Robert Lumpkin was born on 11/25/1756 in Virginia and died 11/12/1842 probably in Randolph County, Indiana.

Elizabeth Forrest was born on 11/25/1766 and died 8/3/1884.

They were married 4/15/1784.

Resided in Pittsylvania County, Va., accoring to the first Census taken in Virginia between 1782-5. Later he was living in Knox County, Tenn., where he lived till 1830, when he went to Randolph County, Indiana.

According to the Pittsylvania County Records, on March 21, 1792, George Lumpkin of Wilkes County, Ga. gives a power of attorney to his son Robert Lumpkin of Virginia.

The Revolutionary records of Virginia are very incomplete. While no record of his service has been found, his desendants possess two bills for $200 and $250, issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. This Virginia Currency is said to have been received by Robert Lumpkin for his services during the Revolutionary War.

From the Mormon family search:
Husband's Name
Born: 25 Nov 1756 Place: , King & Queen, VA
Died: 12 Nov 1842 Place: , Randolph, IN
Buried: Place: Losantville Cmty, Randolph, IN
Married: 1 Nov 1784 Place: , Halifax, VA
Father: George LUMPKIN (AFN:L6TF-P1)
Mother: Mary CODY (AFN:L6TF-Q6)
Wife's Name
Born: 25 Nov 1766 Place: , Halifax, VA
Died: 3 Aug 1848 Place: , Randolph, IN
Buried: Place: Losantville Cem, Randolph, IN
Married: 1 Nov 1784 Place: , Halifax, VA
Father: Richard FORREST (AFN:L6TH-LR)
Mother: Elizabeth OLIVER (AFN:L6TH-MX)
Born: 3 Dec 1786 Place: , , Halifax, VA
Died: Abt. 1860 Place: , , McNairy, TN
Born: 17 Mar 1788 Place: , Halifax, VA
Born: 5 Nov 1793 Place: , Halifax, VA
Born: 12 Jan 1796 Place: , Halifax, VA
Died: 26 Mar 1872 Place: , , IN
Buried: Place: Small Cemetery, Dalton, Randolph, IN
5. M Richard LUMPKIN (AFN:L6TH-0N)
Born: 12 Oct 1798 Place: , Halifax, VA
6. M William Moore LUMPKIN (AFN:L6TH-21)
Born: 12 Nov 1800 Place: , Knox, TN
7. F Elizabeth LUMPKIN (AFN:L6TH-5J)
Born: 10 Aug 1803 Place: , Knox, TN
8. M Washington LUMPKIN (AFN:L6TG-CF)
Born: 15 Jan 1806 Place: , Knox, TN
9. F Nancy LUMPKIN (AFN:L6TH-7V)
Born: 27 Jan 1809 Place: , Knox, TN
Died: 1895 Place: , , IN
10. M Anderson LUMPKIN (AFN:L6TH-82)
Born: 2 Jun 1812 Place: , Knox, TN
Died: 28 Mar 1899 Place: Clarinda, Page, IA
11. M Richard LUMPKIN (AFN:1XDQ-3XJ)
Born: 20 Dec 1821 Place: , Knox, TN
Born: 8 Sep 1791 Place: , Halifax, VA
Died: 10 Jun 1870 Place: Dalton Twp., Randolph, IN
Buried: Place: West River Cem, Wayne, IN

W.J. Carrington's "History of Halifax County, Virginia," (1924) on page 395 contains the marriage record of robert Lumpkin and Elizabeth as Follows: "1784 April 15, Robert Lumpkin--E. Forrest (married by N. Hall). According to Semples's "History of the Baptists in Virginia (1810), p. 246, Nathaniel Hall was a Baptist Minister at Catawba from 1777 to 1785.

The Marriage Record of Knox County, Tennesse, published in the Tennessee Historical Magazine in 1920, Vol 6 pp. 58, 67, 189, contains the following:
Buckhart, Juseph to Sally Lumpkin, 11, Aug. 1912 (p.58)
Howard, Thomas to Polly Lumpkin 15 Sep. 1819. (p.57)
Lumpkin, Richard to Revecca Juslin, 19 Dec.1821 (p.189)
Polly Lumpkin was proably the oldest daughter, Mary.

