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{sjt#2-1}From the records of Jerry J. Johnson:

Samuel (Arthur or M.) Mcfarland and Pricilla Morrow (Jane D. on tombstone - Jane M. on census)

Samuel McFarland was born in Cocke County, Tennessee in 1800. Died in Oatmeal, Texas on March 11, 1861. records in Burnet County courthouse lists Samuel as a surveyor and a farmer. Received grant of land from state of Texas on May 19. 1856. He came to Texas from Missouri by 1850 where he is listed on the census in Williamson County, Texas which later became Burnet County as per national archives, Page 3384, Microfilm schedule I, Milham and Williamson district. The spelling of the McFarland name seems to have changed with Francis Marion's children. All records before 1900 show McFarland with a small F.

Pricilla Jane Morrow was born in Madison County, Tennessee in October, 1805. Died in Burnet County, Texas on November 8, 1879. Samuel and wife Jane buried in Mt. Zion Cemetary 5 miles South and 1 mile West of Bertram, Texas off old Burtnet to Bertram highway. Three graves in a row - other stone has Samuel W. McFarland, born December 19, 1855, departed this life October, 1857.

Samuel married first to Ann Conway - child Mary (Polly) born in 1823 in Missouri. Mary married John Barton in Bertram, Texas.

Sources of Information: Census records, Burnet courthouse, Bible, and Tombstones. Information on this sketch furnished by Kitty McFarland who has done an extensive genealogy study.

I found this info on the web site provided by the Mormons. There is a 1 year difference in the birth date of the daughter and the mothers name has the first and middle name switched.
Husband's Name
Born: 1800 Place: , Cooke Co, Tenn
Died: 11 Mar 1861 Place: , Burnet Co, TX
Married: 15 Sep 1824 Place: New Lebanon, Cooper Co, MO
Wife's Name
Jane Pricilla MORROW (AFN:JPB0-BQ)
Born: 1805 Place: , Madison Co, Tenn
Died: 8 Nov 1879 Place: , Burnet Co, TX
Married: 15 Sep 1824 Place: New Lebanon, Cooper Co, MO
Born: 7 Jan 1824 Place: Johnson Co, MO
Died: 12 Aug 1905 Place: Mt. Zion Comm, Burnet Co, TX
Buried: Place: Old Burnet Cem, Burnet Co, TX

{sjt#6-1} Tons of info came from Martha McHann, I think she had a website which I contacted her about. There are many differences between her data and Jerry Johnsons. Most notibly :1) she has Mary Polly McFarland as a daughter of Samual Mcfarland & Jane Morrow where Jerry Johnson doesn't; 2) She  does not have Samual Walter McFarland as a son of Samual Mcfarland & Jane Morrow.  It does seen odd that Jerry Johnsons info has two Samuals as siblings.

She sent an address: Neil McFarland (& Tamara) who according to the note is the (great?)grandson of Samuel Walter McFarland [who was] oldest son of Francis Marion McFarland.  I assume this was the source of her info (I gather she is a mormon looking for names to baptize), I tried to email him to ask him about his references but there was no reply. A phone number was included in the note but I have not yet tried it.

Lots of Morrow people here from TN:



Info from Jerry Johnson: Born 1832 in Missouri, died 1897. Married Maria Ingle and had four children.

Info from Martha Hann:

James Gillis McFarland, born 27 Sep, 1830 at Lafayette, MO. Died 1897. Married Mariah Tabitha Scott on 29 Nov 1855 at Oatmeal, Buenet, TX. Mariah Tabiatha Scott was born 6 Mar, 1835 in Osage Co., MO and died 20Jan1924 in Tucson Arizona. Buried at Oatmeal Cem., Oatmeal, Burnet, TX. Mariah had a previous marriage to Edward J Ingle by which she had the child Elizabeth Ingle (b. 21Oct1851, Milam Co TX, d.13Jul1880, Oatmeal, TX, bur. Oatmeal Cem.) and a later marriage to Lewis Thomas (m. 22Oct1883). Four Children:

1) John Gillis McFarland, 2) Mary Margaret McFarland, 3) Josephine McFarland, 4) Florence A McFarland



Info from Jerry Johnson: Born 1833 in Missouri. Married James C. Hill. Had ten children.

