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John C. LEES and Margaret J.


Cyrus Nicholas. Johnson was an orphan raised by relatives. He married Mary Jane Lees on June 12,1867. Had 6 children. He died in Calcasian Parish - Jennings court house.

Rumors say Mary Jane Lees Johnson was a full blooded American Indian (Cherokee?) and was also the great-grand neice of Robert E. Lee. Seems a bit conflicting. Try for full lineage of Lees including Robert E. Lee. Plenty of Mary Lee's but no Johnsons.

Cyrus N. Johnson was a farmer who did not liked the cold weather in winter. Flyers telling of rice farming and homesteading in Texas he moved to Elton, LA.

{sjt#2-1}Notes from Jerry J. Johnson:

According to discharge, Cyrus was a farmer before the Civil War.

Cyrus N. Johnson was born on May 27, 1846. Illinois was listed on Discharge as birth place, but papers in bible listed his birthplace as near Keokuk, Iowa in Lee County (same as his wife, Mary). He died in Elton, Louisiana on March 31, 1920 and was buried in Jennings, Louisiana in a vault above the ground. Dad (Leo) says Cyrus may have been an orphan. Mary corresponded with the Sargents in Iowa. Dad said an Uncle Albert Lees came from Iowa when dad (Leo) was about 14. Children Dellie and Perry helped farm in Louisiana, and Jesse helped in Carpenter trade. Leo remembers Cyrus 'fighting' the civil war (in union army) in his old age. He told Leo of battle experiances. Military records show that Cyrus served in company A, 19th regiment and company A, 29th regiment of the Iowa infantry. He was in skirmishes at Franklin Creek, Mississippi, December 1864. He took part in the expedition against Mobile and was in the siege of Spanish Fort (an old fort near Mobile). Leo thinks he may have started as a drummer boy and thinks he served with Sherman late in the war. He signed up as a substitute to serve as an enlistment in the place of John L. Suits for an undisclosed amount of money. Perry bought Cyrus' home place in Elton and built a home on the farm in 1918. Cyrus moved to Jennings to live with Jesse. Cyrus told Leo of taking prisoners on a boat from Galveston to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Mary Jane Lees was born near Keokuk, Lee county, Iowa. Buried in Jennings, Louisiana, near Cyrus. Dad says Grandmother Mary was part Indian and looked Indian. Dad remembers an Uncle Albert Lees from Iowa, Grandmother Mary's younger brother, came to visit in Louisiana.

Sources of Information: Military record of private Cyrus N. Johnson (from national archives); Entries in family bible listed names, birthdates, and names of spouses; loose papers in bible listed birthplace of Cyrus and Mary; Cyrus Johnson's certificate of death in bible; civil war discharge.

Note from 1976: Harry, son of George and Lillie Shove, is a rice farmer and lives in Winnie, Texas and may be of some help. He is 70 years old. Eula Shove Jennings, daughter of george and Lillie Shove, is in her 80's. She worked as a Parish Clerk and may know the history of Cyrus and Mary, Ellery, Son of George and Lillie shove, lives in Sulfer, LA, and may have written the history of Cyrus. Vera Belle knows Ellery - 67 years old.

This is exerpt from an email I intercepted that came from "Terrie Carr" <> To:  Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2004.
I notice that in all these records, Cyrus is born in Illinois, not Iowa as the bible says.

From 1860 Census in Iowa:
1860 Des Moines Twp., Lee Co., Iowa.  July 26, 1860 Post Office : Vincennes

Nicholas Sargent, age 65, farmer, 12,500 , 5733, b. Massachuttes
Marie, age 63, b. New Hampshire
Christopher, age 41, b. M-e--deaf and dumb
Louisa, age 30, b. M-e      
Maphew, (Mathew?) age 20 farmer, b. Iowa
SIRUS JOHNSON, age 14, b. Illinois    Note from Scott Thomas Sirus is spelled different (not Cyrus). Also has different last name from family which makes sense since he was an orphan.
Wm Teal, 20, farm laborer, b. VA

1860 Des Moines Twp., Lee Co., Iowa

John C. Lees, age 38, b. Ohio, day laborer
Margaret J., age 32, b. Indiana

Mary J., age 13, b. Iowa
Alonzo, age 11, b. Iowa
Wm. W., age 8, b. Iowa
Albert, age 2, b. Missouri

Note: This puts Cyrus and Mary in same place in 1860

1870 Des Moines, Lee Co., Iowa
Cyrus Johnson, age 28, day laborer
Mary age 22, housekeeper

Mary, age 2, ( Lillie May ?)
Jacob, age 2/12 (?)

