Book 30

Inside Front Cover

Monterey, Ind.

July 12, l926

Fred C. Frank

Marion, Kansas

Dear Sir,

Your letter of the 12 received and considered.

In reply will say that I am under no obligation to secure lease of the land you refer to in your letter from the fact the principle thing I demanded to be put in the lease was not put as agreed by Fred Propp.

Fred Propp agreed to drill a test well not more than 170 rods from the line of the land lease in 6 months from the 10th of May l926.

(other entries on same page)

Wm Kerich

March 7, l927 Kewanna, Ind.

H. Wynne

Kewanna, Ind Here to buy horses

Frank Barnhart

DeLong, Ind.

Emma Hartman

133 McKinney Ave.

Fort Wayne, Ind.

Canning Sausage

2quarts of water

1/2 cup of salt

1/2 " " salt

1/4 teaspoon of salt peter

Let this come to a boiling point, then put the cut pieces into this and boil l5 minutes.

Paid Odd Fellows Dues July 15, l926 to Jan. 15, l927, $3.00

Emma Hartman 133 Mc Kinney Ave. Fort Wayne, Ind.

July 23, l926 I cultivated part of the field south of the school house with the mower wheel on the north side of the corn.

Sowed a strip about 30 feet wide with alfalfa variegate seed and then ran over with the mower wheel. Experiment to know whether alfalfa will do well in corn when there is good seed bed and good weather.

The use of the mower wheel to cultivate corn is the best----to cultivating and there is nothing to fit land up for alfalfa. Than the mower wheel is make a good seed bed and make the land compact.

T. C. Kelsey

Soldiers, Sailors Home

-----, Kansas

Alden Sinsenbaugh

Route 3 Argos, Indiana Man who says he knows how to break horses.

Page 1 Book 30

H. M Kleckner had a light stroke of paralysis recently and is in demental condition by reason of the attack. They obtained a nurse from Gary the 8th of July l926. I am of the opinion that Kleckner will not be benefited by the nurse but damaged. So long as he is in the midst of his affairs he will not improve and no prospect of improvement.

I noticed several years since that he is mentally affective and not capable of managing his affairs. The paralysis is due to a supply of blood ---- in the brain and there is a clot of blood pressing on the nerves that causes the paralyses. He will not recover until the clot is absorbed and may live several years but never be mentally well.

Page 5 Book 30

Monterey Bank made a mistake in placing $248.00 on my check book. They put 2.48 cts

July 30, l925 My check was from Enos Kelsey, Marion Kansas my share of wheat. August 3, I wrote a letter to E. J. Kelsey Aug. 3, l926 stating that the check he sent me the bank here made it only 2.48 cts. instead of $248.00. I asked him to investigate at once and report.

Aug 10th I received the check back all right and placed to my credit $245.52.. I also received from Enos another check in the place of the one he first sent which I returned to him by mail. Aug. 11, l926.

I prepared about 31/2 acres in the north end of the corn field South of the school house. Aug 10th by dragging a mower wheel and then sowed about 5 lbs. alfalfa variegated seed from Ontario, Canada and then harrowed it in with a one --- harrow.

I am of the opinion that I will get a good stand provided the seed is good and the weather favorable. The ground is in fair condition this day from the rain of the morning of the 10 of this month. That wet down 3 inches in the corn field where I sow the alfalfa seed. I have fertilized this field with Farmers gypsum last year and manured it well last spring and may be all right without anything else.

Page 6 of Book 30

I am 91 years old this day August l4, l926. Born in Perry County, Ohio. August l4, l835. Jonas Kelsey my father was born in the same county April l7, l810. My mother Sarah Elder was her maiden name was born in the same county. My Grandfather Kelsey was born in New Jersey also my Grandmother Kelsey. They moved to Perry County, Ohio the year l800.

My Grandfather Elder and Grandmother Elder were born in Maryland and moved to Perry Co in l802, near my fathers home. My Grandfather and Mothers lived to near one hundred years old. My Grandfather and Grandmother were Presbyterians of the John Calvin school very devoted. My Grandfather Elder was non-others strict not taking stock in any religious organization. My Grandmother Elder was a very strict Methodist very devoted come conservative seemingly in all things. My Father and Mother were both Methodist, very strict on religious matters. My fathers home was the home of Methodist preachers. Much of his time was occupied in religious devotion.

My mother died in l840 when I was little past 5 years old. My Father died at the age of 82 years old in Marion, Kansas and buried there. Grandparents on both sides are of Scotch decent.

My father moved from Perry County, Ohio in l849 to Huntington, County, Indiana on the banks of the Walbash in Rocruk Township landing February 22nd. and went into a house in the woods that had no roof on it. The house was built of round logs and was nothing done in the way of making it fit to live in. The day was pleasant when we arrived, and we all went to work to make it comfortable. No stove a big fireplace and plenty of wood. There was about 1/2 acre ground cleared. There were 10 of us in the family all in good health. We had 3 horses, one cow, 1 dozen chickens, one dog and cat and a small outfit to go to house keeping. All we had was in one covered wagon in which we all rode for 200 miles. Not traveling more than 20 miles each day on account of no roads. Except very bad ones. My Father said he had but 5 dollars when we arrived. We had every thing to buy and work at 50cts pr day. I never heard my father and step mother complain of hard times but seemingly always content and hopefull of better times. Our home was the home of travelers and pioneers going to the west and the Sunday school at our home and preaching occasions. We seemingly had plenty to eat and could make the comers and goers satisfied once greatly please with the kind treatment and hospitality shown.

Page 9 Book 30

Prognosis of what is certain to come to the United States of America in the near future. August 14, l926. I am 92 years old. There is great danger of a panick in the near future in the United States of America caused by extravagant luck of Economy Idelness, Ignorance and high cost of living. Complicated with the above misrepresentativeness on the part of the Pres causing the people to believe that the conditions of things are all right. Once the high prices advertisement in their papers as to value and necessary and failure of the press to protected the peoples interest to expense the frauds pulled off on the people as to the prices the pay for the various products. These things mentioned all contributors to generate a panic.

The unformibled business alone is sufficient of itself enough to come a chaotic condition and panick in the near future. Robbing the people of their last dollar without any benefit except a small per cent of all who are using them. In condemnation by the press as there should for the best interest of the whole people and the government.

Murder, rapine kidnappers thieves of all kinds are injured and morality so for it less. The styles of wearing apparel. The style habit or fashion is rediculous which leads to want and ----- of all kinds every where. Such a state cannot endure much long in any nation without ending in a general panick of some magnitude.

Page 10

The Republican party is not in my opinion perfect and free from damage of a panick but not of the mammoth panic the Democratic party would pull off in less than 30 days if the win in the election of l928 the president and both branches of the congress of the United States of America as soon as the news of their victory ------- -------- the panick would commence and grow greater for no one could know how long . Just was the case in l892 when the Democratic party was victorious electing the President, Vice President and both branches of the United States Congress. The panick commenced in less 24 hours and become greater from day to day for 2 long years, costing the government of the United States many billions of dollars and many thousands dying from want and sickness and starvation.

History would repeat itself from the fact that the business people and capitalist of the United States have but little confidence in the policies of the Democratic party. Their policies are not suited to the wants of the American people and for that reason the capitalist and business men and women suspend business. The prices of all the various commodities become cheap for there no consumption for there is no cash to purchase no matter how great the demand there will be a surplus. There is no party perfect but there is a great difference between the policies of the Republican party and the Democratic party which has been demonstrated since l800 and l926. Any body can understand when they inquire and investigate and exercise common sense. But the great mass of those who vote the Democratic ticket believe that the leaders are telling the truth by their fruits they are known. (Continue see 92)

Page 92. Senator Wheeler of Montana recently in a speech said that if the Democratic party did not change their platform and modify and advocate their acts and become more progressive the party would surely be a dead party in the near future. The leaders of the Democratic party do not care for the interest of the great mass of their as they do for themselves. They are hungry for offices . The common Democrats are just as loyal and anxious for good government as the Republicans and would vote with the party that has the policy best suited for their wants.

Page 11 Book 30

I wrote a letter to Ira Marshall of Kenton, Ohio who I think is the Champion corn grower in the world. 160 bushel per acre.

I wrote for him to furnish me information as to his method of farming and fertilizating.

I asked him if there was any printed record if so send me a copy of same. I enclosed a stamped envelop with my address and sheet of letter paper.

Sept. 11 Took out insurance on hay and corn grain with John Exaver $12.00. 700 on grain and . 500 on hay and ----- feed Paid $3.00

No 24.1599 Ordered 1 pair shoes from Wards. Cost 3.40

No35 150 3 collars .65

Parcel Post .15


Page 12 Book 30

Alfalfa seeding July 28, l926. I seeded about 4 acres in the field south of the school house and harrowed it over 2 or 3 times and sowed about 41/2 lbs of variegated seed on the 28 of July l926.

I sowed hydrate of lime and gypsum about 300 lbs pr. acre and harrowed it in just before I sowed the seed.

The condition as to moisture fine and the seed come up in a few days after and at this time Sept. 11, l926 looks fine.

I should have sowed both ways 3 lbs and then harrowed it in well. The weather has been extra good.

I am of the opinion that of the grain grown to corn after it has been well manured and about 300 lbs of hydrate of lime and gypsum is applied at the time of planting and then kept clean from weeds and grass up to the 10 or l5th of July and then a good seed bed is made and sow 21/2 to 3 lbs such way that it is the best way and most economical way to get a good stand of alfalfa. Let the stock stand for a winter.

Page 13 Book 30

I sowed a small patch at the plum tree along the road south of the school house and between 2 rows of strawberries on the north side near the Burbank plum tree for the purpose of knowing whether it will winter over and not freeze out. Sept 20, l926.

Sept. 21, l926

W. E. Kelsey is commencing to seed to wheat the 9 acres that I had in wheat, l926 sowing about 11/4 bushel pr. acre and fertilizing 2-10-12 cost --- per ton.

I am to furnish the seed wheat and 1/2 the fertilizer and receive one half of the wheat when thrashed and the straw in the barn at the time of thrashing.

