stock & pasture 15000.00

cash at various times 500.00

Page 141 Book 27 Insured hay, implement, buildings, with R. B. Walters of Ora Ind.

40 tons of hay in stack and barn, 25 tons in stack and 15 tons in the barn. Farm implements consisted of 2 mowing machines valued at $40 each, 2 hay rakes valued at $25. each, 2 riding plows $35. each, a gang plow Deering $65., 4 breaking plows $10 each, 2 harrows $15. each, 3 cultivators $15. each, 2 horse wagon $30. each, 1 weeder $20., 2 1-horse cultivators $15.each, 2 grain drills $130.each, 2 1-horse bugies $30.each, 1 disk $60., building $150.

Page 142 Articles of agreement made and entered into this the 1st day of Aprile l922 between WmKelsey party of the first part and Wesley Hiland party of the second part is as follows: The said Hiland agrees to work for said Kelsey eight months from the 1st day of Aprile l922, 240 two hundred and forty days at all the different kinds of work that said Kelsey requires and such work as said Kelsey has required in the past years to the extent of strength and ability without any loss of time except disabled by sickness and looses no time from any other cause.

Said Hiland agrees to take good care of everything under his control as may be required by said Kelsey as to method of care, and prevent damage to crops or stock or to the implements under his care and allow no farming implement to be removed or taken away without consent of said Kelsey. Also not allow intruders to go into the orchards to disturb the fruit except by special permission by said Kelsey. Said Hiland agrees to get out at sunrise during the season and work faithfull until not earlier than 6 oclock at quiting except at noon time not more than one hour and a half for dinner and feeding teams.

Said Kelsey agrees to let said Hiland occupy the dwelling house while he works free of charge, garden and truck patch of 1/2 acre the season of l922. Also wood in the woods out of such trees that is not good for other purposes, one cow to milk and the use of the team to hull the wood and cultivate the ground above refered to and the chickens that said Kelsey has on the premises. Said Hiland is to have the eggs and one half of the chickens grown on the premises where he lives and the privilege of growing 100 on the premises. It is hereby agreed and understood that the horses are not to be used for any purpose except to farm the land and so what is above mentioned they may do without special permission from said Kelsey. Said Kelsey agrees to pay the said Hiland $7.50 at the end of each 7 days work which ends on Saturday evening if no time is lost.

Page 148 Book 27

Assessment should be of W. E. Kelsey's stock as follows: 28 head of cows $840.00

32 head of yearlings 18 pr head 570.00

Bull 100.00

Horses 4 130.00

Hogs 4 pigs 10.00

Dwelling house 500.00

House hold furniture 150.00

Stable & other buildings 50.00

Lots where house is 300.00

Part of lot 40.00

2 lots west 100 each 200.00

Orchard 7 acres 500.00

Farm 100 acres $50 pr acre 5000.00

Improvements barn 1000.00

Page 150 Book 27 Listing of stock and farming implements for year l922 as follows estimated.

Milk cows 6 head $25 each $150.00

Other cattle 32 at 16 pr head 510.00

46 head horses and colts 150.00

Farm implements 150.00

Hogs 11 pigs 20 lbs each 18.00

Poultry 2 doz 12.00

Household furniture 150.00

Hay & grain none

Honey bees 3 stands 10.00

Old harness 20.00

Lands as follows:

S 21/4 SW1/4 of grave yard 150.00

Shenk Place 76 acres 6100.00

NE 1/4 $75 pr acre

NW 1/4 $50 pr acre 2000.00 Improvements 300.00

Sec 12 Strip along the River 3 acres 60.00

Sec 12 Reister place 100 acres

East side $30 pr acre 3000.00

West side 60 acres 1500.00 NW 1/4 of SW 1/4 Falstitch land 20.00 pr acre 800.00

Kleckner land 80 acres

the east1/2 $25 pr acre 1000.00

to west 1/2 20 acres 800.00

SB School house land 1 acre $35.00 50.00

School house Scheuer 1/2 acre 20.00 25.00

total $1760.00

Page 151 Book 27

Assessor's estimate for l922 John Bear assessed my personel Apr. 11, l922

Lots in Monterey

Part of lot No2 & improvement 150.00

Lot No 1 and improvement 750.00

Lot Not 3 and old house 350.00

Lot No 8 and old house 300.00

Lot No 51 & 52 and improvements 600.00

Lot 11 & 12 fractions of lots 25.00

Lot 19, 20, 21, $30. each 90.00

Lots 14, 15, 16 Pasture lots 90.00

No good for buildings on account of RR cutting through and Pond and swamp on the east.

Fraction of land in pond north of the grave yard and east of cross street and east of Lots 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. about 5 acres 120.00

Reister place north of barn 40 acres $25.00

Brosmere land 50 acres 30 pr acre 18.00

Page 152 Book 27 I Wesley Hiland agree to work for Dr. WmKelsey of Monterey, Indiana from Nov. 1st, l921 to March first l922 at all the kinds of work said Kelsey needs to have done by me that he is accustomed to have done by me in the past for one hundred and twenty dollars for the full period of 120 days consecutive.

