Wilson Lumpkin was born September 22, 1838 in Randolph County, Indiana. He died August 9, 1919 and is buried in Jennings, LA, aged 82..

Mary Melinda Long was born December 12, 1845 in Kalamazoo County, Michigan. She died December 26, 1913 and is also buried in Jennings, LA.

Wilson and Mary were married September 16, 1866 in Deer Creek Township, Webster County, Iowa, at the congressional church.

At the beginning of the Civil War he went to Des Moines, where he enlisted in Company B. 15 Iowa, serving his full three years. He reenlisted and remianed with his old company until the close of the war, and was mustered out at Washington, D. C. in 1865.

Typed transcript of WILSON LUMPKIN's family bible ( ):

WILSON LUMPKIN son of ANDERSON LUMPKIN and SUSANAH LUMPKIN was born September 22 A.D. 1838 in Randolph County State of Indiana
Mrs. MARY M. LUMPKIN daughter of LEMUEL LONG and JANE LONG was born December 12th A.D. 1845 in Kalamazoo County Michigan
FRED E. LUMPKIN son of WILSON LUMPKIN and MARY M. LUMPKIN was born Thursday September 5th A.D. 1867 in Fort Dodge Webster Co. Iowa
ED A. LUMPKIN son of W. LUMPKIN and MARY LUMPKIN was born on Friday July 2 A.D. 1869 in Fort Dodge Webster County Iowa
WEBB L. LUMPKIN son of W. LUMPKIN and MARY M. LUMPKIN was born on Friday the 11th day of August A.D. 1871
in Fort Dodge Iowa Webster County
CORA M. LUMPKIN daughter of W. LUMPKIN & MARY M. LUMPKIN was born on Saturday the 14th day of September A.D. 1872. in Fort Dodge Iowa in Webster Co.
LULU LUMPKIN daughter of W. LUMPKIN & MARY M. LUMPKIN was born on Wednesday the 31st day of March A.D. 1875 in Fort Dodge Webster Co. Iowa
FRANK LUMPKIN son of W. LUMPKIN and MARY M. LUMPKIN was born on Tuesday Morning Nov. 20th 1876 in Fort Dodge Iowa
HARRY LUMPKIN son of W. LUMPKIN and MARY M. LUMPKIN was born on Tuesday October 28th 1878 in Fort Dodge Iowa
KITTIE LUMPKIN daughter of W. LUMPKIN & MARY M. LUMPKIN was born on Monday Nov. 20th 1882 in Fort Dodge Iowa

WILSON LUMPKIN and Miss MARY M. LONG were duely joined in
matrimony on Sunday September the 16th AD 1866 at 8 o'clock A.M. in Deer Creek Township Webster County Iowa  W LUMPKIN aged 27 years 11 months and 24 days  Miss MARY M. LONG aged 20 years 9 months and 4 days
CORA LUMPKIN was duely joined in matrimony to CLAUD S. WHITTLESEY at Guthrie Oklahoma Feb 24th 1892 at 8 O'Clock P.M.
LULU LUMPKIN was duely joined in matrimoney to K.K. THOMAS at
Carney, Oklahoma Nov 29th 1893.
WEBB LUMPKIN was duely joined in marriage to Miss BEULAH ELLEDGE at Manassa Colorado July 30th 1903

departed this life Dec 7th (on Thursday) 1882 being Two Weeks and 4 Days old. She is at rest and soon we will meet her on the other shore where sickness & Death will be no more!
departed this life April 14th 1908. Was taken sick in August 1907 with Bright's Disease of the Kidneys. Sufferd long & patiently & died at Jennings, La the above date.
MARY M. LUMPKIN Wife of W. LUMPKIN departed this life
at One O'Clock A.M. Dec. 26th 1913 at Jennings La after a lingering illness of several years of the disease of Diabetus.

* * *

Also from :

1880 Census, City of Fort Dodge, 2nd Ward, Webster County, Iowa (date: 12 June 1880)
Enumeration District #226; p.559C; dwelling #250; family #265:

Wilson LUMPKINS age 43, born: IN, Lumber Merchant, parents born: IN IN
Mary M. LUMPKINS (Wife) age 33, born: MI, Keepg. House, father born: NY, mother born: PA
Fredk.* LUMPKINS (Son) age 13, born: IA, At School
Edward** LUMPKINS (Son) age 11, born: IA, At School
Webb LUMPKINS (Son) age 8, born: IA, At School
Cora LUMPKINS (Dau) age 7, born: IA, At School
Lulu LUMPKINS (Dau) age 5, born: IA
Frank*** LUMPKINS (Son) age 3, born: IA
Henry**** LUMPKINS (Son) age 1, born: IA

*abbreviation for Frederick. He was listed as "Fred" in the family bible and other records, but his first name was actually Frederick.
**he was listed as "Ed" in the family bible and other records, but his first name was actually Edward.
***Frank was probably a nickname; his first name may have actually been Franklin or even Francis.
****he was listed as "Harry" in the family bible and other records, but this shows that his first name was actually Henry.