The seed is sowed with the ----drill. I purchased at Clerks sale. The ground is in fine condition for early germination and growing. The land good and if the season is good and no fly the field should be not less than 25 bushel per acre. Harrowing it in the spring will be much benefit. ( He was not at his best this day)

Page 14 Book 30

Mary Meyers went home Oct 23, l926 after visiting here about 3 weeks. She certainly enjoyed the visit.

Patients names: Alfa Huesel, Johnson, Wm Hiland, Alonzo Hiland

Page 15

Expenditures for l926 see page 4. ( Pages 3-4 not in book)

Brough over Oct. 23, l926 from page footed up from August 1st, l926.

Aug. 11th

Paid W. E. Kelsey thrashing bill 38.35

Part pay on suit of clothes 4.50

23 Sears & Roebuck wall paper 11.04

23 W. E. Kelsey fertilizer 15.48

Bert Slonaker 1.00


Sent draft & registered

Farmers Trust Co.

150 East Market Street

Indianapolis, Ind.

To pay interest on the Ranch in Stark Co., Indiana

Bought stock pasture of ---- on the Rowell farm for $40.00 and paid $5 five dollars, He agrees to husk the corn and make the field ready for Dec. 1, l926 at which time I agree to pay the balance of $35.00.

Oct 28, l926

W. E. Kelsey present and see me pay $5 at the time of purchase.

Nov. 9

P. L. Hoot for light 1.60

Sent draft to treasure of Stark Co. Ind. to pay my fall installment on ranch 100.00

Sent me check for $5

Bunkley making cider 1.35

See 17 $313. 79

Page 16, Book 30

The election of l926 Nov, 2 The Republicans all over the north is Republican except in a few states. The election in Tippicanoe Township is Democratic by 75 majority. Surprise to the Republicans.

In the county 50-50 Penticost (could have meant per cent) elected Judge over James Fletcher. About 60 for Bennet elected Trustee in North. Recovered in Aubbie township over Renehol. Majority although the Democrats had 90 majority in Township. Indiana Republican Watson and Robinson elected Hall the Republican for Congress elected over Cook. Democrats are looking not good. Pulaski Co.

Settled with A. R. Huesel, Mrs. Cappell, Wes Hiland, Wm Hiland

Nov. l8, l926

Ordered from Sears and Roebuck the following

#24F753.N all wool blanket 7.75

27F701774 l ----cotton blanket 2.25

76F9202 l pair overshoes size 7 2.48

9F2092 milk bath .35

Parcel Post .25

Nov. 19, l926 sending check $13.08

Page 17 Book 30

Expenditures See page 15 Brought over:

Sugar for cider 1.00

Nov. l9. Sears and Roebuck 13.08

l9 Drugs W.E.K capsules and Paregoric 2.50

Insurance Indiana 8.57

Nov.22 Mutual Crawfords ----

Bert Slonaker for

Nov.22 work 6.00 Butchering hog and cow

sausage 52 Hog 3.22 Cow 2.00 Sausage 11.72

23 Frank Wagner 5 bush potatoes 7.50

23 Zehner & Son full 2.65

Follmar for sacks . 25

Chapman for bucket .10

Nov 26 Salt and gloves Vick Follmar .45

Dec 4 Jacob Wagner for coal l9.57

Jacob Wagner for Flour 4.50

4 Zehner for nails .25

6 Zehner for nails .10

7 P. L. Hoot for light 2.71

8 Cow kicker to prevent .98

10 Sam Agnew shoeing bill 1.75

17 Paid Republican 3.00

17 Christmas to Nellie Kelsey 4.00

18 Insurance mutual

18 Cyclone Indianapolis 1.40

18 Iriving point Sears & Roebuck 2.20

Farmers mutual Insurance Co.

26 Mercer Rochester, Ind 1.75

Dec 23 Paid over $10 in the --- & ---I wrote Mercer

Dec 27 Ira Ketchner $5 to apply on husking corn 5.00

" 27 Sam Agnew repair shaft .20

Dec 29 W. E. Kelsey for drugs 3.14

Sam Agnew shoeing

Dec 31 W. E. K Horses 4.50

See 27 103.85

Page 18 Book 30

Joseph Connor of Danville, Illinois died Nov. 12th l926 at noon. Age 90 years. His ailing was due to muscular weakness of his heart. He was a constant smoker of tobacco for most all his life that in some degree inviled the degenerated muscles of his heart. His wealth was estimated at one million dollars.

Nov. 25 Frank Holm and family were here the 25 Thanksgiving. A. J. Kelsey had dinner this 5 day Sunday the 5, l926 Laney, H. Keitzer and wife and myself were the guests Sunday.

H. Keitzer said he milked 8 cows and the average per month for the whole year was $170.00 for month. They boughten feed cost about $14.00 for month. That the yield l925 was over $1700 Seventeen hundred dollars. Average income of such cow about $220.00 less the feed. The feed of hay silage and pasture including the bough fed was about $40.00 pr cow. $32.00 leaving a net balance of about $17.00 or $210.00 for each cow.

July 21, l923 Bought the Sennet cow for $50. She was average 2 gallons per day for 300 days. 600 gallons 2400 qts at 9 cts pr qt $216.00 pr year for 3 yrs $648.00 Realized up to July 21, l926 3 calves sold for $20. up.

Bought our milk for 3 years from Sennet cow at 2 gal on average for 300 days each year sold at 9 cts pr qt. $216. each year $548.00

3 calves 60.00

$708.00 for the milk sold

Cost of feed pr year $40.00

Yield for 3 years 3


Deduct the cost of feed from $708.00



Net amount resulting which is profit on the Sennet cow for 3 years. She cost me $50.00 cash when I bought her.

Record See Cash book Page 74. l923

Went to Ranch to see horses foot all right except gray mare. She had a lump on her jaw looked like big jaw and she is about to die. Not much loss if she does.

Page 21 Book 30

Record of the weather for the month of Nov. l926 most all the month mild and much rain.

December l926 ( weather each day)

30 at 6 AM cloudy in the afternoon

20 above zero and stormy

22 30 cloudy and calm

30 "

30 "

28 "

4 above zero calm

30 " cloudy "

32 " " "

28 " " "

32 " " "

34 " " "

40 " " "

55 " " "

2 below clear calm

3 " " "

38 below in Minnesota

2 above
zero clear & calm fine winter weather

20 cloudy & calm

40 rain cloudy & calm

28 cloudy

missed Dec. 22,23,24

12 above snow calm in the evening

12 " calm snow 3 inches deep



15 "

15 "

Jan 1, 22 clear fine day See 28

Page 23 Book 30

C. E. Sellers Barber Winamac, Ind

failure to pay the rent on barber shop due Dec 1, l926 $8.35

I wrote a letter to S. Hause Marion, Kansas in answer to one he wrote me dated the 10 of Dec '96 in regard to oil and gas prospects. He stated that he lease the dredged land and 40 acres adjoining the Mclaughlin 80 acres.

Page 25

Receipts to Mr. A. Wolfrom rent $8.35

Sellers Barber shop

C. Shall rent 6.00

Sellers Barber shop $8.35

Clarence Shall 6.00

Check from P. County 158.00

Page 26

I presented to Alfa Huesel the following bills for him to O.K. for medical and surgical service rendered the following named parties:

Mrs. Anne Chappell 58.25

Earl Everest for medical and surgical treatment for his broken leg 65.00

Wm Hiland for medical service child Canton, Ind 12.50

Dec. 5, l926 Alanz Hiland for medical service rendered child 2.00

I wrote L. E. Mosier Treasure of Stark Co, Ind. for a duplicate check of about $5 for the one he sent me for the balance of the draft of 160.00 sent him to pay my full installment on the ranch in Stark Co. Ind.

Dec. 27, l926 Paid in full in answer to this bill of Dec. 12, l926

Page 28

Ordered from S & Roebuck the following:

40 ft. rope

3 pair canvass gloves

3 pair jerseys

1 rope halter

2 rope ----(Ties)

Page 29 Expenditures for month

Page 30-31 Temperature for two full months

Page 32

I wrote Jack Moses Akron, Ind. stating I had 15 to 20 good horses for sale.

Page 33

Feb 6, l927 Sunday I cleaned the hog pen that had 1/2 wagon load of cob and manure in it. Ira Ketchner told me a few days previous he cleaned it good. He did not tell the truth. The hogs 4 of them look fine will weigh 200 now. When I put them in the pen they weighed 48. Sept 22, l926. 4 months gained about one lb pr day.

Feb 2

Sennet cow calved Feb 5, l927 bull

Feb l8

I sold 3 calves to Wm Steven for $127.50 and have received on same check for $40.00 I am to hold these calves for 6 or 8 days at which time said Steven is to pay me the balance $77.50

Feb. 21

Bert Slonaker work halled hay one day 2.50

Feb 22 Made fence around straw stack 2.25

Feb 25 Split 115 post at 21/2 for post 2.78

Page 34 Halled one load of corn from the 40 acres near Winamac ranch by Guy Miller Feb. 26, l927 B. Slonaker with W. E. Kelseys team.

Sowed alfalfa seed the 12th of April on 6 acres south of new ground and south of plum orchard about 3 lbs per acre after I had sowed about 2 lbs of fertilizer on each acre the day or 2 previous with the lime sower. I also seeded the new ground to oats on the 11th of April 2 bushel pr acre with the smith disk drill.

On the 13th & 14th I also sowed the field south of the school house with about 3 lbs of alfalfa seed after I harrowed it on the 12th and 13th with the steel harrow flat.

Plowed the ground on the Burch orchard the 13th for potatoes in the center where there is no trees to interfere with the cultivation and on the side sowed alfalfa seed about 3 lbs pr acre and had the center part furrowed out by Tom Channey. I also put props under the apple trees to keep them from spliting the tree. Tom Chenney done the work. Chrissey harrowed the potatoe patch and commenced to plow about 1/4 acre for potatoes south end of the new ground in the afternoon and finished plowing the l4th and harrowed the same over 2 times.

Page 45

Planted some rural New York potatoes on the S. Kelberner lot Nov 8 and a patch north of the gate on the Burch lot same variety. June 18,1927 I put a handful of fertilizer in each hill consisting of scraping of fine barn yard manure. I intend to note the results of late planting and record in the space below. Planted 3 rows on lot where Kelcher lives June 10, l927 Rural New York 5lbs balance of the lot I planted sweet corn.

