Page 5. I am 89 years old this day August 14, l924 Born in Perry County Ohio I am in a good state of health both physical and mental. Physically I am not as strong and active but able to do a great deal of work which I have been doing for the last 60 days. Every day including Sunday without tireing me but little. I notice that I have in the past year lost weight and the skin more shrunken at shreveled showing old age approaching more than the preceeding year.

Page 9 Book 29

Article of agreement made and entered into this the -- day of January l925 between Wm Kelsey party of the first part and Thomas Chapman party of the second part is as follows: The said Kelsey has rented to the said Chapman near eighty acres of farm land on his farm in North Bend Township near said Chapman's home known as Kelsey's Ranch Two fields south of the dredged ditch. The first field on the south the one farmed by Webb in corn and oats the season of l924 containing about thirty acres. The north field adjoining where said Kelsey farmed in corn the season of l924 contained near fifty acres including a strip worked to the dredge ditch and 4 acres that extends east to the Mike Kelley land. The south field to be cultivated corn and the east half of the acres in the north field also to corn and west part of the north field to oats.

Said Chapman agrees to cultivate said lands in a husband like manner keeping the corn free of weeds and grass up to the 19th day of July l925.

The share on division is as follows of the corn said Kelsey is to share one half and gather or husk his own divided in the field as follows. said Chapman agrees to divide the field on the south. The division or dividing line running north and south. After the line is made then the said Kelsey shall have the right to choose the side that will be his to gather. and the said Chapman shall have the oposite side of the divide.

The north field that is grown to corn on the east side shall be divided east and west of said Chapman the 20th of July 1925 a line established by said Chapman said Kelsey shall have the right to chose one side and gather or husk his share. The share of the oats is as follows. The said Chapman agrees to thrash the oats and stack one half of the straw on the south part of the farm in the woods just north of the orchard on said farm and the other half of the oats straw said Chapman may hall away Kelsey's share of the oats thrashed 2/5th at machine in the event of storm or anything making not possible to thrash the oats then the said Chapman agree to harvest the oats for hay and deliver two-fifths of the oats in stack at the same place near the orchard in the grove in a merchantable in stack not more than 3 tons in each stack prior to September 1, l925.

All of the acres of land in the north field not cultivated in corn the season of l924 and the acres of land where Webb had his oats said Chapman agrees to plow not less than 6 inches deep.

Said Chapman agrees to sow broad cast agricultural fertilizer on the land in the north field next to the dredge ditch 150 lbs and all the rest of the acres that was farmed in corn in the fields by Webb & said Kelsey 150 lb pr acre. The fertilizer to sown after the same is made ready for planting and seeding.

Said Kelsey agrees to furnish one half of the fertilizer at his place of storing at Monterey, Ind. and at the same place furnish equal amount of the same for said Chapman share of the fertilizer at $15.00 fifteen dollars pr ton at the place of storing by said Kelsey and the said Chapman agrees to sow broad cast on all the acres except the west 1/2 of the north field where there was corn grown the season of l924 requires none.

It is hereby agreed that said Chapman shall have the privilege of cutting up his share of the corn and hall the same off prior to the 15 of November l925. It is hereby agreed and understood that said Kelsey reserves the right to seed to rye or wheat all of the in the south field where Webb grows corn & oats and as much of the north field except that part of the share of Chapman's corn. Said Kelsey agrees to repair the fences to protect the grown crops from his stock and the said Chapman agrees to keep close watch of the fences and protect the growing crop from damage by hunters and mischief makers. Said Kelsey reserves the right to enter the fields to make any needfull improvements and inspect the growing crops and full control of all the acres of land on the Ranch except the acres that is farmed by said Chapman and full possession and right to pasture the acres of land farmed by said Chapman the season of l925 December l925 said Chapman agrees to burn any grass stubles or permit fire on any of the acres that he farms on said Kelsey's lands in l925, and notify said Kelsey when any disturbance of the growing crops on the premises needs attention to preserve the growing crops.

Page 17 Book 29 Feb. 6, l925 I drove over to the Ranch 15 head of horses and colts and turned them in 26 head of horses on the south of where Webb grew corn l924. The pasture if fine worth not less than $15 pr acre. There is enough to supply the 43 head with feed up to Apr first l925. I am of the opinion that they will improve rapidly provided the weather is not very bad. The horses now look much better than those I have in the stables and feeding grain. I have not fed one bushel of grain of any kind up to this date Feb. 7, l925 and I do not expect to this winter or spring to feed any grain, good enough without.

