Book 9 Taken from the loose index page M N O P of the l905 Journal

William E. Kelsey was born in Perry County, Ohio August l4, l935. He attended the community schools from the age of 4 years old up to the age of l8. The last years under the tutoring of Marion Armstrong of Poughkeepsee, New York graduating in the spring of l854. Commence the study of medicine during the last year of school with Joseph Scott of Markle, Ind. First series of medical lectures was taken at the Sloshing Medical College at Columbus, Ohio the session of l856 and 57. I graduated at the Indiana Medical College of Butler University session of l873 and 74. Commenced the general practice of medicine and surgery the spring of l857 at Markle, Indiana

Moved to Winamac August l858 and there engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery up to Sept l859. Moved to Monterey, Ind. Sept 25, l859 and engaged in general practice of medicine actually to the present time more than 47 years. Yet vigorous and able to engage in the practice of medicine as well as most physicians at the age of 40 years old. Inducted at the Indiana Medicine college of Butler University the session of l873 and 74.

From April 1st l857 to the present time Jan 1st. l907 but little time lost out of active practice having a large pationage during all the years much of the time more than I could serve.

I am yet active in my studies and researches in the science of medicine as great as at anytime during the long period of practice claiming that a true physician is and should always be a student.

October l905 Page 39

I took over the Ranch on Saturday the 28, 1905. 50 head of cattle. W. E. Kelsey and I have 116 head of cattle including the calves and bulls. Took over 34 head Nov. 1st l905 making in all at the Ranch the date Nov. 1, l905. We have horses and colts at this date Oct. 30, l905 ...36 This includes the studds. Took over Nov l7, l905 7 head more. We have hogs at this date Oct 30, l905 including pigs about 60 head. I bought back from the Ranch 7 head and 3 head of cow Dec. 4, l905.

November l905 Page 44

The month of November l905 come in mild and has been fine generally up to the l8th, fine for work, no snow up to present time and not but little rain just enough for wheat and grass. There has been no freezing yet to freeze the ground more than one inch more interfere with plowing.

Stock is doing fine better than anytime since Spring opened. I think our cattle and horses looks the best they have ever looked at this time of the year. We have at the Ranch 90 head cattle We have now worked our ---- tax in Stark Co, Pulaski, Marshall and the tax near $40.00

Rained night of the 23rd and on the 24th very windy. 25,26,27 clear and calm on the night of the 27 and morning of 28 it rained. The day of 28 very fine and warm as May. The thermometer 70 most of day bring a little cool tomorrow evening. Snow in south west and Canada. Blizzard like ---then in l872. In Canada down to zero 29 calm and cooler and growing colder rapidly all day 45 degrees full blowing and snowing a little and freezing ground. 30 winter like with 1 inch of snow. A very fine month for doing farm work. Especially gathering corn. See page 50

Dec 1 Temp 20 above zero cloudy all day

2 34 snowed last night

3 8 above zero calm and cloudy

4 22 above zero " "

5 30 above zero " "

6 30 " " fine dry clear

7 30 " " " " "

8 30 " " " " "

9 34 fine weather

10 32 " "

11 30 " "

12 32 " very fine

13 40 " " "

14 30 " " "

15 20 " " "

16 24 " " "

17 35 " " "

18 40 " " "

19 35 " " "

20 35 " " "

21 40 Rain last night

22 35 fine day

23 28 fine day commence to snow in the evening about 7 o'clock 3 inches deep in the morning of the

24th and 8 degrees above zero, calm

25 35 fine day

26 40 " " spring like

27 40 " " " "

28 40 " " raining

29 35 Blustery snowing

30 34 fine day

31 32 " "

Page 53 -59 Book 9 The following statement is what I have done in the way of improvements on lands that I have owned and now own and a comparison with lands adjoining and some near. The first 40 acre tract east of Winamac bought in 1858 when I purchased it about 5 acres was in cultivation of the highest part. The remainder was a swamp. Now it is all under cultivation except 3 acres and well drained and fenced.

The next tract of 40 acres I bough near Monterey in l860 all swamp except 8 acres. Sold it 20 years after I owned all under fence and pretty well drained and producing good grass. I bought for100 and sold it for $600.00.

Next farm was 180 acres known as Shenk place. When I bought it there was 80 acres improved. The land was seemingly worn out not producing more than 15 bushels of corn pr acre and about 7 bushels of wheat, no building on the farm of any value. Now there is 130 acres improved and producing 3 times as much pr acre annually. The value of the farm is more than 6 times as much as when I purchased it.

The next farm I purchased was 200 acres known as the Reister place very poor and wet about 70 acres improved now 200 improved well drained and producing twice as much pr acre, now worth 3 times as much pr acre as when I purchased it.