June 21 l927 Dug the first mess of New Potatoes about the size of hens eggs Fresh Cobler. June 21 Had a fine rain the 21 of June l927.

E. H. Mohler Insurance agent Rochester, Ind. wrote him Aug 29. l927

Page 48

l927 July 12th I planted 6 rows of sweet corn between the potatoe rows south of J. Marbughs I furrowed out with the hoe. Then dropped 2-3 grs of corn every 2-3 feet then I covered the same and sprinkled fertilizer over each row and after smooth with the hoe each row and compressed the dirt so as to generate and hold moisture. I don't know whether the seed is good nor whether the method will be a success. Seed no good

I planted 30 hills of Slowels ever green I got of Fred Bowers on the north west side of the potatoe patch and fertilized the same July 12, l927

July 14 also planted between the rows of potatoes stowells evergreen 6 rows about 80 feet in length and fertilized with 12/12 the same that we put on the field corn On the afternoon of the 14th we had a fine rain

I planted about 60 hills of pickles back of J. Marbugh place and down at Birch lot and over at the barber shop. Fertilized the ground.

July 17 I planted 200 hills potatoes, Ranch HG in the new ground south west part. The ground is in fine condition as to temperature which will bring them up early. I planted them between the rows of potatoes that are almost done growing.

Page 49 Book 30

I planted on the E. Kelberner lot between the potatoe rows 153 hills Rural New York variety ground is in fine condition.

July 17, l927 Sunday 2 months today I will examine and see how they are tomorrow and state here.

Aug. 12 Fine rain much needed and will benefit the corn & potatoes. Corn looks good on the Shenk place on the ranch about 20 acres is good but late 3 weeks.

I seeded the 3 acres south of the plum orchard and about 2 acres of the south end of the corn field west to alfalfa variegated about 6 lbs pr acre sowed the 3 acres both ways and run over with the mower wheel before I sowed and also after etc. etc. It was a good day to sow as it was cloudy all day.

Aug. 28 I pulled 3 ears of corn in the field on Shenk place for roasting ears. Lo have 3 or 4 weeks more without frost. His crop will be matured.

Page 50 Book 30

Sow bred Apr. 22, l927 Due to have pigs August 22, l927

Chas. Kelsey commenced to work for me at one dollar pr day. The afternoon Aug 21 /2 day Aug. 23 one day Aug. 24 one day. Aug. 4 Wright boy work one day at one dollar Thursday.

Page 51 Book 30

Frost on the night of the 2nd and 3rd of August l927. Badly damaged most of the low land at the Ranch and near extending south to Harry Lebo. The damage is very great on the Row land on the 20 acres W.E. Kelsey had on my land. Webbs all destroyed Harry Rocks and Gus field almost entirely ruined.

The corn I had out on the Ranch 2 or 3 acres in the 25 acres next to the mint badly damaged. The ballance of the field is not hurt much.

The mint is frosted considerable I don't know what will be the out come of the mint..

Report is that north in the vacinity of Ober corn and mint is badly damaged.

There is no freeze or frost south of the river at Monterey. The wave seemed to be from the North East and South West. Much like a hail and rain snow storm or current

August 6, l927 My horse on the Reisler place looks fine there is l9 of them including the sucking colts. There are several very good ones that could be matched. Horses on the Ranch looks good but not in as good plight at the horses on the Reister land.

Page 52 Book 30

Received $22.00 twenty two dollars in full of all demands covering the over plans according to contract which have fell due Oct. l1, l927 Crissie Chaney.

Page 53 Book 30 August 13, l927

Betty Brood sow had 9 pigs all white from the chest. Miller Boar I got of Zerchel. One of the pigs got killed the 14th leaves 8 She had the pigs 8 days before time which would be Aug 15, l927 I purchased 100 lbs midlay at 260 pr hundred and slop her 3 times pr day and feed corn and some weeds.

Aug 29. I ordered from Sears & Roebuck bill of goods 3.95 consisting of 9 window shades l.61, slippers, Horse call holder 20, Parcel post 20 Received goods all right.

Page 56 Book 30

Ambrose Keitzer died early in morning Sept l7, l927

Page 58 Book 30 The weather from the first of Sept l927 has been very warm and fine for corn and alfalfa. A little dry but just as it should be for the corn. Last night and 2 nights to warm to lay in bed under cover. Sept l6 the weather hot 90's in shade.

Sept. 26 l927 Sent an order to Sears Roebuck & Co Chicago for suit of clothes l6.75, hatchet 75, jersey gloves 88 cts. Sept 27. Raining this night.

Page 59 Book 30

Balance my Bank Book Sept 19 l927 Ballance $565.00

Willie Hiland moved in the S. Kelber house and paid $7 in advance 1st months rent. There will be due rent for 10 months unpaid except working some and paying me one dollar by wife and $3 self 2 weeks ago. The first month was paid when moving in. There will be due the 15th of August one month's rent.

I loaned them a cubbard to use only as I do not want to sell it at any price for I want to use it my self.

Page 60 Book 30

I put about 20 head of horses on W. E. Kelsey's marsh on Shenk place after fixing the fences so I can pasture 20 or more and feed the straw in stacks during the winter and spring. Pasturing will be a great benefit to the land and of much benefit to me as I am a little short sided. I got rid of the Reister land.

Bought of Howard Rock 3 pigs for $15.00 They weighed 120 lbs. average 40 lbs. Cost 121/2 cts pr lb.

Oct. 27, l927 Thermometer 83 in Chicago. very hot. Oct 28 about 78

Page 61 Book 30

Paid Tom Cheney up in full Saturday the 6th all that is due . There will be due Chrissie 10.00. Bonus provide he works full up to Oct 16, l927 and looses no time.

Page 62 Book 30

W Keitzer for medical service ordered Ambrose Keitzer $122.75

Page 63 Book 30 Sow served Oct 15 1927 due to have pigs Feb. 15, l928 She had pigs the 13th of August 8 days before expectation of 4 mo.

I let Willie Hiland have the use of a cubbard at the S.. Kelber house where he now live until I call for it and let it remain in the house where he now lives. He agrees to take good care of it and leave it in good repair as when he got it.

Wrote a letter to Guy Miller Winamac, Ind in regard to farming the 40 acres in Moniole Township.

Page 64 Book 30

I wrote a letter to Harry Rock Winamac, Ind demanding payment of note part due of ---$10.00 etc etc

I finished cleaning the ditch this day Tom Chaney work 5 days. Chrisey one Ira Ketcher 11/2 altogether 7 1/2 days Tom was 1.50 pr day Chrissy's one Ira Ketcher 11/2

Ten dollars even Bennet asked me to pay $45.00 which I though $30 to much I made Chaney a present of a pair of rubber boots for his good work and management.

Page 65

Commenced to reconstruct the tile at the ranch 10 inch tile about 80 rods in length near the center North 7 south. Finished it Nov 24th l927 3 hands 71/2 days Tom Cheney & Chrise and Ira Kelchner were the hands. I work with them to supervise the work. I am of the opinion that the drainage will be of much benefit. The cost of the tile 175 pr rod is as follows 80 rods at l75 Cost of work 50 ct pr rod =40.00 Actual cost $170.00

Page 68 Donald Kelsey was operated on by Dr. Shafer of Rochester for appendicitis and found a calcariores bean in the appendix and removed the appendix successfully. Saturday. Dec 10, l927 W. E. Kelsey brought the appendix home and showed the bean and place in the appendix was embeded. A. J Kelsey diagnosed the case and assisted in the operation.

Ordered from Sears & Roebuck 1 watch 2 pair socks 1pair 65, the other 25, pad locks 45, 3 doz safety pins 23cts.

Page 71 Book 30

Prophesy of the political company l928 as to the candidates on the Republican side and results that follows the election dependent on which of the 2 parties get control of the government of the United States of America.

The candidates on the Republican side that are now prominent are as follow: Daws now the vice president. Hoover, Watson, Bone of Idaho, Laws of Des Moines, Weeks of Ohio

Daws is now boasting Sorimer but I am of the opinion that Sorimer will boast Daws in the convention and Daws be the candidate nominated for President at the Kansas City National Republican convention.

He is in my opinion best suited for the office and will be elected of nominated.

Governor Smith of New York is the most prominent on the Democratic side. Not in my opinion suited to president of the United States. If he is or will become elected in less than 48 hours after it is known the trouble will begin similar to the trouble 48 hours after Grover Cleveland was elected in l892.

From the fact the capitalist and business men of the Nation have no confidence in the Democratic party, just the same as it was in l872 - 90. Panic will surely follow on the other hand if the Republican party is victorious the business of the nation will revive and greatly improve over the condition now existing. The condition now is the result of the Mal-administration of Woodrow Wilson and the European War.

There's no party perfect politically but there is a history that tells of prosperity and the other adversity the opposite of prosperity.

Republican prosperity Democratic is good on account of their policy not suited to the actual necessities of the nation.

Page 72 Book 30

Record of the petition on the Hawkins ditch state of Indiana Stark County,

We the undersign would respectfully represent to your honorable body that he is the owner of the following described real estate situated in Stark Co. Indians State of Indiana to the West:

SW NE 14 32-1 40 A

etc. etc.

Which lands were affected by and assessed for the entitled drainage

Petitioners would further represent to the honorable board that said ditch or drain is out of repair by reason of May ---broken dr-- and many out of place disjointed and filled with quick sand and sufficient to properly to drain the land for which the same was designed and intended and that the following lands will be affected if such proposed to wit.

Page 73 That none of the lands lies in the corporate of any town or limits of any city nor does the ---will any railroads be affected thereby nor any easement of any corporation be affected saving and excepting the public highways in North Bend Township Stark Co. Indiana nor will any state highway or state and federal highways be affected there by.

Four petitioners further alleges and says the public health will be improved by such work and public high ways be benefited thereby and the work will be of public utility and the cost and expense will be much less than the benefits to accurred to all the lands and high ways affected thereby and that said drainage will be more efficient by removing and replaceing in good workman manner all broken tile and provide the tile drainage with sufficient out-let to all the branch lines and making the entire drain a covered tile drain. That of sand drain is without the county of Stark and State of Indiana. The proper improvement to follow main line of the Hawkins ditch formerly established to the dredge ditch.