"Lumpkin Lore" by L.L. Cody (1928) pp. 8, 9, 44.
"Heads of Families, First U. S. Census, 1790 Virginia, p. 41.
Carrington's History of Halifax County, (1924) p. 395

Births below are from the Anderson Lumpkin's Family Bible.

The records of the births are from the Anderson Lumpkin's Family Bible.

Some info from Karen (Bray) Keeley (  about Anderson Lumpkin.

I've been doing more research, and thought you might like additional information about Anderson Lumpkin, particularly details about his six youngest children by his 4th wife Annie Springer, as well as details about his 2nd and 3rd wives. You can also see the info. at (my online database).

His second wife, Eliza, was listed with him in the 1860 census (Eliza Lumpkins, age 48, born in Kentucky). I haven't found their marriage date but he wasn't yet married to her when the 1856 Iowa State Census was taken, so their marriage must have been of short duration. The BURLINGTON WEEKLY HAWKEYE (Burlington, Des Moines Co., Iowa newspaper) reported the following on 30 June 1860:

"Suicide at Fort Dodge.- The Sentinel of the 16th reports that Mrs. Eliza Lumpkins, a well and favorably known woman of that place, committed suicide by hanging herself a few days ago. She had become deranged."


I think Eliza had been previously married to a Mr. BUSH, so was a widow and probably childless when she married Anderson (naturally he would have wanted to remarry as soon as possible after his first wife's death in 1854....being a widower with 7 young children would be very difficult as a farmer/homesteader on the frontier!).

After Eliza's death he married a woman named Rhoda (marriage of Anderson Lumpkins and Mrs. Rhoda Barber recorded 4 Mar 1863 in Webster County, Iowa). Barber wasn't her maiden research has shown that it was either SEELY, or (more likely) SEELY was the surname of her first husband, and James BARBER was her second husband (Rhoda SEELY and James BARBER were married 26 Dec 1844 in Portage Co., Ohio; then James & Rhoda BARBER are found in the 1850 census in Crawford Co., Pennsylvania (just east of Portage Co., Ohio) with 4 children, 2 of whom are apparently from his previous marriage. Next James & Roda BARBER are in the 1860 census in Webster Co., Iowa with two of the same children plus 3 more.....then James BARBER died 11 Apr 1862 in Webster County according to "Iowa Cemetery Records" at when Rhoda married Anderson LUMPKIN 4 Mar 1863 it was probably the third marriage for both of them. The 1870 census in Douglas Township, Webster County, Iowa shows "A. Lumpkin", 58, his wife "R. Lumpkin" 45, with 4 Lumpkin children, 2 Barber children, and one other.'s "Iowa Cemetery Records" database, p. 91A, shows that Rhoda LUMPKIN (Mrs. A. LUMPKIN) died 5 May 1873 at age 58 in Douglas township, Webster County, Iowa.

Apparently there were no children by his marriages to Eliza and Rhoda.

As his obituary states, in 1874 Anderson Lumpkin "married Miss Annie Springer, of Fort Dodge, to whom six children were born and survive him." Iowa marriage records show that the marriage to Annie Springer occurred 5 Nov 1874 in Fort Dodge. He was 62 and she was not yet 19 (wouldn't that be against the law today?).

The book ANCESTORS & DESCENDANTS OF ROBERT LUMPKIN AND HIS WIFE ELIZABETH (FORREST) LUMPKIN, compiled by Ira W. Hepperly (1968) mistakenly gives her name as "Anne SCHEY" (incorrect). All other records show her as Anna (nicknamed "Annie") SPRINGER. According to her Idaho death certificate, her name at death was Anna Elizabeth GOODMAN, and according to her estate papers, it was Anna E. C*. GOODMAN (following Anderson LUMPKIN's death, she moved to Idaho and on 14 Dec 1911 in Emmett, Gem County, Idaho, "Annie Lumpkin, widow" married William Henry GOODMAN). *the "C." in her name on the estate papers may actually have been an "L.", for Lumpkin.

