Born Oct 28, 1878  in Fort Dodge, IA. Buried in Kensico cemetery at ValHalla, New York.

He was educated at Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. His church affiliation was Congregationalist. He moved to Oklahoma in 1889 with his father. was in Alaska for 5 years. Went to Denver, Colorado in April 1908. Came to New York 1909. His profession was insurance.

Social record: William Norht Lodge, Lowell, Mass.; Terrace City Chapter No. 177, R.A.M. Yonkers, NY; Adelphic Council, No. 7, New York City; Constantine Commandery, No. 48, Ney York City; Mecca Temple, New York City.

Married Maude Marie Brown-Robinson (born 1 July 1881 at Haverhill, Mass.) Sept 12, 1907 in Boston Mass.

It appears that the bulk of the information on the Lumpkins was a result of inquires by Harry Lumpkin. He apparently did genealogy research in order to join "The Emipire State Society of the Sons of the American Revolution". Here are seven letters which are apparently replies to genealogy quiries.

Los Angles Cal. Nov. 14--29
My Dear Nephew Harry I am so pleased that you found me and that you are looking up the family record for I have tried so hard to do it but never could get it all but I will gladly send you all that I have just as soon as I can get it all together and will have Maud type write it for me and send it on am so glad you have some perhaps between us both we can finish it up and then you can belong to the Sons of Veterans and I can be a D.A.R. if I care to and I think I will and Harry if you get that book about Lumpkin's that you told me about you let me know if it is really some or all of our family for I will be glad to send and get one I have been a little slow letting you hear from me but I am not young any more and am not very well so please excuse and I will try to do better. Mr. Jorgensen died twenty years ago and Olga and Maud are both married and live in this city and Ralph is still in Saint Louis Mo. Now Harry you did not tell me if you were married or was just a white old bachaler I am glad Cora went to see you I think we ought to keep track of each other for one by one we will be passing away I am 87 years old and the Thirthieth of Dec. I will have another birthday I am glad Dollie sent you my address we see her and her husband occasionaly but it is a long days drive and return the same day and only a short visit but am glad we can do that Best wishes for your health and may you have prosperity I will be glad to know how this all comes out Very sincerely (signed) Your Aunt Mattie

Los  angeles California 2--15--31
Cousin Harry.-- Cora told me you were still on the hunt of lost relation. So I sent Brother Elvin and had him send me the records from the Lumpkin family bible and will send them on to you.  They seem rather incomplete to me, but you may get something out of them.  Suppose Cora has written you she and Claud are with Harry & family at Indio for a few weeks. Cora is looking well this winter. Don't get to see her near often enough. She lives so far from the street car and I have't driven much in the City yet. Guess I'll get used to it in time and be able to see her oftener.  Charles has pretty steady work and we are thankful for that.  If I find out anything I think would be any help to you in reguard to past ancestors will send it along.  With best Regards  Your Cousin (signed) Dollie Durham  2350 Harwood St. Los Angles California

Oxnard California 10-28-29
Dear Cousin Harry.-- You'll no doubt be surprised at getting a letter from me.  Don't know if you ever remember me or not only Cora has told you your being in California. But when I was at Cora's a few days ago, she was telling me you were trying to look up the family history. When I was at Norfolk Nebraska in September where Elvin lives He had gotten a card asking if he would be interested in the Long Family Record. So I brought the card home with me and will send it to you. I've thot for some time I'd like to join the D.A.R. and know that I am eligible. It would just take time, and had the means to trace our ancestors. Don't know about the Lumpkin side. Do know tho that Aunt Mattie Jorgensen tried to join the D.A.R. some time ago and was refused. but why, I don't know. Her address is 160-- North Orange Drive. Los Angeles Calif. She is getting quite feeble. She is two years older than our Mother if Mama was comingliving. She makes her home with Olga. We see tham occassionally. When are you comming to California. You have quite a few old relation out here you should get acquainted with again. We like it here very much and after a number of years roving, have decided this is the place. Must get at my morning duties now and hope this card will help you. would be glad to hear if it does. With Best Wishes. I am Your Cousin (signed) Dottie Durham  111-B-St Oxnard California

