From The Collection of Elaine Thomas Campbell

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Arthur J Kelsey M.D. Hiking  on Mts. at Cactus. Cave creek and Cactus.
Trailer parked at Hyatts Camp 1937-1941 Cactus Arizona. From Mt in background. Robertas cactus garden. Picture takenbecause of snow on back window. March 1939.
Roberta showed all the kids at school hot to play "fox & Goose" in the snow this day at sunnyside dist #69 Greenway Road, Phx AZ.
Kept the grapefruit, oranges, potaotes and wood under the trailer. Feb 1938.
Water faucet at wood frame. Other trailer belonged to Mr & Mrs Weil from Salbury, MD
Looking onto Hyatti Camp Cactus Arizona.