Geneology of the McFarland Family

Tennessee to Missouri to Texas

Written and compiled 1974 by

Mary E. Lawes McFarland

Dedicated to my husband, James W. McFarland, Jr., whose patience,

time and money enabled me to research and publish this book.





Macfarlane, Mcfarland, McFarland, McFarland, McFarlin

The Geneology of one branch of the Clan in America


                The Clan and surname are descended from the ancient Celtic Earls of the district to which they belonged- Lennox.  “The wild Macfarlane’s plaided Clan” occupied the land forming the western shore of Loch Lommond from Tarbet upwards.  From Loch Sloy, a small sheet of water near the foot of Ben Voirlich, they took their CATHGHAIRN (battle cry) of “Loch Sluia” or “Loch Sloy”.  The remote ancertor of this clan is said to be Duncan MacGilchrist, a younger brother of Malduin, Earl of Lennox.  Duncan appears in the Ragman Roll of 1296.  His grandson was Bartholomew, which is Gaelic for Parlan, from whom the clan are designed, the letters P and F being easily convertible in Gaelic.  Robert I granted a Charter to Dougan Macfarlane of the lands of Dumbartonshire, dated at the castle of Inchmurrin in 1395.  The direct line of these ancient chiefs failed and their estates were forfeited.  By marriage with a daughter of the Earl of Lennox, Andrew Macfarlane (a cadet of the clan) succeded in 1493, but his son was only allowed the title of Captain of the Clan.  Sir John Macfarlane of the Ilk was slain at Floddin; he had been knighted by the King the night before the battle.  The Macfarlanes emulated the Macgregors in their raids upon the lowland districts as much as their limited numbers allowed.  There was a bond of Manret granted to Hugh, Marter of Eglinton, in 1545 by Duncan, uncle to the Laird of Macfarlane at Irwin.  Walter Macfarlane of Tarbet was among the slain at Pinkney in 1547.  At Langside in 1567 they fought under Murray’s banner.  In 1578 it would appear from the Privy Council Register that the clan was guilty of considerable bloodshed.  Andrew Macfarlane of Arroquhar and that Ilk appears in the roll of Landlors of 1587 who were made by Parliament responsible for the actions of their Clan.  In 1594 the Macfarlanes were denounced as robbers and oppressors; and in 1608 the old standing feud between them and the Colquhouns culminated in the slaughter of the Colquhouns Laird of Luss, and they were declared rebels under the Law.  An order was issued that men, women and children of the clan were to die.  The feud was caused by the Macfarlane chief’s wife.

This did not prevent then from following Montrose in 1644-45, and their wild Pibroch "Thogail nam bo" was heard in many battles. At Bothwell Bridge, in 1679, they were among the foremost in storming the gateway through which the guards charged. Walter Mcfarlane of that Ilk was one of the most learned antiquaries of the last century. In 1624 many of the clan were driven out of Arroqhar and went to Aberdeenshire, where they assumed the names of McCondy, Griesck, macInnes, etc. The last descendent of the chief is said to have gone to America at the end of the 1600's, and his house of Arroqhar became the property of the Duke of Argyle, and was long used as an inn for travelers from Tarbet to Glencroe and Inverary. This castle in 1972 was open to the public with room and board offered for short stays.

The following is some information taken from the Scotland's Magazine.  "Loch Sloy, the loch of the people, was the slogan of the Clan Mcfarlane which under 21 chiefs for nearly 600 years held a compact mountainous territory between Loch Lommond, Loch Fune, and Loch Long.  1225-1784.  It must have been the Mcfarlane's who faced the Hebridean Norseman who during Haco's expidition landed from their longships at Arrochar and dragging their small boats over the isthmus between Loch Long and Loch Lommond pillaged far and wide in Central Scotland. It must have been the McFarlane's who fed and aided the fugitive King Robert the Bruce when he and his company crossed Loch Lommond from the cave at Craigrostan."

Taken from a family record in North Carolina; Loch Lommond was the home of several war-like Clans, and none were mor war-like than the Mcfarlane's who claim the moon as their lantern, and this is still told in Scotland today. The full moon was a good time for the clan to go on their cattle stealing raids. Their was a gentleman's agreement between clans that stated that if you could get the cattle onto your land before the other clan caught you, they were yours; that is until the first clan decided to steal them back. The Mcfarlane's had their fort built of black stone on an island in Loch Lommond. This was easily defended. This is where they swam the stolen cattle to until they could get

them safely to the mainland. This island was sold by the remaining Mcfarlane family to an Englishman in 1970-71.

From the Lyon Register the McFarlane Coat of Arms is described as follows: "A saltire waved or engrailed and cantoned with four roses gules. A demi-savage holding a sheaf of arrows in his right hand and with his left pointing to an imperial crown. Supporters: Two highlanders in their native garb, armed with broadswords and bows proper. Motto: "This I Will Defend", On the compartment wavy, "Loch Sloy". Their badge is the Cranberry or Cloudberry. The colors in their 3 tartan plaids are as follows; The hunting red is a background of bright red with wide stripes of green- some edged with yellow and some edged with black. Sequences usually run - red, green, yellow, black, yellow, green, red in 7 lines then starting over again after the wide red stripe. The going across and up and down. The Dress green is dark green in the background with red, white and black stripes. The Royal Tartan is black and white.

The following is information taken from stories told by members of the American branch of the family and related to me during the period of 1940 to 1973.

William Ed McFarland said; The first McFarland in this country from which this family descended was born on board ship while crossing to America. He was born on the day that the mid-way bottle was drunk. They landed in South Carolina and then moved to Tennessee. Samuel McFarland (circa 1800) was a friend of Sam Houston in Tennessee. They visited the Indian Reservation together. When Houston as Govenor of Texas he used to visit often in the house of the McFarland's.

I met the Mother of my Doctor in Dallas by the name of Rader from Missouri. She told me that the Raders (Dutch) came over from Holland on the same boat as the McFarland family in 1760's.  The McFarland's had gone from Scotland to Holland to take a boat to America. Also she said that they had intermarried in Tennessee, and in Missouri. I have found some records of their inter-marriages.

Macfarlane, Mcfarland, McFarland, McFarlin

In the records I found in North Carolina and name was spelled Macfarlane, then by the time the family got to Missouri it was changed to Mcfarland. In some of the signatures I have seen, it is difficult to tell weather the last letter is e or d. By the time the family got to Texas they were still spelling it Mcfarland. By 1900 most of the family were spelling the name McFarland.

My research has informed me that most of the people living in the early 1800's could neither read nor write. Especially those who kept moving to the newly opened land. There were no schools. The earliest United States Census record that shows the McFarland's that I know were our ancestors, was the one taken in 1840 in Missouri. When the census taker came to the door he asked for the name of the head of the house. Then he wrote it down like it sounded to him. When the children were finally able to go to school the teacher taught them to spell their name like it sounded to her. This caused many of the names in the country to have different spelling than their European ancestors.

In a division of land in 1863 all of the children spelled their name Mcfarland. For some reason of other their children spelled it McFarland with either two dots or a line under the "c".

There is some mistake over the middle name of Samuel's wife. My family Bible gives her name as Jane Pricilla Morrow McFarland. Her gravestone says Jane D. and the land division gives a letter that could be either P or D, but looks more like a p to me. It is possible that when the name was given to the monument maker he mistook the sound of the letter p for d.

Each family will have an ancestor sheet and at the end of each chapter covering a family will be the information on them.


I am beginning this family record with SAMUEL MCFARLAND who all of the following people decended from. I found his grave stone in the Mt. Zion Cemetery which is north of the old road from Bertram to Burnet in what in known as the community of Oatmeal or Mt. Zion Community to some. The stone reads as follows:
Samuell McFarland
Born in
Eastern Tennessee
Cocke County
Departed this life
March 11, 1861

To the right is the grave of his wife:

Jane D. McFarland
Born in Madison County, Tennessee
October 1805
Departed this life Nov. he 8th, 1879

To his left side is a grave I have not been able to identify

Samuel W. McFarland
Dec. the 19th, 1855
Departed this life Oct. 1857

I have not been able to learn the name of Samuel's father, and can get no records from the Cocke County Courthouse as it burned in 1897 and all records were lost.

In a reprint of an 1881 History of Johnson County, Missouri is the following information reguarding the McFarlands.
"Samuel McFarland, Sr. born in
Tennessee came with all his father's family to Missouri in 1816 and settled in Cooper County, near Otterville then in 4 years went to Sin-a-bar Creek in Lafayette County. Came with his family to Centerview in 1843 and settled about 2 miles east of present depot at Centerview. Here he bought 400 acres and resided thereon until 1850 when he removed to Texas. He died in 1861."

"George, the brother of Samuel came to Centerview about 1843 and settled about 2 miles East of the present village of Centerview. He died there sometime before the War (Civil). He was given to quaint expressions."

It is also a family story that the McFarlands fought in the Black Hawk War in 1831 and before coming to Missouri fought in the Revolutionary War at King's Mountain.

Page 1
Samuel Mcfarland

Born in Cocke County Tennessee in 1800
Died in
Burnet County Texas March 11, 1861
Buried at
Mt. Zion Cemetery, Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Burnet County.

Married Jane Pricilla Morrow
Born in
Madison County Tennessee in October 1805
Died in
Burnet County Texas on November 8, 1879
Buried at
Mt. Zion Cemetery, Cumberland Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Burnet County.

Lived in Missouri from 1816 to 1850 when he came to Texas.

Samuel and Jane were married on Sept. 15, 1824 by Fines Ewing in Cooper County Missouri. By this time Samuel had been in Lafayette County for 4 years. He must have gone back to Cooper to marry Jane, then take her to Lafayette.

The following information is taken from a book titled "Early Marriages (1819-1850) and Will Records (1820-1870) of Cooper County, Missouri" This is a reprint of a book printed in 1881.
"Cooper county was originated on
17 Dec. 1818, and comprised all that part of what had been Howard county, lying south of the Missouri River.

The first settlers of Boonville township were, among others who arrived between 1815 and 1820, William McFarland, John S. Jesse, George, Samuel and Alexander. Also Jacob and James. William McFarland, the first sherrif of Cooper county, was boorn in Buncombe county, North Carolina, in the year 1778. Among the first settlers of Moniteau township (no date) were Samuel McFarland. About the fall of 1819 and spring of 1820 James McFarland moved to New Lebanon."

The 1840 Cooper County Missouri Census shows Samuel living there again.


The (S 1), (S 2) etc. on the following pages indicates the children of Samuel and Jane.

Samuel Mcfarlane married Jane Pricilla Morrow

Their children were:

1. Mary (Polly) born 1823 Missouri. Married John Barton         S1

2. George Jackson (Dr. Jack) born 1829 Missouri.  Married 3 times.            1. Cordelia Butler       S2

                                                                                                                                2. Mrs. Sarah Harris

                                                                                                                                3. Mrs. Mary Jane Calvert


3. James Gillus born 1832 Missouri. Married Mrs. Mariah Tabiatha Scott Ingle        S3

4. Sarah Ann (Sallie) born 1833 Missouri. Married James C. Hill        S4

5. Lucenda G. born 1835 Missouri. Married Robert Alexander            S5

6. Samuel King born 1837 Missouri. Married Musidore Rountree.       S6

7. William B. born 1843 Missouri. Married Jennie?             S7

8. Francis Marion born 1847 Missouri.  Married Valenda Anna Bowmer.            S8

* It is possibe that there was another child born whose name was Samuel, Jr. He lived on the adjoining land of Samuel's in Missouri. Married Millian Conway. Their names are on a land sale in Missouri after 1850. And she is buried in the Pishah Cemetery in Missouri. Millian b. Jan 26, 1827, d. Dec 14, 1881.

(page 2)

Samuel and Jane Mcfarland




Mary (Polly) Mcfarland    (S1)


Born 1823 in Missouri.  (This date must be an error because her parents did not marry until Sept. 15, 1824)

Died in Burnet County Texas

Buried in Burnet, Texas


Married John Barton in Missouri

Born in Tennessee in 1822





1.     Margaret born

        Married         1.  Buck Bowmer with whom she had 4 children.

2.  Jesse Warden with whom she had 2 girls.


2.     Janice




        Married Charles Kinchelo


3.     Sarah Elizabeth

        Born Near Georgetown, Texas on April 29, 1850

        Died March 23, 1937

        Buried in Bear Creek Cemetery in Bertram, Texas

        Married T.D. Vaughan


4.     Robert T.

        Born 1848 Missouri





Children of Margaret

1.     Mrs. D.P. Culton of Burnet, Texas


Children of Janice and Barton Kinchelo

1.     John Barton

2.     Rip

3.     Bob

4.     Della

5.     Ruth Kinchelo Webb

6.     Doris Kinchelo Massey


Children os [of] Sarah and T.D. Vaughan

1.     Mary Nancy Vaughan Magell

2.     Leona Vaughan Barton

3.     Stella Davis Vaughan Ellis

4.     Lucille Vaughan Patton, Higgins, Texas 1973

5.     Elizabeth V. Taylor, Bertram, Texas 1973

6.     Thomas D. Vaughan, Jr. Medical Doctor

7.     John Alexander Vaughan



George Jackson Mcfarland  (S 2)

Born Missouri 1829

Died August 1869

Buried in Old Section of Burnet Cemetery

Married 1. Cordelia Butler, Daughter of Nicholas and Mary Butler in 1850 in Texas.



1.     Thomas Marion

        Born Nov. 21, 1854 in Hamilton  (Now Burnet, Texas)

        Died Feb. 11, 1835 in Harlingen, Texas

        Married March 11, 1875 Martha Jane Adkins


2.     Married Mrs. Sarah Harris  Widow of Doctor stationeed at Ft. Crogan, Texas.

        Born 1811 in Kentucky.  Marriage records says they married Feb. 14, 1856 Burnet.


She had [ ] child [    ] by Dr. Harris: Joseph born 1849 Texas.  Bell born 1860 May 30, died April 10, 1876, William born 1863 Texas were the children of Dr. Mcfarland.


3.     Married Mary Jane Calvet (widow) on Aug. 12, 1876

        Born 1850

        Mary had a son George Calvet by previous marriage. Born 1874 d 1960, g.  Old Cemetery.