Note: Jacob does not show up later

1880 Census Garden Grove, Decatur Co., Iowa June 28, 1880

Johnson, Cyrus, age 34, head, farmer, married, b. Illinois, f. Scottland, m. Massachuttes
Mary, age 33, wife, keeping house, b. Iowa

Lillie M., 12, dau, b. Iowa
Orson, age 10, son, b. Iowa
Emma, age 8, dau, b. Iowa
Ada, age 6, dau, b. Iowa
Perry, age 1, son, b. Iowa

LEES, JOHN, father-in-law, age 58, no occ., b. Ohio, f. Germany

Note: Aparently Mary's mother has passed on by this time.
1885 Census Battle, Ida Co., Iowa

CYRUS JOHNSON, age 38, b. Illinois
Mary J., age 38, b. Lee Co., Iowa

Lillie, 16, b. Lee Co., Iowa
Orson D. age 15, b. Lee Co., Iowa
Emma, age 13, b. Lee Co., Iowa
Ada, age 11, b. Lee Co., Iowa
Perry , age 5, b. Decatur Co., Iowa
Jesse, age 2, b. Ida Co., Iowa

From Files of Rick Maragian on his e-mail is Note cyrus was born in Iowa, (census shows Illinos). The death year of 1930 does not match the 1920 Jerry Johnson had. The death date of Mary Jane Lees is messed up.

August 2000 was date of posting, another file has about the same information but shows Illinois as place of birth for Cyrus , as found in census records.

Cyrus Nicholas Johnson b. 27 May 1846 in Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa d.31 March 1930 in Elton, Louisana
Was in Civil War, Union Army

Mary Jane Lees b. 10 August 1846 in Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa (this is also show in census records) d. 123 February 1926 in Louisana. They were married 12 June 1867 in Iowa and moved to Lousiana in 1889

Lillie M. , b. 2 Aug 1868
Orsen Dellie, b. 13 Dec 1869
Emma, b. 20 Oct 1871
Ada B. b. 2 Jan 1873
Perry James, b. 6 Aug 1878 , Garden Grove, Decatur Co., Iowa
Jessie, b. 10 Nov 1882

Note: With both people showing Cyrus with the middle name of Nicholas is futher suggests that he was indeed a grandchild of Nicholas Sargent, possibly the son of Louisa who was 30 on the 1860 census, or another daughter that had died as the his last name was Johnson. Girls married very young in these days and often widowed and returned to living with parents, and at times used their family name instead of married name. Just another possiblity.

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Nickolas Sargent, farmer, Sec. 34, PO Vincennes. Owns 600 acres. Born in Essex Co., Mass.,in 1795. He removed to Missouri in 1837, to Lee Co. in 1837 and located on the farm he now owns in 1839. He married, in 1816, Miriam Sawyer, a native of New Hampshire, born in 1797. They have had 13 children, eight of whom are living. Christofer, born in 1818; Sarah, now Mrs. Wyatt, 1826; Lorinda B., now Mrs. James Bell, 1827; Lucy, now Mrs. William ? , 1829;John A., 1831, married Ursula Starkweather and has five children, Horace C. 1835, married in 1858, Adeline D. Washburne, a native of Canada, born in 1833, and has had six children, three living; Orson G. born in 1859 and Edwin B. and Edwinnie, twins, in 1861. Horace G. resides on the home place with his parents; he has 360 acres of land in Sec. 34-35; Orson G., born in 1836, married Mamie Belle; Stephen, born in 1840, married Mary Knowles and has five children.

1879 Directory of Lee County

Kelly D. Keers (  May 2006, writes: Elery Shove was my maternal grandfather. I have lots of pics of his family, both Johnsons and Shoves. Aunt Eula ( Eula Mae Shove) is buried in Jennings, Uncle Harry ( Harry Shove) in Winnie, Texas, and my grandfather, Elery, in Carlyss, LA at Mimosa Pines. My mom knows where Uncle Llyod is buried.



Born 8-2-1868. Died in Jennings, LA. Married George Shove in Iowa. Moved to LA in a wagon. Had 5 children

1) Elery Leroy Shove, Buried in Carlyss, LA at Mimosa Pines. Grandson is Kelly Keers.
2) Eula May, buried in Jennings.
3) Harry, burried in Winnie Texas.


Born 12-13-1869. Died about 1959 in Elton, La. Married Ann Norah Portis. Was a Rice farmer, builder, Surveyor. No children


Born 10-20-1871, died about 1948-49 in Elton, La. Married George Wolverton. Was a wealthy rice Farmer. No children.


Born 1-2-1873, died 12-1-1889. Died at 16 from malraia/typhoid.


Born 8/6/1878 at Garden Grove Iowa. Married Sarah McFarland 9/4/1899 and had 6 children. Died 8/4/1965 at League City Texas. He was a rice farmer and builder.



Born 11/10/1882, died Lamargus, Texas anout 1955. Married Cynthia Bollis.  No Children. Builder by trade.

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