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Robert McFARLAND  Birth: 1675 in Ireland, Death: 1750 in Rapho Twp, Lancaster Co., PA

Janet (Wife) b. 1690 in Ireland

Marriage: 1705 in Ireland

"McFARLAND NAME HISTORY: McFarland is from the Gaelic Mac Pharlain meaning "son of Parlan", which comes from the Old Irish name Partholon, often translated "Bartholomew" (from Rneill/clan.html on internet). Known in Scotland principally as Mac Farlane, it became in Ireland more well known as McFarland. Spelling varies, especially in 17th and 18th century documents: McFarland, MacFarlane, McFarlaine, McParland, McParlin, McPartland, McPharland, or even as simply Farland or Parland. In Ireland, the 'c' in mc, may be spelled " ' ", e.g.: M'Farland.

EARLY HISTORY: It is noted that the McFarland family may be descended from the first Celtic Colonists from Spain who arrived in Ireland, and later settled in Scotland. The first records of the family date to Arrochar, Scotland in about 1150 AD. Much of the clan was broken up about 1600 AD, and several moved to Northern Ireland. McFarland is found almost solely in the Ulster Province of Ireland, and are principally located in the Counties of Tyrone and Armaugh, and some in Leitrim.

AMERICAN IMMIGRATION: The first of the McFarland family to America was in about 1665. This was Purthe McFarland from Scotland who settled in Massachusetts. However, there are found three principal migration periods to America prior to about 1800:

(1) 1718/1719 (from Ireland)
(2) 1730 to 1740 (from Ireland)
(3) about 1770 to 1790 (from Scotland).

(1) In 1718 and 1719 there were about four families of McFarland settling in America (with about 15-20 family members). One family settling in Massachusetts, the others arriving in Philadelphia, and soon migrating to Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.

(2) From about 1730 to about 1740 there were at least five families arriving in Philadelphia from Ireland (about 20-25 family members), several locating soon in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Also about the same time (about 1730 to 1745) was one or two families from Scotland (and possibly Ireland) who settled in adjacent counties along the northern shoreline of Virginia (King George and Westmoreland Counties).

(3) From about 1770 (or slightly earlier) to about 1790 there were seven or more families arriving from Scotland, settling in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and inland.

MCFARLAND FIRST NAMES: Over half of all first names in the McFarland family consist of just four names for males and four names for females, and are statistically separate from all other names. What makes research in the McFarland family difficult is exactly this: repetition of the same name over and over again. For example, the most common name by far is John, accounting for over 20 percent of all male names, and is found over 90 times in the database of about 450 male names prior to about 1810.

The most common male names (accounting for about 55 %) are John, James, William, and Robert. Other names (accounting for a total of about 85 percent of the names) are: Thomas, Joseph, Alexander, Benjamin, David, Andrew, George, Walter, Samuel, and Arthur.

The most common female names (accounting for about 50%) are Mary, Margaret, Jane (Janet, Jean), and Elizabeth (Eliza). Other names (accounting for a total of about 85% of the names) are: Sarah, Ann (Anne), Rachel, Nancy, Catherine, Martha, Rebecca, Eleanor (Elinor), Susan (Susannah), and Hannah.

IMMIGRATION: 1719-1722 PENNSYLVANIA, Chester County, Donegal Township. 1719 immigration to Chester County, Pennsylvania. On record in 1722 in Donegal Township: Robert McFarland and sons Robert and James (Presbyterian). Also families recorded were: Robert Wilkins and his sons Thomas, William, Peter, and John; Gordon Howard and his sons Thomas and Joseph; Hugh, Henry and Moses White. Came from lands west of River Foyle (Tyrone County?), Ireland. SOURCE: "Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America" by Charles Knowles Bolton 1910. Page 271.

BAPTISM: 1720 PENNSYLVANIA, Philadelphia County, First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia. Rebekah McFarland, 14 Apr 1720, daughter of Robert and Jennet McFarland. SOURCE: Records of First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia "Pennsylvania Vital Records"; 1983; Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland; Vol I.

TAXLIST: 1724 PENNSYLVANIA, Chester County, Donegal Township. Robert McFarlan. Lived next to Hugh White, William Hay, John Taylor, William Maybee, Ephraim Moore, Thomas Ballie.

TAXLIST: 1724-1726 PENNSYLVANIA, Chester County, Donegal Township. 1724 Robert M'Farlan Donnegall 1/6. 1725 Robt MacFarlan Donnegall 2/0. 1726 Robert McFarlan Donegall 2/0. (Note: this record is an index: does not show neighbors). SOURCE: Chester County Tax Lists 1718-1726 (LDS Microfilm 383296).

PLACE: Donegal Township formed from a portion of Conestoga Township, Lancaster County in 1723.