Also from :


Mary M. Long Lumpkin was born December 12, 1845, in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, and departed this life at Jennings, La., December 26, 1913. On September 16, 1866, she was united in marriage in the State of Iowa, to Wilson Lumpkin, and to them were born eight children, all of whom survive her except one. Those who remain to mourn the loss of this devoted wife and mother are the husband, Rev. Wilson Lumpkin; Ed A. Lumpkin of Los Angeles, Cal.; Webb Lumpkin of Myton, Utah; Frank Lumpkin of Dallas, Texas; Harry Lumpkin of New York City; Mrs. Cora Whittlesey of Durango, Colorado; and Mrs. **Lula Thomas of Elton (Louisiana). In 1889 Mrs. Lumpkin, with her husband and children, took up a homestead in Oklahoma. It was during those trying days of great need of moral uplift that Mr. Lumpkin was ordained to the Christian ministry and his faithful wife gladly and willingly took upon her the responsibilities of a minister's wife. She was no novice in Christian service, for she had years before given her life in consecration to God. In 1901 the family moved to Jennings and here she has lived a life that has drawn the admiration of all for her lovely Christian character. She has been failing for many months and the family knew she could not fight very long against the disease that was seated in her and, after several weeks of patient suffering, she succumbed to the arch-enemy, death, early Friday morning. Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Friday at the Congregational church, with interment in Greenwood cemetery, Rev. Alonzo Early officiating. This paper and a host of friends extend to the bereaved family sincerest condolences in their grief for the loss of this devoted Christian wife, mother, and friend.



Rev. Wilson Lumpkin, a resident of Jennings for the last nineteen years, passed away at his daughter's, Mrs. K.K. Thomas, Saturday evening at seven o'clock August 9, 1919.

Mr. Lumpkin was born in Randolph County, state of Indiana, September 22, 1838, and united in marriage to Miss Mary Long September 16, 1866 in Fort Dodge, Iowa. To this union was born eight children, five boys and three girls. His wife, one son and daughter preceded him to the grave. Those who are left to mourn their loss are E.A. Lumpkin, Oakland, Cal.; Webb Lumpkin, Myton, Utah; Harry Lumpkin, New York; Frank Lumpkin, Dallas, Texas; Mrs. C.S. Whittlesey, Durango, Colorado; Mrs. **Lula Thomas (of Louisiana), together with grand and great-grand children. He lived a Christian all his life, having joined the church at the age of 10, carrying his testament all through the Civil War, was always faithful in his home service and church, was dearly loved by nearly everybody that knew him.

He had a disposition that was genial as the summer air, always looking on the bright side of life, never complaining even when the way was rough and dark. He was not born in the lap of luxury but was a millionaire in an upright and honorable life that will reflect back through years to come. Having served his country the full four years of the civil war, being one of the first volunteers from Iowa, Father Lumpkin, as many called him, lived through the most remarkable period of this world's history.

Affectionately he was laid to rest in the quiet tomb in the Greenwood cemetery beside his wife and son. Funeral services were held at the Jennings Congregational Church conducted by Rev. Paul Leeds of Kinder and Rev. Faulk of Jennings. The Jennings G.A.R. holding their services at the grave.

A personal letter typed in a business letter head with the printed advertisements: " Real estate taxes paid, rice lands and town lots, property of non-residents looked after, sold and rented. W. LUMPKIN. Notary Public." Dated Sept 25th, 1917 from Jennings, LA.

Dear Harry,

Your very good letter came to hand this morning and it brought so many things up to my memory of days past and gone, of Joys and Sorrows of dark days and bright days, of days when you were all home with me and we were all happy and all in the full enjoyment of health, for none of us were given to sickness. Healthy and full of life, but these days are past and gone never to return. Your Mother and Fred have passed over on the other side and I am on the verge of the grave and will undoutedly pass over soon for I feel the weight of years upon me. Cannot expect to remain much longer. I am in full enjoyment of Health as far as anything I know about myself I feel as young to day as I when I was at 30, Eat, and sleep like a baby But I have a desire to see all of you again before I go hense. and if I am prospered a little finacially I am going to go and see you all before the end comes to me. Am a little indebt but hope to get out soon The Lord is good to me. I am alone and yet I am not alone for the Lord is with me all the time. Ed was at Sandiago the last letter I had from him but said he was going to leave there soon. Webb is getting along good on his Farm has been buying Cattle and he will make good money out of them I think I sincerely hope so at least. Cora is at Durango her address is R,R, No I Durango Col. Webbs address is Myton Utah. Lulu's is Elton La. Franks is 1917 San Jacinto Street Dallas Texas.