In the 1870 census, living in Fort Dodge, Iowa, with her parents Michael and Barbara, she was mistakenly called "Ina" rather than "Anna". I also found her in the 1860 census in Albany, New York with her parents, and in 4 Iowa censuses (1880, 1885, and 1895 with Anderson, then the 1900 census in Corning, Adams, Iowa as a widow), then in the 1910 census at Emmett Precinct, Canyon County, Idaho. Her son Robert Michael Lumpkin obtained a homestead in Idaho but he died in a logging accident in 1915, leaving a widow and two daughters. Annie's daughter Mabel also died in Idaho, after two marriages. Three of Annie's children ended up in California, but one went back to Iowa and died there. Another went to Illinois and Wisconsin for a while but then returned to Iowa and died there.

The names of only five of Anderson & Annie's children are printed in ANCESTORS & DESCENDANTS OF ROBERT LUMPKIN AND HIS WIFE ELIZABETH (FORREST) LUMPKIN, on p. 185 (Susie, Willie, Burt, Robert, & Frank), but no information is given about them.

Two children, Susan and William are listed in the 1880 census with Anderson & Anna in Douglas Township, Webster, Iowa.

The 1885 Iowa State Census shows Susie, William, and Sylvester* with Anderson & Anna in Douglas Township, Webster, Iowa.

The 1895 Iowa State Census shows Susie, William, Sylvester*, Robert, Mabel, and Davis with Anderson & Anna in Quincy, Adams County, Iowa.

The 1900 census shows Robert M., Mabel B., and Devis E. (or Davis F.?) with widow Anna in Corning Town, Quincy Township, Adams County, Iowa.....the other 3 children had already left home.

*"Sylvester" was listed as Bert T. in the 1900 census at Quincy, Adams County, Iowa, then as "Burton" in the 1910 census at Rock Island, Illinois, then as Bert T. on his World War I draft registration card and all records afterwards

Anyhow, Mabel was the other child of Anderson & Anna (left out of the 1968 LUMPKIN book). The LUMPKIN book's "Frank" was probably a nickname or middle name of the youngest son, Davis (or David?). After much searching, I found details about all of them and some of their descendants (click on their names in my online database if you want to know about them).

The youngest son, Davis/David ("Frank") --- born when his father Anderson Lumpkin was 78 years old! --- was able to read at age 9 in the 1900 census, but perhaps he had an accident because he apparently became disabled. He was placed in the Sonoma (California) State Home "for the care and training of feeble-minded children" before the 1910 census, which is sadly the last record I found of him (age 19). The other 5 all married, and 4 of them had children. Feel free to link to their pages in my online database if you would like.

Concerning Anderson Lumpkin's children with his first wife, Susannah Williams Lumpkin:

"Marhta" as shown on your Anderson Lumpkin page should say "Martha". In correspondence to her nephew Harry Lumpkin in 1929 she signed as "Aunt Mattie". She died 17 Sep 1932 in Los Angeles, California at age 90 per the California death index at .

The 4th child, Emily Jane, was nicknamed "Emma". She died 15 July 1927 at Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska at age 88 in a car accident. Her son Elvin's daughter Elsie May Long married Ira Willard "Mike" Hepperly. Your website says that Hepperly was Emily Jane Lumpkin's great-grandson, but it was actually Hepperly's wife Elsie who was Emily's granddaughter (not great-granddaughter). Emily's granddaughter Elsie was the genealogist and worked on compiling the Lumpkin family history for quite a few years, but she passed away 12 May 1968....soon after which her husband, Ira, published her work, the 1968 ROBERT LUMPKIN book, as a tribute to his late wife. Unfortunately it contains many errors and is incomplete. Probably because he wasn't the genealogist, and because her work was unfinished.

The 6th child's name was spelled "Tilmon" in Anderson's family bible, but Tilman or Tillman A. in all other records (his middle name was probably Anderson, after his father). He was a school teacher in the 1870 census then after his marriage was in the insurance business. He married Harriet Beecher CALKINS in 1877 and had a daughter, Inez (an only child). Tillman died 10 Dec 1908 in Guthrie County, Iowa at age 61.

