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{sjt #1-7}From Ancestors of Henry Keitzer sheet provided by Bob Keitzer Jr.:
Michel K. Keutzer  b. Feb 15, 1817 in Upper Hesse, Germany d. Oct 6, 1872 in Pulaski Co. Indiana.
Helena Parsons b. July 8, 1813 in ?, Baden, Germany d. Dec 12, 1894 in Pulaski Co., Indiana.
Peter Parsons (Father of Helena Parsons) b in Baden Germany.

Note he changes Helena Parsons father in a later email. -SJT

{sjt#1-7} From Family Group Sheet provided by Bob Keitzer Jr.:

Michael Keitzer (Johannes Michael Keutzer) Born: Feb 15, 1817 in Frischborn, Upper Hesse, Germany. Married about 1837 near Baltimore Maryland. Died Oct. 6, 1872 in Monterey, Pulaski Co., Indiana. Father was Johannes Keutzer, Mother was Anna Margaretha Wienold. He was naturalized on Sept 2, 1859 in the Probate Court, Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio. Was a subject of the Grand Duke of Hesse in Darmstadt Germany. He was a farmer. His nationality was German, Religion was Roman Catholic. German family book says DOB=17/02/1817. He came to the USA in 1833.

Helena Parsons: Born July 8, 1813 in Baden Germany, died Dec 12, 1894 in Monterey, Pulaski Co., Indiana. Father was Peter Parsons, other husband was Voglein. Buried in Old Catholic Cemetery, Monterey, Indiana. Her husband owned 80 acres NW corner of section #11 of big Spring Twsp., Seneca Co., Ohio. Her nationality/religion was German/Catholic. She came to the USA in 1833. Came to Monterey in 1867 from New Riegle, Seneca Co., Ohio.

{sjt#1-28} Part of a hand written note from Lenore Bringham Keitzer:

Michel Keitzer came from Hesse. Was a subject of the Grand Duke of Hesse. Was naturalized at Fostoria Ohio. Married Helena (Helen) Parsons. She was English and had settled in Baltimore where her first husband died. [Sailor, died of cholera] Michael was a weaver and was T.B. They were the parents of Henry Keitzer. The Keitzers were Lutherans and Michaels brother was a L. preacher and settled in Burlington Iowa. Michael was a convert to Catholeicism. He came to Ind. from New Riegle, Ohio. I think that is in Senica Co.

From the files of Tammy and Kathleen Richter (probably originaly provided by Bob Keitzer Jr.):

Michael K Keitzer was born Feb. 15, 1817 in Dormstad (Hesse) Germany. He lived  in Germany then Maryland then Seneca Ohio then finally in Monterey Indiana. In germany he was the subject of the Grand Duke of Hesse. He was naturalized Sept. 2, 1859 in probate court of Tefine Ohio. In 1860 he purchased 80 acres of land in Seneca Ohio. He was a farmer and weaver by trade.  He died Oct 6, 1872 in Monterey Indiana.

Helen was born July 8, 1813 in Bohen Germany. She moved from Germany to England to Baltimore to Maryland to Seneca Ohio and finaly to Monterey Indiana. She immegrated from England with her first husband (Schuer[sp?])who died on the boat. She died December 18, 149 in Monterey. She owned 100 acres of land in Monterey which eventually became the town of Monterey.

Note that Helenas first husband was Vogelein, not Scheuer.- SJT

{sjt#1-2}According to notes from Roberta Kelsey Thomas (probably made from a conversation with Lenore Bringham Keitzer): Helena Parsons's 1st husband died of Choleria. His name was Voglien[sp?]. They had a daughter Elizabeth.
An Email I recived from  Bob Keitzer 11/19/99:  

Johannes Michael Keitzer (nee Keutzer) Born: 15 Feb 1817  in Frischborn, Germany Died  6 Oct 1872 in Germany Monterey, IN
His parents were Johannes Keutzer and Anna Margaretha Wienold

Hellena Pa(e)rson(s)  Born  8 July 1813  Baden, Germany  Died in 12 Dec 1894
Her parents were Joseph Anton Pa(e)rson(s) and Helena Ruschmann

They had 10 children. The first one was from the first marriage of Hellena whose husband died just after the baby's birth. He was Martin Voglien. Hellena and Michael were married near Baltimore (as tradition says it anyway) in abt 1837-39.

Elizabeth Voglien b. 20 Oct 1838 near Baltimore MD, d. 15 Feb 1920 and is buried in the St. Anne Cemetery in Monterey, IN. She married Dominic Scheuer in 1858 and he died in 1911. They were farmers and had 12 children.

I received these emails from Sue Scheuer ( They seem to clear up some confusion about Helena Parsons first husband. Apparently the notes from Roberta Thomas {sjt#1-2} and an email from Bob Keitzer (11/19/99) are correct and Tammy and Kathleen Richter notes are not. (Vogelein is the correct name and Scheuer came later). I Hope to hear more from Sue Scheuer to further this line.

I am a descendant of Helena Parson through her oldest daughter Elizabeth.  Florence Scheuer, a grandaughter of Elizabeth Vogelein, and great granddaughter of Helena Parsons, married Ralph Hunneshagen and still maintains the family farm in Monterey. Thanks for photo of my great great grandmother Helena Parsons. I did not know what she looked like. I am a descendant of hers through Elizabeth Vogelein. Sue Scheuer

Helena Parsons parents are Joseph PARSONS b. 29 Jan 1778 Baden Germany d. 18 Jul 1853 Seneca Co., OH. m. 22 July 1805 Helena ROSCHMANN b. 28 Aug 1783 d. 9 Oct 1868 Seneca Co. OH.

Joseph Parsons son of Franz Joseph PERSON/PARSON b.. d ? m. 2 Apr 1774 Rufina DEICHELBOHROR (sp?)   Franz Joseph son of Georg PERSON {sjt#1-30}From a letter from Robert Arlis Keitzer Jr (Nov 1995):  I hope to acquire more information on the Parson family. That is Great Grandma Hellena (Parson) Keitzer's parents. I have a copy of the ship's passanger list when they sailed from LeHavre, France in 1834. She came over with her parents, brother and sisters. I don't have a clue as to how they traveled from Baden, Germany to LeHavre or from Baltimore, MD, to Seneca County Ohio. Family tradition has it that Michael and Hellena were married in Baltimore in 1837.



 Born  8 July 1813  Baden, Germany    Died in 12 Dec 1894

Had 2 mariages:
1) Martin Vogelein and had the daughter Elizabeth who married Dominic Scheuer. Elizabeth and Dominic had a great granddaughter, Florence Scheuer  who married Ralph Hunneshagen.
2) Michael Keutzer.



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