Page 18 Book 29

I received the suit of clothes from Sears Roebuck & Co. Feb 29, l925 They are all right as to quality. The suit of clothes from Sears Roebuck & Co. $25.00

Mar 5. P. S. Hoot lights 2.57

Apr 21 Paid interest on the Ranch loan $87.50

Page 20 Book 29

At 1PM I took to ailing with pain in my stomach and bowels. The pain was not --- but constant aching. I was chilly all afternoon did not stop working a little and moving around. The pain and distress continued up to 12 midnight. I was rooting and tumbling around. I called Laney and told her that I was chilly and in distress. She called Arthur and W. E. Kelsey the advised a 1/2 teacup full of Castor Oil by mouth and injection pr rectum of 1 Qt of water and 1/2 teacup full of Castor Oil. I had take 4 doses of Capp Lo Op-- to relieve gas and distress which failed before I called Laney. The Castor Oil vomited up about 2 hours after I took it. I had a tender place just below the pylorick on five of the stone which I diagnosed was in the duodenum just below where the gall blater duct entered which obstructed the water and everything I swallowed I vomited up. Then W. E. & A. J. gave by injection 16 --- hg 4 oz sul magnesis with cabonate 2 qts of warm water which procured a watery discharge from the bowels and secured to open up the obstructed durodenum. I soon began to feel better but was very weak and tender in my bowels. By 6 o'clock I was free from pain but very weak.

I got up and began to move around but was totery. I did not eat anything from Monday noon until near 2 days after I commenced to ailing. My appetite is not good and digestion is not good not having sat but little I am yet weak not much stronger than the first day after I got up although this now the 9th of May. 5 day since I got sick.

Page 22 Book 29

I replanted the 10 acres on Shenk place June 25, 26, 27 about 1500 hills missing making little hole for each hill replanted and covered shallow. The ground is in fine condition for to come up in 3 or 4 days. The 2 last nights quite cool. I want to watch the growth and the making of the late planting to know whether it is a good thing to replant so late in the season. The corn in general is growing rapid. But 3 weeks late conpaired with other years.

I cut my wheat the 26 & 27 about 18 acres not 1/2 yield about 10 bushels pr acre. The ground I had in the same field of 18 acres is only 1/2 or less as good as the other part of the field. All of the field was seed and fertilized the same and the wheat was very fine in the fall. I suspected 25 bushels pr acre. There was 6 acres of this alfalfa which had been fertilized 2 years and in the fall after seeding wheat was very vigorous. I am of the opinion by reason its vigor it was more tender come froze out more than the other part of the field. I noticed on the west side of the alfalfa where the wheat was protected by the snow the wheat was 4 times as good as that out 4 or 5 rods east. Evident the freeze out is the cause of the short crop.

Page 27 Book 29

Jacob Bruckers casket cost $314 good enough for any body. Real worth not more than 100.00

July 25. I manured and plowed my garden Meridith Lot Feb.25, l925 I planted 8 rows of onion sets. 21 feet long same day Feb. 25, l925.

Page 28 I ordered suit of clothes from Sears & Roebuck cost $25. 10 including parchel post My measurements are as follows: Chest 37 Length of seam inside 30 Waist 36

Page 29 I ordered from Sears Roebuck & Co one hat 2.99 cost 71/8 Feb 26, l925 The hat does not suit and I wrote for a derby I see style in Indianapolis. Style that would suit me better. Feb 28, l925 I asked for a price of in stock and if not to get me one.

Feb 27, l927 Emma Hartman birthday present $5.00

Feb 28 Sears & Roebuck hat 2.99

March 1 6AM 30o snow 3 inches, beautiful, very calm good for wheat, still snowing a little.

Feb 28 Odd Fellow had fine supper at J. Dockerty. Could not be better.

March 2nd, l925 I received a letter from S. Hauser dated the 27 of Feb l925 relating to oil and gas wanting a lease on all of the acres of the Kansas land in Marion Co. The pine farm. I wrote him that the east 80 is all that I have full control of and if any advantage notify me. March 2, l925.