        1.  Jeff born April 11, 1879, died March 27, 1887.  Buried Old Burnet Cemetery.

        2.  Fred

        3.  Lula married Shannon




Thomas Marion McFarland and Martha Jane [ ] born Oct. 15, 1855, died Sept. 20, 1944

Children:                                                                        Adkins         Nachadoches.  Tex.       Harlingen.

1.     Lula Bell born Burnet March 27, 1876,

        Married Frank Grindstaff

2.     Henry born Sept. 9, 1877

3.     Samuel Arthur born Oct. 15, 1879

        Married Pearl Teague on Feb. 7, 1904 in Goldthwait, Texas

4.     William Jackson born Weatherford, Texas Sept. 21, 1881

        Died Oct. 8, 1883 in Granberry, Texas

5.     Mackie Alice born in Weatherford, Texas Feb. 1, 1884, M. Henrick Phlan

6.     George Jackson born Burnet, Texas Nov. 17, 1886

7.     Birdie Lee born Burnet, Texas Dec. 5, 1888, M. Jack Crawford

8.     Adelie Adiline born Marble Falls, Texas Feb. 1, 1891, died 1973, m. R. L. Brown

9.     Willie Fern Lee born Williamson County, April 2, 1897, M. Claude Titus


Samuel Al McFarland and Pearl Teague


1.     Lou Helen born Dublin, Texas July 22, 1905, Married James E. Box

        Children:        1.     James, Jr. Born Georgetown, Texas

                                        Married Cynthia Dianna

                                        Children: Brent and Becky (twins), Mark and Craig

                                2.     Jamye Lou born Briggs, Texas

                                        Married Leroy Boriack

                                        Children: Baxter, Ted, and Clark

                                3.     Richard Arthur born Uvalde, Texas

2.     Don Carlos born Dublin, Texas July 1, 1907.  Died June 20, 1974

3.     Frances Martha born Georgetown, Texas, married James Kenneth Webb b. Oct. 22, 1918

4.     Carmen Virginia born Burnet, Texas Nov. 11, 1923 Married Robert Clay Parker born Feb. 22, 1923 died Feb. 23, 1962

        Child: Rebecca Carmen born Odessa, Texas Oct. 5, 1955


 (page 4)

James Gillus McFarland  (S 3)

Born Missouri Sept. 27, 1830

Died 1897


Married Mrs. Mariah Tabiatha Scott Ingle on Nov. 29, 1855



1.     John Gillus (Jehu) or James

        Born Sept. 6, 1856 Burnet County, Texas

        Died around 1949 in probably Arizona

        Married Jennie (Jane) Moore May 8, 1884 Bastrop, Texas


2.     Mary Margaret

        Born March 15, 1857 Burnet County, Texas

        Died Jan. 11, 1926 in Los Angeles, California

        Buried in Austin, Texas old Cemetery

        Married James Francis Lillard on April 17, 1878 by Daniel Eldridge in Burnet C., Texas


3.     Josephine

        Born Oct. 27, 1864 Burnet County Texas

        Died Nov. 12, 1932 Tuscon [probably means Tucson], Arizona

        Buried Tuscon [probably means Tucson], Arizona

        Married March 25, 1888 Burnet County Texas to Isaac Hill Arnold


4.     Florence Anna (Flora)

        Born Jan. 16, 1868 Burnet County Texas

        Died April 5, 1953 Tempe, Arizona

        Married Sept. 3, 1889 Bertram, Texas to George Robert Finch


(Children will be listed as (J&M 1) etc.

(J&M 1)

James Gehu m. Jane Moore  Born Jan. 1, 1869 Bastrop, died Dec. 9, 1909 Austin, Texas

Children:                                (Jane called Jennie)

1. James Gordon

Born April 26, 1887



(2.) Edward Moore

Born Sept. 5, 1889 Oatmeal, Texas

Died April 13, 1896 Brenham, Texas


(3.) Alvin Arnold Moore

Born Sept. 7, 1891 Bastrop County Texas



(4.) Ernest Homer

Born Nov. 7, 1893 Brenham, Texas

Died May 17, 1925

Buried Middle Animas School Cemetery, New Mexico

He was a Fireman 1st Class United States Navy in World War I


(5.) Finis Francis

Born July 15, 1895, Brenham, Texas

Died May 6, 1897 Brenham, Texas


(6.) Hugh

Born May 13, 1900 Brenham, Texas

Died 1912 Animas, New Mexico


(7.) Walter Scott

Born July 8, 1903 Austin, Texas


 (separate page without number, written horizontally)


Mary Margaret (Molly) McFarland married James Francis Lillard

Their children were:

1.     Mary Josephine born March 13, 1879 married Walter Lee Hearne

2.     Elyce Beulah born April 7, 1882 married William Frank Lawes

3.     Flora Luella born June 11, 1884 married Ira Hill

4.     Rose Lillian born Nov. 20, 1887 married a. Ed Carroll, b. Felice Baroglio

5.     James Francis born Aug. 21, 1890

6.     Lula Mae born Nov. 5, 1886

7.     Eryl Finis born March 29, 1897 married Eulalia Duenisch

8.     Lena Buford born Jan. 20, 1893


James Francis Lillard was the son of John M. Lillard and Mary Ann McCartney who were married 4 June 1844 in Decatur, Tennessee, by D.L. Godsey M.G.  Their Securities were William Lillard and Godsey.  James F. was born in Decatur.  He had a brother Luke who was killed in the Civil War.  Was a Confederate Soldier.  Killed in Arkansas.


 (page 5)

(8.) Addison Moore (Addie)

Born May 8, 1906 Austin, Texas



Mary Margaret McFarland (J&M 2)

Married James Francis Lillard born April 24, 1848 Decatur, Tennessee,

                                                                 Died Jan. 15, 1909, buried Austin, Texas old cemetery



1.     Mary Josephine

        Born March 13, 1879 South Gabriel, Burnet County Texas

        Died –

        Buried Jan. 25, 1965 Little Church of Flowers Los Angeles, California

        Married Walter Lee Hearne March 10, 1897, Born March 3, 1874 Baltimore, Maryland

                                                                                                         Died July 21, 1929 Austin, Texas


        (1.) Walter Dewey Hearne

        Born May 15, 1889 Austin, Texas

        Died March 21, 1926 San Fernando, Calif.


        (2.) Ruth Marie Hearne

        Born April 29, 1901 Austin, Texas

        Died May 26, 1952 Hollywood, Calif.

        Married Charles Buschlen born July 27, 1891 Tronto [Probably means Toronto], Canada

        Children:       1. Blake Andrew born May 22, 1922 Hollywood, Calif.

                                2. Consuella Catherine born Nov. 24, 1926 Hollywood, Calif. Died Dec. 30, 1926


        (3.) Ira Lillard Hearne

        Born July 29, 1907 Austin, Texas

        Died                   1958?

        Married Helen Ross Sept. 9, 1934,

        Children        1. Carolyn born Nov. 16, 1936

                                2. Twins Donald Ross & David Lawrence born March 20, 1947



2.     Elyce Beulah Lillard

        Born April 7, 1882 Oatmeal, Texas (On her Greatgrandmother’s farm)

        Died June 29, 1966 Austin, Texas

        Buried Austin, Texas

Married William Frank Lawes born Jan. 25, 1883 Selma, Ark., died Oct. 23, 1952 Kerrville, Texas. Buried Austin, Texas

        Married on Nov. 16, 1902 Austin, Texas by Dr. Lowber


        (1.) Harrell Gibson Lawes (Had)

        Born Feb. 23, 1904, East 15th St., Austin, Texas

        Married a. Lorene Plumber in 1931

        Child Harrell Gibson Lawes, Jr. Born Nov. 10, 1932 Houston, Texas


        (2.) William Frank Lawes, Jr. (Jack)

        Born Feb. 6, 1907 9066 Brazos St., Austin, Texas

        Married Jean Bertha (Louise) Parsley on Feb. 24, 1937

        Born Aug. 17, 1910 Austin, Texas


        (3.) Robert Beverley Lawes

        Born Dec. 5, 1911  200 E. 7th St., Austin, Texas

        Married June 12, 1937

        Anna Bess Griffin born June 10, 1915 Elgin, Texas

        Child: Robert Clay born Aug. 17 1944 Austin, Texas


 (page 6)

        Married Aug. 5, 1967 San Antonio, Texas

        Bernice Fincke

        Born Jan. 30, 1943 San Antonio, Texas

        Children:       1. Stacey Elyce born Sept. 10, 1969 Austin, Texas

                                2. Robert Jason born Oct. 13, 1971 Austin, Texas


(4.) Mary Elizabeth Lawes

        Born Dec. 20, 1919, 40th and Ave. G., Austin, Texas

        Married May 21, 1940 Georgetown, Texas by Rev. Williams

        James Watson McFarland

Born March 4, 1918 Elton, La.

Child: Scott Alan McFarland born Aug. 24, 1962



3.     Flora Luella Lillard

        Born June 11, 1884 Bertram, Texas

        Died Dec. 25, 1908 Kerrville, Texas


        Married Ira Hill

        Child: Lester V. Hill born July 15, 1905, died 1942

        Married Vina--son Owen


4.     Rose Lillian Lillard

        Born Nov. 20, 1887 Bertram, Texas

        Died Nov. 10, 1962 Los Angeles, Calif. (grave Live Oak Cem. Monrovia, Cal.)

Married         (a) Ed Carroll 1909 Waco, Texas

Children         1.     Ruth Ardith born 190- m. Ben Sin on April 11, 1947

                                2.     Lyle born March 2, 1910, died July 6, 1946 Ingleford, Calif.

                                        Married Darlene                       Child Susan Carroll Sinks

                                3.     Buford Grady (Ted) born July 21, 1912 Chandler, Texas

                                        Married Edna L. A. Clayton, one child Susan Emily born 4-18-1943

                4.             Merridth born Sept. 22, 1914, Dallas, Texas, died 1919 Tuscon [probably means Tucson], Ariz.

                                        (Lyle is Lyle Edward)


        Married          (b)   Felice Baroglio born Sept. 7, 1892 San Gorgio, Italy (Felix).

died Dec. 11, 1961 Los Angeles, Calif.

        Children:        1.     Thomas born June 6, 1925 (Thomas Bryon)

                                        Married Joanne Ivy Calvin

                                        Child: Phillip born Nov.    1962


                                2.     Ray Allen Baroglio born July 5, 1930 Los Angeles, Eagle Rock

                                        Married Mary Margaret Elizabeth Walton on Sept. 7, 1952 Temple City. Cal.

                                        Born Jan. 23, 1933 Shelbyville, Indiana

                                        Children:       1. Cherie Lynn born Sept. 5, 1954 Pasadena, Calif.

                                                               2. Cindy Rae born Sept. 18, 1959 Arcadia, Calif.

                                                               3. Candace Michelle born April 14, 1967 Arcadia, Calif.


5.     James Francis Lillard, Jr.

        Born Aug. 21, 1890

Died Nov. 8, 1918 Killed in France (Argon Front) World War I. Co. I, 360th Infantry, 19th Division A.E.T.

        Buried Austin, Texas Old Cemetery

        He served for a short time in the Texas Rangers


6.     Lula Mae

        Born Nov. 5, 1886 Bertram

        Died Nov. 7, 1886



 (page 7)

7.     Eryl Finis Lillard

        Born March 29, 1897 Bertram, Texas

        Died Feb. 7, 1961 Los Angeles, Calif.

        Married Eulalia Duenisch daughter of August L. and Ida Bell

        Born July 15, 1898 Ohio, Venice

Children:        1.     Mary Patricia born July 9, 1934 Yermo, Calif.

                                        Married Edward Van Sloten

                                        Children:       1. Charlote Dale born Sept. 13, 1949

                                                               2. Vickie Gay born July 4, 1952

                                                               3. Eddie Eryl born 1954

                                2.     Eryl Finis Lillard, Jr.

                                        Born Jan. 1, 1936 Yermo, Calif.

                                        Married Martha Scarbrough

                                        Born Dec. 28, 1933 Arnoldsville, Georgia

                                        Children        1. Eryl F. Lillard III born Oct. 23, 1956 Ft. Belvoir, Va.

                                                               2. Timmy Jay born Oct. 23, 1957 Los Angeles, Calif.

                                                               3. Elizabeth Jane born June 29, 1959 Los Angeles, Calif.


8.     Lena Buford Lillard

        Born Jan. 20, 1893 Austin, Texas

        Died Sept. 23, 1912 Bertram, Texas

        Buried in Austin’s Old Cemetery next to parents.



Josephine McFarland    (J&M  3)

Married Isaac Hill Arnold on March 25, 1888

Born Oct. 27, 1864

Died Oct. 5, 1925


1.     Willard Hill Arnold (grave says Willard Homan)

        Born Dec. 13, 1892 Bertram, Texas

        Died Dec. 23, 1915 Bisbee, Arizona in Mine Accident

        Buried Animas, New Mexico


2.     Homan Hill Arnold

        Born March 30, 1890

        Married Ruth Broyles El Paso, Texas


3.     Fred Hill Arnold

        Born Sept. 21, 1896 Bertram, Texas

        Married on July 28, 1900 Bonnie B. Everette, Lordsburg, N.M.

        Child:      Helen A. Lenette Hill married George A. Benedict born in San Juan, Calif.

                        Child:      Carol Ann married             Craig            born in Yuma, Arizona in 1952

                                        Child: Heather Ann Craig born 1966


4.     Paul Hill Arnold

        Born Oct. 5, 1901 Austin, Texas

        Died            1967 Tuscon [probably means Tucson], Arizona

        Married Elizabeth World

        Children:       1. Elizabeth Arnold

                               2. Ann Arnold

                               3. Pauline Arnold


(page 8)

Florence Ann McFarland  (J&M 4)

Born Jan. 16, 1868 Bertram, Texas

Died April 5, 1953 in Tempe, Arizona

Married Sept. 4, 1889 in Bertram, Texas

to George Robert Finch

Born July 1864 near Fresno or San Jauquin River, Colorado

Died June 1, 1947 in Tempe, Arizona


                1. Lora Born Nov. 23, 1890

                    married Frank Perry.  Had 6 children. One named Ellen.

