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This picture and the one of Perry & Sarah are common pictures among the Johnson Family. This one and the ones my siblings (Elaine,Alan,David) have came from Dick Johnson in Phoenix. Much of the info however came from a conversation  Roberta Thomas had with Vera Belle (Johnson) Sonnier. On back is written in the hand writting of Roberta (Kelsey) Thomas:

The youngest child is Perry James Johnson. Perry was born in Garden Grove, Iowa, 1878. His father Cyrus M. Johnson was a farmer who did not like the cold weather in winter. Flyers telling of rice farming and homesteading in Texas he moved to Elton, La. Perry lived to 86 yrs. which was 1964 and was buried in League City, Tx.

This picture: Great Grandparents of Bill and Peggy Thomas. Cyrus M. Johnson married Mary Jane Lee June 12, 1867.  Mary Jane Lee Johnson (full blodded Am. Indian)(Cherokee)? Grand neice of Robert E. Lee.

Great great grandparents of Elaine, Scott, Alan, David Thomas

On a seperate sheet Roberta Kelsey Thomas writes:

Great Grandpa: Cyrus M. Johnson (orphan) raised by relatives. Died Calcasian Parish - Jennings Court House. Married Mary Jane Lee June 12, 1867. Six children.

Great Grandma: Mary Jane Lee Johnson (full blooded Am. Indidan)(Cherokee?)

Back Row:
 1. Lillie Johnson Shove (had 5 children).
*2. Dellie Johnson (no children) married Ann Nora Porter.
*3. Emma Johnson (no children) married George Wolverton.
 4. Jesse Johnson (no children) married Cynthia Bolles, born 11/10/1882, died Lamargus, Tex about 1955, builder by trade.
 5. Perry James Johnson (6 children) married Sarah McFarland 9/4/1899 born 8/6/1878 Garden Grove, Iowa, died 8/4/1965 League City, Tex. Rice Farmer and builder.
*6. Ada Johnson (seated) died at age 16 yrs. from typhoid.

* Girls may be transposed - no one to verify.