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The names Joseph and Magdeline White came from the pages of some book, P 578.

Came from Logansport Indiana? Logansport, IN is in Cass County.

{sjt#1-20} A pedigree sheet for Charles Kelsey: Joseph Steis was b Nov 7, 1830 in Germany, died in Monterey 1899.  "Mary" White was born in Germany in 1831 and died 1875. Burried in Old Catholic cemetery in an unmarked grave. There seem to be some errors on this sheet so this data is questionable -SJT.
The Rochester Sentinel -- Wednesday, February 10, 1892  Mrs. Hattie Stis, of Monterey, died Firday evening and was buried Sunday morning at Leiters Ford. (Delong)
This sounds like it is the right Mary Steis:

From the 1860 United States Federal Census:
Name: Mary Steis
Age in 1860: 30
Birth Year: abt 1830
Post Office: Monterey
Residence: 1860 - city, Pulaski, Indiana

From Roberta Thomas, found in the [W.E.] Kelsey Journals: On Jan. 10th 1911 he paid to H. A. Steis, atty Jefferson Building South Bend, Ind. $15.00. All I can guess it would be a relative he did business with.

"I found a 50year old address of Anna Steis. 107 N. Ashland Ave. La Grange,Ill."

{sjt#1-25} Part of an Email from Midge (Mary (Kelsey) Richter's daughter) to Roberta (Kelsey) Thomas: Had Mom remember some stuff a while back and just now found it on the desk. ... Lena Collins Connerdine Collins daughter by her 1st marriage. Connerdine is Paul's age. There is a Lizzie. Grandma Kelsey (Laney) sister's name was Lizzie Rearick. Aunt Mary Meyers named her daughter after Lizzie and she had a daughter named Caroline. Lena Collins was Lizzie Rearick's daughter that maried Rat Scheuer who is the brother of Florence (Scheuer) Hunneshagen.  ....

Does this make sense? How can Lena Collins be the daughter of both Lizzie Rearick and Connerdine Collins?  -SJT

From "Counties of White and Pulaski Counties, Indiana - City of Winamac" by F.A. Battey & Co. - published in 1883.

JOSEPH M. STEIS, County Recorder, is a native of Tippecanoe Township, this county, and was born February 16, 1854. He is a son of Joh Steis, a grain merchant of Winamac. Joseph M. Steis was reared to manhood in Pulaski County, and it has been his home chiefly through life. He received a good common education in youth, finishing at a Roman Catholic school in Logansport. For two years, he was employed as clerk in Winamac, then entered the employ of J.P. Barnett, station agent. He remained in Mr. Barnett’s employ three years, and the last year learned telegraphy. In June, 1872, being then only eighteen years old, he was made night operator at Winamac, and he retained this position four years and eight months. He was then sent to Washington Heights, Ill., and made day operator for the two roads crossing at that place. Wishing to be in business nearer home, he resigned his position at the end of a year and a half and became a clerk in the store of Keller, Bouslog & Co., of Winamac. In 1880, he was the Democratic nominee for the office of County Recorder, and the same fall was duly elected. He served as Deputy County Recorder for two months after leaving the employ of Keller, Bouslog & Co., and May 25, 1881, took full charge of the office. Mr. Steis was married November 28, 1876, to Miss Mary Behm, of Tiffin, Ohio, and to their union have been born three children - Albenia, born November 3, 1877; Albert, January 14, 1879, and John, May 8, 1880. The parents are members of the Roman Catholic Church of Winamac.

John Steis is the father, Joseph the son.

This is obviously the wrong Joseph Steis, perhaps a nephew of the correct one. The dates are wrong and it does not mention Helena (born 1860) as a child. No mention of Magdeline White in here either. The Joseph Steis I am looking for was born in Germany in 1830. -SJT

I found 65 Steis phone numbers for all of the US (most in PA). One in Indiana. If Bob Keitzer does not have the Steis line, I'll make some calls. -SJT

An interesting note from Sandy Avery (April 2012):
I am doing genealogy on the Meyer family whom Mary Steis married into. Her husband was Blasius Meyer, brother to my great grandmother, Mary Magdalene Meyer who married Frank Anthony Meyer. This family came from Mothern, Alsace, France. Story we have is that Blasius & Mary M.'s mother committed suicide[Magdeline White - sjt] & their dad, Joseph brought them to USA. They settled Logansport, IN, then my bunch eventually made their way to Major Co, OK. We have been searching for Blasius' family for years, found his & Mary's names from census some years ago & found 2 of their kids names I believe from church baptism records. Just this past Sat. evening my daughter started using & found a whole lot more on the family & this morn. I found these pics of the Steis family with Mary. Do you have more info on Mary's family that you would be willing to share? What we'd REALLY like to know is what was Blasius in insane asylum & prison for! Anything else too but really really curious about what happened to Blasius. Do they have great or great great grandchildren that we could contact? Thank you, Sandy Avery of Okla. City, OK 



Born Apr 13, 1860. Married William E. Kelsey



Had no children.


Married Nellie, had two children Rudolph (Rudy) and Ethel. Rudy died young, Ethel married Reddington but had no children.

The News-Sentinel, Thursday, April 28, 1938
Winamac, Ind., April 28. -- John STEIS, 71, retired hardware dealer, passed away suddenly at his home in Monterey Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock.
The deceased, who for a number of years had operated a hardware store in Monterey, was a lifelong resident of that community.
Surviving are the widow, Nellie [STEIS]; and a daughter, Mrs. Ethel REDDINGTON, Gary.


Married Mark Rearick. Ran the stable in Monterey. Had 3 daughters. One was Connerdine who married a Smith who worked for Ford.


Married Belasis Meyer.  She died young.  Lived in Chicago. Had one daughter who married a Holland (from Charles Kelsey)

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