Attending to the stock on Sundays regular and take good care of everything that is needing care. I agree to work not less than 10 hours each except Sundays. I will attend to the stock as is needed to be attend to by said Kelsey. In case I loose anytime by reason of any cause, I agree to make up the time full. I agree not to neglect to give proper attention every day to the caring for all things needing care above mentioned. Dr. WmKelsey agrees to let me have house to live in, one cow to milk, feed for one hog, and wood to cut in the woods out of lumber that is dead and only for fuel, and a team to hall the same to my place on the farm free and for no other purpose.

I WmKelsey agree to make said Hiland a present of ten dollars provide said Wesley Hiland does as he agrees to in every particular at the expiration of the 120 days which will be the first day of March 1922.

I Wesley Hiland agree to give possessions of the dwelling house in case I fail to work within 10 days after I quit work for said Kelsey. The dwelling house is situated on the north east quarter of Section 11 Township 31 North of Range One west in Pulaski County, Indiana.

I agree to get up early and do my feeding and care for the stock at the barn where I live and ready to go to work by sunrise every day except Sundays.

In case of rain and not fit to work out doors I agree to work indoors at any thing needing to be done and kept in repair. Signature of Wes lay Hiland (also signature) Rusty Hiland

Page 170 Book 27 Article of Agreement: I agree to pay Wes Hiland $35. pr month and repair the house in which he now lives in, prior to winter, provide said Hiland works steady and takes good care of the stock under his care, that I WmKelsey puts in his care from day to day. I Wes Hiland agree to get up at daylight from now the 5th day of August l921 up to the 1st day of November l921 and during the month of December, January, February, not later than 6 oclock. The wages I pay at the end of each week 1/4th provide he gets in full time.

Said Hiland is to have the privilege of getting his wood out of the timber that is dead on my land and cut it and hall it in without any expense to Dr. WMKelsey except a team to hall it in also cow to milk during the whole time he works for WmKelsey said Hiland agrees to work at all the different kinds of work that said Kelsey requires him to work. WmKelsey

Page 180 Book 27 In Monterey where said Kelsey lives. ---- if Said Yarter does not work as here mention then he agrees to move out of said room. Said Kelsey reserves the right to all the building except the room mentioned and the right of the walk to the place where the room is situated. It is here by understood that said Kelsey is to be at no expense in repairing or furnishing any thing not mentioned. Signed WmKelsey (also) Goran Yarter

Page 181 Book 27 I have this day June 25, l921 rented of Dr.WmKelsey one

Article of agreement made this the 25th day of June l921 between WmKelsey party of the first part Gordon Yarter party of the second part is as follows. The said Yarter agrees to pay the said Kelsey four dollars pr month for one room in the building on Lot No 3 in the town of Monterey, Ind.

The room being the south west room for the said Yarter to occupy as a residence, so long as said Yarter works for said Kelsey at all the various kinds of work said Kelsey has done on his farms for 1.50 pr day not less than 10 hours work to constitute a days work and board himself.

Said Yarter agree to work every day regular and not lay off except the Said Kelsey has no work for him to do.

Said Kelsey lets the said Yarter have the use of the furniture in the room while occupying same and the privilege of geting water at said Kelsey's well on Lot No 2

Page 196 Book 27 Said Kelsey agrees to let the said Hiland live in the house where he now lives while he is working for said Kelsey. Also garden and truck patch. Also the poultry that belongs to said Kelsey now on the farm and the privilege of raising 100 young chickens. Also a cow to milk during the period said Hiland has employed for. Also wood for his own use at his place of living to be cut out of such timber as is no good for other purpose.

Page 197 Book 27 Article of agreement made and entered into this the 2nd day of March 1921 between Dr. WmKelsey party of the first party and Wesley Hiland party of the second part is as follows. The said Kelsey has employed the said Hiland to work for him. Said Kelsey from March 1st 1921 at all of the various kinds of work that said Kelsey is accustomed to have done on his premises as the said Kelsey may direct from time to time until the entire time is worked in full and pay the said Hiland at the end of each week when no time is lost $8.50 cts and at the expiration of the time said Hiland agrees to work to the best of his ability eight months which will end the 31st day of October. Then the said Kelsey agrees to make a payment to the said Hiland in cash thirty dollars for continued and faithfull work.

Said Hiland agrees to take good care of all items under his care that said Kelsey may direct. Said Hiland agrees to get up early and work steady until 6 oclock in the evening. ---ning 11/2 hour each day when using team and raining and unfit to work out, to work indoors at anything that may required by said Kelsey so there will be no lost time.

Page 198 Book 27 Alfa Hoesel trustee of Tippicanoe Township Pulaski, County, Ind.

Dr. WmKelsey for medical service rendered the family of Wesley Hiland of said Township County & state as follows:

( 20 dated visits for Mrs Hiland , Babe, Alonzo, Benny, Willie, with cost of each visit 75cts, 1.00, 1.50, 2.50 totaling about 50.00.)