The 7th child was Silas J. in census records....I don't know what his middle name was but it started with a J. He married Esther Leora CARVER in 1881 and had 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls). In 1880 at age 24 he was still single, working as clerk in a lumber yard in Fort Dodge, Iowa. In the 1885 Colorado State Census he was a miner in Gunnison County, Colorado, married with 2 children. Next he was in Salt Lake City, Utah working as a carpenter according to the 1890 Utah Directory ( I haven't yet located him in 1900 or 1910, but in 1920 he was in Reno, Washoe County, Nevada with his wife....he was age 70 and working as a house carpenter. The 1930 census shows him in Oakland, Alameda County, California, and he died there 14 Jan 1937 at age 87 according to the California death index.

The 8th child, Thomas, you have listed correctly, except that Texas records show that "Tom Lumpkins" died 27 Apr 1877 at age 26, shot and killed by "Limpy Jim Smith" after a quarrel in a saloon at Rath City, Stonewall County, Texas. Tom's grave is marked only by a buffalo skull and is still there....although the short-lived town isn't. It's true that the Lumpkin family bible recorded his death as 1 May 1877, but since they were informed of his death via a letter from the Texas sheriff, they may have only estimated it (probably the letter didn't tell them the exact date of his death). 27 Apr 1877 is the correct date.

The 9th child, Henry, was found in the 1860 and 1870 censuses with his father Anderson in Webster County, Iowa, then at age 25 in the 1880 census at Hastings, Adams County, Nebraska.....single and working as a teamster. I don't know what happened to him after 1880 since I haven't found him in any further records.

By the way, neither Anderson Lumpkin nor his son Wilson Lumpkin recorded the FULL names of their children in their family Anderson's case the children's middle names were omitted, but in Wilson Lumpkin's case, several children were listed only under their nicknames and middle initials.

"Fred E." was actually Frederick E.; and "Ed A." was actually Edward A.; then there was my great grandfather "Webb L." as his name was recorded in the Lumpkin family bible....I have never been able to discover his full name although I have guessed that his middle name may have been Long (his mother's maiden name) or Lemuel (after his grandfather)......but he changed it and used the middle initial "M." later in his life and even his daughter (my grandmother) said she never knew what his middle initial stood for. And his real first name may have been Webster because a man named Webster Casing Brown (who went by Webb C. Brown) was married to his mother's sister Martha Emily Long.

Then there was "Frank" Lumpkin. "Frank" was usually a nickname for Francis in early times, and later for Franklin, so his real first name was probably one of those. And "Harry" Lumpkin's real name was Henry ("Harry" was well-known back then to be a nickname for Henry, but occasionally it could be for Harold. But we know it was Henry because he was listed that way in the 1880 census at age 1). Lastly, "Kittie" was a nickname for Katherine or Catherine). So regarding your page at :

"Fred E.": actually Frederick E. (don't know his middle name). He was listed as "Fredk." (abbreviation for Frederick) in the 1880 census. He died at Jennings, Jefferson Davis Parish, Louisiana, of Bright's disease of the kidneys 14 Apr 1908 at age 40. Never married. In Fort Dodge, Iowa he was a member of a fraternal organization called "The Independent Order of Red Men" and was elected "keeper of wampum" (treasurer) in 1901, according to THE HUMESTON NEW ERA (Humeston, Iowa newspaper), 16 Oct 1901. In 1904 he was elected "keeper of tail feathers" in the same organization, according to the TRI-CITY STAR (Davenport, Iowa newpaper), 7 Oct 1904.

"Ed A.": actually Edward A. (perhaps Edward Anderson Lumpkin?). He was listed as Edward in the 1880, 1910, and 1920 censuses. Ed went to Salmon, Idaho, for a time, then to the Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon in 1899 along with his brothers Webb and Harry Lumpkin. On Oct 9, 1899 "Webb Lumpkin of Dawson, Harry Lumpkin of Carney Oklahoma, and Ed Lumpkin of Salmon Idaho" passed the Mounties' checkpoint at Lake Bennett, with scow (boat) #788. Source: "Stampeder Genealogy" and "Ghosts of the Klondike" database on the internet.

Apparently Ed moved around a lot. In his mother's obituary (Dec 1913), Ed was listed as living in Los Angeles, CA. In a letter dated Sept 25th, 1917 from Jennings, Louisiana, his father Wilson Lumpkin wrote, "Ed was at Sandiago (San Diego) the last letter I had from him, but said he was going to leave there soon." In his father's obituary (Aug 1919), Ed was listed as living in Oakland, California. He moved to Los Angeles again and died there according to later records.