RESIDENCE: 1729 PENNSYLVANIA, Chester County, Northern part. John McFarland and Robert McFarland (adjacent) signed petition in 1729 that another county be formed from the Northern Part of Chester (that part now Lancaster). Appears in a book on the John McFarland family of Lancaster/Dauphin County.

LAND: 1733 PENNSYLVANIA, Lancaster County, Donegal Township. Robert Donegal Township 1733. SOURCE: Land Warrants Chester & Lancaster County, PA (FHC microfilm 1003197). In book of Walter McFarland.

TAXLIST: 1751 PENNSYLVANIA, Lancaster County, Donegal Township: James and Robert McFarland. Living Next to Christian Marlin, Philip Branard, James Mayes, James Plank, Widow McClure, William Petters, Charles Glap, Michael McClellan, and Michael Gross. Also listed in Donegal Township were Gordon Howard, Thomas Howard, Joseph Howard and Lenard May. SOURCE: Pennsylvania Traveler (Magazine) Vol 1 No. 2 1965 Found at Bellingham Public Library.

LAND: 1751 PENNSYLVANIA, Lancaster County, Donegal Township. From children of Robert McFarland of Donegal Township, dec'd, June 17, 1751, release to James McFarland, for 286 acres in Donegal Township., being a patent dated 10 Oct 1739 of 268 acres to Robert Mcfarland on Little Schickaselungo Creek, adjacent to Andrew Mayes and Hugh White; Since Robert the father failed to insert name of James McFarlan for one moiety, the land described to all his children equally: release by eldest son John, with other children, being, Joseph, Robert, Rachel (wife of Gordon Howard), Rebecca (wife of Andrew Mayes), and they are willing in justice to convey the proper moiety to their brother James McFarland; witnesses,

John Wilson, James Bickham, Josiah Jackson. SOURCE: Lancaster County DEED BOOK C, page 95. Lancaster County Deed Abstracts 1729-1770 (LDS Fiche 6049244).

PROBATE: 1752 PENNSYLVANIA, Lancaster County, Rapho Township. WILL OF Robert McFarland Probated March 25, 1752. Executors Samuel Scott and Arthur Patterson. Rapho Township. Children: James (there were other names & numbers not given).

SOURCE: Lancaster County Abstracts of Wills 1721-1820. FHC microfilm #383292.

COURT: 1752 PENNSYLVANIA, Lancaster County, Rapho Township. Robert McFarland decd, about Sept 1752 (Page 84). Jas. McFarland, second son of Robert McFarland, deceased; page 348, Undated Will of Robert McFarland of Rapho township, probated 25 March 1752, named as executors Samuel Scott and Arthur Patterson. Only child named was James Mc Farland, Will Book I-1, 340:1752. Page 350, Application of Jannet McFarland, widowed mother of James McFarland (and mentions James McFarland, nephew of said James McFarland, deceased). SOURCE: Orphans Court Records of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. "Pennsylvania Vital Records"; 1983; Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland; Vol I.

LAND: 1757 PENNSYLVANIA, Lancaster County, Donegal Township. Robert McFarland of Bedford County, VA, June 1757, release to Thomas Clingan of Donegal Township 143 pounds l/2 moiety of 286 acres Donegal Township. Patent 10 Oct 1739 to Robert McFarland of Lancaster, adjoining land owners: late of Andrew Mayes, Hugh White, on Little Checkisalungo Creek, yet James McFarland, late of Donnegal, had advanced half of the original purchase money and right to half of the estate and Robert McFarland died leaving 3 sons and 2 daughters: John, Joseph, Robert, Rachel, wife of Gordon Howard, Rebecca, wife of Andrew Mayes, and their heirs. 19 June 1751 released to James McFarland. James McFarland died and in Will devised half of the 286 acres to James McFarland, the younger subject to 10

pounds to be paid to support Jennet McFarland, widow of Robert, deceased, during her life. Margaret McFarland, widow of James, deceased, and now wife of Thomas Clingan. James McFarland Jr. likewise died, intestate without issue and half money went to Robert McFarland, his oldest brother. SOURCE: Lancaster County Deed Abstracts 1729-1770 (LDS Fiche 6049244). Deed Book D, page 415."

Email from 'Mac' ( July 2010 :
I have been working on these families for a few years, Daniel McFarland of Worcester is related by DNA to Robert McFarlane/McFarland who came thru Philly, into Lancaster PA (and later into VA, Augusta Co) ca 1717-1718. Of course Duncan McFarland of Rutland (also Mass) has long been rumored to be the brother of Daniel McFarland died 1738 Worcester Mass.



b. 1705 in County Tyrone, Ireland


b. About 1708 in Ireland



b. About 1710 in Ireland


b. About 1714 in (, Buck, Pa)


b. About 1716 in (, Buck, Pa)


b. 14 Apr 1720 in Buck Co., PA