Your petitioners further --- and says there is ample fall to drain all the land affected by such proposed repair four petitioners Four petitioner pray that such repair and improvement be made ordered by your Honorable Board and proceed under the acts of the general assembly of l927 State of Indiana approve March 9, l927 on page 506 these of Chapter 166

Page 76 Expenses for month of Nov. 1926 $90.00

Expenses for month of Dec. 13.00

Expenses for month of Jan. 150.00

3 months expenses up to March 1, l927 $255.00

Dec. l927 Ray Bennet Trustee North Bend Township Stark County Ind..

Dr to work with team on the west running allow land of Fred Yuell North and South pr agreement 4.00 Four dollars pr day 51/2 days $22.00

1928 Feb. 13 sent a letter to A L Kelsey Argos, Ind

13 L C Engel Monterey

13 Clear sight spectacle Chicago I stated to them I must try them and if they fit I will accept and remit.

Page 78 H H Wynn Kewanna, Ind.

A L Kelsey Argos, Ind

March 6. George Sellers visit wife 5.75

wife 1.75

7. T C. Kelsey (Thomas C. Kelsey)

Soldiers and Sailors Home Nebrask

Page 80 Book 30

E. H. Mahler Loan agent

Rochester, Ind

Record of Notes date and amount Harry Rock $31.13 July 9, l924 March l9, l927 In invest 8 pr ct from sale until paid and attorney fees due 6 months after date Inclosed on back of note 5.00 December 19, l927

Fred Miller & A. Keitzer

Hudson Burr & Co Bloomington, Ill

Thomas C. Kelsey Soldiers and Sailors Home Nebrask

Harry McDowell atty

Winamac, Ind

Sent Note 48 75 signed by F. O Peterson dated Feb. 2, l920 6 months after date due 8 pr ct interest with a credit of ten dollars August 23, l922 Sent 2 notes to Harry McDowell at Winamac for collection Peterson about $60.00 Harry Rock about $40.00 this date Apr 29, 28 Apr 29 l928 sent a letter to McDowell

Page 81 Book 30 Monterey, Ind Feb. 2, l928

I wrote a letter to the state and Game Commissioner, Indianapolis, Ind

Dear Sir,

We write you in regard to the lowering of the Rothermel Lake now know as the Langenbahn Lake 16 inches and reducing the area about one 1/2. When this lake was up before the ditching of the outlet.

Before it was ditched the water covered 130 acres or more The ditching has injured the fish propagation more than 1/2.

What course needs to be pursued to restore the lake to its original dimension?

We understand that you have the right to control the lakes and protect the fisheries. This lake is about one 1 mile north of Monterey on the county line between Pulaski and Stark Co. 4/5 ths of the lake in Stark County.

There is much grass and weeds on the ground where it was covered with water before it was lowered by ditching which is injurious to the health and destroys the beauty of the lake and propagation of fishes.

Please give this your early attention and direct us what to do to remove the obstruction so the water may cover as much surface as was covered before the sewer was put in across the road which is the cause of lowering the lake. Dr. Wm Kelsey F. B. Lowel Mrs. S. Lowel Dr. Wm E. Kelsey

Page 82 Book 30

Governor E. Jackson was presented by the sore heads and disappointed Republican officers and disappointed Republican officers in the state of Indiana for attempting to bribe governor McCray 10,000 to appoint one McDowell to an important office who was favored by the noted dragon Stevenson Cland and former Democrat who had great influence over the Democratic party and large also over the Republicans to the extent of securing the election of Ed Jackson governor over 100,000 one hundred thousand majority over the Democratic candidate for governor of Indiana l924.

The sore headed Republicans were at the bottom of the persecution Trial lasting 7 days resulted in aquital of Jackson and a great defeat to the leaders of the Democratic party.

Page 83 Book 30

Feb. 18 l928 Blizzard the worst this winter is now an eastery all night and 1/2 of the day thermometer registered 5 above zero

Feb. 21 928 I wrote Harry Rock Winamac Ind. stating how much he was owing me which is 35.24 cts. due and sent a note for him to sign with security so I might deposite with bank here and use the money . The note is 7 months from date the date 21 Feb. l928

Ordered from Kilselman Bros Muncie, Ind. Feb. 21, l928 etc.

Ordered from Montgomery Ward Monkey Wrench 3 pair of gloves

Page 85

Laney's sale as to income made possible from cows. Milk sold $5 pr milk for 52 weeks $260.00

Tuley cow due to calve July 11, l928

She calved July 20, l928

Miller cows calf had a calf June

Claney cow had a calf July 30, l928

Page 87 Book 30

(The following paragraphs are a continuation of page 88)

First try to compromise. If you fail next is to condem and get an outlet.

It is well in argueing the case to say that you can get an outlet for less than what you propose to pay and waited rather give them the cash then to force a road under the law. It is necessary to be diplomatic and not manifest any disposition to do anything not right. I am of the opinion that you will win without the statutes of limitation intervenes by reason of long not --- as a public highway is against opening.

Condeming is the most certain of any course when they will not compromise

The object in seeing Spengle is to refer to him as an authority of right to enforce the reinstoring the road where it was not legally closed or vacated. The west end of the road over by -------in place was closed by petition 10 years ago. Nothing to do with the ----without the state highway.

Page 88 Crops of l927 grown and improvement made and other accumulatives in the way of improvements.

Corn grown on ranch 1050 bushels

Corn on Shenk place 10.00

Potatoes 40 bushel 40

Oats hay on ranch 20 acres 30 tons

Timothy Hay 30 tons

Oats pasture 20 acres A. J. Kelsey

I write you regarding the opening of the road in the line between Sam Osborn and George Osborn from the North corner of the ranch to the state highway which was closed without petition 25 years ago after it been in use as a ---- high way near 30 years.

The right course to pursue is first see John Spangler and know the result of the suit in ---- 2 yrs since down in the --- settlement of the north side of line. If he succeeded in getting the road open by the suit or otherwise the same course would be proper to pursue on the line between Sam and George Osborn and give you an outlet to the public highway. But it would be best to purchase a road 30 feet wide even if you had to give $100.00 and build the fence at your own expense and get immediate use of the road it would be worth 500.00 to you at once. If you cannot purchase you can condemn a strip and get for less but have and trouble and immediate benefit is to be considered. (Continued on page 87)

Page 89 Book 30

I wrote a letter to Harry Rock Winamac Ind. March 15th l928 demand pay by 1st of Apr l928 and case he failed to execute a new note with security so I could deposite note in bank I would leave it for collection.

Apr l928, I left his note this day Apr 4, l928 with H. In--------for collection.

Wrote a letter to Sherwood Real Estate agent at Fort Wayne Ind. making a statement of the 40 acres at Winamac that I was offered $90.00 for . ---since that was good land and under cultivation and well drained. Same yielding about 45 bushels of wheat pr acre.

The Ranch I described it just as it is and $3500 loan on same 280 acres was offered 100.00 pr acre the south 1335. I stated facts as to the land and its productiveness. James Sherwood Real Estate Office 131 E. Barry St. Fort Wayne Ind.

I wrote a letter to George Sellers March 16 in regard to the Ranch and sale of same.

Page 92 Book 30

See 9-10 Senator Wheeler of Montana recently in a speech said that if the Democratic party did not change their platform and modify and advocate their acts and become more progressive the party would surely be a dead party in the near future.

The leaders of the Democratic party do not care for the interest of the great mass of their as they do for themselves. They are hungry for the offices. The common Democrats all just as loyal and anxious for good government as the Republicans and would vote with the party that has the policy best suited to their wants.

Sent draft 209 interest on the Shenk and Kleckner 40 acres. Hudson Buse Co. 319 N. Center St. Bloomington, Ill. Registered same

Page 93 Book 30

March l928 Expenditures from March 10, l928

Hudson Burr Co.

March 27 Interest on Shenk place due Apr. 1, l928 209.00

18 Tom Chaney & Sons 15.00

25 Tom Chaney & Son in full 15.00

Mar. 27. One sow O Johnson Sale 26.00

Mar 27. Peter Scheuer seed oats 30.95

Mar 31 Tom Chaney 5.00

Tom Chaney over paid 1.00 1.00

Apr. 2. Tom Chaney & Chris 2.00

2. Wm Hiland 1.00

4. P. L. Hoot Light 1.30

7. Tom Chaney in full to date 2.50

7. Willie Hiland 1.00

7. Cr on rent $100

10. To Riese boy .75

12. R. B. Walters check 7.90

14. Tom Chaney 6.00

14. Ed Masters pinch bar .35

14. Tom Chaney $6.00 for work and 1.50 overpay

Tom Chaney borrowed 6.00

10 to pay interest on the Cosieosk debt 10.00

Apr.30 Deposited up to date $440.61

Expenses according to my record up to date -----

Book Balanced $345.45

Balance if correct in my favor $95.16

Apr. 30 l928

Tax now to pay Stark Co. $150.00

Pulask 1.50

Interest on Farmer loan 10.

J. Wagner about

Need to borrow $487.50

Page 94 Sennet Cow served Chas Reneholt bull March 16, l928

Wrote a letter to R & Spengler and a plot of Kelsey dredge ditch and Kelsey tile ditch so one stating what is needed to give proper drainage.

Sold to Chrissey one 3 year old black mare for 90 He agrees to pay for her out of his labor the season of l927.

He put her in the stable for 5 weeks or more and fed her corn and hay while there at his own expense and fed her grass and hay.

After 5 weeks or more he wanted me to take her back which I did but he did not pay for her keeping the 5 weeks.

Sold 3 pigs which he fed out of my corn. I don't know how much. But not less than 4 bushels for one of them he fed for 3 months. So Jo told me.

To do bill for med service 1.50

Page 95 Book 30

Farmers Trust Company 150 East Market Street Indianapolis, Ind.

Frank L. Daily 3310 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, Ill

wrote a letter concerning the Kelsey dredge ditch.

John Crume 16 Logan St. Ridge View Peru, Indiana wants horses

Tom Chaney commenced this morning Apr 3rd to dig out mint roots at the ranch to plant about 5 acres more. He agrees to plant 5 acres more and cultivate and h----and distill in coming --- the 3 acres by the side of the 5 acre piece and deliver to me Dr. Wm Kelsey one half of the oil when distilled and I am to be at no expense except to furnish a 1/2 ton of fertilizer when Cheney agrees to sow broad cast as soon as I furnish same after the mint planted.