                2. Bertram born Nov. 19, 1892. Married Nellie Hansen born April 4, 1892.

                3. Robert Leslie born May 28, 1897, died May 7, 1941 in Los Angeles, Calif.

                    Married Gladys Iola Hutchinson born May 11, 1900, died Nov. 15, 1962. Calif.

                    Children:           1. Robert H., born Oct. 9, 1925 Tempe, Arizona

                                               2. Clairaline Sue, born March 12, 1930 Clovis, Calif.

                4. Henry Walter, born Sept. 20, 1900 Tempe, Arizona

                5. Jessie Bell, born Aug. 4, 1902 Tempe, Arizona

                    (a) married Marvin R. Johnson on Nov. 14, 1924.  He died Nov. 1, 1926.

                    Child: Ralph born Dec. 13, 1925. He married Marcella Ann, 7-1-1960

                    (b) married Hobart William Whitney in 1933.  He was born 10-19-1896

                    Child: William Robert.  In about 1945 he accidentally hung himself at play.

                                  Father died about one year later.

                    (c) married Harry Beardsley in 1960.  He was born 7-23-1895 Canfield, Ohio

                    Son Ralph was a school teacher in Phoenix, Ariz. In 1970.


                6. Wilma Josephine born 12-30-1909 Tempe, Ariz.

                    Married Paul Amberg born 3-5-1904. Married on 6-3-1933 Prescott, Ariz.

                    Child:  Ellen Isabell born 6-16-1937

                                   Married William Howard Stamp


                                   1. William Gilbert born 1-6-1958 Mesa, Ariz.

                                   2. Kelly Donne born 8-21-1960 Newark, Cal.

                                   3. Paula Marie born 5-27-1962                ·”


 (page 9)

*Sarah Ann McFarland (Sallie)   (S 4)

Born Nov. 12, 1833 Missouri

Died Feb. 1918 Burnet County Texas

Buried in Old Burnet Cemetery near McFarland Walled Plot

*Married J.C. Hill

Born March 21, 1821 in Tennessee.  Mother Mary b. 1804 Tenn.

Died March 3, 1906 Burnet, Texas


*  1. Mary J. born Aug. 11, 1850, died March 25, 1868

*  2. Robert W. born Nov. 11, 1852, died March 28, 1916

*          Married M. E. born Aug. 8, 1854, died July 11, 1923 both buried in old cem.

*  3. Fannie born --erthe 9th, died Sept. 23, 1969 (cannot read all of stone)

    4. Catherine born – Married John Rountree

            Child: Sally born July 14, 1880  Oatmeal- Married John Barton McFarland

            Died 1958 Friona, Texas

    5. Louisa born 1855 married Thomas Sendus Newlin.  Had 9 children

    6. Percilla born 1856

    7. Susan born 1858

    8. Sarah born 1862

    9. Melana born 1868

*  10.   James J. born Feb. 22, 1870, died Dec. 17, 1903

            Married Lois C., born Oct. 28, 1871, died Dec. 5, 1967

            Child: Lola

    11.   Pleasant A. born July 20, 1872, died March 11, 1952

*          Married Maggie A. born Nov. 30, 1873, died June 21, 1958

*          Children:        1. Infant son born May 30, 1898, died June 4, 1898

*                                  2. Infant son born June 7, 1900, died at birth

*                                  3. Infant son born and died Sept. 2, 1901


All persons above marked with * are buried next to the old rock wall of the McFarlanda or nearby in the old part of the Burnet Cemetery, Burnet, Texas

In the 1881 history of Johnson Co., Mo. It tells about “Aunt Polly Hill” who lived near the McFarland’s and hid the County records from the Court House that some of the Officers of the Court brought to her during the Civil War.  That is why they are now available to us.



Lucenda G. (C) McFarland  (S5)  (On deed to father’s land it says Lucendia G,) Born in Mo.

Born March 18, 1835                                            (Tombstone Says Lucenda C.)

Died May 23, 1878

Married Robert Alexander

Born March 6, 1828

Died Jan. 19, 1902

Both graves with center stone inside an iron fence just outside Mc Farland Wall in the Old Odd Fellow’s Cemetery in Burnet, Texas


Newspaper clipping says Robert Alexander was a Blacksmith and taught his brother-in-law Francis Marion McFarland the trade.  This was in Burnet, Texas


 (separate page without number written horizontaly)


Samuel King McFarland and Musidore Louisa Rountree married June 13, 1854

Their children were:

1.        Samuel Lewis born April 7, 1855 married Alice Bean  SK1

2.        Martha Amoretta born 1856  SK2

3.        Rufus Jackson  born April 9, 1858  married Cora Edna Jones  SK3

4.        Amanda Olivia (Ollie)  born May 2, 1864  SL4  [it should be SK4]

5.        Ira                   SK5

6.        Emily Jane  SK6

7.        William Alexander  born Sept. 28, 1875 married Bessie Liggon  SK7

8.        Robert Ray born Aug. 3, 1878  married Mary T. Debo  SK8

9.        Hiram             SK9



[it seems like there is one page missing (#10)]


 (page 11)

4.     Ernest Lewis  born Oct. 15, 1883

        Married several times with no issue


5.     Samuel Piercy  born Jan. 17,1894, died Aug. 3, 1971

        Married M. Milton

                Child- a girl


6.     Ollie  born Dec. 29, 1884, died after 1973

        Married J. W. Womack ‘John William)

                Children:               a.   Madelyn – P.H.D. Bio-Chemist U.S. Government

b. Bobby (f), married Senator Bruce Reagan in Nov. 1970

c.        Helen born 1919, married David Allen Segrest

d. Billy Nell died at age 7

e.        Jean Lorrain  married George C. Crawley


         Thomas William, George Patrick, Peggy Jean, Mary Susan, Joan Eliz.



A.    Lucile Womack Koch & Carl Phillip Koch, Jr.  (Children of Martha & Wyatt Womack)


        1.     Donald Richard born Nov. 14, 1933 in San Antonio, Texas

                M. –1.

                Children: Gus David, Richard – born in Mexico City

                M. –2. Shirley

                Children:        Cecilia Louise, born Kenosha, Wisc.


2.        Carl Philip Koch III born July 9, 1930 San Antonio, Texas

M.  Imogene Mae Haschke  on Aug. 3, 1950 in San Antonio

                Children:        1.    Philip Walter  born June 15, 1951 San Antonio

                                        2.    Michael Allan  born July 22, 1954          

                                3.    Eileen Diana  born Dec. 4, 1957 Houston

                                4.    Gregory Thomas  born June 29, 1962

                               Philip Married Stephane Ann Calihan on March 18, 1972

B.    Mildred – died in infancy

C.    Marie  -  never wed



2.     Martha Amoretta  (SK 2)


3.     Rufus Jackson  (SK 3)

Born April 9, 1858, died 1944

Married Cora Edna Jones  born Sept. 16, 1866, died 1944

Children:        1.    Bertha  born Oct. 7, 1884, died Nov. 20, 1885  Buried on Perry Garret  farm.

                        2.    Rufus Jackson, Jr.

                                Born Aug. 25, 1895  Burnet County, Texas

                                Married Zelma O. Moffett  born March 27, 1917,died April 27, 1940


                                a.     Harold La France  born June 14, 1918, died Sept. 6, 1942 car wreck

                                b.     Mildred Olivia  born Aug. 17, 1920, M. june 15- Lloyd File born Jan. 7, 1913 c.             Jack Howard  born Jan. 30, 1922, m. Sept. 24, 1944 to Bette Jane Keith  born

                                                                        June 12, 1923 Bakersfield Calif

                                        Children:        1.     Frances Olivia  born  April 25, 1946

                                                                        Married John Patrick Greve  born Nov. 28, 1944

                                                                2.     Bonnie Lee  born Dec. 8, 1949  Bangor, Maine

                                                                        married Fred Calvin Jones  born Jan. 1, 1946 Georgia

                                                                        on Feb. 1, 1972

                                                                              Marilyn Jane born Sept. 3, 1953 Victorville, Calif.

                                                                        Married David Baskin  wed April 16, 1971

                                                                        Child: David D     born Feb. 14, 197[2]


 (page 12)

Continuation of family of Rufus J. Sr. & Cora Jones


(Daughter of Jack and Bette McFarland)

                                                                3.     Patricia Annette  Born Dec. 3,1957 Shirley, Mass.


3.     Roberta Holland   born Oct. 7, 1884, died infancy

4.     Lula Lee  born Dec. 8, 1885, married John Frasier

5.     Samuel King  born April 25, 1888, died 1954

        Married Bessie Ligon or Bennie

        Children:                1.    Edith b. Dec. 12, 1917 died infant

                                        2.    Ben Jack married Faye Potts in Burnet

                                                a. Robert Dane 12,1,1938  b. Done Lou 5,19,1940

6.     Annie Marie  born Jan. 29, 1889, Married --Herefold

        Child:  Marie   married Earl Clendenon, 1 son Earl Jr.

7.     Lenora Bessie  born March 4, 1892  married A. R. Cumins

        Children:                a.    Reba Louis  married Edward Widran

                                               born Aug. 23, 1915, Twin brother died in infancy.

                                        b.    Adam Rankin, Jr.  born Nov. 20, 1921. M. Willie Bess Sims

                                               Children: Adam, Kathy,

8.     Willie Jones  born Sept. 7, 1893 married brother of Annie’s husband (Hereford)

        Children:                a.    Nell Anderson

b. Billie Trottis

c.        Dorothy Salovovich

9.     Lillian  born Dec. 7, 1898, married 1st Bruce McDaniel

                                                                               2nd Clyde Raney

10.   Clifton Chote born Aug. 13, 1901, Married Thelma Hampton born Dec. 10, 1907 No.

        No. 2 Annie Hester, Children: Edith 1-9-1922, Clifton 7-28-1923

11.   Thelena born Dec. 10, 1907, M. J.W. Copeland, Children: J.W. Jr., born 7-28-39 and Jo Ann  born July 28, 1938.  Seceon Thelena Married Leo Yena Dec. 29, 1954



Lillian & Clyde Raney

                Child: Clydean, Bob Mac

Lillian & Bruce McDaniel

                Children: Doyle, Dayton, Dorothy




8.     Robert Ray (Son of Samuel King Mcfarland)  (SK8)

        Born Aug. 3, 1878, died Dec. 1, 1944

        Married Mary Thomas Debo on April 23, 1890 (She called Mary Ruth & Mollie)

        Born Dec. 23, 1976

        Died May 24, 1932

        Children:        a.     Clara Louise

                                        born Feb. 27, 1900, died May 7, 1900

b. Flora  born April 7, 1901

c.        James Dorr  born Feb. 7, 1903 County records 11-28-1906 which would make him a twin of Samuel L.

d. Clarence Alexander  born 2-14-1905

e.        Samuel Louis born 11-28-1906   12-27-1906

f.         Lora Ruth

g. Nellie Elvira  born Oct. 23, 1911


 (page 13)

a.        Clara Louise

b. Flora  married Clyde Asberry

c.        James Dorr  married Phyllis Short, June 1, 1930.


                (1)           James Dorr, Jr., born April 20, 1935

                                Married      (1)  Patricia Yvonne Hill.  Child: James Paul, born 11-10-1968

                                                    (2)      Donna Jean Todd. Child : James Dorr III.

                                Patricia married again to Maurice Edwin Collins, Jr. and changed Paul’s name to Paul Edwin Collins.

                (2)           Samuel Robert, born July 4, 1941.  Married Carolyn Margaret Aldridge, born Dec. 31, 1943.  Children:

                                                    (1)      Molly Carol, born April 16, 1968

                                                    (2)      Joel Dorr, born May 20, 1970


        d.    Clarance Alexander married Lucille Haby, born Nov. 3, 1901.

Children:                    1.        Mary Kuhne, born Dec. 27, 1936.  Died Aug. 17, 1974.

Married Milton M. Stevens, M.D., who died Aug. 17, 1974.


(1)           Charlotte Leigh, born Feb. 18, 1962, died 8-17-1974

(2)           Sharon Louise, born May 14, 1966, died 8-17-1974.

                                                    (This family died in an airplane crash in Arkansas)


2.            Walter Alexander, born Jan. 27, 1938, died Oct. 1, 1938 in a car wreck.

3.            Clarance Alexander, Jr., born April 6, 1941.

4.            William Howard, born Sept. 17, 1942, Married Ellen Frances Hudnall. Children:

(1)           Celia Eve, born June 1, 1967.

(2)           Mary Amelia, born Feb. 3, 1971.


e.     Samuel Louis married:

(1)                 Johany Mae Kent. Child: Dorris Clare born July 11, 1926.  Doris married Homer Ferguson on Dec. 24, 1948. Child Kimber Ann, born Oct. 18, 1951.

(2)                 Mabel Bandy


        f.      Lora Ruth married (1) Chester Millican.  (2) Albert D. Roberts, M.D.


        g.     Nellie Elvira  married James Merriman DeGarmo.  Children:

(1)                 James Merriman Jr., born Jan. 26, 1940.  married Guadalupe Soto, July 18, 1970.

(2)                 Jack Ray, born Jan. 16, 1947.  Married Billie Josephine Fernandez, March 31, 1966.  Child: Billie Matthew  born 8-9-1967.




William B. McFarland  (S7)

Born 1843 Missouri


Married Jennie

Born 1843 Texas


P.J.  born 1863 Texas

William B. Jr., born 1868 Texas


In the 1870 Texas Census for Burnet county he was listed as a “Hotel Keeper”


 (page 13)

a.        Clara Louise

b. Flora  married Clyde Asberry

c.        James Dorr

Married Phyllis Short

Children         1.     James Dorr, Jr.  married Patricia Yonne Hill

Children;      Paul married Donna Jean Todd

                        James Dorr III

                                2.     Samuel Robert m. Magraret [Margaret] C. Aldridge, children-Molly Carol & Joel D.


d.     Clarence Alexander

        Born Feb. 14, 1905

        Married Lucille Haby

        Children:        1.     Mary  born

                                        Married Milton M. Stephens, M.D.