Info from Martha Hann:
Sarah Ann McFarland, born 12 Nov, 1833 at Lafayette, MO. Died 28 Mar, 1917 and buried at Mt Zion Cem, Bertram, Burnet, TX. Married James Carmichael Hill (b 21 Mar1827, TN. D. 3Mar1906. Buried Mt Zion Cem, Burnet, TX.) on 24Jul,1849 in Lafayette, MO. Thirteen children: 1) Mary Jane Hill, 2) Robert William Hill, 3) Louiza Hill, 4) Catherine Pricilla Hill, 5) Susan A Hill, 6) Margaret Elizabeth Hill, 7) Sarah Arbell Hill, 8) Fannie Hill, 9) Melcenia Hill, 10) James J Hill, 11) Plesant Isaac Hill, 12) Mary Annie Hill, 13) Carrie Louvenia Hill.



Info from Jerry Johnson: Born 1835 in Missouri. Married Robert Alexander. They were married by 1863.

Info from Martha Hann:

Lucenda G McFarland Born 18 Mar, 1835 at Centerview, Johnson, Missouri. Died 22 May, 1878 at Burnet, TX. Burried Old Burnet Cem, Burnet, TX. Married Robert Alexander on 6 Nov, 1851 at Williamson, TX. Robert was born 6 Mar, 1828 Washington, Arkansas. He died 19 Jan 1902 at White Oaks, Lincon, NM and is buried at Old Burnet Cem, Burnet, TX. his Father was Samuel Stevenson Alexander and his mother was Thurza Ross. Four Children:

1) Thurza Jane Alexander, born 11Dec1852 at Georgetown, Williamson, TX. Died 10Jan1928 at Hot Springs, Sierra, NM. Buried 11Jan1928 at Hot Springs, Sierra, NM. Married twice.

First marriage: David Haynie on 25 Sep 1872, Burnet, TX. b 10Nov1845, Giles, TN, d 31Aug1892, at Marble Falls, Burnet, TX. Four children:
i) Kattie Mae Haynie, b 19Aug 1873, Burnet, TX, d 11Oct1885, Burnet, TX,
ii) Robert Daniel Haynie, b 19Jul1875 at Burnet TX, died 6Mar1934 ElPaso, TX, buried 8Mar 1934 at Hot Springs, Sierra, NM. Married Mattie J Thorp (b 23Nov1876 at Round Mt, Blanco, TX, d 16Jun1968, Carmichael, Sacramento, CA, buried 18Jun1968 Hot Springs, Sierra, NM, Father was Gideon Cowan Thorp, mother was Sarah Eliza Bird) on 16Aug1896 at Marble falls, Burnet, TX. Eight children: Lee Roy Haynie (b 19Apr1898 at Ruidoso, Lincon,NM, d 5Oct157 at Sacramento, CA, m Fannie Lucille Selman on 3Mar1931 in Mexico), Delmar Virgil Haynie (b 1Jul1900 at Round Mountain, Blanco,TX, d 17Feb1958 at Wite Sands, NM, bur. Hot Springs, Sierra, NM, m Edrie V Maxwell on 12 Sep 1921 at Buckhorn, Grant, NM), Ollie Bell or Sue Haynie (b 12May1903 at Angus, Lincon, NM, d 7Dec1966 at Silver City, Grant, NM. m Luther Webb or Al Gaines on 7Jun1926 at El Paso TX), Lois Ruth Haynie (b 23Aug1905 at Round Mt, Blanco, TX, d 17Jan1989 at Placerville, El Dorado, CA, m Milton Carrier Bourne on 1May1921 at Buckhorn, Grant, NM), Kattie Mae Haynie (b 10Jul1908 at nogal, Lincon, NM, d 6Jun1923 at Hot Springs, Sierra, NM), Retha Rauline Haynie (b 16Nov1910 at Capitan, Lincon, NM, m Leon Arnold on 19May1930 at Las Cruces, Dona Ana, NM), Charles Raymond Haynie (b 9Jul1915 at Buckhorn, Grant, NM, d 28Apr1969 at Sacramento, CA, m Eulala Betty Kime on 1Sep1939 at Carson City, Ormsby, NV), Mary Elizabeth Haynie (b19Jul1918 at Buckhorn, Grant, NM, d 6Jan1996 at Sierra Medical, El Paso, TX, bur. 9Jan1996 at Restlawn, El Paso, TX, m1 Amos William Johnson, 30Mar1947 at El Paso, TX, m2 Ralph Elijah Ford, 17Aug1940 at Santa Rita, Grant, NM).
iii) Lou may Haynie, b 3Jan1878 at Burnet, TX, d 7Oct1956 Sacramento, CA. Married Alison Highfall (b 26May, d 3Aug1959 at Sacramento, CA) on 10Oct1893 at marble Falls, Bunet, TX. Four children: Lena B Highfall (b 17Aug1894 at Marble Falls, Burnet, TX, d El Pso, TX, bur Restlawn, Elpaso, TX, m Clyde W Pittman on 15Mar1914), Lola Highfall (b 29Nov1896 at Alto, NM), Clyde Watson Highfall (b 6Sep1900 at White Oaks, NM, d 21May1964 at Sacramento, CA, m Alice Love Bihl on 21Aug1920 at San Angelo, TX), Ray Albert Highfall (b 21Jun1903 at Captian, NM, 5Jun1962 at Sacramento, CA).
iv) Albert Frank Haynie, b 12Oct1880, Burnet, TX, d 10Jan1900 white Oak, Lincon, NM.