Page 100 Book 30

Tom Chaney commenced to dig mint roots at the Ranch Apr 3, l928 1st day Tuesday Wm Hiland Chrissey & Tom 2nd day Wednesday Wm Hiland Chrisey & Tom 5,6,7, Ira not work ----sick.

Tom Chaney worked for me on Monday 1/2 day making fence . In the afternoon hauled manure from the barn yard in town and Wednesday finished hauling manure out the cow yard. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday worked on the mint at ranch. Bert Slonake help him for 3 days.

This Saturday evening is the first that I did not pay him any since he commenced to work for me. I don't know how he will meet his expense of living while he is farming without Chrissey contributes to him.

Page 101 Book 30

Night of the 14 of Aprile l928 20 above zero. At 10 AM 28 above clear and a little windy.

Apr l1, l928 I wrote a letter to John Crume Peru, Ind. John Peterson note Aug 21, l922 $825 8 pr ct interest from date. Interest 8 pr ct from date 5 years and 8 months Apr 21, l928 Amount now due 11.99 Settled.

Page 102 Book 30

Emma Hartman was here Apr 29, 28 also George Houser's girl from Marion Kansas Bule Sennet, Mary Kelsey, Mary ---Hartman, Frank Hartman, A. J. Kelsey all for supper. Dinner very good and was pleasing to all. I ate pretty good quantity and had poor sleep until after midnight . Apr 29 The day was chilly in the morning and cloudy until near noon in the afternoon windy and warm. In the evening a thunder storm but not much rain.

Kelsey from Argos or near was to see me in regard to buying a mare and colt which I offered him for $100.00. 9 months to pay in.

His 2 sons in laws who married his twin girls not very far apart. 6 months previous was with him seemed to be a good man. Apr 30 clear and mild the little shower made the grass look green.

Page 103 Book 30

Farmers Trust Company 150 East Market Street Indianapolis. I wrote them a letter the 28th of Apr. 9, l928 stating to them I would not be able to pay the principle when it becomes due in May l928 $35,000. But would pay the tax and interest promptly if no addits and cost is made and take good care of the farm and improve it the same as if the mortgage on the same that the need not fear. I would pay every dollar in the near future.

I gave them references as follows: The Treasure of Stark Co. J. B. Fetcher Banker Auditor of County John Exaver Ex trustee N.Bend George Seller Assess Stark County Ind.

Page 106 Book 30

Prophesying what will come to pass in the event of the Democratic party getting full control of the government of the United States of America by reason of a victory in the electing The President , Vice President and both branches of the Congress of the United States as follows.

In less than 48 hours after the news of the Democratic victory is herald to the nation there will be a beginning of a stagnation in the business of as to continued prosperity and general conditions suited to the business men and women of the whole nation that will result in a great panic as was the case in l892, 93, & 94, when the Democratic party had full control of the government of the United States of America.

The panic was due to the declarations in the Democratic platform that declared the protective tariff, was a tax every time and the consumer had to pay it every time. That the tariff was a species of robbery and would be repeated if the Democratic party got control of the government of the United States of America.

Henry Waterson of Louisville, Kentucky framed the Democratic platform in l892, who stated that the Republican protective was a fraud and had never brought into existence one manufacturing industry, created one days labor for the laboring people and never would. The panic commenced in less than 24 hours after the election of Grover Cleveland and a full Democratic Congress was announced.

The factories all over the United States of America shut down and the streets were crowded with idle men and women in all the factories which were manufacturing products that were in competition with foreign manufacturers from the fact the foreign manufacture products could be sold in the United States for 25 pr ct less the America manufactured goods of same quality which was due to the difference in the cost of laborers.

And continued shut until the prospect in l894 indicated that the free trade policy of the Democratic party was a fraud and not suited the laboring people of the United States of America, except to the office holders of the Democratic party and office seekers of the Democratic party. Millions of people suffered for food and many died from starvation in the United States of America.

Carter Harrison who was Mayor of Chicago responded. He fed over 200,000 two hundred thousand for 2 long years SOUP. All the cities had soup houses installed until the panic ended.

Many billions of dollars was the loss to the farmers and business of the United States by reason of the Democratic victory in l892.

One of the principle things that helps to restore the confidence of the business men and women of the nation was the refusal of the president Grover Cleveland to sign the Free Trade Bill known as the Wilson and Gorman Tariff Bill which was passed by the Democratic Free Trade Party which Grover Cleveland refused to sign.

When presented to him he declared that the bill was one conceived in sin and inquity, a disgrace to the Democratic party and he refused to sign.

When Grover Cleveland ref----and statements were broadcasted over the United States of America the leading Democrats declared Grover Cleveland a traitor to the party and a large majority of the leaders of the Democratic party denounced him and called him a traitor.

But prosperity and the prospect of the Republican party getting in control of the government and repealing the Democratic trade laws restored the nation to prosperity, which continue up to the Democratic victory of l912 when the Democrats got control by the same false statement to the people that was stuffed into the minds of the people with a Democratic platform framed by the same old fraud, Henry Waterson of Louisville, Kentucky which would have resulted in a panic had it not been for the European war greater than the Democratic panic of l892, 93, 94 scare cause the same as l892, 93, 94 policy Free trade was threatened. One of the first things done by Wilson and Bryan that led up to the European war was the demobilizing of the Army and Navy soon after they got full control of the government, and the mismanagement of the Mexican trouble on the border of Mexico between the United States and Mexico was watched by Bernstof the German Minister to the United States of America notified the Keitzer of the facts as to President Wilson's inefficiency as a military man and the demobilizing of the Army and Navy of the United States of America, that we were in a condition helpless and could not interfere with Germany if she engaged in war with England and France, now was the time to strike.

Which he did with the expectation of triming both France and England up in a short time and then with the English and French navies and the armies of both nations make war on the United States and over throw the government of the United States and divide the spoils between the nations that seemed the over throw. So stated by Gerand the Ambassador of the United States to Berlin, Germany was the intention of the Keitzer of Germany. It is no difficult thing to understand that the Democratic party is not in good standing with the business of the moneyed power of the United States and for that reason if the Democrats should get control of the government by winning the National election of l928 a panic would surely follow.

There is no record since General Jackson was president that Democratic party has done any good in national affairs. They have no policy now that is advocated any good fix or likely to be for they are all the time split on and changing their views and seemingly possessed with no stability nor but little ability to construct any policy suited to the needs of the people of the United States of America.

I consider the President election of l928 is of the most importance since l920 election when the League of Nations was under consideration. That Wilson was swinging around the circle like old Andy Johnson when he was impeached.

Wilson's League of National proposition was defeated by seven million five hundred thousand plurality.

Had the League been favored and the Senate rectified the same the United States would have been overthrown. from the fact we would never be at peace and would not be able to get out of the league without a fight against all the nations that were members of the League of Nations.

If the Democrats get control of the government of the U.S. by winning the election Nov. 6, l928 we will surely have expense greater than the panic of l892- 93, and 94 from the facts the Democratic leaders are advocating the same policies they did in l892. History always repeats we cannot expect the Democratic leaders to keep us out ;for they do not know how.

The achievements of Democratic party for 70 years in the past is such indicating they have never succeeded to do anything when in control of the government that they are proud of and worthy of note.

Page 113 Book 30

I subscribed for the Herald for 6 months 2.50

I will be the near free from debt Apr 20, l930 for 60 years I will owe but little not more than 500 all told.

A good thing that got rid of most all of the lands and stock I possessed for there was no profit in farming on account of the high cost of labor and scarcity.

I own the Kleckner place and the 40 acres near Winamac the 2 places worth more than the Shenk 76 acres.

The Shenk 76 acres is not as good as it looks. I bought Apr. 1st, l869 for 300.00 and farmed it 60 years. Gave 80 acres of it to W. E. Kelsey that was estimated at 100.00 at the time I gave it to him 8000.00 south 1/2 l907. The north 1/2 I kept and sold 4 acres of it for school house leaving 76 acres that I sold to C. Falstitch for 4500.00. Reserving about $50 dollars of sawed logs. By adding as follows that I realized from the $300.00 invested as follows: 8000.00 to W. E. Kelsey 4500.00 to C. Falstitch 400.00 for school house total= 12,900 I had the use of the land for 62 years 140 acres improved at $5 pr acre for 62 years 50 for timber and posts.

Page 114 Book 30

NOTICE On the morning of 20th of May l928 I examined my tongue and discovered that it was coated considerable. Indicating matured and influenze complications that has been in my system for 6 weeks at times much greater than other times. My appetite has not been good most of the time but no pain or distress in the stomach.

I have taken medicine several times that I thought should eliminate the malaria and influenza but not fully as I should. There seems to be no other ailing but reoccurrence of the influenze . I think is the principle cause and old age has much to do with vitality and resisting power to ward off the reoccurrence of the influenza.

I prescribe this morning for my self and sul quine 10 capsules compounded with six vomica hydrastes canadenses a very small quanity of opilers then 1/4 gr to each capsule one hydrchlorate tablet and intend to take one every 2 hours for 3 days and note the effect with good care and rest I hope to get better. I would if prescribing for other parties would expect good results.

Page 117 Book 30

On Sunday the 20 of May l928 I examined myself as to condition on health. I discovered nothing but old age 93 years old the l4th day of August l835. and the influenze complicated with malaria on my case that was imparing my physical condition that had been preying on me for 6 weeks recurrent attacks.

I prescribed for myself the following compound sul quine 40 gr. 40 grams calumel 10 gr op. 2 gr hydrastes canadinsis -----and divided into 10 doses and took one every 2 hours until all was taken. 24 hours after I was decidedly improved my appetite was restored my sleep was greatly improved my strength was also better. I felt like a new man and on the 22nd worked most all day not as hard as usual but by evening I felt some of the old influenza returning due to much exercise. I am of the opinion that there is not enough ---- that acts as a germicide given in most cases to get quick results and ---- and not enough rest to recuperate fully.