                                        Children: Charlotte                         , Sharon

                                2.     Clarence, Jr.

                                3.     William Howard

                                        Married Ellen Hudnall

                                        Child - Eve


e.     Samuel Louis

        Born Nov. 28, 1906


f.      Lora Ruth

        Born Aug. 2, 1909

        Married Albert Roberts, M.D.


g.     Nell Elvira

        Born Oct. 23, 1911

        Married  Major James De Garmo



William B. McFarland   (S 7)

Born 1843 Missouri



Married Jennie

Born 1843 Texas



        P.J.  born 1863 Texas

        William, Jr. born 1868 Texas


In the 1870 Census he was listed as a “Hotel Keeper”


(separate page without number written horizontally)


Francis Marion McFarland and Valenda A. Bowmer


Their children were:

1.        William Edmondson  born July 26, 1857 Burnet County, Texas

2.        Samuel Walter  born Nov. 8, 1865 Burnet County

3.        Lula  born July 24, 1869 Burnet County

4.        Ada  born Oct. 16, 1871 Burnet County

5.        Hattie Bell  born June 8, 1873 Burnet County

6.        George  born 1875

7.        Francis Sterling  born April 7, 1876

8.        Mary Elizabeth (Molly)  born Feb. 28, 1880

9.        Sarah Alma (Sally)  born Jan. 21, 1882

10. James Watson, Sr.  born Jan. 16, 1889


 (page 14)

Francis Marion McFarland  (S 8)


Born Dec. 29, 1847 Missouri

Died Sept. 21, 1906 Crowley, La

Buried in Old Protestant Cemetery in Crowley, La.

Has Confederate Soldier’s Headstone.


Married on Dec. 15, 1864

Valenda Anna Bowmer  daughter of Sellers Bowmer and Miss Fielding of Missouri

Born Dec. 22, 1842 Johnson County Missouri

Died Jan. 27, 1928 Elton, La.

Buried in China Cemetery, Elton, La.




1.     William Edmondson

        Born July 26, 1867 Burnet, Texas  Married Jan. 29, 1889

        Died 1948 or 1949

        Buried Baton Rouge, La.

        Married Adelaide Sofia Shambough  born April 11, 1873  died Dec. 2, 1934

        Children:                                                            Lynn Co., Penn                                     Baton, Rouge, La.

(1.)      Lois  born                  Married Berjois Benyon      Both died same day 1918 flu

                            Child:  Lewis


(2.)      Mary Ruth                     Married G.R. Lowden


(3.)      Leora Bell  born Jan. 16, 1892  Married Silas (CY) Edward Aery  Aug. 17, 1916

                            Silas born Merryville, Ark., Died Sept. 24, 1959  Beaumont, Texas

                            Leora born near Crowley in Arcadia Parish, La.


(1)           Thelma Lucille  b. July 15, 1917, d. Feb. 17, 1918

(2)           James Edward  b. Aug. 20, 1918 Orange, Texas  m. Dorthy Pilton

(3)           Evelyn Louise  b. Aug. 30, 1920 Orange, Tex.  m. Norman Lee Sumrall

(4)           William Mack  b. May 18, 1924 Orange.  m. Nora Sue Byrd

(5)           Betty Adelaide  b. Feb. 1928 Beaumont.  m. R. B. Smith

(6)           Twins – J. & N.   (a child born between Evelyn and George)


(4.)      W. E., Jr. born July 1901, died June 22, 1970


(5.)      Eula Maxine              a.     Married Robinson Davis

                                                                        children Henry & George Robinson, Jr.

                                                                b.     Married R. G. Whetstone


(6.)      Edna Mae  born July 24, 1894

                            Married Frank Lyons Rose born Sept. 27, 1892, died April 18, 1959

                            Children a.     Frances Mae  born May 11, 1917  married Ira E. Redkey

                                                    b.       F. L. Jr.  born June 13, 1920  m. Jo Evelyn  Gage  b. April 7, 1923

                                                    c.         Jack Warren  born March 3, 1923  m. Frances Louise Simmons  born July 28, 1923



During William Edmonson’s life time he was a farmer, operated a hardware store, and was a salesman for the International Harvester Co.


 (page 15)

2.     Samuel Walter McFarland

Born Nov. 8, 1865 in Sansaba County or at Cow Creek, Burnet County

Died Jan. 14, 1937 Beaumont, Texas

Married Dec. 20, 1892

Sadonia Amy


Children:  All born in or near Crowley, La.

a.     Myrtle M.  born 19 Feb. 1894

        Married G. R.  Reese on Aug. 29, 1930.  He was born Feb. 3, 1891


b.     William Ed       born Feb. 4, 1896

        died 1961 Henderson, Texas


c.     Fred   born Feb. 28, 1898

        Died 1927 Beaumont, Texas


d.     Sam         born Aug. 1, 1900


e.     Howard (Red)  born June 14, 1902  M. Alma


f.      W. B. (Bill)  born Sept. 7, 1904  M. Aline Bonniemason


g.     Paul  born Oct.    1906


3.     Lula

        Born July 24, 1869  Burnet

        Died April 24, 1870 Burnet


4.     Ada

        Born Oct. 16, 1871  Burnet

        Died April 20, 1873    


5.     Hattie Bell

Born June 8, 1873  Burnet, Texas

Died Oct. 1961  Crowley, La.  Buried Pleasant Valley Cem. Near Marble Falls, Tex.

Married Dec. 20, 1892  George J. Kinser


Died July 6, 1938 Mormon Mills, buried at Pleasant Valley Cemetery, Burnet Co.


a.     Clyde  born                            M. Leta Darbonne


1.     Percy  born Nov. 10, 1914  m. Nov. 25, 1938 to Dorothy Pittman born Jan. 13, 1920.  Son David Andrew born Dec. 30, 1944, married Ronica Brook Wallace and had issue Peter, David Matthew.


 (page 16)

b.     Minnie  May  born Aug. 18, 1895  m Married Carl Andrews on June 19, 1913, Carl died Feb. 4, 1973  Oberlin, La.

        Children:       Willie Ray  born May 6, 1919  Oberlin, La.

                                Carol Bell  born April 19, 1922 Crowley, La.  M. George Howard and had issue: Robbie, Sandra Dianne

                                Willie married Mildred Mahaffey born May 30, 1920 near Oberlin, La. and had issue: Edith Eirlene, & Harrette Mazine


c.     Frank born                  married Mary                             issue: Exie Mae


d.     Ruby  born Jan. 30, 1901 Iota married Roy B. Broussard born May 15, 1900

Children:        Elizabeth June  born Aug. 27, 1923 married Douglas White, Sr.  had issue: Charles Trigg  born Nov. 9, 1948, Hal Douglas Jr,  born July 22, 1950.

                                Charley Ray born May 18, 1927                     had issue:

                                Richard Howard Holmes  born Nov. 2, 1952, Susan Kay  born Oct. 3, 1954, Jennifer born Jan. 21, 1959,& Charles Daniel born June 8, 1963.

                                Ruby and Roy married Aug. 26, 1921.


e.     George  born                       Married Bessie

                                Issue: George, Dick, Betty  born Mississippi


f.      Helen died at birth about 1914


6.     George         born 1875


7.     Francis Sterling McFarland

Born April 7, 1876 Burnet, died Aug. 6, 1916 Elton, La.

Buried at China Cemetery, Elton, La.

Married Aimea (May) Bertrand  born Oct. 20, 1881  Fry, La.  Died Feb. 2, 1960 Iota, La.  Married on Aug. 14, 1909 in Elton, La.


a.     Francis Marion  born Nov. 4, 1910

        Married Geraldine Rutledge (Trixie)

        Issue:     Shirley Ray  m. E. J. Dufner, issue, Cheryl Ann  b. Dec. 6, 1958

        Ruth Gail

        Frances Sue  m. Donal W. Adams, issue Donald Wayne, Jr., Micheal  Keith,  Aaron Wallace, Kelvin Bruce, Sussell

        Barbara Ann  born Nov. 21, 1946 Jennings, La.  Married Keneth Joseph Romero  born Feb. 5, 1942 Corvencro, La.  Married Dec. 29, 1963, Lafayette, La.  Issue: Steven Todd  born Oct. 7, 1964, Alan James  born Dec. 10, 1966, Richard Greig  born July 10, 1971


b.    Ruby Rae

Born April 4, 1915  Frey, La.

Married Aug. 14, 1940

Clinton Adair Lewis  born March 26, 1908  Haynesville, La.


c.     Edna Mae (Dolly)  born March 8, 1913

        Married Gus Johns  born April 16, 1911


 (page 17)


8.     Mary Elizabeth  (Molly)  McFarland

Born Feb. 28, 1880  Burnet, Texas

Died Aug. 8, 1959 Port Arthur, Texas

Married Sept. 1, 1901

James Hamilton Clark


9.     Sarah Alma McFarland (Sally)

Born Jan. 21, 1882  Burnet County, Texas

Died about 1967      Buried League City, Texas

Married Perry James Johnson son of Cyrus N. Johnson          on Sept. 4, 1899

Children:                  Born Aug. 6, 1878 Garden Grove, Iowa

a.     Leo Marion born Nov. 7, 1906  Elton, La.


Married June 2, 1929 Clinton, Ky.

Myra Alice Jewell  born Oct. 4, 1907


1.        Jonnie Helen  born June 23, 1930  Perryton, Texas


2.        Jerry Jewel  born Aug. 3, 1933 Galveston, Texas,  Married Daphene Ann Elliot, issue: Criss, Julie


3.        David Lawerence  born Aug. 10, 1934  Hull, Texas  Married Sue


4.        James Donald  born July 2, 1936  Liberty, Texas


5.        Curtis Stewart  born April 6, 1940 Liberty, Texas,  Married Marlene Wagoner


6.        Robert Neil  born Sept. 29, 1944 Liberty, Texas,  Married Judy


                                            (4.)      James Donald married oct. 22, 196_  Phyllis Burress daughter of Clydelia Futch and born Aug. 22, 1941 Wheeler, Texas

                                                        Children:      Bron Burress  born April 5, 1966  Amarillo, Tex.

                                                                                Eric Phillip  born Nov. 8, 1970 ·         


b.    Ray Leroy  born Aug. 5, 1902  Crowley, La.


        c.     Vera Belle  born Nov. 11, 1904 Elton, La.  Married on March 21, 1925 Kinder, La.

                Married Otis J. Sonnier (Jesse) born May 24, 1904 Oberlin, La.


1.     Sally May born March 26, 1935 M. Allan Hand

                2.     Perry Dick born May 20, 1930  Lafayette, La.

                3.     Johnie Burke born Dec. 26, 1925 Lake Charles, La.


        d.    Jaunita [Juanita] Celeste  born Sept. 24, 1900  Crowley, La.

                Married Jesse Ray Thomas


1.     William Ray

Married          (1)       Martha

            Child: Gary

(2)      Roberta Kelsey

Children:  Elaine, Scott, Alan, David


2.     Peggy

                        Married          (1)       Walter E. Whitaker born 1927 Graham N.C.  died July 11, 1970 Washington D.C.  buried Ochitlree Ce. Perryton, Tex.

                                                            Child: Mike  born 1953

                                                (2)       David Bakken


 (page 18)

        e.     Mamie Janette  born Oct. 2, 1908 Elton, La.

                Married H. H. (Happy) Vaughn

                Children:                1.         Mrs. O. L. Hardin

2.         Mrs. Bill Martin

3.         Harold H. Vaughn


        f.     Wanda Eula

                Born Oct. 16, 1910 Elton, La.

                Married      James (Jim) W. King  on Sept. 8, 1928 Jennings, La.

                                    Born Jan. 9, 1906 Lindsey, Okla. Indian Territory on run into Okla.

                                    Died Dec. 25, 1962 Clovis, N.M.

                                    Mother’s maiden name Klinglesmith of Louisville, Ky.

                Children:        1.     Jimmie Dwain

                                                Born Jan. 14, 1931

                                                Married June 8, 1958 to Esther Gantz

                                                Children:        Paul D  born Jan. 29, 1962 Houston, Texas

                                                                        Patty Jenelle  born Nov. 16, 1954 Houston, Texas


                                        2.     Wanda Ruth

                                                Born June 22, 1933

                                                Married on July 15, 1951 to Arthur John Snipes born Aug. 23, 1932

                                                Children:        Lianna Kay  born March 10, 1954 Clovis, N. M.

                                                                        Rhonda Rene  born Aug. 30, 1956     


                                        3.     Henry Dale

                                                Born Nov. 18, 1936

                                                Married Nancy

                                                Children:        Kevin Dale  born July 30, 1961

                                                                        Keith Dwain  born Dec. 2, 1963 Tucumcarrie, N. M.


 (page 19)

10.           James Watson McFarland, Sr.

                Born Jan. 16, 1889 Burnet, Texas

                Died March 12, 1948.  Buried in new side of Burnet Cemetery.  Died in Bertram.

                Married May 25, 1912 Elton, La.

                Lyda Anneta Alysworth

                Born Sept. 23, 1890 Elton, La.


                a.             Doris Louise  born Elton La., Nov. 18, 1916

                               Married Oct. 10, 1936 to Cecil B. Kemble born June 11, 1918

                               Children:               Charles Benjamin  born July 7, 1938 San Antonio, Texas

                                                               Married Peggy Merle Simmons

                                                               Issue:     Tracy  born April 1, 1964 New Orleans, La.

                                                                              Richie  born             1968          


                b.            Francis G.  born and died Sept. 4, 1914 Elton, La.


                c.             James Watson McFarland, Jr. born March 4, 1918 Elton, La.

                               Married May 21, 1940 Mary Elizabeth (Kit) Lawes  born Dec. 22, 1919  Austin

                               Children:  Scott Alan  born Aug. 24, 1962 Grand Prairie, Texas


                d.            George Edward  born Jan. 3, 1920 Elton, La.  Died Aug. 18, 1954

                               Married Irene (Pete) on Aug. 14, 1953


                e.             Annetta Mercer McFarland born Feb. 22, 1922  Port Arthur, Texas

                               Married (1)            A. F. Rigby 1941, born Sept. 8, 1915

                               Children:               James Franklin Rigby born April 12, 1942 San Antonio, Texas

Harold Edward Rigby born Aug. 22, 1943 Bertram, Texas

                                             (2)             L. C. Morris  in 1950.                                 Died 1960’s Kileen, Tex.