Next farm was the Brosmire 60 acres all except a few acres a swamp. Now all improved and well drained worth 4 times as much as when I purchased it.

Next farm was the Peter Young farm 800 acres bough about 1870 very poor, worn out about 50 acres improved. I sold it for $700.00 more than I give and had it all under fence and pretty well drained fielding crops more than double at the time I sold it than when I purchased.

Next was the H--al land 80 acres I purchased about l870. All wild and 50 acres very wet. Sold west 40 for 4 times as much as I paid. The east 40 now worth more than 3 times as much as I paid for the whole 80 by reason of improvements in the way of drainage.

Next purchase was 80 acres in Fulton Co. worth 3 times what I paid for it part of the increased value was the result of drainage.

Next Drake farm 40 acres worth twice what I paid for it by reason of drainage.

Next 20 acres in timber bough of Tom Reed sold it for twice what I give for it.

Next was 280 acres in North Bend Township Stark Co. purchased about 1882 all except 25 acres swamp covered with water most of the year with no drainage with 3 to 4 thousand rods of drain tile laid in a ----- manner with two large open ditches in fine condition now. The whole tract is under fence and divided into large fields with buildings worth 600.00. An orchard of 300 fruit trees. 3 years since planted consisting of 200 apple of choice varieties, 40 plum of Burbank principally, 20 peach budded variety Alberta, 20 pear of good variety., 15 cherry early May. The trees are thrifty and promise well. The land most all of it has been farmed in corn, oats, rye, timothy, potatoes & clover and is quite productive. This farm is now worth 4 times more than I paid for it. I have expended near $5000,00 in the way of improvements on it and believe that the prospects are fine for realizing good crops on the whole part if properly cultivated. 75 dollars pr acre is not a high figure for this farm

Next 200 acres farm in Kansas purchased in l883 & 84 now worth $60 pr acre and very cheap at that price about doubled what it cost me.

Next is Kleckner farm 80 acres worth $30 pr acre about twice what I give the increase is on account of improvements in the way of drainage.

Next is 126 acres west of Dan Overmires worth 40 pr acre more than 3 times what it cost. The increased value result of drainage and other improvements on the land.

Next tract of land 40 acres Falstitch land worth $50 pr acre now 3 times what I paid for it. The increase is result of improvements in drainage.

Next tract 20 acres off of the north end of Wallace place worth 75 dollars pr acre 3 times as much as it cost. Increased value the result of drainage.

Next tract James land 80 acres now worth $40 pr acre 3 times as much as I paid for it increase in value result of drainage and some other improvement on this farm. There is an orchard of 200 choice fruit trees consisting of apple, pear, peach, cherry and plum quite thrifty and 4 years since they were planted.

Next 40 acres adjoining the above described 80 known as the Espy land worth $60 pr acre. All improved worth more than 4 times as much as I paid for it by reason of improvements.

Next is 17 acres bought of Mrs. F. Reneholt worth $40 pr acre now more than double what I paid for it by reason of drainage.

Next was 80 acres where Scheuer lives. Sold for 18.00 twice what I give increase in value result of improvements.

These lands I expect to divide with my children in that way that I think best giving to each of them in value or near to start and keep the bulk of the whole that I may dispence as I see proper in the future.

I have made deeds to W. E. Kelsey, Mary Sennet, Emma Hartman, A. J. Kelsey for most all of the lands that I own for the purpose of protecting myself from Black Mailers and persons disposed to steal what I have labored hard for and saved. I made a statement to all the parties that I intended them to possess the lands and did not expect any promise from either of them to redeed to me now in anyway not consider the deeds bonafide. So that in the event of suit in court each one could testify that the deeds to the lands were bonafied. I intended W. E. Kelsey to have the south 1/2 of the Shenk place and Mary Sennet the Garrison place and Drake place. Frank Hartman the 40 acres south of --- and Lot No 10 in Monterey. A. J. Kelsey the James land, Espey land and the farm at outlet. I made no provisions for Graffs boy. I expect all of these acres of land to be deeded back to me in case I demand same and control them as I have in the past. In the event I should die then I want the whole estate divided equally between the heirs outside of that, that is not already considered long ago settled. The Garison land to M. Sennet and Reister place to W. E. K. outside of the division.

Page 99 Book 9 On July 3, l906 the Erie RR and I agree to have the damage arbitrated that was done my orchard by fire in March l905. The Erie choose Jacob Engle as their man, and I chose Wm Driff my man. Engle and Driff chose John Marbaugh the 3rd man.