Page 119 Book 30

I wrote a letter addressed to Paul Buchand secretary of the IOF Lodge 660 Monterey, Indiana. Stating that I am and have been for more than 6 weeks ailing with influenza and not able to do but little with no prospect of getting well so I will be unabled to do but little if anything. I thought it was right to inform you of my condition.

I am a member of Lodge 660 IOF Monterey, Indiana that you may know.

Yours Fraternally,

Dr. Wm Kelsey IOF

June 27, l928

I planted sugar corn on the west side of the new ground potato patch.

Planted 2 rows of potatoes west side next to the path on east of woods.

Page 120 Book 30

Enock Overmire died June 1, l928 Buried June 3, l928 Odd Fellow. Many friends. Large funeral.

I received a notice from E. Zechel of Knox who is agent of the party now to replace that part of the fence and the line between the Kelsey land and the Mike Kelly farm.

June 22. I answered the letter and stated I had repair the south 1/2 which was my part and about 80 rods of the north part which was the part to repair and keep in repair. Also notified Earl Zerchel of the cattle tramping in the banks of the Hawkins ditch obstructing the flow and backing the water in the tiles that have an outlet in the open ditch doing much damage.

Fred Miller cow's calf served by Clay Scotch Durham bull.

Page 122 Book 30

Fred Miller cow heifer served by Clays Bull June 28, l928 due to calve 28 of March l929

I have given to my children amounting to more than 80 thousand dollars in the past 30 years.

Near 700 acres of the 80,000 thousand dollars included five hundred in the past year.

these acres of land was worth in l912 not less than eight thousand dollars.

The real cause of the decline in value was due to the malishness action of Woodrow Wilson and backed by the leaders of the Democratic party and the European war.

The inflation of the lands and stock personal cause a high assessment of all the properties and enormous high tax and caused high interest and high cost of labor and at the close of the war and since a rapid deflation of the lands and other taxable properties and no decrease of the high cost of labor interest or taxes to correspond causes the lands not to be worth more than one third as compared to the value in l912 when the government was administered by the Republican party.

The lands I give away without any price to my family was worth not less than 55 thousand dollars. Saves me not less than 25 hundred dollars expenditures pr annual more than I could realize out if not given away.

I meant to say that by reason of dispossessing my self of the land I will have 2500 twenty five hundred dollars for the pocket. In two years enough to pay for a five thousand dollar farm. But to invest in a farm would be foolish for in 10 years or less it would be swallowed up without a change in taxes high cost of labor and cost of up keeping the farm and interest on the investment.

Better invest in government bonds at 3pr ct interest and realize more.

I replanted on the new ground about 11/2 bushels of seed on the east side of the 3 acres patch finished June 30, l928. ground in fine condition for early coming up.

Page 124 Book 30

Hoover was nominated for President at Kansas City June 15, l925 Curtis of Kansas for Vice President by the Republicans.

June 29, l928 Al Smith was nominated by the Democrats at Houston, Texas President and Jo Robison of Arkansas Vice President. I am of the opinion that the Republicans will be elected in Nov. l928 by a large majority.

Page 128 Book 30

Paul Kelsey 1804 West Congress St. Chicago, Ill.

Page 130 Book 30 Peppermint on Ranch

Tom harrowed the 5 acres over once . Cut it in 1/2 day July 10, l928 raked it up an covered it up in 1/2 day Self & Chrissey commenced to hull it to the still July 11 3 teams Halled in 5 loads. Bert Slonaker hulled first day team no good. Mint fielded lbs oil.

Page 131 Book 30

I was at the Ranch today also on the Shenk farm examining the crops and condition at this writing July 15, l928. The corn on the Shenk place is pretty well cultivated and promises a good field. The potatoes on the new ground are not in good condition by reason of not being cultivated and kept free from grass and weeds won't field as much as planted.

On the Ranch the corn is not more than 1/2 cultivated and will not make much more than half crop it it comes of very dry. The potatoes are very weedy and will not make more than 1/2 crop. The mint planted this spring is no good for the want of cultivation. Won't field 10 bushel pr acre. Chenny is no good.

Page 133 Book 30

Prophesie what will be the outcome of the poultry business in less than 5 years.

I am of the opinion that he is over estimating the profits of poultry business. I believe that he is at more than double the expense that the under taking will justify. He will be more anxious to get out of the enterprise than he is to get into it. He now has near 400 acres of land to handel which I think will in the near future be more anxious to get rid of than he was to get it.

The high cost of labor and the interest and up keeping will be greater than the income.

He is over estimating the income and under estimating the expense of doing all that is necessary to realize any profit.

If the Democrats should get control of the nation there would be no prospect that his calulations would be ruined. On the other hand if the Republicans should get full control there would be some prospect of a revival of values of land and stock and a return to the conditions that existed prior to the election of Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States.

The facts are the business men of the nation have no confidence in the leaders of the Democratic party for more than 60 years. The real history tells that the achievements of the leaders of the Democratic party amounts to but little that has been any benefit to the people of the United States. But on the other hand have done great harm. The achievements of the Republican party is a thousand times greater for the U. S. than the Democrat parties.

Page 134 Book 30

Tom Cheney agrees to grow 10 to 15 acres of oats on the Ranch and cut and stack it good for 1/3 of the oats hay and I agree to find the seed. He also agrees to cut the timothy and stake it good on the old stack yard and receive 1/3 in the stack for his share. The harvesting and saving is to be done in a practical way.

Page 136 Book 30

Move in Sept 15, l928 Rent payable $7.00 pr month in advance paid first month 4.00 House on Lot No 8 -----original plot of Monterey Ind.

Settled with Wm Hiland Aug 1, l927 this day for rent balance due up to Sept 15, l928 $57. 75 and took his note for same due one day after date. This includes the Dr. bill at 1/2 price. Here is a statement of what he did for me in the way of work 1st. Picked the brush up at the orchard where Tom Cheney trimmed the apple trees and brush down at Ketcher house l day $1.50 Split stove wood 1/2 day 75 cts. Throwed manure back in the stable 2 hours. 50 cts, burned ---- and mark some fence. 50 cts Made fence 5/4 day 1.00 split wood in wood house 1/2 day 75cts. Help Chrissey to put in some fence post east of plum orchard, paid $7 Sept 15 first month's rent 7.00 Wife paid one dollar paid 3 three dollars 3.00 Total $15.75. Rent for 11 months 77.00 Dr.bill 4.50 $81.50 -15/75 = $65.70 Mistake in Wm Hiland favor of $7.75.

Page 138 Book 30

Settled with Tom Chaney for all the work done for me from March l9. Apr 14, l928 To Aprile 14 l928 and paid him $1.50

over and loaned him $10. to pay the parties he owed at Warsaw, Ind. $11.50

16 Halled manure in the forenoon 75cts. Than commenced to work for himself to help make fence 1/2 day to help 1/2 day at ranch 75 cts. No work done by him for 2 or 3 weeks. I am security for 10.00 at the bank for him.

Sept 2 worked 3 hours on west side of orchard putting in posts.

Divided the oats hay with Tom Chaney and the timothy hay on the Ranch. There is 9 stacks of oats hay the 2 first rows on the south 6 stacks is mine and the 3 stacks on the 3rd row is Toms. The timothy the 2 first rows on the south is mine, except 1 stack on the west end of the 2nd row is Toms. Halled 2 loads of the oats hay Nov 5, l928 about 2 tons are stack.

Page 140 Book 30

Aug. 15, Jacob Wagner told me that Chrisy Cheney never boug any corn from the elevator and that Laney Kelsey paid for all the grinding of the corn.

Page 141 Book 30

Aug 4 l928 Paul Kelsey l804 West Congress St. Chicago, Ill.

I turned 4 horses in the river bottom and 2 cows 2 heifers & 2 calves where they can get water pasture and shade better than down at Tom Chaney and save expense of having water pumped Fine rain this afternoon splendid for corn that is nearby and shooting. July 20 Chrissey Chaney brought in 4 horses from the ranch. Bought a new laso rope to catch the roaming colt.

Page 142 Book 30

Loss on the crops grown on the Ranch by reason of not cultivating for the same as follows On cultivating the mint planted this last May l928 no stilling by reason of not cutting same which would fielded not less than 80 lbs at $12.50 pr lb $200 Two hundred dollars. Loss on corn by reason of not replanting and keeping free from weeds not less than $200. Neglect to cultivate the potatoes on the ranch not less than $100.00 provide the potatoes are worth 75cts pr bag. My share of the mint would be 100.00 Loss in corn 130.00 Loss potatoes near $75.00 I paid out for fertilizer and seed for the acre on Ranch $15.00 If I get $15 worth of potatoes I will not lose much. The oats cut all right and shocked up will be worth not less than $6 pr ton about one 3 (third) weeds. Timothy bundled very well worth pr 10 in the field stack $8 pr ton

Halled oats hay with Bert Slonaker 4 hours.

Page 143 Book 30

Bert Slonaker rented the dwelling house on Lot 53 for $8. pr month and the chicken coop payable monthly in advance other buildings not rented. He agree to put in 12 window lights and 2 big lights in front door and kitchen and pay for same costing him at Haschels for the lights $5 and repair and clean up where needed and put the house in shape to suit him for $4, four dollars making altogether $9.80cts. I would owe him when he does all he agrees to do on the repairing. I am to furnish the lumber for the cellar door and shingels or rubber roofing to repair the roof. I am to be at no expense out side of what is mentioned. Stated in the article of agreement I have.

Page 144 Book 30

Chrissey Chaney I sold him a black mare for 90 3 yr old. He kept her in the stable 51/2 weeks and fed her corn & hay and agreed to pay in the fall Oct 15, l927 out of his wages. The year was worth 1.50 pr week (the word work had been erased)

Had me to take her back Sold him 3 pigs which he fed out of my corn one of them for 21/2 months and other 2, 6 weeks. He told me he fed them 2 times each dry corn out of my cribb.

