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This section came from a report titled: "PEDIGREE CHART SHOWING THE ANCESTRY OF AUDREY JUNE LUMPKIN" which was provided to me by Kimmel Durbin. -SJT

Jacob was born 1644 in England.

In 1677 he was a Captain and in 1678 he was in the service for 5 months. In 1690 in court held on Sept 29, in New Kent, charges of Jacobitism in Virgina were brought against Jacob Lumpkin. Capt. Lumpkin still retained old loyalty to the Stuarts. (Virginia Magazine, VI; 389-396)

Resided in King and Queen County, Virginia, settling there in 1682. "Newington" on the Mattaponi River was the original home of the Lumpkin Family. It contained about 1000 acres.

In 1704 the Virginia Quit-Rent Rolls of King and Queen County contained the name of Jacob Lumpkin, and credited him with 950 acres at that time.

He died 14, Sept 1708 at "Newington", King and Queen County, Virginia. Lower St. Stephen Church, now Mattaponi Baptist Church. Near the north door of the "Mattapony Church" lies a marble slab inscribed:

Obit 14 die September 1708, Aetatis 64
Dux Militum, Victor Hostium
Morte Victus. Pax adsit, vives requias
Eterna Sepultis.

Transulated this reads: "A leader of soldiers; Conqueror of the enemy; Conquered by death. May peace be with him; you shall live. eternal rest for the buried."

The public records were twice destroyed in King and Queen County, once in 1828, and again in 1864, hence all information relating to earlier Lumpkins has been lost.

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Bagley's "King and Queen County, Virginia,"  published in 1908 contains on page 85 a letter written to Jame Southgate, Esq., as follows:

Newington was the original seat of the Lumpkin family. It was owned by George Braxton, the father of the Carter Braxton who signed the Declaration of Independance. He died in 1736. It was passed from the Braxtons to the Roanes, a family of aristocratic and proud of their English descent. A son John married a Miss Fraizier, a butiful woman (from whose family Fraizier's Freey is now called) but beneath him in point of family connections and standing in society. He was so grieved over the mistake he made, that in a fit of desperation he killed his wife and the house servant, who tried to save the wife from the brutal attack of the husband. He was tried, convicted of murder, and sentanced to be hung, but before the time arrived he commited suicide in prison by drinking laudanum. This fine estate of nearly one thousand acres, was afterwards purchased by the Harwoods, about 1810 or 1820, and still (1900)  is in the hands of this family.

Cody's "Lumpkin Lore," published in 1928 contains on page 2 the following:

There have been no records found so far antedating the time of Col. Jacob Lumpkin's arrival in Virginia. On the Mattapony River in King and Queen County, St. Stephen's Parish, there is an old church, build perhaps as early as 1690, known as the "Mattapony Church." Before the door leading to the North transept is a marble slab, marking the grave of Col. Jacob Lumpkin. One must almost step on it entering the church. The inscription, thanks to interested friends of Virginia antiques, has been rechiseled. . . The home of Col. Lumpkin (very near) was known as "Newington."

The foundation walls of his residence may still be seen from the church door. He was evidently a man of wealth and station, and doubtless preceded by a line of honorable ancestors before comming to America. Traditions say, the stone that covers his grave was brought from England, the work of inscribing having been done after it arrived in America. He was born during the Cromwellian Era, and reached his majority soon after the accession of Charles Second.

In the records of Middlesex County is an order dated October 2d 1677 stating that 18 men with horses were sent out of the country (by command of Governor Jeffreys) on May 20th preceeding, under the command of Capt. Jacob Lumpkin, and in Lancaster, May 29, 1678, is a certificate in regard to a horse which was taken out of service against the Indians, under command of Captain Jacob Lumpkin, and was out five months. (Virginia Magazine, Vol. 6, p. 389-396.)



Married Braxton.




Married John C. Clark before 1725

Lumpkin References:


I found an altenate Lumpkin line at the "Ancestory World Tree" search area The top of the line begins here: with Anthony Lumpkins. It was submitted by:

Husband: Anthony Lumpkins Father: Wife: Marye Dorothy Melbourne. Marriage Date: 21 Jul 1633 Marriage Place: Kirby-on-Bain, Lincolnshire, P/Tumby Woodside, England. Children: Thomas Lumpkins

Husband: Thomas Lumpkins. Children: Jacob Lumpkins

Husband: Jacob Lumpkins Father: Thomas Lumpkins Wife: Martha. Marriage Date: WFT Est. 1663-1693. Children: Elizabeth Lumpkins Thomas Lumpkins Mary Lumpkins Robert Lumpkins

Husband: Robert Lumpkins. Wife: Martha. Marriage Date: WFT Est. 1707-1737. Children: George Lumpkins(married Mary Cody) Joseph Lumpkins Anthony Lumpkins

Husband: George Lumpkins Wife: Mary Cody (Father: James Cody Mother: Sarah Womack). Marriage Date: 20 Sep 1748 Marriage Place: Halifax Co Va. Children: Mary Lumpkins1750- WFT Est. 1764-1844 m. John Wilson; John Lumpkins(1763 Va- 1834) m. Lucy Elizabeth Hopson. WFT Est. 1780-1807 [missing george and robert, I'm down the robert line -SJT]

Husband: John Lumpkins MOTHER: Mary Cody Wife: Lucy Elizabeth Hopson; Marriage Date: WFT Est. 1780-1807. Children: William Lumpkins;Wilson Lumpkins (gov);Jack Lumpkins;George Lumpkins;Henry Hopson Lumpkins, Sr;Samuel Lumpkins;Robert Lumpkins;Martha Lumpkins;Joseph Henry Lumpkins;Thomas Jefferson Lumpkins;James Neville Lumpkins.

Note that this line goes:
Anthony (?-?)
Thomas (1620-1648/1711)
Jacob (1644-1708)
Robert (1688-1732/80)
George (Abt1723-1800) (wife is Mary Cody)

The other goes:
Jacob (1644-1708)
Thomas (?-?)
George (1727->=1800) (wife is Mary Cody)