They examined the orchard carefully as to damage by the fire above refered to and estimated the damage at $235.00 not more than one half the actual damage done. In my opinion . I agreed to abide by what ever they estimated the damage whether it be much or little. Charley Shott was the agent of the C & E. RR Co who solicated me and the man who chose Jacob Engle. The arbiters said they reported the same. WmKelsey

Page 119 Book 9

On the 15th of September l906 the local freight at the depot about 9 o'clock. The parties who were unloading the freight, rolled a barrel and let it roll down the bank on the south side rolling 50 feet or more in front of my team. When those to get bag of timothy seed causing them to get frightened and run away throughing me down and tromping on my right foot crushing the same from the instep to the great toe causing great lameners and pain. I had it bandaged and bathed it thoughly with anodyine and amiea linement also had treatment rendered by Dr. C. W. Moss of Winamac to restore the nerve force which were partially paralized.

In the evening my foot and leg was greatly swollen and quite painful. Bathed it for one hour in hot water that gave some relief. I have continued to care and treat my foot and do all that was indicated to repair but there has been but little improvement up to the 26th of Sept. I am of the opinion my foot will never be fully restored giving me trouble by pain and swelling. The result of injury to the bones of the foot and nerves.

Page 133 Book 9

Wrote C. S. Mason Erie Huntington, Ind. as follows: Your letter of the 20th of Sept stating that you would attend to my claim for damage done by fire to my orchard is March l905 in 30 days. I don't understand why you do not pay me.

The arbitration was your method of estimating the damage, and I agreed to accept if paid early. Hope you will not neglect the matter longer. I have certainly waited long enough for you to know the ------ness of my claim Oct. 27, l906. Wm Kelsey

Page 136 Book 9

On the 15 of Sept l906 my right foot was crushed and fracture of in 5 places in the runaway of my team at the depot at Monterey, Ind caused by the employee of the C & E RR Co. who had charge of the local freight going west at 9 AM rolling a barrel of sugar down the bank on south side of the RR track 50 feet or more from the center of the track in front of my team frightening them so they run away. I think the near horse stepped on my right foot with his hind foot when he started.

For the period of 40 days my foot is very painful and am quite lame so I could not attend to my business. My business was worth $20 pr day on an average in the practice of medicine and business outside.

On the 13 of Nov. l906, 58 days after the injury, Dr. Noland come to Monterey and examined my foot which was much improved in most every way except the pain in foot and mumbness yet great at times. My hand and forefinger of right hand is yet painful from the dislocation of the forefinger at knucle joint and ----- of hand. My right shoulder was at the sametime badly sprained and yet painful at times.

My right foot , shoulder and hand this date continue to pain and renders me unable to attend to my affairs in business and practice of medicine. My foot last night the 30th of Nov. l906 was so painful that I could not sleep or keep it under cover. This morning the first of December my foot on the under side at the ball of the great toe is quite painful and a numbfeeling like when as commonly called asleep. The outside of my foot where it was crushed is painful to the touch. The instep is such of cannot bear any pressure from shoe. I am wearing an old shoe loose on my foot at this date. It is now 75 days since the injury and far from being well. I am not fully convinced that my foot and hand will never get entirely well Dec. 1st, l906.

Dec. 22 my foot, shoulder and hand is yet painful and numb my foot swells at times and painful at night especially from the instep down to big toe.

I had Dr. C. Moss of Winamac to examine my foot under the x-ray. He said the fracture at 3 points were quite visable and showed much vascularity in the parts injured. He said that there would be no permanent recovery of the foot.

Page 145 Book 9

At 1:15 PM Wednesday, I started to Chicago, Dec 5, l906 to attend stock show. Arrived at Chicago at 4 PM. Raining all the way. We went to Engraham at Easton. Stayed all night and then went to the stock show at 8 AM. Stayed all day and up to 7AM evening and viewed the stock county of horses and cattle chiefly. Dec. 6 In the evening we went to B. Meyers at 788 South Rockwell St. for the night left at 6:30 AM to come home and missed the train 10 minutes. We then went out on State Street and other streets to view the sights until 2:30 PM then started home. Arrived home safe on the 7 of Dec. l906 safe and found all well. My expense was follows Fair 1.75 Entrance fee 1.00, dehorning knife 3.75 Dinner & supper the 6th .20, Dinner the 7th .15, grapes .25, --- for Wm 1.00, shoes blackened .5 $8.15

Page 150 Book 9

I wrote a letter to John Mahler Delong, Ind dated Dec 18, l906 stating that I found by examining my memorandum I did not promise him Lot No. 6 where he said he built his shop. I stated to him that I was certain now that I made no mistake in no way to blame for building blacksmith shop on Lot No 6 that belonged to W. E. Kelsey.