Page 32. Book 29 I hulled 150 lbs of fertilizer on each acre of the wheat on the Shenk land about 18 acres. The fertilizer consist of equal parts of Farmers fertilizer gypsum and acid phosfate. March 16 & 17 l925. I seeded the land to wheat Sept 1924 about 1 bushel pr acre and fertilizer with 150 lbs of fertilizer broad cast same kind of fertilizer. The wheat at this time looks well and is a good stand March 17, l925. I intend to harrow it in a few days and sow about 5 lbs. of Mamoth clover seed with a little timothy and disk mixed at the time of sowing.

Sowed 4 rods wide on the south end with alfalfa mixed with the clover seed. Apr 1st. finished sowing thw whole piece. I don't know whether I will succeed or not in getting a good stand.

March 19 l925 I ordered from Kilselman Bros. 5 spools gliden galvanized barbed wire No 7 2 point cattle for 3.25 pr spool $16.25 2 bags 11/2 staples 10 lb. 96 cts to be delivered full freight paid $17.21.

Page 50 Book 29

I was born August 14, l835 in Perry County Ohio. I am now 89 yrs old since Aug. 14. My health is good no ailing of any kind. Physically I notice that I have failed. Mentally I am better than ever in my life. I notice that I am a little forgetful in the past two years. I notice that my skin is shrinking, indicating old age in the past year. I am able to do a great amount of work both physical and mental. I don't know how long I will hold up and be able to attend to my affairs.

I am sure that I become disabled by reason of age from attending to my affairs there will be great loss because of indebtedness is now $10,000. I have given not less than $60,000 sixty thousand dollars to W. E., A. J., Mame Sennet, Emma Hartman, in the way of land and cash and each own about 800 acres worth sixty thousand dollars. If I could retain my physical and mental strength as I now am in possssion of for 5 years, I could pay all my indebtedness provided I could employ laborers to work for a fair and reasonable price.

I am now and have been for one year more saving and conservative in all things. I have worked more in the past 2 years than I have at anytime in the past 40 years. I mean physical labor. Most all the season of l924 is lost by reason of frost not less than $3,000 three thousand dollars. I hope to make good the season of l925 in farming.

Page 52 Book 29

Wes Hiland wife had a baby Apr 27 2 AM A. J. Kelsey attend her. girl.

Page 53 Book 29

June 13, 14, & 15 Great wind and sand storm lasting 3 days. Temperature 95 in the shade for 3 days. The hotest I ever was and seemingly the heat and wind caused much damage to the clover and pastures.

Page 54 Book 29

Frank Hartman and family and Joe Wensel moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana-Monday the 28th day of April l925. I am of the opinion that the move is not a good one. But a great mistake what will in the near future be fully demonstrated some way not known to me or to any other person or persons. Time will reveal what transpires. They will never enjoy themselves and be so well situated and make a living so easy and feel they are some worth and entitled to recognition at being more than common stuff. Natural for people to build castles in the air and common for them to fall down badly wrecked. I may not realize and see my opinion very ----prognosis. I have seen enough to give me a pointer to a failure in the move.

Page 59 Book 29

June 11, l925 I went with AJK to Suf--- Elt, Ind. to medical meeting at the city Hospital in the city and see a number of patients who were sick or threatened with pulmonary tubuculosis and hear the lecture of Dr.-------- of Los Angeles, California and noticed his method of examinationn. He is good and has charge of a hospital at Los Angeles, Cal.

We had a banquet at 6 PM in the city which was extra good for the price of $1.00 each. and lecture by the same doctor for near 2 hours which was very instructive and scientific and needfull for every physician to be in possession of in order to do best in rendering medical services to the sick. ------ reflexes.

I paid A J Kelsey check $2.00 to cover my expense of the trip We left Logansport at 10PM and arrived home at 3:20 AM just day light. A tiresome trip.

The crops on the way looked good except the oats and pasture. Corn & wheat generally fine and in fine condition as to cultivation.

Page 68 Book 29

August 14, l925 Friday 5AM

I am 90 years old this day. Born Aug. 14, l835 in Perry County, Ohio. I am in a state of good health able to do much work and attend to the business of managing the farming and to do practice of medicine if needed. Mentally I am as good as ever. Much better than at 50. Physically I am not so strong and active. I notice in the past year that I am ageing more & more than any year in the past 5 years. There is not an organ in my body ailing that I know of. My digestion is good, bowels and kidneys acting good. I rest and sleep well at night, if I don't sat to much. My memory is good and not seemingly failing as is common with most of my age. I can better solve and understand much that I could not 20 years ago. I don't know how long I will retain my strength and ability to do and manage affairs.

