From The Collection of Mary (Kelsey) Richter

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ruth and michael kelykamp - march 23 1949.jpg
ruth and michael kelykamp - march 23 1949.jpg
This photo was labled: Ruth and Michael Kleykamp - March 23, 1949.

It is a very nice picture of Ruth Kelsey Kleykamp with supposedly Michael. However, Michael was not born until 1954. So something is not quite right with the date or name in the label.

In 1949: Jeanne would have been 8,
              Tommy would have been 5,
              Roberta Ann would have been -1,
              Micahel would have been -5.

It looks like the baby has girl's clothing but that might not mean anything, and Ruth would probably not have a formal portrait done with someone else's baby. I think the date on the photo was wrong, and I am guessing the baby is Jeanne and the date is March 23, 1941.  -SJT