Second marriage: Joseph Moore (b 15Aug1841 in Cocke, TN, d 3Jun1870 Burnet, TX, buried Old Burnet cem, Burnet, TX), on 7 Jan1870 at Burnet TX.

2) Isabell or Bell Alexander, born 4Sep1854, Williamson, TX, died 25Sep1937 at Houston, TX, buried at Houston,TX. Married Sam Leffingwell in 1873 in Texas.

3) Eliza Ann Alexander, born 8Nov1857 at Burnet, TX, died 31Jan1946, Buried at Long Beach CA. Married D L Emmett

4) Frank B Alexander, born 27Jan1860 at Burnet, TX. Died 12Feb1936. Buried at Jackson, CA. Married Ollie M Walk (b 16Dec1860, d 10Apr1895, bur. Old Burnet Cem, Burnet,TX) in 1888 at Spearfish, South Dakota. Three Children:
a. Floyd Carl Alexander, b 13Mar1890, Tampa, FL, d 8Oct1969 Sutter Creek, Amador, CA, bur. Jackson, Amador, CA, m Minnie Frances Bourne (b 30Dec1886 at Nogal, Lincon, NM, d 5Nov1982 at Jackson, Amador, CA, bur. 8Nov1982 at Jackson, Amador,CA) 7Sep1916 at Silver City, NM. Child: Norne B Alexander (b 11dec1929 at Sacramento, Yolo, CA, m Robert Olsen Rupley on 19Apr1953 at Jackson, CA).
b. Bertha B Alexander, b 11 Apr1892, Burnet, TX, d 13Nov1966, Jackson, CA, m Charles Parks 28Jan1916 at Cliff, NM.
c. George Jackson Alexander, b 2Jul1893 at Burnet, TX, d 25Jul1968, bur. Jackson, CA, m Annie York (b 1900, d Feb1934 in NM, buried Douglas, AZ), 21Oct1915 at Silver City, NM. Five children: Frank Jackson Alexander (b 18Nov1917, d 1990), Cora Belle Corky Alexander (b 4Oct1919), Sam Alfred Alexander, Mildred Blance Alexander (b18Jan1924), Floyd Charles Alexander (b 1927, d Nov1969).


Info from Jerry Johnson: Born 1837 in Missouri, died 1895 in Burnet, TX. Married Sarah Harris and later Mary Calvert. One child.

Info from Martha Hann:

George Jackson Mcfarland. Born 1 Feb, 1828 at Lafayette, MO. Died 3 May 1895. Buried at Old Burnet Cem, Burnet TX. Three Marriages:
 1) Cordelia Ann Butler (Father was Nicholas Butler, mother was Mary). Had child Thomas Marion McFarland (b 21Nov1854 at Hamilton, Burnet, TX, died 11Feb1935 at Harlingen,TX. Married Martha Jane Adkins on 11Mar1875.
 2) Sarah, (born in Kentucky) married on 14Feb1855. Three children: Joseph Harris (born in TX), Belle McFarland (b 30May1860,TX. d. 10Apr1876. buried at Old urnet Cem, Burnet, TX.), William McFarland (born 1863 in TX).
 3) Mary Jane Carruth, born 21Nov1849 at Atlanta Georgia, died 25Nov1928 in Yerington, Nevada. Married 12Aug1877 at Burnet, TX Father was Sander Danahue Carruth, mother was Mary roper. Four children: harrison McFarland (17Apr1878-28Apr1878), Jeff Mcfarland (b. 11 Apr 1879, d. 27 Mar1887, buried at Old Burnet Cem, Burnet, TX), Fred McFarland(28Apr1885-25Jun1973, m. Gertie Murchison), Lula McFarland (m. Shannon).