Page 145 Book 30

Commenced at noon to mow the oats on the Ranch Tuesday at noon. July 24, l928 Chrissey

The value of all the work including the dr--king, harrowing and drilling the amounted to 7.50

Assessment l930: Horses 500 Cows 155 Hogs 15 Farm Implements 100 $790.00

Page 148 Book 30

Tom Chaney come to me in the evening of August 25, l925 and asked me if there was anything coming to him. I answered him and said, I would look and see on my journal. I told him on our settlement Apr 14, l928 I paid him in full for all that was due him and $1.50 over and loaned him $10 to pay the pasture at Warsaw, Ind which would make him owing Apr. 14, l928 $11.00 He got mad and said he paid the 10.00 and said he would not work anymore. I don't know what he will do for when he gets mad he loses his sense and misrepresents.. I do not believe that is a safe man to deal with in farming. He told me no contract would bind him and he was under no obligation to do what he agreed to do.

Page 149 Book 30

September 1928

Divided the timothy hay and oats on the ranch with Chaney. There is 9 stacks of oats and 9 of timothy. The 6 stacks of oats in the south is Kelsey's and the 3 on the north is Chaney's The 6 stacks of timothy on the south Kelsey's. 3 on the north is Chaney's

November The old last year's 5 stacks has nothing to do with the division. I offered Tom $56.00 to hall the hay both timothy and oats and put it in the barn at town and where he lives which he said he would soon.

I paid as follows first $2

Then $3

Then check 10

Then $3 to boy 3

Then check 9 to Chrisey 9

Up to date $27.10

Page 150 Book 30

The time to kill Canada Thistle is in the month of Aug when the sighen is in the heart which is the 13, 14,& 15th l928. Cut the thistles off close to the ground and they will surely die. Another time is the 2nd day after the first full moon in July or August will be followed with extermination. There is something real for the experiment has past over 100 years. If there is any thing real in the sighen the farmer should not cut any vegetable products at this time expecially any that they want to preserve such as the clover.

Alden Sinsenbaugh Route 3 Argos, Indiana Man who says he knows how to break horses.

Page 151 Book 30

I ordered from Montgomery Ward Sept 6 200 feet manila rope 1/2 inch 1.65 pr 100 ft. 3 pr fur gloves .50 3 pr heavy canvas .52 owed them on previous bill .99 total $5.35

Sept 6, l928


Montgomery Ward for rope and gloves and 99cts due them 5.30

Check to Dr. B. F. Lowe for training horses and help 10.00

Sept 10 Kilselman Bros 8.25

" Montogomery Wward gloves 1.62

10 P. L. Hoot Light 1.10 (Printice or Printy Hoot)

Harness from B. Slonaker 8.00

10 Rent for the month of Sept up to Oct 8, l928

15 J. Soreton 15 hours 4.50

Tom Chaney waters stock for 11 days 1.25

I ordered from S& R. 2 collars .30

One 130 and the other 140 siz 21&22

also 50 feet of 3/8 inch 26

50 " 1/4 44

20 " 3/ Number missing) 60

18 Ballance on suit of clothes .25

Sept 23 Paid Gordon for help 2.50

10 Hoot for light 1.60

Oct. 30 Jo Bender for cutting brush 1.65

Oct. 30 Winamac Republican for sale bills 10.16

7 Ed Masters paid in full 3.03

for all I owe him

8 Apples some golden 1.75

Nov. 20 Insurance Waters Ora on town property 31.65

Page 154 Book 30

Willard Miller Route 1 Huntington, Ind. Charles Henline Route l Huntington , Ind.

wrote a letter to Willard Miller of Huntington inviting him to my sale the 10th of October l928 at Monterey, Ind.

Page 155 Book 30

George Sellers Oct 5 1928 to visit wife night with Arthur J. Kelsey $5.00

March 5 did previous account 4.75

Jun. 2 to visit wife 5.75

Oct 5. to visit wife last sickness 5.00

Sale of Horses Oct. 10, l928

W. E. Kelsey bid off 5 head the stud Pursue Hondig and his brother and 2 spring yearling colts.

I visited George Sellers with W.E.K. this day Oct. 15 to settle with him his book account which was 14 and note & interest 201.50

Page 156 Book 30

Settled with Bert Slonaker this day Oct 13, l928 for the rent due for rent of dwelling house and chicken coop at $8 pr month commencing 8 of August l928 The rent to be paid in advance and there is due him for all the work done for me up to present time. Done the settlement of Aug 8, l928 In this settlement I am not to pay D. Haschel anything for any material that is charge against me and I paid him five dollars this evening leaving a ballance due him of $7.20 this date. Signed Bert Slonaker October 13, l928.

Page 159 Book 30

On the night of the 24th of October l928 I was dreaming about the presidental compaign as to who would be elected President of the United States of America Nov. 6, l928. Hoover or Smith. In my dream it seemed not easy to derive at conclusions But suddenly come to me that Hoover would be victorious. I at once come to the conclusion that Divine providence rules the nation and all would be well for the whole people of the nation and if Hoover was not elected and Smith elected president it would be evident that it was a curse imposed on the nation for the unbelief of a large pr ct of the people of the United States visited by Divine providence. I woke up and looked at my watch and it was 12 o'clock midnight . Now in case Hoover wins Nov. 6, l928 I will have good reason to believe that Divine providence rules the nation and increase my faith in the Divine creator that I intend to record on this page after this of Nov. 6, l928.

Page 160 Book 30

John Crume Ridge View Peru Ind. Bough 2 mares for 200.00 due 9 months from about Aprile 3, l928 6 pr ct interest from date See page 95

I ordered a hand saw from Sears & Robect on P. 10 1.35

Paul H. L. Nolms Secretary $1.40 on policy 91429

Page 16l Book 30

October 28, l928 Pipeline bursted in pasture and leaked out oil that 3 cows drunk and made them sick. So the milk was so tainted that it could not be used. damaged cows. notified the man who was repairing the leak and he viewed the cows that were damaged October 28, l928.

Oct. 29 l928 reviewed my note at the bank with AJK as security $7.72 and on or before Apr. 1st. l929

John Creme Note Peru, Ind. Apr. 10, l928 Nine months after date I promise to pay to the order of Dr. Wm Kelsey two hundred dollars and attorney fees payable at First National Bank Peru, Ind. Interest 6 pr ct for -------value recovered without any relief whatever from violation claims or appraisement laws. due Jan 10, l929 Sigh.

Oct. 30 John S. Crume John C. East-man George B. Crume

Jo Bender paid 1.65 for cutting brush side of road.

Page 162 Book 30

Emma Hartman was here 1/2 day Oct 30, l928
Nov. 4, l928 I stated to A. J. Kelsey that he was making a great mistake in his political stand for Gov. Al Smith and Frank Daily. To do as he states vote for Smith and Daily there will be a stain on his political action that he will not be able to wipe out. I stated that he knew better and his conscience would trouble when he thinks what he has done. I told him that his reputation political would be greatly damaged and never be in good standing with either party. No more than N. Hamis and Samp Allens neither of which is any account and never will be. I also stated that what a disgrace to his family and for that reason he ought to be careful. I am of the opinion that he will greatly regret his turn coat action and cause him to loose much sleep, peace of mind.

I am of the opinion that Hoover will get more than 15 hundred thousand more votes than Smith. And Leslie will have 20,000 Twenty thousand more votes for Governor of Indiana. There is no chance for Smith unless the Democrats steal the election. Hoover is much greater man than he is estimated by the best judges. I am of the opinion that he will please most all the people who are intelligent and able to understand matters of government. He is more than 100 pr ct better than Smith.

Page 163 Book 30

Died January 12, l929 Dr. Shaffer of Huntington, Ind. Born Jan 15, l828 Would have been 100 years old if he had lived 3 days longer.

Insured 4 properties as follows. House on Lots No 51 & 52 1000 on house and 100 on cows & horse. Expires Oct. 7, l931 granary & poultry Lot No 19 Monterey, Ind. and house on Lot No 8 $7.00 Expires Oct. 7, l931 Insurance on herd and grain in Stark Co. N.B. Township see 23 and grim in Pulask and Stark 7.00 Expires l933 Nov. l8 Sent out by mail to R. B. Walters Ora, Ind Nov. 20, l928.

Dec. 11, Wrote letter to E.J. Kelsey Dec. 11, l928

Tom Chaney brought sow and 6 pigs up from lower barn Dec. 12, l928

Page 164 Book 30

Dr. Shaffer of Huntington , Ind. died Jan 11, l920 would have been 100 years old had he lived to the 15th of Jan l929.

Expenditures See 151

Nov. 27, l9221 Check to Tom Chanaey & Chris 4.00

50cts to Chrissy for driving 3 horses to ranch .50

Nov. 29, l928 I notified Thomas Chaney by posting notice on front door to give possession of the dwelling house and the premises surrounding on or before March 1st, l929 Witnessed by Wm E. Kelsey and of Monterey and Frank Hartman of Fort Wayne Nov. 24, l928.

Frank Hartman and family and 2 other boys here November 29, l928 also James Sennet , Wm Sennet W. E. Kelsey Time dinner & supper.

Dec. 2, to $5 Mr E.. Chirch 5.00

Dec. 2 Tom Chaney halled 2 loads first and put in more at town The next 3 loads put in more at town. The next 3 loads at barn on farm. The next 3 loads at barn on farm.

Nov. 27 I have paid $15 for halling the first 6 loads paid for halling more 4.00 1.50 paid for 2 loads and $1.00 to Chrissey for ---in little wagon.

Nov. 19, Tom Chaney due 3.00 paid up to date on the halling of oats & timothy $21.00 20 Tom Chaney 2.00 3 rd load from Ranch 2.00

Page 169 Book 30

Record of weather in the past recent days from the 10th of December l928 to the l7th of December l928 almost like spring every day no wind and but little rain on the l1 commenced to snow and get colder up to 10 o'clock in night. Remainder of the night calm and but lite snow. In the morning calm and but lite wind but freezing a little.

Mrs. Cheylis Baker Dec 25 To consultation with Dr. A J. Kelsey pneumonia 5.00

28th. To consultation with Dr. A. J. Kelsey 5.00

Perry Boy reports to date 109 bushels corn W. E. Kelsey 90cts pr 100 lbs. Jan l929

March 1st Paid Tom Chaney $1.70 in full of all deman

for halling wood from ranch $1.70

March l, l929 Paid gas bill $1.90

Tom Chaney to feed for hog and horses $7.00

Page 170 Book 30 Skipped hard to read.