                               Children:               Loyce Carrol Born Dec. 9, 1951 Austin, Texas

                                                               Georgette Irene (Gene) Morris  born March 27, 1953 Austin, Tex.


                                                               Issue of J. F. Rigby and Sally Joanne Hester born Nov. 23, 1942,

Cuthbert, Ga. Married Aug. 7, 1963 Eufaula, Ala.

a.                   James Franklin, Jr. born Sept. 5, 1964 Eufaula, Ala.

b.                   Angelia Ruth born Jan. 30, 1970 Atlanta, Ga.


Issue of Harold Edward Rigby and Jo Ann Alexander born June 29, 1944 Austin, Texas. Married May 19, 1962.

a.                   Terri Sue Rigby born Feb. 28, 1963 Austin, Texas

b.                   Tammi Dawn born April 24, 1967 Austin, Texas

c.                   Todd Edward Rigby born Feb. 20, 1972 Austin, Texas


f.             Francis Marion born Dec. 24, 1924, died Jan. 9, 1925 Elton, La.


g.                   Roland Kenneth McFarland born Jan. 24, 1927 Elton, La.  Died Jan. 13, 1974

in Alvin, Texas. Buried Jan. 15 1974 Burnet, Texas.

Married Jan. 20, 1946 Burnet, Texas to Lolita Gertrude Heffington born Nov. 11, 1927 Marble Falls, Texas. Daughter of Hamilton Heffington and Maggie Eleanor Mauldin.  Ham born Dec. 28, 1880 near Austin, died Dec. 16, 1972 Burnet.  Maggie called Ginger was born Jan. 19, 1907 Marble Falls, and died July 17, 1965 Burnet, Tex.

Issue:     a.             Sheryl Patience born March 15, 1947 Burnet.  Married June 17,

1967 to John Kenneth Jordan born Dec. 24, 1946 Dallas, Texas. Son of John B. Jordan born in Plano, and Virginia Molly Tomlison born Burnet.

                                               Issue:     a. John Blain born Dec. 29, 1971 Mass.


 (page 20)

b.            Cindy Dawn McFarland born Feb. 19, 1949 Burnet, Texas  married June 17, 1967 to Gary Dale Eden born Nov. 3, 1947 Burnet.

                Issue:     La Trisha Dawn  born Oct. 20, 1969 Alvin, Texas

                               Shelly Delise  born June1, 1972                     

                Gary is the son of Henry Carl Eden and Virginia Elois Thompson.


c.             Kenya Charlice McFarland  born Jan. 15, 1954  Burnet, Texas.

                Married on June 17, 1972 in Alvin, Texas in the First United Methodist Church to Robert Lee Magee, Jr., born

Son of R.L. Magee, Sr. and Geraldine Colwell.




James Gillus (Gillis) McFarland was the County Tax Assessor from 1854 to 1858.

Signatures show he was County Clerk as late as 1866.




A family tradition says that Sam Houston and Samuel McFarland were boyhood friends in Tennessee.  Sam Houston would have been older.  When Samuel moved to Texas Sam Houston used to come and visit him.  When the Civil War was brewing, they had a conversation about it.  It went something like this.  Samuel was called Sammy by Houston.  Sammy: “If this trouble comes to war it will be a bloody affair.”

Houston: “My opinion is that I could mop up all the blood spilled with my handkerchief.”

Sammy: “It will have to be a big one.”  They used to sit and talk of their boyhood days in Tennessee and their friendships with the Indians there.

Sometime after the death of Samuel the family moved to Cow Creek not far from Burnet.  I’ve been told that Jane and her sons Francis Marion, James Gillus and Samuel King went, also George Jackson who was called Dr. Jack.  They took all their families and possessions.  The Indians became very dangerous.  It got so bad that they all pilled into their wagons and left for the protection of Burnet.  They left the possessions and cattle behind.  Later Francis Marion, his wife, children and sons Ed and James W. and his daughters Molly, Sally and Hattie all moved to Louisiana.  James W. was the only member of the family who returned to the Burnet area to live.




The pictures of all the McFarland descendents which I have seen show a striking resemblance to Samuel.  Most of the men average about 5’ 10” in height although a few were and are over 6’.  We have had many auburn haired people in the family.  Blue eyes seem to predominate.  One physical characteristic is the deep chest.  One theory I have is that this is the result of the McFarland Clans ability to beat all comers in the tossing of the caber in the Highland Games held each year for centuries.  They choose a tree that they came barely span with their arms.  The limbs are removed.  The man hoists the trunk of the tree in his arms and tosses or throws it as far as he can.  The distance thrown determines the winner.  This called for powerful chest muscles.




The grand daughter of Jane (Samuel’s wife) Hattie McFarland Kinser told me years ago that Jane lived with her parents when she was a small child.  She described Jane as being a fat, jolly Irish woman who everyone loved.  At one time Francis Marion, Hatties father, had the fire andiorns and tongs that were hand made and that Samuel had brought from his home in Missouri.  I can not find them.


 (page 21)

James Dorr McFarland, grandson of Samuel King McFarland, told me the following story.  He related a story his grandmother told him.

The family lived on a farm outside of Burnet, Texas.  The house was built in two sections with a roofed proch joining them.  This porch was called a “Dog Trot”.  The grandparent’s room was in the left side of the house, and the grandchildren stayed in the right side when visiting.  Grandmother Musidore would tell them such frightening stories about the Indians that one of the oldest had to walk them across the “Dog Trot” to their room at bed time.

She told them of one Indian attack.  Her husband had gone to Austin to have his corn ground.  He asked a neighbour, who was also going, to leave his wife and children with Mrs. McFarland.  At this time their son Samuel Lewis was a small boy.  His mother sent him out to milk the cows.  He came back inside and told her he saw what looked like some new stumps in the yard and the dog was barking at them.  His mother told him to stay in the house.  They all got in one room and closed and locked the shutters.  The women had no gun, but Musidore had a big axe which she would use to chop off and Indian’s hand if he got through the shutters.  Soon the dog stopped barking.  In the morning they found the dog dead with his head split open by a tomahawk.  The stumps, of course, were crouching Indians.  They stole the cows.




Stories of Samuel Lewis, son of Samuel King McFarland.


A story was written about Samuel Lewis by Frank Dobie for a Western magazine.  He was so bowlegged from horse back riding that he became a cripple.  He sat in a wheel chair, and it was lifted into a wagon so he could over-sea the work on his farm.

During his life he was a farmer, sold sewing machines, built dirt damns, was an Osteopathic doctor, a teacher and a preacher.

My Mother Elyce Lillard Lawes was the daughter of Mary Margaret (Mollie) McFarland the daughter of James G. McFarland and the uncle of Samuel Lewis.  Mother told me about a time that her Mother’s cousin Samuel Lewis came by their house in Bertram to visit.  She said he was the first really bow-legged person she had ever seen.  He rode a beautiful black horse.  When he saw her admiring the horse, he asked if she would like to ride it.  She was only 8 years old, but a real tomboy.  She got on, and the horse took off and ran under a low limb of a tree.  She was thrown off and knocked unconscious.  When she came to, Samuel Lewis gave her a bag of candy and said he was sorry the horse had run away with her.

Ollie McFarland Womack told me that her father, Samuel Lewis, was very bow-legged and spent the last few years of his life in a wheel chair.  Some of his children inherited the tendency to be bow-legged so it must not have been caused entirely from riding horses.




                James Dorr McFarland said that his grandmother Musidore lived with him after his grandfather died.  James was at a family reunion in Bertram about 1965.  An older uncle took him to see his grandmother’s old home which was built of logs.  The uncle said the night James was born that he had ridden 6 miles on a horse to get a doctor.  James was born in the old log house.


 (page 22)

Excerpts from letters written to me by Mrs. Ollie McFarland Womack, daughter of Samuel Lewis McFarland.

                Story about her grandmother Musidore Rountree McFarland and the Indians.


                “She was alone with her first two babies.  She heard a panther screaming one late afternoon or early evening so she hurridly did her outside work.  The house was finished all but the door.  Some board had been put up over the rafters forming a loft.  She pushed the bed across the door way, but it was a little high off the floor.  I don’t remember if she had a gun.  She put the babies up on the rafters and climbed up with them.  The only thing she had for protection was a small puppy dog.  The panther tried to come in under the bed, and the puppy would bite it’s feet.  The baby was sick and cried most of the night, and the panther would scream every time the baby cried and try to get in, but the dog stood his ground.”

                “Another time they were sleeping in the yard, and she woke up, and a lion was standing with it’s front feet on the bed looking at the baby on the other side.  She screamed and the dog went into action.  I remember her as a plucky pioneress.  She and I went squirrel hunting often and she really was a good shot.


 (page 23)

Songs written by Francis Marion McFarland


CUNTRY GIRLS (written before 1890 and dedicated to his wife Anna)


Up in the morning early just at the peep of day

Straining the milk in the dairy turning the cows away

Sweeping the floors in the kitchen, making the beds upstairs

Washing the breakfast dishes, dusting the parlor chairs

                                    (repeat 2 last lines)

Brushing the crumbs from the pantry

Hunting the eggs from the barn

Cleaning the Turnips for dinner

Twisting the stocking yarn

Spreading the whitning linen

Down on the bushes below

Where the red strawberries grow

                                    (repeat last 2 lines)

Starching and fixing for Sunday

Churning the snowie cream

Wrenching the pail and strainer

Down in the running stream

Feeding the gees and turkeys

Making the pumpkin pies

Joging the little ones cradle

Driving away the flies


Grace in every motion

Music in every tone

Beauty of form and fiture

Thousands might covet to own

Cheeks that rival spring roses

Teeth the whites of purl

One of those cuntry maids

Are worth a score of yore city girls.



SPOTTED FOND (fawn)   Written Aug. 20, 1893.    Copied from the original.


By Matris flowery March

The Red Chief’s wigwam stood

There the first White mans fiffel rang

Loud through the echoing woods

The tomahalk and scalping knife

Together lay at rest

For fear was in the forrest shad

And in the Red mans brest.



Oh the spoted fond

Oh the spoted fond

The life and light of the forest shad

For the Red Chiefs child is gone.


By Matris flowery March

The spotted fond gave birth

And grew as fair and Indian girl

As ever graced the earth.

She was the Red Chiefs only child

And sought by many a brave

But to the gallant young White Cloud

Her plighted form she gave

And as they rod along

Hur bridel song arose

Undreeming in that festive night

of wide incerkling foes

but threw the forrest stelthley

the white man caim in rath

and firey deth before him spred

for blod was on his path

   (sing chorus)

A buirel then in thar own crude way

The Indians gave them thair

And thair a requiem sent up

A requiem of prair

Next morning at the brake of day

no strips thar could be sene

for the young white cloud

And spotted fond

Thar bluid had died the greene


Oh the Spoted Fond

Oh the Spoted Fond

The life and light of the forest shad

For the Red Chief’s child xxxx


 (page 24)

List of marriages in Cooper County, Missouri between 1818-1850.

                (I do not know how many of these refer to our ancestors, but will copy them so they will not become lost in case of a courthouse fire as so many others have.)


Alexander McFarland to Sary Hix 10 Aug. 1821

Amanda to Henry Webster 20 April 1835

Benjamin F. to Sary Ritchardson 3 Dec. 1830

Cynthy Ann to Peyton Embrow 22 May 1849

David to Susan Ross 2 Jan. 1828

Elijah to Frances Hix 8 March 1821

Elizabeth to Brackstrom Hill 2 May 1849

Elizabeth Ann to William Rankin 2 April 1844

Elly to William Tucker 31 Aug. 1826

Houston to Zelah Crawford 25 Oct. 1841

Huston to Susan Davis 7 Jan. 1835

Isaac Barton McF. To Adeline George 8 July 1845

James to Polly Jones 16 Oct. 1832

John to Nancy Morris 1 July 1824

Julia to Isiah P. Smithers 31 Dec. 1845

Lucinda to Samuel Glass 20 Nov. 1827

Lucinda to John P. Carpenter 12 April 1840

Mahala to William Davis 30 Jan. 1823

Margaret L. to Isiah P. Smithers 21 Oct. 1841

Mary A. A. to James McCarty 2 Oct. 1836

Nancy to Alexander Stone 1 Dec. 1829

Nancy Ellen to James M. Allcorn 5 Feb. 1846

Oliver J. to Elvira M. Lovelace 27 June 1848

Polly A. to James Hill 1 Oct. 1821

Polly A. to James Hughes 18 Sept. 1848

Reuben to Alvirah George 1 April 1821

Sally to Reubin George 1 April 1821 *LOOKS like a double wedding

Samuel P. to Mary A. Stephens 19 Oct. 1841

Samuel to Jane Morrow 15 Sept. 1824

William to Lucinda Riggs 3 Jan. 1830

William Kelly to Mary Ann Noan 7 Oct. 1846


List of marriages in Lafayette County, Missouri

Alexander McFarland to Elizabeth Vanosdel 3 June 1842

George McFarland to Louisa Jane Whitsett 3 Sept. 1845

Samuel McFarland to Molly Ann Simpson 12 Feb. 1846

William McFarland t Unity J. King 29 May 1856

Cynthia McFarland to Josiah F. Nelson 8 June 1829

Sarah McFarland to John Barker 8 April 1831

Rachel McFarland to Daniel Morrow 23 Jan. 1834

Lavina McFarland to William Grant 30 Aug. 1838


Marriage Licenses in Burnet County, Texas


Thomas McFarland to Mary Jane Adkins 11 March 1875

George Jackson McFarland to Mary Jane Calvert 13 Aug. 1876

James F. Lillard to Mary Margaret (Molly) McFarland 17 April 1878

- ½ brothers

Thomas K. Lillard to Ollie McFarland 24 Dec. 1884

(Continued on next page)


 (page 25)

MARRIAGES LICENSES  Book A Burnet, Texas, Burnet County 1852-1865

(Burnet was known as the town of Hamilton until about 1860)


James G. McFarland and Maria Scott Ingle 29 Nov. 1855                           P. 66

George J. McFarland and Sarah Harris (Mrs.) Hamilton 13 Feb. 1856       P. 681

F.M. McFarland and Valenda Ann Bowmer 15 Dec. 1865                          P. 245

Samuel K. McFarland and Musadore L. Roumntree 13 June 1854            P. 20


Book B

Mr. Lewis Thomas and Mrs. Mariah T. McFarland 27 Oct. 1883

(liscence taken out on the 22nd)


Lampasas County Marriage Records Book A

Samuel Lewis McFarland and Miss Mary A. Bean 10 Oct. 1877


Llano County Marriages

F.M. Grindstaff & Lula McFarland March 7, 1896, Book 2, Page 47





Conrad Cemetery, Burnet, Texas


Joe McFarland born 1900 died 1953


Bertah (Estep) McFarland born 1897 –


Mrs Bernnie (Ligon) McFarland born 1886 died 1953


King McFarland born April 25, 1889, died March 12, 1946


James W. McFarland (Sr.) born Jan. 10, 1889, died March 12, 1946


Odd Fellows Cemetery (old part south of Conrad)


Cora E McFarland 1886-1923


R.J. McFarland Sr. 1858-1944


George C. Calvert 1874-1960 (Step son of Dr. G.J. McFarland)


Adam Rankin Cummins born Oct. 27, 1888, died Feb. 18, 1959 (husband of Lenora B. McFarland)


If you enter the Odd Fellow’s Cemetery from the center, the first rock wall on your right is the old plot of the McFarland’s.  There are only 2 stones that can be read inside the wall.  The rest of the family are buried outside the wall on 3 sides.  The inside of the wall was filled.