He married a woman named Edna A. (maiden name unknown) in 1907 or 1908 (his first marriage was at age 38 according to the 1930 census. The 1910 census says they had been married for 2 years).....They apparently had no children, but Edna A. was listed as Edward Lumpkin's wife in the 1910 census in Seattle, King County, Washington and the 1920 census in Oakland, Alameda County, California. The California death index shows that Edna died 4 July 1926 in Los Angeles, California, and Ed. was listed as a widower in the 1930 census in Los Angeles. But he apparently married for a second time, because when he died 4 May 1933 in Los Angeles County, California, the Ca. death index shows a spouse's initial, "H." (the index is incomplete, but I'm trying to obtain a copy of his actual death certificate to see what his second wife's name was). Ed worked as "overseer of a street crew" in the 1910 census in Seattle, then as a "ship fitter" in the 1920 census in Oakland, then as a contractor in brick work in the 1930 census in Los Angeles.

"Webb M." (as you have him listed), my great-grandfather, was Webb L. in his father's family bible, but by the time he was in the Klondike gold rush with his brothers he was using the middle initial M. Also listed that way on his death certificate. He had a homestead in Utah but wasn't a Mormon. He and his wife Beulah Mae had eight children. If you would like, you could link to my page about him at

"Cora M." was of course Cora May, who taught school then married Claude Starr Whittlesey on 24 Feb 1892 at Guthrie, Logan County, Oklahoma (not Gutherie, Odla as your website says). She and Claude had three children: Harry Ray, Cora Marie, and Webb W. I didn't find them in the 1900 census, but the 1910 census shows them living at Animas Town, LaPlata County, Colorado (Animas Town, or Animas City, was on the outskirts of Durango, Colorado, about 40 miles from where I live now). In the 1920 census at Animas City, Cora's niece Audrey Lumpkin, 11 (daughter of Harry), was staying with them. Then in the 1930 census Claude and Cora lived in Belvedere township, Los Angeles County, California. Claude died in Los Angeles County 18 Feb 1939, and Cora died 15 June 1955 in Los Angeles.

Lulu, your great-grandmother....of course you already know about her. But my records show that her marriage occurred in Carney, Lincoln County, Oklahoma (not Barney Oklahoma as your website says).

I haven't yet been able to find much about the next brother, "Frank" (whose full name, as I mentioned, was probably Francis or Franklin). In the 1910 census in Jennings town, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, he was living with his parents and was age 32, single, occupation Painter (had his own shop). In a letter dated 25 Sep 1917 from Wilson Lumpkin in Jennings Louisiana, to Harry Lumpkin in Manhattan New York, Wilson wrote "Frank's (address) is 1917 San Jacinto Street, Dallas Texas." But I haven't been able to find him in the 1920 census. The 1930 census for Murphy Election Precinct, Maricopa County, Arizona (date: 15 Apr 1930) shows a Frank LUMPKIN age 60, widower, b. Iowa, father's birthplace Iowa and mother's birthplace Indiana, living in the "Maricopa County Hospital & Poor Farm". If this was the right Frank Lumpkin, his age must have been just a guess because he would actually have been 53. This record also indicates that he had been married. Not sure if this was the right Frank Lumpkin though.

Then there's Harry and you have great information about him. But his real name was actually Henry (he is listed that way in the 1880 census at age 1). Harry was just a nickname but was the name he always used.

Last, the daughter "Kittie", who lived only 2 weeks and 4 days. As I mentioned, "Kittie" was a well-known nickname for Catherine. I have listed her as Catherine which I think was her real name.

That's all I have for now. I'm still trying to find the parents of Susannah Williams (Anderson Lumpkin's first wife, who was Wilson Lumpkin's mother), but no luck yet. I do, however, have extensive information on some of Susannah's brothers and sisters and their families. And I think Susannah was probably born in Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio because that is where her brother John H. Williams was born two years later.