This is what is stated in my memorandum as follows: I promised John Mahler a corner lot north of Lot No. 5&6 in Delong, Ind. to build a black smith shop for $60.00 Nothing paid.

I wrote to C. S. Mason the 29th of Dec. in regard to paying me for damage done my orchard by fire March 25, l905 and demanded an early settlement. Stated if I had to bring suit I would not take 235. but demand full damage.

Page 153 Book 9

C. S. Mason claim agent for the Erie RR. Dec. 28, l906 was to see me regarding to the damage done by fire to my orchard March 25, l905 and to make some inquiry as to the damage done me by run away of my team Sept 15, l906 caused by the employee of the Chicago and Erie Rail Road employee when unloading freight from the west bound local about 9 AM allowing a barrel of sugar to roll down on south side of the railroad track in front of my team frighting them so they ran away fracturing my right foot in 3 places, dislocating my forefinger of my right hand and straining my right shoulder.

Mason asked me if I would wave the damage of the injury from run away if he paid me 235 for damage to orchard by fire. I stated that the damage to my foot, hand and shoulder was paramount that the fire damage was very little as compared with the injury to myself foot, hand, shoulder. He asked me if I had any proposition to make for damage from run away. I stated to him not yet, as I did not know what the result would be. I also stated to him that I would rather be well and free from injury and pain as I was previous to the run away than to be in possession of all the Erie Rail Road belongings. I would be pleased better with no compensation for damage if I was fully restored than anything the Erie RR Co could give me. I also stated to him that I would notify the Co when I was ready to settle with them for the damage to my person. That the Co could settle with me individually better than any where else and save considerable.

I also stated that I had not had a nights rest since Sept 15 on account of pain in my foot, hand, and shoulder and that I was of the opinion that the parts were so injured they would never get well. Always give me pain and possibly paralysis of the side injured by reason of the pain and irritation. I also stated to him that the R.R. Co was quibbling since the arbitration that they should stand by the arbitration and paid me as it was their proposition to arbitrate. That I would have a bided by it if they had allowed only 5 cts. C. S. Mason stated he would attend to it in 10 days if I would wait that long. I told him I would Dec. 28, l906.

On the 29th of Jan 1907 C. S. Mason visited me again, and wanted to settle the whole of claims I had against the road. I stated to him that I wanted the damage done to orchard in March l905 settled first on the basis of the arbitration. I also stated that as to the damage to my foot, hand and shoulder caused by the employee of the C.& E. RR on the 15 of Sept. l906 I have not made up my mind, yet as to what would be just.

That I intended to have my foot examined under an x-ray by a competent surgeon sometime in Feb l907 and be goverened to some extent by what was the findings as to the injured parts and the possibility of being fully restored or continued pain and weakness of parts that the company could settle with me for less than 1/2 what the damage actually is rather than adjudicate the case and be annoyed as is usually the case by reason of the attorneys not always doing the fair thing in settlements of such cases.

January 1, l907 The day was calm and mild come in a little sunshine. The children out playing as they would in the month of May. The temp in the morning 40 degrees in the afternoon 50. During the day I trimmed apple trees on the James land and put to propes on the hunks of several of them to keep the rabits from barking them. The ground is almost thawed out. Wheat and timothy looks very well at this time not seeming to be injured and let stock in general looks pretty well. The river is up near 2 feet of a rise. The conditions generally of everything is looking better than common. The people throughout the country are hopeful. I am of the opinion that the year will be a boomer in all the various business of the nation. The only thing that confronts the progress of the whole nation is the high price of labor and scarcity of laborers.

Page 17l Book 9 Copy of letter C. S. Mason Erie

I wrote C. S. Mason Erie Huntington, Ind. Feb 16, l907 Stating that the time had expired that he indicated when he was here at Monterey to see me in regard to the damage done by fire in the month of March l905 to my orchard by the Erie RR Co had expired which was 10 days. I don't know why you do not settle the matter on the basis of the arbiters $235.00. The arbitation was your method of estimating the damage which I accepted provide promptly paid no notes how much the appraisement was. You know as well as others who have examined the damage done that the damage was near twice as much as estimaated. I have waited as long as I feel under any obligation to wait from any statements I have to you. Hope you will attend to the adjustment at once and much oblige. Yours truly, Dr. WmKelsey P.S. Wire me of your coming that I may be at home to meet you. Feb. 16, l907

I got a card Feb. 22 stating that he had refered my case to the N Y office also my letter of the 16th.

Page 174 Book 9

I notified John Mahler the 26th of this month that I was ready to make him a deed for the Lot in Delong. I promised him last Aprile the 14th or about the 19th for $60.00 to build a blacksmith shop on. I sent the letter in Reg letter to him to Delong, Ind. The notice was dated Feb. 25, l907.