I have no fear of death nor worry nor even think about dieing as is generally the case with most of mankind. I have no fear of the future as most people have, and don't believe the nonsense about the future state of man or mankind as is written, known as the Bible. The Bible is a frame up by Hebrews to suit their selves and not divine as generally believed by many. No in separation from god. I believe in a supreme being. the creator of the universe. That the world always existed and always will, never be destroyed. The second coming of Christ is all bunk nothing in it as stated. The Hell fire doctrine is nothing but a scare. I believe that when I am dead that my body will return to the elements of which it is composed. The soul I don't know anything about and do not believe that anybody else does. Imagination. Therefore I am at anytime ready to die. When I am sick and no prospect to do work and managing my affairs and enjoy myself death will be a benefactor. To mankind would be especially to me. I intend to live as long as I can and work as long as I am able to work and to do something that will interest me and be of benefit to others.

When I become helpless and suffering pain or distress and no prospect of recovery and in the way by reason of the care needed, then is the time not to desire to live longer but to die a natural death which to me if I was concious at the time would be pleasing to me from the fact I have no fear of the future.

If I would say anything to the contrary of my belief as to the authenticity of what is called the Bible wholly writ I would not be telling the truth. The Bible is a frame up by the Hebrews or what is known. The Jews written to suit themselves and no other race. So asperations as claimed by the Theologians. The Roman Catholic translation in the later part of the 18th century was made to fit their views of the Bible translated by man who were not inspired as claimed. The translation of the Bible by 70 learned men under the rule of Alexander the Great . None of the men were divinely inspired. There has been 4 translation in the past 2000 years and the versions are not alike and therefore not authentic. The Christian Religion is the best religion advocated since the beginning by man. Best suited to the wants of the world. Churches are needfull and tends to better the condition of mankind but full of hypocrites and men who do not tell the truth sophists are numerous.

Page 71 Book 29

On Monday the 10th of August I commenced to plow 6 acres east of the orchard on the Reister place 4 inches deep. Finished the plowing Wednesday afternoon. I then harrowed it and then disked it well after it was disked, I harrowed it again. Then sowed about 300 lbs of Hyd of lime pr acre. Then I harrowed it again well. Then sowed about 4 lbs of alfalfa seed each way with a little mamoth clover and timothy seed mixed and harrowed with the teeth slanting both ways on Saturday the 15th of August in the forenoon. The ground is in fine condition as to moisture and thorough cultivation. I sowed some sweet clover seed on the east side and on the north east next to the jute I got of Sennet. A strip about 12 or 14 feet wide. This is an experiment to know whether the method of seeding will be a success or not. If it is a success then I have 100 acres of good alfalfa land on the Reister place.

Page 72 Book 29

The Frost that killed the corn 1924 on the low lands on the Ranch in Stark Co and all over the country on the low lands occurred the night of the 9 of Sept. l924. See journal of l924 page 106. On the high lands the corn was not killed. My loss was on corn & oats l924 not less than $2000. I am of the opinion that to plant the fore part of May on the low lands is the safest and best way to escape frost. I am also sure that to replant when there is not a good stands does not pay the old growing robs the replant of that which is needed to make good growth. It is better where on has only 1/2 stand to disk and harrow and replant any land before the 10th of June will do.

Aug. 27 I was at the Ranch today corn is doing fine. Would have a bumper crop if it was free of weeds provide no frost under 30 days.

Aug 26, l925 Paid Zehners in full for all I owe them. $14.20

Aug. 26 Paid Mrs. Masters 2.80 for 7 dinners thrashers

Wes Hiland and Lon worked 2 days with 2 teams on the Ranch west line of the Reister place by order or permit of Fred Reneholt Thursday and Friday the 3& 4 Sept 4, l925 $4 pr day each $16.10.

I quit cultivating the corn on the ranch Tuesday Sept 21, l925 on the John Casper piece and cut weeds and thined out by reason of 3 cultivations. Since the 15 of July l925 of this piece of corn the field will be almost doubled. I corn should be as high as 75 cts pr bushel The value of the maise would be near $200.00 costing me $15 to do the extra cultivation. I cut the weeds out of the T. Chapman corn that will increase the field not less than 5 bushel pr acre.