Inside wall            - Sacred to the Memory of Belle McFarland born May 30, 1860,

Died April 10, 1976, Gone but not forgotten.

South of wall inside iron fence.

                               Robert Alexander, born March 6, 1828, died Jan. 19, 1902

                               L.G. [ ] born March 18, 1835, died May 23, 1878 [end of sentence illegible]


 (page 26)

Continuation of old cemetery graves outside the wall.


South west of wall-

S.K. McFarland born Sept. 8, 1837, died June 17, 1901


Musadora (Rountree) McFarland born Oct. 31, 1837, died Nov. 11, 1921


Ollie McFarland born May 2, 1864, died March 17, 1886


North of wall

Ollie M. Wife of F.B. Alexander born Dec. 16, 1869, died April 10, 1895,

                “One less to love on earth, one more to meet in heaven”


Sacred to the Memory of Little Jeffie son of Dr. G.J. and Mary McFarland, Born April 11, 1879, died March 27, 1887


R.T. Barton 1848 – 1929


North of the wall is little Jeffie’s stone then space for 4 graves with no stone then the Calvert Family graves begin.  My guess is that Dr. G.J. and wife Mary Calvert are buried here.


I believe the following are the parents of Mary Calvert’s husbands (1st)

H.H. Calvert born April 12, 1805, died Sept. 24, 1883

Louisa C. Calvert born May 3, 1812, died Nov. 24, 1891


In front of Perry Garrett house is one child’s grave.  Bertha McFarland daughter of R.J. Sr and Cora Edna. Born Oct. 7, 1884, died Nov. 20, 1885.

(Court house records say died from teething on Rabit skin)


Shady Grove Cemetery

Mabel E. McFarland died April 18, 1918 (daughter of S.K. and Bennie Liggon)


Mt. Zion Cemetery – North of old Burnet to Bertram road, across South Gabriel and North of the deserted Mt. Zion Cumberland Presbyterian Church.


Mary J. Hill born Aug. 11, 1850 died March 25, 1868 (daughter of Sara McF.)


Fanny Hill born –er the 9, died Sept. 23, 1869                             


Sally (Sara) A. Hill born Nov. 12, 1833, died Feb. 1918 (Mother)


J. C. Hill born March 21, 1821, died March 3, 1906 (Father)


Pleasant A. Hill born July 20, 1872, died March 11, 1952 (son)

Wife of “, Maggie A. Hill born Nov. 30, 1873, died June 21, 1958

Infant son of P.A. & Maggie born May 30, 1898, died June 4, 1898

                                        born & died June 7, 1900

                                        born & died Sept. 2, 1901


M.E. Wife of R.W. Hill born Aug. 8, 1854, died July 11, 1923

R.W. Hill born Nov. 11, 1852, died March 28, 1916

James Hubert Hill, born Aug. 29, died April 6, 1965

James J. Hill born Feb. 22, 1870 died Dec. 17, 1903 (son of Sara)

his wife Lois C. born Oct. 28, 1971 [must be 1871], died Dec. 5, 1967

Fannie Hill born Feb. 18, 1889, died Jan. 1, 1891


 (page 27)

Mt. Zion Cemetery


In Memory of

Samuel W.



Dec. the 19th k855

Departed this life

Oct. 1st 1857

In Memory of



born in east


Cocke County

    AD 1800

Departed this life

March the 16th 1861

In Memory of

Jane D.

born in Madison County


Oct. A D 1805

Departed this life

November the 3rd 1879





  Cedar Tree


                                                               3 graves of                                                            Oak Tree



N                                                                                                                                                                                                           S









                              Dowmer                                                             Taberman                                               




















This Samuel McFarland is the one we all descend from.

I do not understand why they spelled his name with 2 L’s.  I find this on no other records.  The D in Jane’s name should be a P.

Samuell’s stone is badly worn.  It was clearly readable as little a time ago as 1971.  All 3 stones are identical.



Oatmeal Cemetery


Maria Tabiatha Scott McFarland

Wife of James G. McFarland

born 1835

Died 1924


Elizabeth M. Ingle Gage

Stepdaughter of James G. McF

born 1851

died 1881


Hill, Jewel 1901-1963

Elizabeth Cotton Scott

Mother of Maria

born 1801

Died 1896



Pleasant I. Hill 1872-1945


Annie J. Hill 1875-1963



 (page 28)

All McFarlands


Burnet County Index to Births L-R  Pages 31, 32, 32A









Wm Alexander


Samuel King






Martha Francis

Mary Alice Bean

Samuel Lewis






Sara Alma

Ann Bowmer

Francis Marion






James Gordon

Jane Moore

James Gehu






Samuel King

Cora Jones

Rufus J. (Sr)






James W. (Sr.)

Ann Bowmer

Francis Marion







Nora Bessie

Cora Jones

Rufus J.






Willie Jones

Cora Jones

Rufus J.






Katharyn Isable

Sally Rountree

John Barton






Clifton Chote

Cora Jones

Rufus J.






Melford Leonides

Sally Rountree

John Barton






James Dorr

Mary Thomas Debo

Robert Ray






Samuel Louis

Mary T. Debo

Robert Ray






Jack Howard

Zelma Moffett

Rufus J., Jr.






Lora Mae

Sally Rountree

John Barton






Clarence Alexander

Mary T. Debo

Robert Ray






Zelma Ilene

Sally Rountree

John Barton






Thelma Hampton


Cora Jones

Jack (Rufus)






(page 29)






Page 2 Birth Records







John Granville

Sallie Rountree

John Barton







Lora Ruth

Mollie Debo

Ray (Robert)






Martha Ann

Sally Rountree







Nell Elvira

Mary T Debo

Robert Ray








Annie Hester







Bennie Ligon

Samuel King






Mildred Olivia

Zelma Moffett

Rufus J. Jr.







Annie Hester







Carmine Virginia

Pearl Teagle (?)

Sam A.






Roland Kenneth

Lyda Alsworth (?)

James W.






Samuel Burgess

Lora Ponton (?)

Donald Carlos






Robert Dane

Fay Alene Pitts

Ben Jack






Done Lou






Shery (Sheryl) Patience

Lolita Gertrude Heffington &

Roland Kenneth






Cindy Dawn







(You will see mistakes that have been recorded.  They should be corrected.)


 (page 30)





Cooper County, Missouri


Page 111 on Microfilm of Census book


Samuel McFarland

Males- 1 under 5, 1 between 5-10, 1 between 10-15, 1 between 15-20, 1 between 40-50

Females- 1 under 5, 1 between 5-10, 1 between 30-40, 1 slave between 10-15.


Johnson County

Sheet No. 11 by John B. Morrow, Warrensburg Township


Alex McFarland

Males 1-5 to 10, 1- 30-40

Females 3 under 5, 1-10 to 15, 2-15 to 20, 1-30 to 40


next door lives

George McFarland

Males 1 under 5, 1-20 to 30

Females 1- 5 to 10, 1- 20 to 30


Next door lives a Robert King.


Jackson Township Sheet 17


Mary Hill

Males- 2 – 5 to 10, 1-10 to 15, 1-15 to 20

Females 1-15 to 20, 1-30 to 40


Next door lives

Wm. Barton

Males 1-15 to 20, 1- 50 to 60

Females 1- 15 to 20, 1-20 to 30, 1- 50 to 60


Sheet 15

D. D. Bowmer

Males 1-under 5, 2- 10 to 15, 1- 20 to 30, 1 – 40 to 50

Females 2- 5 to 10, 1- 10 to 15, 1- 15 to 20, 1- 40 to 50




Williamson County, Texas


House No. 120




Samuel McFarland












James G.




Samuel K.




William B.




Francis M.





Above is listed: Schedule I Milam & Williamson District County of Williamson Texas Sept. 5, 1850                      National Archives page 3384


 (page 31)

1840 Federal Census and Original Land Entries Johnson County Missouri


Alexander McFarland – Warrensburg Township. 1 male of 5 to 10, 1 of 30 to 40, 3 females under 5, 1 of 5 to 10, 2 of 10 to 15, 1 of 30 to 40


Section 22, Township 44, Range 26 – John H. McFarland 27 Aug. 1857 SE ¼ NE ¼


Section 6, Township 45, Range 26 – Samuel McFarland 15 Aug. 1851 SW ¼ SW ¼


School Lands Section 17, Township 45, Range 26 – George McFarland 10 Feb. 1852 W ½ NE ¼, Samuel McFarland 9 Dec. 1844 NE ¼ NW ¼, Robert McFarland 10 July 1852 NE ¼ SW ¼

Section 12, Township 45, Range 27 Robert McFarland 8 Dec. 1844 NE ¼ NE ¼

Section 20, Township 45, Range 27 Alexander McFarland 16 Aug. 1837 E ½ SE ¼

Section 21, Township 45, Range 27 Alexander McFarland 15 Jan. 1836 E½ NW¼ & SE¼ SW¼

Section 21, Township 45, Range 27 George McFarland 18 Nov. 1839 SW ¼ SW ¼

Section 21, Township 45, Range 27 Alexander McFarland 12 Dec. 1848 W ½ NE ¼

Section 22, Township 45, Range 27 Alexander McFarland 23 May 1836

Section 28, Township 45, Range 27 George McFarland 18 Nov. 1839 NW ¼ NE ¼

Section 2, Township 46, Range 26 Thomas McFarland 24 May 1855 All Lot 2 NW ¼ and Swamp W ½ Lot 1 NW ¼ & E ½ SW ¼

Section 31, Township 46, Range 26 Robert McFarland 9 Dec. 1844 Lot 2 NW ¼

Section 31, Township 46, Range 26 Samuel McFarland, Jr. 11 Feb. 1851 S ½ Lot 1 NW½ SE ¼

Section 31, Township 46, Range 26 Samuel McFarland 10 July 1853 N ½ Lot 1 SW ¼

Section 31, Township 46, Range 26 Samuel McFarland 27 June 1851

Section 31, Township 46, Range 26 James G. McFarland 15 Dec. 1847 SE ¼ SE ¼

Section 33, Township 46, Range 26 George J. McFarland 9 Dec. 1844 SE ¼ SW ¼

Section 36, Township 46, Range 27 Samuel McFarland, Jr. 16 June 1855 NE ¼ NE ¼

                                                     Robert McFarland 9 Dec. 1844

Section 12, Township 46, Range 27 James Gillus Morow 15 Oct. 1835 NW ¼ NE ¼


Census –James Gillus Morrow 1 male under 5, 1 of 15 to 20, 3 of 20 to 30, 1 female of under 5, 1 of 20 to 30. Jackson Township.

Census –B. D. Bowmer 1 male under 5, 2 of 10 to 15, 1 of 20 to 30 1 of 40 to 50, 2 females 5 to 10, 1 of 10 to 50, 1 of 15 to 20 1 of 40 to 50

Census – Mary Hill 2 males 5 to 10, 1 of 10 to 20, 1 of 20 to 30, 1 female 15 to 20, 1 of 30 to 40.

Census – Wm. Barton 1 male 15 to 20, 1 of 50 to 60, 1 female 15 to 20, 1 of 20 to 30, 1 of 50 to 60.




The Secretery of State of Missouri sent me information listed on the Entries from United States Land Sales.  On March 20, 1827 Samuel McFarland purchased 80 acres W ½ SE section 11, township 49, range 28, Lafayette county.  In 1844 he bought 40 acres NE-NW section 18, township 45, range 26 in Johnson co.  Lafayette County Land Office is in Lexington.  Johnson County Land Office is in Clinton.


 (page 32)


1850 Census


Williamson County Texas

House No. 121








John Barton








Margaret A.




Robert T.




Sarah E.








House No. 122




James Hill




Sarah A








House No. 127





Nicholas C. Butler








Felix G.








John T.




Jackson (Georeg J.) *




Cordelia                   *




* Means married within the year.








House No. 132





Samuel Alexander




Thirza Alexander












































George W. Wilson






 (page 32B)


Page No. 62- Pricinct No. 3 Burnet County, Post Office Oatmeal, Texas

August 22, 1870


James C. Hill

Farmer Value $1,000


Tenn. (Cannot write)


Keeping house




Works on farm
























Hill, Mary




Mcfarland, Jane




House No. 20

No. of dwellings 7, No. of White females 23, No. of families 7


1880 Census





Father born

Mother born

You born

F. M. Mcfarland

Retired blacksmith












Works on farm








Hattie B.