While I am alone in the Old home here I want you to remember that evry morning I pray for you and all your Family and all your children just the same as I have done all your Lives. But I am going to leave you all soon and who will pray for you then? I hope you will pray for yourselves put your trust in God and He will care for you. I will commit you all into His care get right with Him, give your heart to Him and read His Word and be obedient to it. My Heart is to full to say anything more. God bless you all.

Your Father. (signed) W. Lumpkin

 Email on 3/29/02:  Karen (Bray) Keeley ( writes: My grandmother's maiden name is Grace Allene Lumpkin, and she just turned 90 in February this year. Her father was Webb M. Lumpkin, Lulu's brother, so I guess that makes us 3rd cousins.

My mom & I made a website on the Lumpkin family, but in doing further research I discovered several errors that I need to fix. For example, I just learned from researching online that two of my great-grandfather Webb M. Lumpkin's brothers joined him in the Klondike Gold Rush. The story passed down in my family only mentioned that Webb had gone, and I noticed that your website mentioned Harry Lumpkin had gone to the Klondike. Well, from new info. I just found, it appears that Webb went first, probably in 1897 or '98, then in '99 his brothers Harry & Ed joined him.

The National Park Service website for the Klondike Gold Rush Historical Park at has a link for "Stampeder Genealogy" and from there if you click on the "Ghosts of the Klondike" database and type in "Lumpkin," you will find that on Oct 9, 1899 Webb Lumpkin of Dawson, Harry Lumpkin of Carney Oklahoma, and Ed Lumpkin of Salmon Idaho passed the North West Mounted Police checkpoint together, either at Chilkoot Pass or Lake Bennett. They had a boat, a "scow" which the police counted as #788. (Many of the stampeders carried boats over the pass or else dragged them by dogsled, or else built them after they got to the lake, in order to float down the Yukon River to Dawson).

The fact that Webb's residence was given as Dawson shows that he had been there before and was returning. Looks like he had talked his brothers Harry and Ed into joining him in the Yukon as partners to help work his claim, and probably went down to meet them before returning together.

I'm not sure why brother Ed Lumpkin had been in Salmon Idaho. Seems that he was the roaming type.

I have posted several old letters and other items online at, including a letter written in 1837 by Nancy (Lumpkin) Bookout on behalf of her 71-year-old mother Elizabeth (Forrest) Lumpkin, wife of Robert Lumpkin. You may be interested in seeing these also. I posted eight items so far, you can find them near the top of the page at the above link.

Karen (Bray) Keeley ( writes:  Here is some of the information I have gathered about the family of Mary Malinda Long:  She was born 12 Dec 1845 at Charleston Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan. Parents were Lemuel LONG & Jane SHOEMAKER (or SCHUMACHER).



Born 5 sept, 1867 in Fort Dodge IA. Died Apr 14, 1908


Born July 2, 1869 in Fort Dodge, IA. Died in Los Angeles CA.


Born Aug 11, 1871 in Fort Dodge, IA. Died Oct 15, 1925 Salt Lake City UT. Married Beulah Elledge in Durango, CO. Had 8 children:

BEULAH MARY LUMPKIN, was born in LaJara, Colorado, 5 May 1904.
LORENA DARE LUMPKIN, was born 24 Nov 1905.
ROY WILSON LUMPKIN, b. 15 Sep 1907, at Myton ( )
EVA CORA LUMPKIN, b. 25 Feb 1910, at Myton
GRACE ALLENE LUMPKIN, b. 12 Feb 1912, at the homestead in Antelope District, Duchesne County, Utah.
ADA WEBBIE LUMPKIN, b. 27 April 1914

Grace has a grand-daughter, Karen (Bray) Keeley (, who has done much genealogy with her mother on the Lumpkins.  Their excellent web site for Webb:


Born 14, Sept, 1872 in Fort Dodge, IA. Married Claud S. Whittlesey on 24 Feb 1892 in Gutherie, Odla.


Born March 31, 1875  in Fort Dodge, IA. Married Kimmel Kay Thomas on Nov 29, 1893 in Barney Oklahoma. KIMMEL AND LULU THOMAS


Born Nov 20, 1876  in Fort Dodge, IA.


Born Oct 28, 1878  in Fort Dodge, IA. Buried in Kensico cemetery at ValHalla, New York. He was educated at Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College. His church affiliation was Congregationalist. He moved to Oklahoma in 1889 with his father. was in Alaska for 5 years. Went to Denver, Colorado in April 1908. Came to New York 1909. His profession was insurance. Social record: William Norht Lodge, Lowell, Mass.; Terrace City Chapter No. 177, R.A.M. Yonkers, NY; Adelphic Council, No. 7, New York City; Constantine Commandery, No. 48, Ney York City; Mecca Temple, New York City.
Married Maude Marie Brown (Robinson) (born 1 July 1881 at Haverhill, Mass.) Sept 12, 1907 in Boston Mass. Had the child Audrie June born 6 june, 1908.
Married Louise Otter.


Born Nov 20, 1882 in Fort Dodge, IA. Died Dec 7, 1882 in Fort Dodge, IA.

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