Page 74 Book 29

The condition of the corn on the ranch is fine except the weeds and great on that part that T. Chapman farm on the field Webb cultivate in l924. The yield will not be less than 50 bushel pr acre provide frost does not touch it prior to the 20th of September. The field would have been not less than 10 bushel pr acre if the weeds had been destroyed up to the 15th of July according to contract.

Corn on WE K's low land about 30 acres will yield 50 bushels pr acre if the frost does not touch it prior to the 25th of Sept l925. The quality I think is good. The corn on the Shenk place is good not hurt much by the drought & heat. I used the mower wheels 2 times since the 15 of July on all except the Tom Chapman piece with good results.

Page 75 Book 29

Wrote Frank Menser Culver, Ind who owes me for 2 consul-visits to wife in her last sickness with Dr. Slonaker Culver Sept 11, l925

Paid Wes Hiland 29.50 in full of all demans to date for self and Loney. This includes the bonus I agreed to give if he done well. He did not do as well as he agreed.

Fine Rains....We have had 4 good rains in the last 3 days. The ground is now wet-down 6 inches or more. The low land corn will be greatly benefited by the rains. May be that the re----ing will not be so early. But if no frost in the next 20 days there will be many thousand increase of bushels of corn of better quality than if no rain. I am of the opinion that we will excape frost to damage in the next 20 days. Rained the 14 of Sept. l925. This is 5 days it has rained.

Page 76 Book 29 Sowing clover....

Page 77 Book 29 Commenced to plow...

Page 78 Book 29 Commenced to cut from the Ranch Sept 24, l925....

Commenced to cut from the Shenk place......

Page 79 Book 29

I wrote a letter to Fank Burnhart Leiter, Ind who wants to buy a span of horses one yrs. 6 pr ct interest. Sept 28, l925.

He come after the horses Oct. 19th and gave his note & wifes for 160.00 with 6 pr ct interest from Oct. 1st, l925 due Oct. 1st. l926, and a chattle mortgage on the horses and a chattle mortgage on 4 lots in ------, Ind. valued at $300.00 to secure the payment of the $160.00 with 8 pr ct from date if not paid when due. ( as written)

Oct. 10 Finished disking 20 acres on the Reister place....

Page 80 80 Record of weather for the complete month of Oct. l925.

Page 81, Book 29

Oct 18, l925 Had a great dinner this day Sunday the 18th of October l925 Present W.E, wife, Nellie, J.R. Sennet, Mame, Buhle, Marie, ---Cecil, Dr. Cecil Sennet. ---- Young was here today with wife and young boy. Oct. 18, l925.

Repaired the roof on the west side of barn the shed part..done the work in the afternoon good job done by Wes Hiland.

Page 82 Book 29

Oct 11 Alfa Huesel 2.00

" 2.00

" 2.00

Oct 22 Ambrose Keitzer by cash $20.00

paid it to Laney

Page 83 Book 29

Commenced to husk corn on the John Casper piece north of the dredge ditch Oct. the 22, l925 I helped both days shucking each day 2 of us Lon Hiland and myslf 40 bushel

Worked on the road west side of the Reisler place with team $4.00 pr day. 8 days, the last 4 days ended the 28 of Oct. l925.

Oct. 27, l925 Paid 150.00 tax Knox S C. fall installment.

Oct. 27 l925 Paid tax to C. Keitzer on all the lots and land in Tepton and town of Monterey $240.58 Fall installment.

Paid R. B. Walters of Ora $21 in insurance on home policy $15.00

Oct 30 Alfa Huesel to visit Mrs. Hiland 2.50

Page 84 Book 29

Emma Hartman 602 E. Louis St., Fort Wayne

Oct 5 Sent an order to Montgomery Ward amounting to 9.83 Parcel Post

Wrote to C. Parrot Winamac in regard to the abstracting of land in Stark Co. Ind in l923. I wrote him I did not employ only James Fletch and I paid in full and had his receipt for same. I also wrote him that the party who employed them to abstract for me without my authority it was up to them to pay for same.

Oct 9 Sent a letter to B. Walters at Ora with the policy I did not except. I wrote him that I had no policy for the Shenk property where Wes Hiland lives.

Ordered from Sears & Roebuck 125 lbs of nails were amount 1.66

Page 85 Book 29 Expenditures since my check book was ballanced. Ballanced Oct. 27, l925 $632.64.

