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Mary Hartman 1905-1990. Evergreen Mortuary Cemetary memorial Park Tucson, Arizona. Also known as Marie. Same age as 1st cousin Paul C. Kelsey. Grandparents were William E. (1835-1930) and Helena (known as Laney) Kelsey. Daughter of Frank and Emma (Kelsey) Hartman. Sister of Clementine Hartman Winegardner (known as Teenie). 1st cousin of the children of Arthur and Augusta Kelsey. Lived most of her life in Denver, CO. Born in Monterey, Indiana. Married several times.

This picture was sent to me March 1999 with the letter: "Hello Scott,  After talking to you last night ... the first and only album I looked in ... had the picture of Mary Harris known to me mostly as Marie. I saw her in Tucson once or twice when Alan first moved down there. She played the piano like her mom, Aunt Emma, as I know her. Many of the oldest pictures of my mother holding her little children .. Aunt Emma is also in the picture holding one of her three or else they are in the froeground. Love, mom"