The only other thing I need to mention is that Anderson's father Robert Lumpkin was not the son of George Lumpkin and Mary Cody. Hepperly got it wrong in the 1968 book, and nearly everyone else since then has gotten it wrong too. Probably others before that already had the pedigree wrong. I guess since so many people have Robert's parents listed as George Lumpkin and Mary Cody, most people figure it MUST be correct -- without looking into it further. Another problem is that quite a few people have joined the DAR and SAR (Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution) based upon the lineage back to George Lumpkin and Mary Cody. These organizations have now suspended the Lumpkin lineage and no longer consider it proven.

Hepperly's book says that our ancestor Robert Lumpkin married twice---first to Druscilla Hendricks, who died young, then to Elizabeth Forrest in 1784. But there were actually TWO Robert Lumpkins living in Pittsylvania/Halifax Counties, Virginia around the same time, who was the son of George, was older (b. before 1751) and he married Druscilla Hendricks about 1770, had at least 13 children with her, and moved to Jasper County, Georgia in the late 1790's, where he resided until his death in the 1820's.......the other Robert Lumpkin (ours), was probably the son of Moore Lumpkin (William Moore Lumpkin?) and his first wife Martha Richardson. Our Robert, of course, was born 25 Nov 1756 and married Elizabeth Forrest, as recorded in his son Anderson's family bible.

Proof: Robert Lumpkin, son of Capt. George and Mary Cody Lumpkin, married Drusellar (Druscilla) Hendrick(s), daughter of Hans (or John) Hendrick and Tabitha Hurt. On 25 Feb 1766, Hans Hendrick sold 194 acres in Halifax County, VA, to George Lumkin "of Orange County, North Carolina", the deed being witnessed by George Lumpkin, Jr. and Robert Lumpkin [see Halifax Co. Deed Book 6, p.152]. Then, on the "First List of Tithables of Pittsylvania County, VA," year 1767, appears "George Lumpkin, son Robert & son George...." (as you already have in the notes for your George Lumpkin page). This was the George Lumpkin who was married to Mary Cody, with his two oldest sons Robert and George (the elder George Lumpkin was assigned as a judge in North Carolina, and sometimes lived there but also owned land in Virginia before moving to Georgia). Note that, according to law, his sons would have to be at least 16 years old in 1767 to appear on the tax list (and were probably several years older than that, since they had signed as witnesses to a deed the previous year). Therefore GEORGE'S SON ROBERT WAS BORN BEFORE 1751, and probably 1746 or earlier. This alone proves that George Lumpkin's son Robert is NOT the Robert Lumpkin born 25 November 1756 in VA, who married Elizabeth Forrest in 1784, moved to Tennessee about 1800 then moved to Indiana about 1832, and died 12 November 1842 in Randolph Co., Indiana, and served in the Revolutionary War according to his gravestone and the 1840 census. Rather, Capt. George Lumpkin's son Robert Lumpkin was born BEFORE 1751 (and probably 1746 or earlier); he married Druscilla (Drusellar) Hendricks about 1770 in Halifax Co., VA, and moved to Jasper Co., Georgia in the late 1790's. Druscilla didn't die young, for Robert and Druscilla Hendricks Lumpkin had at least 13 children, and lived the remainder of their lives in Jasper Co., GA, where they both died in the 1820's. Druscilla was still living in 1791, when "Robert Lumkin" signed in right of his wife as one of the heirs in her father's will, 12 Dec 1791, Halifax Co., VA, and she was still living in 1827, when her name appeared on a court document in Jasper Co., GA pertaining to the settlement of her late husband Robert Lumpkin's estate. Other records clearly prove that this Robert Lumpkin (in Georgia) who was married to Druscilla Hendricks for over 50 years, was the son of George Lumpkin and Mary Cody (who also moved to Georgia). He remained married to Druscilla Hendricks for over 50 years, had 13 children with her and lived in Georgia with her, so he couldn't also have married Elizabeth Forrest, had 11 children with her, and lived in Tennessee during the same time period and later Indiana........such long-distance bigamy is out of the question! These were clearly two different Robert Lumpkins.

