From The Collection of Gary Thomas

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Attached are some pictures from the reunion in Perryton this year.  (2000)
As best I can recall, it was the first time Dad, Peggy and I have all been in the same place since Grandmother Thomas died back in the 60's. The store we are standing in front of was Grandfather Thomas's insurance office. It has been moved to the museum and set up as a general store.
When I mentioned to Dad that I was running out to take a picture of the land, he commented that there was nothing to photograph. As you can see there is a lot ... it all just happens to be flat. Very flat.
I got the Sunday Oct. 1 issue of the Perryton paper and on the front page is a picture of Gary talking to Roberta and I. We are not identified by name and there is no other news item in the paper about the reunion. So the only thing that will go down in history about the 2000 reunion is this Photo with no names, we are "ex-students". A real touch of journalism class that someone must be proud of. In the photo Gary is viewed from his right hip, Roberta is facing the camera and the view of me is from straight back. Gary will be known by those who know him as it is good of him. Only the few who know us will recognize Roberta and I. - Dad

Here is the picture Dad is referring to. Small wonder all my class mates looked so old....

Attached are two pictures from the Thomas land, south of Waka, Texas.

The first picture is the irrigation well. Before irrigation, dry land wheat farming was boom or bust. Mostly bust in the dust bowl days... With the advent of irrigation pumps and engines the flat Texas panhandle really became the bread basket of the world. Instead of 10 to 20 bushels per acre, the farmers could get 50 to 60. And were not so dependent on the fickle winds of nature.

The second picture is the oil well. (Not actually on the land, but part of the overall "unit" that includes the Thomas lease.) When you have enough of those, you really do not have to worry about the other .....

However, having both plowed and worked in the oil fields, the farming life style is a lot more pleasant....

Here is a better shot of the Insurance Office building itself. Dad remembers that there was also a small room on the back.
Also, here is a shot of the original Thomas farm north of town. Grandfather sold it during the war and moved into Perryton, but Dad and Peggy pretty much grew up on the farm. The small white things to the left of the house are oil well tanks drilled after they sold. Reference the previous note.....
The third shot is of Dad and Peggy inside the main museum building. They were looking at the old high school annuals. (I didn't know they had cameras back then....) One highlight of visiting the museum was Dad explaining the workings of one of the old John Deere tractors that he used to repair. Later he made a comment about not liking museums where they have stuff he grew up with.... something about feeling your age I guess....