Paid out 131.50 for 2 cows and school house Hoes sale

Receipt from Hoesel 31.25

Fred Miller 10.00

Wes Hiland 14.00

Bal Nov 1st $508.89

Mame Sennet 1.66

T. Chapman cranberries 80

Montgomery Wards 9.83

Sam Agnew paid in full 8.00

Lodge fees 6.00

Wes Hiland 11.00

Dan Hashell to pay for Hya line 25.00

" 2.00

Oct. 11 Sheded corn at Shenk place Cobey and Mahler I had to help me shedler Webb Mon on Freese place B. Slonaker worked 8 hours. Shred 8 big loads 35 bush each. Rained the 12 all day so no work of sheding.

John Exaver Winamac 11.16

Emma Hartman for wood 20.00

Wes Hiland 11.50

Page 86 Book 29

Record of the weather for Nov. l925

Page 87 Book 29

Tuley the Lawton cow served by the Boyles bull Nov. 112 l925 due to calve Aug. 12, l926

Nov. 19, l925 Bought the Agnew Jersey 50.00

Bought stock pasture of Andy Smitz 8 acres for 8.00 and the right to pasture same up to the 1st of March l926.

Sears & Roebuck

1 shirt 2.39

1 paint brush 31/2 .60

Cuff buttons

The bill amounted to 4.09

Page 88 Book 29

Record of the weather for December l925

Page 89 Book 29

I sent a draft to Farmers Trust Co. Indianapolis, Ind. Nov 12 l925 interest 87.50 on the Stark Co. lands and registered the same.

Nov. 19 To cow Agnew 50.00 Jersey fine cow, said she would have calf in December.

Oswald & Andy Smith to articles purchased at their sale Nov. l8, l925, as follows Bender mower disk drill Hames first sent good over other hames Collars hay stowe some other things . ( Copied as written.)

Nov. 21 Ord clock from Montgomery Ward 3.98 Sent my check Nov. 21, l925 I keep the first clock 2.50 a very fine clock in appearance 8 day.

Wes Hiland 12.00

Bert Slonaker 3.00

Nov. 23 Montgomery Ward for clock 3.98

I kept the first one sent 2.50

Nov. 23 Oswald Smith bill 154.40

24 Sears & Roebuck for goods 4.09

Andy Smitz for Shenk pasture 8.00

Ed Zehner for part pay gasoline stove 12.00

Page 90 Book 29

Nov. 13 &14 Repaired roofs on barn and shed on Shenk place Nov. 15 great snow storm begins after midnight. first rain and sleet snow hangs on the trees and fences at 10 AM 4 inches deep storm from the west.

I took 17 horses and colts over to Benedict farm and turned them in 18 acres of stock pasture. I bought of Andy Smith for $8.

Nov. 12, l925 Commenced built crib at lower barn ....

I got rid of the Hank the roan horse by trading with Bert Slonaker ....

Clarence Shall paid rent for the month of December l925 6.00

Pip-- paid rent for the month of December l925. 8.00

Page 91 Book 29

Carrie ailing Hypochordrioses. diagnosis

Office calls: Sam Agnew, Wm Decker Peter Keller

Ordered from Sears Dec l925 $3.74

Ordered from Kilselman & Bros 1 spool Nov. 7 gliden $3.25

3 " No 5 " 7.11

1 bag No 11/4 stapler 1.18 $10.81

Page 92 Book 29

Expenditures for Dec.

Montogomery Wards for lock 3.98

Wes Hiland 15.00

Wes Hiland 12.00

Paid man on Zehner place for helping shred corn 2.50

Paid freight on roofing

Paid Sears & Robuck by check for goods.

Paid J. Wagner in full for coal & flour 23.90

Sent an order Sear & Robuck 2.48

Sugar Chapman 4lbs. .30

Paid Wes Hiland 12.00

Wes Hiland 14.00

Fred Olds & house 6 help shred corn 2.70

Zehner & son in full to date 8.05

John Exaver 21.37

Page 93 Book 29

I deposited 21st of l925 337.35 at the time I took out a loan of $3500 on the Stark Co lands. and ordered no investigation of the records after I received the abstract from James Fletcher of Knox any expense made was not by my order and for that reason I can not render any obligation to pay the bill presented to me by Parrot of Winamac who secured the loan for me in May l923.

There has been a bill sent to me for abstracting after the loan was granted from Knox, Ind that I had nothing to do with ordering same and not ment to pay. C. Parrot stated to me that all was paid at the time I paid him.

Page 94 Putting seed corn in crib.