George J.



Francis S.


Mary E.










George Jackson McFarland



















Record Group No. 29, Year 1880 State of Texas, County Williamson

National Archives, Page No 15, Supervisors Dist. No 5, Enumeration Dist No. 162 Pricinct No. 8 Census year begins June 1, 1879 includes June 1, 1880


Lillard, James F.






Mary M.






Mary J.







(This Mary M. is the daughter of James Gillis McFarland, son of Samuel & Jane


 (page 33)

July 6, 1860 Burnet County Texas






James G. McFarland          




Mariah T. (Scott-Ingle)












Elizabeth (Ingle)




Value of property $2,020

Personal                $1,795





June 1860




S.K. McFarland




Samuel McFarland worth $1,000




Jame M.




William B.

Merchants clerk



Francis M.





This next one has some errors


Menadore McFarland (Musidore)

















* Samuel was 23 in 1860 and he was born in Mo.  His wife must have been confused when she gave the information, and also someone at his father’s house where he was working also gave incorrect age.


July 6, 1860




William McFarland









Wm. B. McFarland

Hotel Keeper

28 Property $500









William Jr.







F. M. McFarland

(Works for Blacksmith)

















G. McFarland (George Jackson)


$500 property

$200 personal












(died 1876 burried inside wall)









 (page 34)


Taken From Book “North Carolina Land Grants in Tennessee 1778 to 1791” that was copied from microcopy #68.


Washington Co. 1776 - #242 Alexander McFarlan

Sullivan Co. 1784 #1216 John McFarlan

Green Co. #1578 Alexander McFarlin 1786

Green Co. 1787 #1882 Joseph McFarlan

Green Co. 1789 #2347 Robert McFarland

Davidson Co. 1789 #1090 John McFarland

Summer Co. 1790 #1380 Morgan McFarlan

Davidson Co. 1787 #15 Thomas McFarlan


 (page 35)


The following is a copy of the sale of Samuel McFarland’s land in Johnson county, Missouri shortly before he came to Texas.


                This Indenture made and entered into this 15th day of April 1849 between Samuel McFarland and Jane McFarland his wife of the one part and John A. Price of the other part all of State of Missouri witnessethe that the said Samuel McFarland and Jane McFarland for and in consideration of the sum of Seventeen Hundred Dollars to them in hand paid by said John A. Price the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have bargained, granted and Sold and do by these present bargain, grant and sell unto the said John A. Price all and singular the following tracts or parcels of land lying and being in the County of Lafayette and known by the following description viz; The South east qr. Of Section eleven in Township forty-nine, Range twenty-eight, containing one hundred and Sixty acres, according to the U. States Survey.  To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of land free from the claim or claims of all persons whomsoever.  And the said Samuel McFarland and Jane McFarland do hereby bind themselves their heirs and assigns forever, a good and lawful right and title to the said tract of Land free from the claims or all persons whomsoever.  Given under our hands and Seal the day and year first above written.




Attest: Jas. McCoun

Book 0, page 73 Lexington, Mo.

Samuel McFarland



Jane   X          McFarland



State of Missouri     SS

County of Johnson

                Be it remembered that Samuel McFarland and Jane his wife, who are personally known to the undersigned Clerk of the Circuit Court within and for said County of Johnson, to be the persons whose named are subscribed to the within Deed as parties thereto this day appeared before me and acknowledged that they executed and delivered the same as their voluntary act and deed for the uses and purchases therein contained.  And the said Jane being by me made acquainted with the contents of said deed, acknowledged on an examination apart from her said husband, that she executed the same and relinquished her Dower in the Real Estate therein mentioned freely and without compulsion or undue influence of her said husband.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court.




The only changes I have made in the above is to substitute ss where they use the old fashioned letter p.



                The following is the taking up of new land in Texas on May 19, 1853.


Vol. F, Page 94

No. 780 S. M. Mcfarland premption

In the name of the State of Texas

To all whom there present shall come know ye I, E. M. Peace, Governor of the State aforesaid by virtue of the powers vested in me by law and in accordance with the Law of said State in Such Case made and prairded do by these presents Grant to Samuel Mcfarland his heirs and assigns for ever Two hundred and ninety Seven Acres of land situated and described as follows in Milam District Burnet County about six miles South 75° East from Hamilton by virtue of preemtion certificate issued by the Clerk of the County Court of Burnet County on the 19th day of May 1856.

                Beginning at the South West corner of Labor No 15 in the name of T.C. Hunter at a stone mound from which a Live Oak leans S19 W 38 ½ varas thence North 1° E 875 varas to the Northwest corner of the A. B. Spears League thence South 19° E 1340 varas to a stone mound on the west line of said Spears League from which a Live Oak bears East 5 varas and another bears south 14 E 57 varas thence South 71 w 1475 varas to Stone mound for south west corner from which a Blk (black) Oak bears S 65° E 23 varas thence north 19° w 840 varas to Stone mound from which a Live Oak bears N 88 w 5 varas thence North 71° E 600 varas to a Stake from which a Live Oak vrs N80° W 23 varas.  thence North 19° w 500 varas to the place of beginning hereby relinquishing to him the said Samuel Mcfarland and his heirs or assigns forever all the right and title in an to said land heretofore held and possessed by the said State and I do hereby issue this Letter Patent for the same.

In testimony whereof I have caused the Seal of the State to be affixed as well as the Seal of the General Land Office.

                Done at the City of Austin

                On the fifteenth day of December in the year of our Lord on thousand eight hundred and fifty six.

                Flerasby (am guessing at the hand writing here)

                Commissioner of the GL Ld office

                                                                                                E. M. Pease Governor

Filed for record at 10 oclock on August 13th 1864, recorded at 11 oclock on Aug 13th 1864

                                                                                Jas B Tokes Clk CCBC



The State of Texas

County of Burnet

                Before me James P. Magill Clerk of the County Court os Said County in the State of Texas duly commissioned and qualified personally appeared John Jennings and Samuel McBingham both citizens of said county and to me well known. Who after being by me duly sworn Deposeth and Saitheth that Samuel Mcfarland has lived upon the land for which the above filed notes calls for attached hereto and that he Samuel Mcfarland is now living upon the same and has cultivated the land for 3 years previous to this date and that he has fully complied with an act of January 22nd 1845 and Supplimentary act approved February 7th 1855.

                In testimony whereof I have herewith set my hand and the Seal of the said Court at office in Hamilton on this 19th day of May A.D. 1856

                                                                                                Samuel Magill

                                                                                                Clerk C.C. B.C.

(The town of Burnet was first called Hamilton)


 (page 37)

Record found in the Burnet County Court House.

Vol. F, Pages 95-96


Jane D (or P) Mcfarland                                                      To deed Joseph Glass Co. Clk.

The State of Texas

Burnet County

                Know all men by these presents that we Jane D. Mcfarland (wide of Samuel Mcfarland late of said county) G.J. Mcfarland and S.K. Mcfarland of the county of Llano in said State and W.B. Mcfarland, F.M. Mcfarland, Sarah Ann Hill and her husband Jas. C. Hill, Mary Barton and her husband John Barton and Lucindia Alexander and her husband Robert Alexander of the county of Burnet in said State for and in consideration of the sum of Seven Hundred dollars to us in hand paid by Joseph Glass Co. Clk. Of the county of Williamson in said State the receipt of which is hereby fully acknowledged and confessed have this day granted, bargained, sold, released, and conveyed and do by these presents grant, bargain, sell, release and convey unto the said Glass Co. Clk. His heirs and assigns forever all the following tract piece, or parcel of land (Save and except forty four acres and 6205 varas the North end which was conveyed to S.K. Mcfarland by deed bearing date the 6th day of July 1858 and recorded in Book D, page 416 & 417 in the records of Burnet County for deeds & which said deed was made, executed and delivered by Samuel Mcfarland and Jane Mcfarland his wife in his life time about six miles South 75 east if the town of Burnet in Burnet County Texas granted by the State of Texas to Samuel Mcfarland on the 15th day of December 1856 beginning at the South west corner of a labor No 15 in the name of J.S. Hunter at a stone mound from which a Live oak bears south 19 w 38 ½ vs thence North 71° East 875 vs to the NW corner of A.B. Spears League thence South 19°E 1340 vs to a stone mound in the west line of said Spears League from which a Live Oak bears East 58 vs and another bears South 14° E 75 vs thence South 71° W 1475 vs to a stone mound from which a Live Oak brs North 88° W 50 vs thence North 80 W 25 vs thence North 19° 500 vs to the place of beginning, containing Two hundred and ninety seven acres of land to have and to hold all and singular the above described tract piece and parcel of land and except the before mentioned forty (40)        acres  1620 Squ. Vs. conveyed to S.K. Mcfarland by Samuel Mcfarland in his lifetime together with all and singular the improvements sereditanments and appurtenances to the same belonging or in any wise appertaining unto the said Joseph Glass Co. Ck. His heirs and assigns for ever binding our selves and each of us our heirs executors and administrators to for ever warrant and defend the title of the written described tract piece or parcel of land unto the said Joseph Glass Co. Ck his heirs and assigns for ever free from the claim or claims of all and every person whomsoever claiming or to claim the same or any part there of save and except the said forty acres

                Given under our hands on this the 22nd day of August 1863


                                                                                                Jane D. Mcfarland

                                                                                                X her mark


                                                                                                J. G. Mcfarland

                                                                                                S. K. Mcfarland

                                                                                                S. A. Hill


                                                                                                J. C. Hill

                                                                                                X his mark


                                                                                                F. M. Mcfarland

                                                                                                John Barton


                                                                                                Mary Barton

                                                                                                X her mark


                                                                                                W. B. Mcfarland


                                                                                                L. G. Alexander

                                                                                                X her mark


                                                                                                Robert Alexander

                                                                                                G. J. Mcfarland


 (page 38) Sale of land continued

                                                                                (Spelled as they had written)

The State of Texas

County of Burnet

                Before me the undersigned authority personally came and appeared Jane D. Mcfarland, S.K. Mcfarland, J.G. Mcfarland, S.A. Hill, J.C. Hill, F.M. Mcfarland, John Barton, Mary Barton, G.J. Mcfarland, W.B. Mcfarland, L.J. Alexander and Robert Alexander all to me well known who in my presents signed and delivered the foregoing deed of conveyance dated August the 22nd 1863 and acknowledged to me that they signed the same for the purposes and considerations therein expressed and at length set forth and after reading and Explaining the same to the said S.A. Hill, Mary Barton and L.J. Alexander and apart from their said husbands they declared that they signed the same of their own free will and wish and that they did not wish to retract the same are any part thereof.


Given under my hand and seal of office this Aug. 13th 1864

Jas. B. Stokes

Clerk C. C. B. C.


Filed for record at 12 O’clock in Aug. 12th 1864 (date wrong)

Recorded at 1 o’clock pm Aug. 13th 1864

Jas. B. Stokes

Clerk CCBC


Burnet Bulletin Sept. 9, 1971 Ford Smith to Alden Smith 655.285 acres of land comprised of 229.508 out of the Samuel McFarland Survey.





                On file at the Texas State Library in Austin, Texas


Name & Rank:  McFarland, S.K., Pvt.

Commanding Officer: Mathews, M.W. Capt.

Organization:  Lone Star Guards, Burnet Co., Cav., 27th Brig. TM

Enlist: Je. 8-61 at J. Bunions Spring 3 miles NW of Burnet



Remarks: R&W 116; Co. Org. under Acts of F. 15-58 & F. 14-60 Co. Comm.

                    Au. 23-61: elec. Cert. with roll: 1MR.



Name & Rank: McFarland, S.K. Pvt.

Commanding Officer: Hunter, Alf Capt.

Organization: Co. for Mason Co., Pr. No. 1 2nd Front. Dist. TST

Enlist: Feb. ‘64


Description: Age 32

Remarks: R&F 73; En. Off. G. W. Todd & W.C. Lewis; 1 rifle & 1 pistol;

                     Co. Org. for local defense by W. Chas. Lewis; 2 MM dtd. D. 5-63 &

                     F. 13-64. Name not on MR dtd. D. 5-63.



Name & Rank: McFarland, S.K. Pvt.

Commanding Officer: Bourland, James S., Capt.

Organization:Co. for local defense Llano County 75% call, 31st Brig. TST

Enlist: Dec. 1863 for 6 mos.

Description: Age 26; Height 6’; eyes blue, hair dark

Remarks: R&F 77; En. Off. W. J. Johnson: had rifle and pistol; furloughed

     conscript by Chief Justice



 (page 39)

Military Records Continued


McFarland, James G., Pvt. Co. B, 3 Batt’n Arizona Brigade, Texas Volunteers Condederate, Madison’s Reg’t. Cav. Texas. for Sept. 25 to Dec. 31, 1862.

Enrolled Sept. 25, 1862 at Running Bushey, Williamson Co., Texas by Capt. McKee, 3 years or war.  Pay due from enlistment.  Valuation of horse $150.00, equipment $40.00.  Remarks: Sick.


James G. McFarland, Pvt. Capt. Reuben W. McKee’s Co., 3 Battalion Arizona Brigade, Mounted Partisan Rangers. Age 37 years.


                “This company was seccessively designated as Captain McKee’s Company, 3rd Battalion Arizona Brigade Mounted Partisan, Rangers; Company B, , Company B, 3rd Battalion Arizona Brigade Texas Volunteers, and Company D Madison’s Regiment Texas Calvary.  Madison’s Regiment Texas Calvary was first organized as the 3rd Battalion Arizona Brigade with four companies, A to D. S. O. No. 81 Hdqrs. Dist. Of Tex., N. Mex. And Ariz. dated Feb. 21, 1863, authorized its increase to a regiment by the addition of Captains Faucett’s and Hendrick’s Company and such other as might be assigned to it.  Captain Faucett’s Company appears to have never joined the regiment.  The four companies of the battalion became Companies E, D, F, and G of the regiment, Companies A, B and C were formerly independent companies which were assigned to the regiment by S. O. No. 88 Hdqrs., Dist. of Tex., N. Mex., and Ariz. dated March 1, 1863.  Company I was assigned by S. O. No. 40 Hdqrs, Eastern Sub-district of Texas, dated March 20, 1863.  The regiment was also known as Phillip’s Regiment, Texas Calvary and as the 3rd Regiment Arizona Brigade”. (Copied from bottom of Military record)



Francis Marion McFarland  Joined the Texas Rangers before the Civil War.  At the outbreak of the war most of the Rangers including Francis Marion joined the Confederate Army as a group.  The following is the only record I could find.  This was sent to me by Clint Peoples, Senior Ranger Captain, Texas Ranger Service, Texas Public Department of Public Safety in Austin, Texas.