Our ancestor Robert Lumpkin was about 10 years younger than the other Robert. Our ancestor Robert served as a wagoner in the Revolutionary War. Robert Lumpkin's signature appears on a petition in Cumberland County, VA in 1777 along with hundreds of others asking that Cumberland County be divided into two distinct counties (see Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, vol. XXX, number 2, 1 May 1992, "Legislative Petitions: Cumberland County, 1776-1786"). This is further evidence that Robert Lumpkin who married Elizabeth Forrest lived in Cumberland County before coming to Halifax Co, VA, and that he is connected to the MOORE LUMPKIN family of Cumberland and Charlotte Co, VA. Moore Lumpkin was Constable in Cumberland Co., VA in 1768 and was recorded to be "of Cumberland Co." in 1773 (at the time of his second marriage) and on a deed dated 6 May 1779. Moore Lumpkin "of Cumberland County" bought land from John Venable in Charlotte Co., VA on 6 May 1779, adjoining John Hendrick. Then he sold some of the land 6 Nov 1780 to his neighbor John Hendrick, and on this deed Moore Lumpkin was said to be "of Charlotte County". But apparently he still owned land in Cumberland County also. Probate of his estate occurred in Cumberland County, VA in 1782 but gives no information about his children. Then on 4 Feb 1783 John Hendrick "of Charlotte County VA" (who had bought land from Moore Lumpkin in 1780) bought more land adjoining his own from ROBERT LUMPKIN, "HEIR AT LAW OF MOORE LUMPKIN late of Charlotte County deceased, and Ann Lumpkin widow of Moore Lumpkin". (Charlotte County Deed Book 5, p.40).

(John Hendrick of the above land transactions was not the same John who fathered Druscilla Hendricks, but rather a distant cousin of Druscilla's father.....just coincidence).

Anyhow, Moore LUMPKIN's second wife Ann WOODSON (whom he had married 14 Apr 1773 in Cumberland Co., VA) left a will in Prince Edward Co, VA in 1809. She left the estate to her own children, not mentioning her late husband's children by his first marriage with Martha RICHARDSON (namely, our ancestor Robert and his sister Martha.....and perhaps others?). The children of Moore Lumpkin and his second wife Ann Woodson included John Woodson Lumpkin (born about 1774), Elizabeth A. Lumpkin (born 12 May 1775) who married John Curd, Moore Lumpkin (b. abt. 1776), Anderson Woodson Lumpkin (b. Mar. 1778), Nancy Lumpkin (b. 11 Aug 1780) who married Charles Curd, and Obediah Lumpkin (b. abt. 1781). All of these were born in Virginia and later moved their families to Tennessee, near where our ancestor Robert Lumpkin moved in 1800.

The name of Anderson Woodson Lumpkin (who was born in March 1778 in Virginia) appears on a legislative petition dated 29 July 1797 in Buckingham County, Virginia, next to that of his uncle Anderson Woodson (Buckingham Co., VA adjoins Cumberland County where Anderson Woodson Lumpkin's father Moore Lumpkin had lived). Anderson Woodson Lumpkin served in the War of 1812, as a Corporal in Major Woodford's Squadron of Cavalry, Virginia Militia. He was in the 1820 census in Prince Edward County, Virginia, then moved to Tennessee. He also had a son named Anderson Lumpkin (b. abt. 1815 in VA), who lived in Tennessee and later settled in Missouri. So our ancestor Anderson Lumpkin was not the only one with that name....the others were his father Robert's half-brother and the half-brother's son.

Now, our ancestor Robert Lumpkin (b. 25 Nov 1756 in VA) had a younger sister named Martha Lumpkin (b. 1 June 1767). The Hepperly book erroneously says that this Martha was the daughter of our Robert and his "first wife" Druscilla Hendricks. Martha Lumpkin is mentioned in her grandmother Mary (Curd) Richardson's will, 2 Jan 1788 in Charlotte Co., VA (Will 2:14).

Our ancestor Robert Lumpkin signed as security for "Mathey" Lumpkin's marriage bond in 1791 in Halifax Co., VA when she married William McCraw. This "Robert Lumpkin" signature matches the signature of Robert Lumpkin (b. 25 Nov 1756, wife Elizabeth Forrest) who later lived in Randolph County, Indiana. Since Robert was only 10 and a half years older than Martha, he must have been her older brother since he was obviously not her father. Nor (as some researchers have erroneously asserted) was Martha the daughter of the other Robert Lumpkin of Halifax/Pittsylvania Co. (born 1750 or earlier) who married Druscilla Hendricks about 1770 and moved to Georgia.