Page 95 Ordered from Sears Roebuck & Co. Dec 16, l925 the following articles:

Milk caps .38 Rope manila 50 ft. .68 3 pr. canvas gloves .60 1 package 60 penny nails .16 1 package 20 penny nails .22 1 round rope halter .25 3 pair canvas glovees .60 Parcel post .20 $2.99

Tilly Shall Hot Springs South Dacota Emma Hartman 602 Locust Street Fort Wayne.

I paid R. C. Mecer Rochester insurance on 2 policies 15.35

No 4946 No 5090

Wes Hiland for work self and Loney in full to date 12.00

Sold him rug I got of Smiths sale for 4.75 & am to take out one dollar each week until paid.

Page 96 Book 29 Weather for the month

Page 97 I presented my bills to Hoese on the 16 of Jan l926 77.75

One on Wes Hiland family for 114.25 Jan 21, l926 Both bill O.K. by A.R. Hoesel trustee

Page 98 All medical visit records

Page 99 Jan l926 Sheded corn finished. Hands that helped me paid. Al Johnson 8 hours, Elmer John with team 8 hours, John Exaver with team 6 hours. Shredder man on side of Elmer place 8 hours, Henry Steis 8 hours, Bert Slonaker 9 hours, Paul Kelsey 3 hours.

Page 108 A. J. Kelsey and I drove to Winamac Feb. the 11, l926.

Page 113 A. J. K. and I went to Winamac and investigated regarding the loan on Reister place when due. Freeman stated Apr. 1st l927

Page 119 I cashed my liberty bonds. March 24 552.00

Held a Republican meeting at the center school house Apr. 1, l926 and chose the following parties to file for the primary. May 4 for the nomination to be voted for at the fall election. For trustee Albert Ross Precinct commitee man lives west of where Levi Taylor live. Cregmie advisory, 3 D. Haschel over Ludwig for assessor, George Chitic & Wm Master were both suggested. Ike Overmire was selected for county assessor. They all need to file not later than 4 PM Saturday the 3rd of Aprile l926. I was called on to talk and spoke a few minutes on the cause of high taxes stating that the European War was the principle cause. I state that the Democratic party was responsible in some degree for the war by the adminstration wanted Wilson and W. J Bryan ....... hard to read.

Page 127 Record of the weather

April 20 32o clear & calm fine day 63o afternoon

21 50 6 AM little cloudy

22 48 raining a little good as we needed some

23 50 clearing up & calm

24 36 clearing windy the windiest all day ----- all day I ever witnessed.

25 40 cloudy and breezy during the early part of the night of the 24 rained very hard.

27 38 cloudy looks like storm drizling rain & cold all day.

28 34 Cloudy drizling rain and chilly sometime a little snow falls fine in the afternoon.

29 34 Clear & calm at 7 AM frost very windy in the aftenoon

30 40 clear and calm at 8 AM

May 1 44 " fine day hot 87

2 50 " hot 85 rained

3 40 " and chill PM

4 26 Clear & frosty froze ice on table at corner of house 10th of an inch I do not think it damaged the fruit. The rain on the afternoon of the 2nd was great benefit to the crop expecially the wheat, rye, & clover and oats. Had there been none the oats would not come up on dry ground.

Page 139 Book 29

June 16, l926 I plowed about 4 acres on the north part of the field south of the school house and finished plowing the 17th of June. I plowed the ground about 6 inches deep. Turning under a 1/2 crop of red clover . After plowing I harrowed it over 3 times. Then sowed about 5 lbs of Ontario alfalfa seed pr acre 31/2 lbs each way then harrowed it with light harrow the teeth quite slanting. This land has been under cultivation for 90 years in crop most every year. The land is Burr Oak land good quality of soil.

The moisture is extra good at the present time. I have in the past 3 years sowed farmers gypsum and Hydrate of lime near 100 lbs of each and some of the land used barn yard manure. I inoculated the seed by getting soil where alfalfa was growing. I inoculated by using about 4 oz simple syrup to 40 lbs of alfalfa seed and about 2 qts of soil. If frequent shower I suspect get a good stand. Put 5 lbs. Hyd lime on 11/2 acres on the north end and about 200 lbs. of Land plaste on the south part of the 31/2 acres. I also sowed land plaster on 6 or 7 acres south of where I sowed alfalfa 2 lbs. pr acre. I disked the fertilizer the 9th of June l926. The corn is just peeping through the ground pretty late but may come out all right.

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