Family history says he was a Ranger from 1862 to 1863.

Name & Rank: McFarland, F.M. Pvt.

Comm. Off; O’Brien, William G. Capt.

Organ: Co. K, MV, Front. Regt., Col J. E. McCord commdg., TST

Remarks:  R&F 105; En. Off. Capt. O’Brien: Mus. Off. S.W. Charles; Appraisers R.B. Halley & P. Field; Val. Horse $200.00, HE $50.00; Co. Org. under Act D. 21-61; oath of allegiance with roll; Co. sta. At Camp San Saba D. 31-62.

1 MR dtd. D. 20-62 & 1 dtd. Ap. 30-63 to D. 31-63; 1 roll of arms.  Name only on MR dtd. Ap. 30-63 to D. 31-63.


The following was copied from an article in the Burnet Bulletin Oct. 4, 1934.

                F.M. McFarland and W.E. McFarland were members of Burnet’s first band.

F.M. was a native of Missouri.  He came to Texas with his parents in 1850 and joined the Texas Ranger’s when he became old enough.  He was a Ranger when the Civil War between the States was declared and transferred to the Confederate Army, where he served until peace was declared.  He married Ann Bowmen, daughter of the late S.S. Bowmer.  He was a blacksmith having learned the trade under his brother-in-law Bob Alexander (husband of Lucenda).  Together they operated the old stone shop that was then on the north side of the street toward the Fort on Hamilton Creek west of town.  He died in Louisiana and was buried at Crowley, La.  ty the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  W.E. McFarland, the boy with the snair drum is a native of Burnet, born in the town of Burnet in 1867 in the house that was known in those days as the old Horn house, situated on the east side of the main street running south out of town.  He also worked in the Cowboy Depot where he learned the harness and saddle trade

 (page 48)







Adams, D. W., Donald Wayne,

   Micheal, Keith, Aaron w.,

   Kelvin, Sussell

Adkins, Martha

Adair, Clinton

Aery, Thelma, James E., Evelyn,

   Wm. Mack, Betty


Alexander, Lucenda, Robert

Aldridge, Margaret

Amberg, Paul, Ellen

Amy, Sadonia

Andrews, Carl, Wille Ray


Arnold, Issac Hill

Asberry, Clyde

Alysworth, Lyda

Barton, Mary (Polly), Margaret,

   Sara E, Robert t.

Baskin, David

Bean, Mary Alice

Benedict, George, Carol

Benyon, Berjois

Bertrand, Aimea

Bonniemason, Aline

Boriack, Leroy, Baxter,

   Ted, Clark

Bowmer, Buck, Janice,

   Leona, Robert

Bowmer, Valenda Anna

Box, Lou Helen, James E.,

   Jammye Lou, Richard


Burress, Phyllis

Broussard, Roy e. Elizabeth,

   Charley Ray, Richard,

   Susan Kay

Bryd, Nora Sue

Broyles, Ruth

Calihan, Stephane

Calvert, Mary, George

Clark, James

Clendenan, Earl

Copeland, J.W., J.W. Jr., Jo Ann

Craig, Heather

Crowley, George, Peggy, Mary,


Culton, Mrs. D.P.

Cummins, A.R., Reba,

   Adam Rankin Jrl, Adam,





















































Dale, Gary, La Trisha, Shelly

Darbone, Leta

Davis, Robinson, Henry


Debo, Mary Thomas

De Garmo, James

Duenisch, Eulalia

Dufner, E.J., Cheryl Ann

Ellis, Mrs. Stella

Elliot, Ann

Erlinger, Erma

Everette, Bonnie B.

Finch, George Robert,

   Bertrand, Robert Leslie,

   Henry W., Jessie, Wilma,

   Clairaline, Robert H.


Fincke, Bernice

Furman, Hugh, Louise, Harold

Gage, Jo Evelyn

Grave, John

Grindstaff, Frank, Lula Bell

Haby, Lucille

Hampton, Thelma

Hansen, Nellie

Harris, Mrs. Sarah, Joseph

Haschke, Imogene

Hearne, Ruth, Ira, Helen,

   Carolyn, Donald, David

Heffington, Lolita

Hereford, Marie, Nell, Billie,


Herter, Annie

Hill, J.C., Mary, Robert,

   Fannie, Catherine, Louisa,

   Percilla, Susan, Melana,

   James Jr., Pleasant

Houston, Samuel

Howard, George, Edith, Harriet

Hutchins, Gladys

Ingle, Mariah T. Scott

Jewell, Myra

Johns, Gus

Johnson, Marvin, Ralph

Johnson, Perry, Leo, Jonnie

   Helen, Jerry, David, James

   Donald, Curtis, Robert Neil,

   Bron, Eric, Ray Leroy, Vera

   Bell, Celeste, Mamie, Wanda

Jones, Cora,

Jones, Calvin

Jordan, John, John Blain
























































 (page 49)

Index Continued






Keith, Bette Jane

Kemble, Cecil, Charles,

   Mary Louise

King, J.W., Wanda Ruth,

   Jimmie Dwain, Henry Dale,

   Kevin, Keith, Paul, Patty


Kinchelo, Barton, John B.,

   Rip, Bob, Della, Ruth, Doris

Kinser, George J., Clyde, Percy,

   David, Peter

Kinser, Hattie

Koch, Carl P. Jr.

Lawes (Laws), William

   Frank Sr., Harrell, W.F.

   (Jack) Jr., R. Beverly.

Lawes, Mary Elizabeth,

   Robert Clay, Bernice,

   Stacey Elyce, Robert


Lillard, Mary Margaret

Lillard, James Francis,

   Mary Margaret, Mary

   Josephine, Elyce B.

Lillard, James F., Jr., Lula Mae

Lillard, Eryl, Mary P. Earl F. Jr.

Liggon, Bessie

Lowden, G.R.

Magee, R.L.

Magell, Mrs. Mary Nancy

Massey, Mrs. Doris K.

McDaniel, Bruce, Doyle, Dayton,


Moore, Jane or Jennie

Morris, L.C. Sr., L.C. Jr.,

   Georgette Irene (Gege)

   Annetta (Ann)

Morrow, Jane P.


Parker, Robert Clay,

   Rebecca Carmen

Patton, Mrs. Lucille

Pelton, Dorothy

Perry, Frank, Ellen

Potts, Faye

Raney, Clyde

Reese, G.R.

Rigby, James Franklin,

   Harold Edward, James Jr.,

   Angelia, Terri, Tammi,

   Todd Edward

Roberts, Albert

Romero, Joseph, Steven,

   Alan, Richard


























































Ross, Helen

Rose, Frank, Frances,

   F.L., Jr., Jack

Rountree, John, Sally

Rountree, Musidors

Rutledge, Geraldine

Scott, Mariah Tabiatha

Shambough, Sofia

Shannon, Mrs. Lula

Short, Phyllis

Simmons, Frances Louise

Smith, R.B.

Snipes, John, Lianna, Rhonda

Sonnier, Otis, Sally, Perry,

   Jonnie Burke

Stamp, Wm. Howard

Stephens, Milton, Charlotte,


Sumrall, Norman

Taylor, Mrs. Elizabeth

Teague, Pearl

Thomas, J.R., Wm. Ray, Peggy

Todd, Jean

Ton, James, Tracy, Richie

Van Sloten, Edward, Charlote,

   Vickie, Eddie

Vaughn, H.H., Harold,

   Mrs. O.L. Hardin,

   Mrs. Bill Martin

Vaughan, T.D. Mrs. Sara,

   Mary N., Leona, Stella

   Davis, Lucille, Elizabeth

   Thomas D., Jr, John


Wagoner, Marlene

Warden, Jesse

Webb, Mrs. Doris

Whetstone, R.G.

White, Douglas, Charles, Hal, Jr.

Whitney, R.W., Wm. R.

Whitaker, Walter, Mike

Wold, Elizabeth

Womack, Ollie McFarland’s


Yena, Leo














































 (page 50)



The McFarland names will be listed in the order in which they appear on the pages.


Page 1




John S.




Page 2

Mary (Poly)


Page 3

Thomas Marion





Lula Bell

Samuel Arthur

Mackie Alice

George Jackson

Birdie Lee

Adelie Aidline

Willie Fern

George Jackson

Lou Helen

Don Carlos

Frances Martha

Carmen Virginia


Page 4

James Gillus (Gillis)

John G. (Jehu)

Mary Margaret




Alvin Arnold

Ernest Homer

Finis Francis


Walter Scott

Addison Moore


Page 8



Page 9

Sarah Ann (Sally)

John Barton



Page 10

Samuel King

Samuel L.


Rufus Jackson



Wm. Alexander

Robert Ray



Martha F.

King Charles


Conrad L.


Page 11

Ernest L.

Samuel Piercy





Rufus Jackson Sr.


Rufus Jackson Jr.



Jack Howard

Frances O.




Page 12

Robert Holland

Lula Lee

Samuel King (2)


Ben Jack

Robert Dane

Done Lou

Annie Marie



Willie Jones


Clifton Chote




Robert Ray

Clara Louise


James Dorr


Samuel Louis




Page 13

Clara Louise

James Dorr

James Dorr Jr.


James Dorr III

Samuel Robert



Clarence Alexander Sr.


William Howard

Clarence A. Jr



Lora Ruth

Nell Elvira

William B. Sr.


P. J.

William B. Jr


Page 14

Francis Marion

William Edmundson



Mary Ruth

Leora Bell

William Edmundson Jr.

Eula Maxine

Edna Mae


Page 15

Samuel Walter


William Ed




W. B. (Bill)




Hattie Bell


Page 16

Minnie May


Exie Mae



Francis Sterling

Francis Marion

Shirley Ray

Ruth Gail

Barbara Ann

Ruby Rae

Edna Mae


 (page 51)



Page 17

Mary Elizabeth (Molly)

Sarah Alma (Sally)


Page 19

James Watson Sr.


Francis G.

James Watson Jr.

Scott Alan

George Edward

Annetta Mercer

Francis Marion

Roland Kenneth

Sheryl Patience

Cindy Dawn

Kenya Charlise

James Gillus

Samuel (1st)


Page 21

James Dorr McFarland Story

Samuel Lewis Story


Page 23

Songs written by Francis Marion (1st)


Page 24

MCFarland Marriages


Page 25

McFarland Marriages continued

Cemetery Records


Page 26

Cemetery Records continued


Page 27

Mt Zion Cemetery Records

Oatmeal Cemetery Records


Page 28

Birth Records


Page 29

Birth Records continued


Page 30

1840 Census

1850 Census




Page 31

1850 Census


Page 32

1860 Census

1870 Census


Page 33

North Carolina Lands

   Grants in Tennessee List


Page 34

1840 Census and Land in Johnson County, Missouri


Page 35

Sale of Samuel McFarland’s land in Johnson County, Missouri


Page 36

Texas Land Grant to Samuel McFarland continued

Map and Preemption


Page 37

Sale of Samuel McFarland’s in Texas


Page 38

Sale continued

Military Records


Page 39

Military Records continued

Texas Ranger Records

Burnet’s First Band Article


Page 40

Map of Burnet County, Texas


Page 41

Map of Cooper County, Missouri


Page 42

Map of Johnson County, Missouri


Page 43

Map of Lafayette County, Mo.


Page 44 & 45

Sale of land by Samuel and Milly Ann McFarland to Robert McFArland in Johnson Co., Mo.


Page 46 & 47

Purchase of Johnson County Missouri land by Samuel McFarland (1st)




Copied from the book “Tennessee Cousins” by Worth S. Ray


Page 284

“Mrs. Hale Houts of Kansas City, Missouri, prominent as an officer in the D.A.R. and a top genealogist for that worthy organization, lays claim to being a direct descendant of the DAVID MORROW (1731-1785) who is buried in the old Waxhaw Cemetery, Lancaster County, S.C.  Mrs. Hout’s version of those descended from David Morrow differs radically from that of the compiler, but her views of the facts are entitled to the greatest consideration, and it may be the right view”


“Among the “poor Irish Protestants” arriving as emigrants in the ship LORD DUNLUCE and who on Jan. 6, 173 presented petitions for warrants of survey on lands agreeable to their respective family rights, as shown by the Council Journal, 37, P. 15-35 were:




Mrs. Houts interpretation is that due to the amount of land that was allotted David and his wife, they arrived with six children, and one of these children named JAMES GILLIS MORROW was born on board the vessel that brought them to America, and that she is directly descended from this JAMES GILLIS MORROW.  The version on which she relies is set forth in a statement, regarded by her as practically a verified version as follows:


DAVID MORROW came from the North of Ireland to South Carolina and reared his family there; one son, JAMES GILLIS was born in mid-ocean and was named for the Captain of the vessel.  JAMES GILLIS MORROW and a Mary Davis were united in marriage in South Carolina.  They afterwards immigrated to Clarksville, Tenn.  James G. Morrow was a farmer, a Tory in politics, and a strict Scotch Presbyterian in early life, but during the great revival of 1810, he joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.  He moved with his family to COOPER COUNTY, Missouri in 1820.

Children of James Gillis Morrow and Mary Davis

1. Robert Davis (b. 1797) in Lancaster District, S.C.

2. Margaret Hutchison Morrow (b. 1797) in Lancaster District S.C.

3. John Brown Morrow

4. David Baxter Morrow

5. James Gillis Morrow

6. Jane Morrow who married Samuel McFarland and went to Texas.


Robert Davis Morrow, the oldest son as above married Elizabeth Moore Ray and had:

1. Rev. John Ray Morrow (to Texas