Page 17l Book 30

There are 12 stacks of oats and timothy hay at the Ranch 6 of each. I offered Tom Chaney $36. to hall all of it and know in my stable at town and barn where he lives is halled soon. He said he would do it for the price. I have paid $3.00 at the time of halling and gave Mrs. Chaney $2 this day making $5.00 I also offered him $1.50 pr load of store wood from the Ranch where 5 fell cut it and put some in my wood house at Monterey. He has now two good loads and Chrissey 1/2 cord. I paid them $4 for the first. (This is as written)

Page 172 Book 30

Settled with Bert Slonaker this 17th day of December l928 all things between us due this date and he owes me ballance of rent $13.20. This includes the $4.60 of the Haschel which I am pay. B. Slonaker will owe me $8 rent for the month of January 8 which will be the rent in advance pr contract. Signed Bert Slonaker WmKelsey

Dec. 8 Bert Slonaker butchered the male hog I bought at S. Sellers sale.

Jan 10 l928 butchered calf 2.00

29 Pasture for horses 2 head 21/2 months at 1.50 pr head 5.00

Dec31 E. J. Kelsey check paid tax on Kansas land $188

Jan 5 2 horses $209.00

8 to cash $6

8 cash from C. Keitzer election 1.50

Feb. 9 Zerchel calf 15.00

Page 173 Book 30

J. Crume note J. C. Eastman note George B. Crume note Apr. 10, l928 Nine months after date two hundred dollars 6 pr ct interest Due Jan 10, l929 Peru, Indiana First National Bank Peru, Ind. I leave this note with C. Keitzer to collect for me Dec. 19, l928 Paid in full & interest 209.00

Sept 19, l928 Suit clothes 24.00

John Stum died Dec. Tuesday one week before Christmas l928 Born Dec. 9, l832 age 96 years. 10 days day of death. I was well acquainted with since l858 He and I lived at Winamac, Ind. (as written)

Wm Hartman South Bend died June 1930

Dr.Miserur died July 2, l930

Page 174 Book 30

Beauty calved Decembr 23, l928 Heifer best to raise it.

Dec.24 l928 16 head of horses pasture at ranch, they look good.

Assessment of l927 of Personal

Corn wheat rye oats hay none

Hogs 2 about 250 the 2 head

Poultry 1/2 dozen Farm implements old and not good

Cows 5 head 1 of them fair 3 of them 10 to 15 yrs old

Horses 53 head 4 of them midling good others not in good plight and no sale at any price.

Page 175 Book 30

A. J. Kelsey is pursueing a course politically that will blast his reputation in all parties politically in the future no matter how much he tries to reinstate himself and be recognized politically honest he may pretend to be. The course he is pursueing is due to a lack of stability and possibly not fully understanding the great achievements of the Republican party in the past 70 years. that is so splendid in making the government of the United States of America, the greatest nation in the world and the most progressive. And on the other Democratic side their achievements for more than 70 years has been the most --------- and disgraceful in America and disloyal that no confession can redeem and restore them and make them safe or worth United States of America. A party that rebells and makes a great effort to destroy the best government on earth should not be in control. They fought for more than 4 years to destroy the government killing and maining more than a million people and put on the nation a debt amounting to hundreds of millions of dollars. Any man who knows what the achievements of the Democratic leaders has done in the past if he is honest and not dispossed to do right will never vote to put the enemies in power to control the nation.

Page 176 Book 30

l929 Paid Hudson Burrew & Co. $2.09 by draft Interest on the Shenk land. Sent check to Mongomery Ward & Co for goods .

Sold to C. Falstitch 76 acres 45.00

Page 177 Book 30

Article of agreement made and entered into this the 16th day of March l927 between Dr. WmKelsey party of the first part and Thomas Chaney party of the second part is as follows. Said Kelsey agrees to give said Chaney one dollar and fifty cts pr day for the period of one year or more if agreed and a dwelling house to live in while in the employment of said Kelsey. A cow to milk after she freshens The priviledge of fire wood for own use out of such material that's good only for fire wood. A garden and truck patch privilege of raising 50 chickens on the premises. The use of horses to cultivate the garden and truck patch and halling fire wood for his own family use.

The said Cheney agrees to work at the various kinds of work that said Kelsey regimen and accustom to have done and receive his pay at the end of each week for each days work and the said Kelsey agrees to pay 1.50 for each days work promptly.

Said Kelsey agrees to find the pasture for the cow on the north side of the river at the bridge in Monterey. The days work is 10 hours from March 18, l927 and from Oct 20, l927 to March 20 less according to length of days. Said Kelsey agrees give employment to Chrisse Chaney for the same periods of time if no time is lost $150.00 one half paid at the end of such week and the remainder ballance $75.00 when the time is fully worked Where as to we have . October 16, l927 Signed our names Wm Kelsey Tom Chaney

Page 183 Book 30

August the 14, l928 I was born in Perry County Ohio Jonas Kelsey was my father and Sarah Ann my mother. My father moved to Huntington County Ind in l848 when I was 12 years old. Feb 28, l848. My mother died Oct. l840 when I was just pass 5 years old . My parents were Episcopal methods- very strict. My father was born in Perry County, Ohio Apr 17, l810 Died when he was past 82 years. My grandfather Enos Kelsey and Grandmother on the Kelsey side moved from New Jersey in 1800 and settled in Perry County Ohio. My grandmother's maiden name was Nancy Sims who lived past 90 years. I am now 93 yrs. old.

H. H. Winn Kewanna bought horse of me l926 100.00 Lives now at Kewanna

Page 184 Book 30

Article of agreement made and entered into between Dr. W Kelsey of Monterey, Indiana party of the first part and Thomas Cheney party of the second part is as follows: The said Kelsey has rented to the said Cheney 40 forty acres of land which the said Cheney agrees to cultivate to corn the season of l927 in a husband like manner and deliver to the said Kelsey 3/5 three fifths,of the corn in a merchantable condition and cribb the same pr acre to the 20th day of November l927 as said Kelsey share of the corn. And the 2/5 of the corn is sold Chenny share said Chenney agrees to hall all the manure from said Kelsey's stable and barn yard at Monterey and the barn and stables around the corn located on the Shenk farm near Monterey, Ind and spread the same on the field south of the barn 8 to 10 loads pr acre prior to plowing the field of near 18 acres for to be cultivated in corn the season of l927.

Said Chenney agrees to sow the fertilizer that said Kelsey furnishes on the field south of the barn at the rate of 200 lbs pr acre before planting the corn. said Chenney agrees to husk all the corn prior to the 1st day of December l927 so the said Kelsey can have full control of the acres cultivated in corn by said Chenney. Said Kelsey reserves the right to sell any of the acres that said Chenney farms to corn on said Kelsey land sow seed of any kind in the month of August or September l927 Said Chenny agrees to plant the corn prior to May 25, l927 after making a good seed bed and cultivate the corn not less than 4 times and keep the corn field clear of weeds and grass up to the 15th of July l927.

Said Kelsey agrees to furnish the team to do the farming of said acres of land and for no other purpose except to cultivate the truck he grows for himself and marketing his grain and halling his wood for fuel at house where he lives.

Said Chenney agrees to take good care of the horses and keep the stable clean every day feeding them the grain & straw said Chenney agrees to use the horses to do any kind of work when not in use to do farming and drive or use the horses and receive one dollar & fifty cts pr day of 10 hours pr day up to the fifteenth of Oct. l927 and one hour less from Oct. 15, to December 15th, l927.

Said Chenny agrees to grow 1/2 acre to potatoes provide said Kelsey furnishes the seed potatoes and give to the said Kelsey one half of the potatoes in a merchantable condition prior to Oct 15, l927 and stack the straw well at the time of thrashing for said Kelsey's use and said Kelsey agrees to find the seed and pay the machine 1/2 of the cost of thrashing that is to mean there is 1000 bushel of oats said Kelsey agrees to pay 1/2 which would be 500 bushel.

Page 187 Book 30

I wrote a letter to Paul Buchanan IOF June 24, l929 in regard to my ailing for more than 3 months with the flu, incapacitating me from doing anything and was in bed 2/3 of the time and very much debilitated and no appetite and the food not digesting. I was reduced to 119 lbs more than 20 lbs lost.

My last payment of IOF dues was June 28, l928. I stated to have I thouth my dues would be credited Dec 28, l928 was the reason I did not pay earlier. I stated in the letter that I have been sick for more than 3 months and that there was no attention paid me by the IOF. I also state that I was a charter member of the IOF of Monterey, Ind and I have no recollecting that I had ever received any compensation on account of sickness. That I was no grumbler nor quarreler and did not intend to be in the future with cause Jan. 24, l928.

2 18 Sent order to Montgomery Ward for goods amounting to $5.05

Page 190 Book 30

Said Kelsey agrees to pay for any work that he needs to have done or performed $l.50 pr day of not less than 10 hours average day at such time he said Chaney could or would have to spare on account of farming.

Jacob Engel died Feb. 1929 at Indianapolis, Ind. H--- Kleckner died Feb. 9th at midnight l929

Page 191 Book 30

The Kelsey herd of horses will be sold at Monterey, Indiana Thursday Sept 26, l928 Thirty five head of horses high bred some of them halter broke. These horses are crossed with the Belgium and Percheron breed and raised in that way that makes them worth twice as much as horses that are raised in stables and barns by reason of their good health powers of endurance and long life and free from disease.

There are several good mules among them several black and bays in color. They are of a kind and doecle disposition and have proved in the past to be easy to break.

This bunch of horses is the best that has ever been offered this locality. Every horse sold will be haltered if the party who purchases requires.

Page 192 Book 30

Bert Slonaker settled with him all things due him including the 4.60 I paid Dan Haschell for material Bert got of him. (Bert) He stated to me that he paid to Dan Haschell and had a receipt for same. Dan says not so. Paid it and charge Bert with it 4.60

Back inside cover.

Richard Hogan enlisted 23 day of Dec. l863 for one year or during the war. He was granted a furlough Oct l864 for 30 days. He was sick at the time he received the furlough and when arriving home he was very sick with typhoid fever that lasted a long time leaving him in a condition mental that he did not know but little what happened from the time he took sick ---- ----- ----- That all that transpires to him was like a dream on account of the mental deffect. I was in consultation with Dr. Cleland at the time he was affected with the typhoid fever the latter part of l864 and at that time mental was far from being normal.