Another piece of evidence: One of Martha Lumpkin McCraw's grandsons, James M. McCraw, married a lady named Millie Murley. Millie's first husband had been John Camel Lumpkin(s). According to her descendants, Millie always said that her two husbands were "cousins" to one another. John Camel Lumpkin(s) was a son of John Richardson Lumpkins who was son of Robert Lumpkin and Elizabeth Forrest, while James M. McCraw was a grandson of Martha Lumpkin and William McCraw. So actually, James M. McCRAW and John Camel LUMPKINS were 2nd cousins. Their common ancestors were Moore LUMPKIN and Martha RICHARDSON. This is further proof that Robert Lumpkin (who signed Martha's marriage bond) was Martha Lumpkin's older brother.

Anyhow, the details are rather technical but there is ample proof that our Robert Lumpkin was definitely NOT the son of George Lumpkin and Mary Cody, and that he probably WAS the son of Moore Lumpkin and Martha Richardson (who was the daughter of John Richardson and Mary Curd). Moore Lumpkin may have been a brother of Capt. George Lumpkin who married Mary Cody, but this is not certain. George's father (and Moore's?) was probably another Robert Lumpkin, but proof is scarce about that too. My online database has tentative genealogy going back further, but it is not really proven....except for the fact that the JACOB LUMPKIN who emigrated from England to Virginia by 1675 was son of an Anthony LUMPKIN and Mary Dorothy MELBOURNE of Tumby-Woodside, Lincolnshire, England......because he is mentioned in Anthony Lumpkin's 1662 will in Lincolnshire, along with other sons and daughters John, Margaret, Anthony, Mary, Elizabeth, Bridget, Alice, and Robert. Although most Lumpkins in America claim Jacob as their progenitor, there is not any absolute proof that subsequent generations of Lumpkins in Virginia were in fact descended from him......they may instead descend from Jacob's younger brother Robert, who also came to Virginia (apparently in 1706). Hardly no records from early Virginia survive. All we know is that Jacob Lumpkin owned land by 1678, then later Robert Lumpkin owned land in the same county in 1704, then later other Lumpkins owned land in the vicinity. No records survive of the transfer of the land nor of the actual relationship between these early Lumpkins. Guesswork is that Jacob (b. 1644) had a son Robert (b. abt. 1672), who in turn also had a son Robert (b. abt. 1698), who was the father of George (b. 1723), Joseph (b. abt. 1739), Anthony (b. abt. 1733), Henry (b. 1741), and probably others (including Moore? b. abt. 1731?). Many pedigrees say that George (b. 1723) who married Mary Cody was the grandson of Jacob (b. 1644), with the intervening generation being Robert.....but there are too many years between Jacob and George for them to be grandfather and grandson, so I think there were actually two intervening generations.

Anyhow, some Lumpkin pedigrees make it look like they have it proven for many generations back, but for the generations before our Robert Lumpkin who married Elizabeth Forrest nothing is actually proven. However, as I have explained, strong circumstantial evidence points to Moore Lumpkin (whose full name was probably William Moore Lumpkin) being the father of our Robert b. 1756, and it has defiinitely been proven that our Robert was NOT the son of George Lumpkin and Mary Cody.



Born Dec 2, 1786.


Born Mar 17, 1788.


Born Sept 8, 1791. Was in the was of 1812.


Born Nov 5, 1793.


Born Jan 12, 1796. Married Joseph Bookout (not  Buckhart) Aug 11, 1812. Had  9 children, William,Elizabeth, Calvin,Robert,John, Mary, Melvina,Sarah,Walter.


Born Oct 12, 1798. Married Rebecca Justin on Dec 19, 1821.


Born Nov 12, 1800.


Born Aug 10, 1803.


Born June 15, 1809.


Born Jan 27, 1809 at Knoxville, Tenn.


Born 5/2/1812, Married Susannah Williams.
Rhoda Barber recorded 4 Mar 1863 in Webster County, Iowa
Married Annie Springer had six youngest children.

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