Info from Jerry Johnson: Born 1839 in Missouri, died 1902 in Burnet, TX. Married Musidore Roundtree. Had eight children. Called 'Quack' Doc.

Info from Martha Hann:

Samuel King McFarland Born 6 Sep, 1837 at Centerview, Johnson, Missouri. Died 7 Jun 1901. Burried Old Burnet Cem, Burnet, TX. Married Musadore Louisa Rowntree 13 Jun 1854 at Burnet TX. Musadore was born 31 Oct 1837 in Alabama and died 11 Nov 1921 in Burnet TX and is buried at Old Burnet Cem, Burnet. Nine Children:

1) Samuel Lewis McFarland, b 7 Apr 1855, d Jan 1930, buried Oklahoma City, OK. Married Mary Alice Bean on 10 Oct 1877 at Lampasas County, TX.
2) Martha Amoretta McFarland, b 1856 in Burnet, TX.
3) Rufus J McFarland, b 9 Apr 1858 in Burnet, TX. d 12 Jul 1944, buried at Odd Fellows', Burnet, TX. Married Cora Edna Jones in 1884.
4) Amanda O McFarland, b 2 May 1864 at Burnet, TX. d 17 Mar 1886. Buried at Old Burnet, Burnet, TX.
5) Ira McFarland, died young.
6) Emily Jane McFarland, died young.
7) William A McFarland, b 28 Sep 1875 at Burnet, TX. Married Bessie MCoy.
8) Robert Ray McFarland, b 3 Aug 1878 at Burnet, TX, d 1 Dec 1944, buried at Cleburne, TX. Married Mary Thomas Debo on 23 Apr 1899 at Burnet County, TX. Mary was b 23 Dec 1876 at Burnet County, TX and died 24 May 1932 at Cleburne, TX. Seven children: a) Clara Louise McFarland, b 27 Feb 1900, died 7 May 1900; b) Flora McFarland, b 7 Apr 1901; c) James Dorr McFarland, b 7 Feb 1903; d) Clarence Alexander McFarland, b 14 Feb 1905, d 4 Sep 1975; e) Samuel Louis McFarland, b 27 Dec 1906; f) Lora Ruth McFarland, b 2 Aug 1909; g) Nellie Elvira McFarland, b 23 Oct 1911.
9) Hiram McFarland, died young.


Info from Jerry Johnson: Born 1843 in Missouri, died after1880 . Married Jennie?

Info from Martha Hann:

William B McFarland, born 1843 at Centerview, Johnson, Missouri.  Marriage 1) Tennie or Jennie (b 1844 in Missouri). Marriage 2) Mary J Davis on 6 Mar 1862 at Williamson, TX. Three children by marriage #1: 1) PJ McFarland, b 1863 in TX; 2) Ada McFarland, b 1865 in TX; 3) William McFarland, b 1868 in TX.


Info from Jerry Johnson: Born 1846-47 in Missouri, died 1906 in Crowley, LA. married Valenda Anna Bowmer. Francis Marion may not be in family but he is buried by Jane M. and 1st Samuel.

Info from Martha Hann:

Francis Marion McFarland, b 29Dec 1847 at Centerview, Johnson, Missouri, died 21 Sep 1906, buried Old Protestant, Crowly, LA. Married Valenda Anna Bowner on 15 Dec 1864 in Burnet, TX. Valenda was born 22 Dec 1842 at Johnson County, Missouri and died 27 Jan 1928 at Elton, LA. Buried at China Cemetery. Her father was Samuel Seller Bowner and her mother was Fielding. They had ten children:
1) Samuel Walter McFarland, b 8 Nov 1865 at Burnet, TX, d 14 Jan 1937 at Beaumont, TX. Married Sadonia Amy on 20 Dec 1892 at Crowley, Acadia, LA.
2) Lula McFarland, b 24 Jul 1869 at Burnet, TX, d 24 Apr 1870.
3) Ada McFarland, b 16 Oct 1871 at Burnet, TX, d 20 Apr 1873.
4) Hattie Bell McFarland, b 8 Jun 1873 at Burnet, TX, d 25 Oct 1961 at Crowley, LA, buried Pleasant Valley Cem, Burnet, TX. Married George Jasper Kinser on 20 Dec 1892. George was born 28 Apr 1860 in TN and died 14 Jul 1938 at Burnet TX. Buried at Pleasant Valley Cem, Burnet, TX. Six children: a) Clyder Kinser who married Leta Darbonne; b) Minnie Kinser; c) Frank Kinser; d) George Kinser; e) Ruby Kinser; f) infant
5) George McFarland, b 1875 at Burnet, TX.
6) Francis Sterling McFarland, b 7 Apr 1876 at Burnet, TX, d 6 Aug 1916 at Elton, LA, burried in China Cem. Married Aimea May Bertrand on 14 Aug 1909 at Elton, LA.
7) Mary Elizabeth McFarland, b 28 Feb 1880 at Burnet, TX, d 8 Aug 1959 at Port Arthur, TX. Married James Hamilton Clark on 1 Sep 1901.
8) Sarah Alma or Sally McFarland, b 21 Jan 1882 at Burnet, TX, d 9 Feb 1962 at League City, TX. Married Perry James Johnson on 4 Sep 1899 at Crowley, LA.
9) James Watson or Jim McFarland. b 16 Jan 1889 at Burnet, TX, d 12 Mar 1948 at Bertram, buried Burnet Cem, Burnet, TX. Married Lyda Annetta Alysworth on 25 May 1912 at Elton, LA.