Indigo California
Dear Cousin harry.- Cora sent me your letter asking for the names of our Grandfathers. She didn't remember. So told her I'd write and tell you my information was comming high this time so I'll explain. Our church is having a fair this Fall and a Country P.O So we were all to write our friends for a donation not exceeding 50cents invalue for the P.O. I hope to have one from every city in the U.S. We haveonly one in New York. Just and ten cent store article will be fine. Thanks in advance. Now for the names. Grampa Lumpkin was Anderson; Grandpa Long's -- Lemuel. Now Bro Elvin has the Lumpkin family bible Mamma left it there. If you write him at Norfolk Nebraska. He may be able to help you out as to dates -- marriages and births.  His wife threatened to burn it but I don't think she did. It is a huge old thing. If it hadn't been for the carrying, I'd have brot it homoe with me. There may not be anything in it of any value. But woth the trying. Elvins daughter tryed to get the record cleared up. She is anxious to join the D.A.F. but she got stuck if I remember right on the name. Was never able to find any trace of it. That might have been the one they hung. Ha-Ha. She may have something to help also. Her address is Mrs. Ira Hepperley. Hepperley Farm Norfolk, Nebr. She is very much interested in that sort of thing and will be very glad to give you any information she may have aquired. We just got back from Los Angeles. Stayed over night with Cora and Claud. They are well and seem to be getting along nicely. I just half to see Cora every so often. She is very dear to me. We are having some warm daysin the desert now. But the nights so far are fine. Glad you are feeling fine again. Hope the summer doesn't get you down. Will be glad if my information will be of any help -- By.  Your cousin Dottie Durham  6/1/34

Dear Harry.- Your letter and sox arrived all together: Harry thanks for the articles as well as the trouble you were to. Had forgotten I sent you the memorandum from the old Bible. I am getting old and childish I guess: Never took a prize any time on my memory. Don't know any thing morefor sure about our "connections" as the old Lady syas. Maby the old boys didn't belive in marriages and raised all their children to belive the same. Robert Lumpkin is a family name. Alwayshad a Robert in every generation. But out side of hearing Mama speak of Uncle Robert and he was a Bro. to Anderson. But who his Father was never remember hearing Mama say any thing about. I'm going to write cousin Olga and she may know more than I do. She  should. Isolder and has more money. Suppose that would help any? We're just taking over the place we have been living on since last October. Family have moved away: Have a painter busy and will bring our furniture down from Los Angeles next week Will be awfully glad to get settled again You may have made a mistake paying the man $30.00 dollars in advance. May half to pay him to keep from telling what he eventually finds out. By. Will write if I find out any thing about Robbie Your Country Cousin (signed) Dollie D. 6/21/34

160 North Orange Drive Los Angles, California Nov. 24 1929
Dear Cousin Harry-- I am sending you the enclosed papers for my mother and belive she answered your letter recently saying you would receive them soon. We all hope you will be successful in completeing these records. We shall be glad to hear from you again, also glad to see you any time you may come to California. Sister Maud lives here also and we feel privleged to be together and have Mama with us too.  most Cordially & Sincerely Mrs Charles Iddiols (Cousin Olga Jorgensen) The above address is our home and Mama lives with us. Olga.

Box 659 Norfolk, Nebr. June 12 1934
Dear Cousin harry.  I recd--your letter & will write a few lines, so you will know why the delay. Elvin & Elsie (Mrs. Hepperly) are both out of town & Elsie will be gone a week of 10 days, & we will write you as soon as she returns. yes we have both old family bibles, & I wonder if we would copy the records & send to you if that would be just as well as to send the bibles, as just the pages with the records would no doubt be all you would want. Perhaps you can let us know. Elsie tried to llok up the family tree, as she wanted to join the D.A.R. but she didn't employ any one to look it up for her.  We will write you as soon as Elsie returns. Yurs with best wishes, Mrs Ella Long, Elvinswife. P.S. We would be gld to have you come & visit us if its ever possible.



Born 6 June, 1908 in Denver CO. Died 11 Sept. 1968 in Ney York City. Never married. Her ashes are in her mother's grave in Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, New York.

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