(From Jerry Johnson only)

Info from Jerry Johnson: Born 1855 in Oatmeal, TX, died 1857 in Oatmeal, TX.

(From Martha McHann only)

Info from Martha Hann:

Mary Polly McFarland

Born 7, Jan 1824 in Lafayette, Missouri. Died 12 Aug 1905 Burnet TX. Buried in Old Burnet Cem., Burnet, TX. Spouse: John Barton, Born 12, Feb 1821 in Jefferson Co., TN. Died 17 Oct, 1885 in Burnet TX. Buried in Old Burnet Cem., Burnet, TX. Married 4 Sep, 1845 in Johnson Co., Missouri


Margaret A Barton, Born 17,June 1847 in Johnson Co MO. Died 5, Jan 1921 in Burnet TX. Buried Mt Zion Cem., Bertram, Burnet Co, TX. Marriage 1: 6 feb, 1862 in Burnet TX, to Theopholus Birkett (Buck) Bowmer. Born 1 Jun, 1836 at Johnson Co, MO. Died 18 Feb, 1872. Burried at Round Rock Cem., Williamson Co., TX. Four Children:

1) Mary C or Mollie Bowmer. B 20 Mar, 1866 at Burnet TX. D. 3 Aug 1900 in Burnet TX. Buried at Bear Creek Cem, Bertram, TX. Married Allen Jewell Ater (17Feb1857-22May1937, B. Bear Creek Cem, Bertram, TX) on 2 Jan, 1884. Children: Ralph H Ater (M Nannie P Johnson, 12Feb1907), Fred Ater, Kate Ater (M I C Huff, 20Aug1907), Clement Ater, Hubert Ater, Bowmer Ater.

2) Robert Ray Bowmer. B 4 Dec, 1867 at Burnet, TX. Died 17, Dec 1958 at Burnet TX. Buried Mt Zion Cem., Bertram, Burnet Co, TX. Married Fannie Ellett (10Jun1879-27May1924 B Mt Zion Cem, Burnet TX) in 17 Nov, 1897. Children: Ray Forrest Bowmer (18Dec1898-1966), Jesse Hanes Bowmer(b 5Aug1908, m Long), Robert Hudson Bowmer (b 15Oct1916(m Winne Lois Hahn on 19May1939).

3) Thomas Sellers Bowmar. B. 5 Jam 1870 at Burnet, TX. D. 1 Nov 1943. Buried at Mt Zion Cem., Bertram, Burnet Co, TX. Married Nannie Elizabeth Hagan (9Dec1879-20Aug1953 buried at Mt Zion Cem Burnet TX) on 17 Jan 1897. Children: Vernon Edward Bowmer (Oct1899-Oct1899 b Mt Zion Cem, Burnet TX), Joseph Seller Bowmer (19Apr1901-8Oct1969, m Ethel Warwick), Leva Mae Bowmer (b 2Feb1907 buried at Post Mt. Cem. Burnet TX, m 19Oct1925 to Aron Ross Daugherty), Mary Marquerite Bowmer (b 24 Apr 1910, m George T Newlin on 19Jul1930), Nannie Auline Bowmer (b19Oct1913, m1: George P Moore on 3Oct1933, m2: Frank Clendennen), R T Bowmer (b 24May1915, m Rosa Mae Matthew on 5Oct1935), ? Bowmer (b 19Sep1919).

4) William Thephilus (Thee) Bowmer. B 28 Apr, 1872 at Burnet, TX. D 15 Mar, 1958. Buried at Mt Zion Cem., Bertram, Burnet Co, TX. Married 1) Mary Reed (1879-1903, buried Mt Zion Cem,Burnet TX) on 20 Jan 1897; 2) Annie Easter Ellett (2may 1884-17Jan1954, buried Mt Zion Cem,Burnet TX) on 9 Dec 1906. Children from Annie: Alton T Bowmer (30Aug1903-30Aug1903), Charles Burkett Bowmer (b 7Sep1910, m Susie Boyce on 29Dec1929), Sallie Roberta Bowmer (b 4 Oct1913m Frank Wilson).

Marriage 2: 10, Nov 1880 to Jesse W Warden (25Jul1855-17Aug1936, Father was J W Warden, Mother was Easter). Children:
1) Dena Barbra Waden (20Aug1881-17Jun1972, buried Mt Zion Cem,Burnet TX, m David Phillip Culton on 7Nov1900),
2) Nora E Warden (23Feb1885-24Dec1956, buried Mt Zion Cem,Burnet TX, m Lawrence Lamon Beal on 16Dec1906)

Robert T Barton, Born 1848 in Johnson, Missouri. Died 1929 and buried at Mt Zion Cem., Bertram, Burnet Co, TX.

Sarah E Barton, Born 29 April, 1850 at Williamson, TX. Doed 23 Mar, 1937 at Bertam, Burnet Co, TX. Buried at Bear Creek Cem, Bertram, TX Married Thomas Davis Vaughan(18Feb1841-28Jul1913, b Bear Creek Cem, Bertram, TX, Father was Alexander Vaughan, Mother was Nancy H Davis) on 4 Nov, 1869 at Burnet TX. Seven Children:
1) Mary Nancy Vaughan born, 7Nov1870 at Burnet TX, died 26Sep1941, buried at Bear Creek Cem, Bertram, TX. Married Hubert E Magill on 15Jul1891.
2) Leora Vaughan, born 29 May 1873, died 1957. Married W O Barton, 1893.
3) Stella Vaughan, born 11Apr1875 at Cedar mills, Grayson, TX. Died 1928. married B F Ellis.
4) Lucille Vaughan, born 26Sep1880 at Cedar Mills, Grayson, TX. Died 13feb1972 at Higgins, TX. Married Claude R Patton, 7Jun1911.
5) Elizabeth Maud Vaughan, born 15Jul1888(1887) at Bertram, Burnet, TX. Died 23Jan1973. Buried Bear Creek Cem, Bertram, Burnet Co., TX. Married Thomas Jefferson Taylor on 18Dec1904.
6) Thomas Davis Vaughan Jr., born 7Jan1890 at Bertram, Burnet, TX. Died 1July1961. Buried at Bear Creek Cem. Betram, Burnet, TX. Married Frances Campbell on 25 Aug1919.
7) John Alexander Vaughan, born 26Apr1892 at Bertram, Burnet, TX. Died 21Oct1942. Buried at Bear Creek Cem. Betram, Burnet, TX. Married Doris Pope on 13May1915.

Hanna Jane or Jennie Barton, Born 9 Dec, 1852 at Williamson, TX. Died 13 Feb 1917 at Burnet Co., TX. Buried at Mt Zion Cem., Bertram, Burnet Co, TX. Married Charles Birkett Kincheloe (b. 18Jun1856 at Williamson, Co TX, died 11Dec1918, buried Mt Zion Cem, Burnet, TX. Father was Lewis Clark Kincheloe, mother was Margret Ruth Bowmer) on 11 Jan, 1877 at Burnet, TX. Six Children:
1) John Lewis Kincheloe, born 31mar1878 at Burnet, TX, died 11Jun1897, buried at Mt Zion Cem, Burnet, TX.
2) Della Davis Kincheloe, born 1Sep1881, died 28Jul1970, buried at Mt Zion Cem, Burnet, TX.
3) Charles Ripple Kincheloe, born 20Dec1883, died 28Jul1946 at San Angelo, TX, bureid at Fairmount Cem. Married Maude Muller McClish on 23Dec1906.
4) Mary Ruth Kincheloe, born 13Jun1886, died 30Dec1976, buried at Mt Zion Cem, Burnet, TX. Married Marvin Webb
5) Robert T Kincheloe, born 18Jun1889, died 4Aug1903
6) Dora Eva Kincheloe, born 22Jan1892, died 28Jan1975, buried at Mt Zion Cem, Burnet, TX., Married Perry Massey.