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Richard Womack III and Ann/Nancy Childers
Richard Womack (and wife Ann Unknown) the son of Abraham Womack II




George Lumpkin was born about 1727 at King and Queen County Virgina. He died after 9/9/1800 (the date of his will) in Greene County Georgia.

Resided in Amelia County Va. in 1748. In 1746 he was in Granville Co. North Carolina. In 1761 he had grants of land in Hallifax Co. Va., In 1784 he moved to Wilkes Co. Ga. His will was filed in Greene Co. Greensboro, Ga.

Mary Archedechnie Cody was born about 1728 in Halifax County, Virgina and died after 1790.

They were married 20 Sept 1748.

George Lumpkin was a Captain of Virginia troops in the American Revolution War. Because of this Harry Lumpkin joined "The Empire State Society of the Sons of The American Revolution (Nation number 53538, State number 5544) on October 5, 1934. Cora Wilma (Thomas) Hutchinson joined the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. It is from these two applications that I received much information. I received the forms from Kimmel (Thomas) Durbin. -SJT

On both Harry's and Cora's applications it is stated that Georges services in the war were: "According to H.J. Eckenrode's list of revolutionary soldiers of Virginia in the Special Report of the Department of Archives and History for 1911, Part I, page 278: George Lumpkin was Captin as shown by the Auditor's Account Book for 1779, page 214."

Also on both applications it states the references for the service were: "Virginia State Librabry: List of Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia: Special Report of the Department of Archivesand History for 1911, by H.J. Eckenrode, Archivist, 1912. Part I, Page 278. (See photostats of Bible Records in SAR file case."

This section came from a report titled: "PEDIGREE CHART SHOWING THE ANCESTRY OF AUDREY JUNE LUMPKIN" which was provided to me by Kimmel Durbin. -SJT

County, 1767, and includes the following: "George Lumpkin, son robert, son George, John Lewis, negors Jack & Betty, Tith 6, Land, 150."

James Medley, Clerk of Court, Halifax County, Va., wrote July 9, 1919: "I find from the records that George Lumpkin of the province of North Carolina and Mary Lumpkin, his wife, conveyed land in this County in 1761. He bought a number of grants in this County that had been taken out by others in 1756."

According to the Green County, Ga., Records. George Lumpkin made his will Sept. 9, 1800, making his grandsonWilliam Lumpkin (the oldest son of his son John) sole beneficiary as to his personal estate, consisting of 8 negroes, 5 horses, 17 head of cattle, etc.

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From the Media Research Bureau , 1110 F Street, Washington D.C., came the four childrens names and the info about John Lumpkin below. This document was provided bu Kimmel (Thomas) Durbin.

From Mormons:
Husband's Name
Born: 1723 Place: , King & Queen, VA
Died: 1800 Place: Lexington, Green, GA
Married: 25 Sep 1748 Place: , King & Queen, VA
Father: Robert LUMPKIN (AFN:L6TF-J5)
Mother: Mrs. Robert LUMPKIN (AFN:L6TF-KB)
Wife's Name
Born: 1729 Place: , Halifax, VA
Died: Abt 1800 Place: Lexinton, Green, GA
Married: 25 Sep 1748 Place: , King & Queen, VA
Father: James CODY (AFN:L6TH-SS)
Mother: Sarah WOMACK (AFN:L6TH-T0)
Born: 25 Nov 1756 Place: , King & Queen, VA
Died: 12 Nov 1842 Place: , Randolph, IN
Buried: Place: Losantville Cmty, Randolph, IN
Born: 1749 Place: , King & Queen, VA
Died: 4 Jan 1827 Place: , , VA
Born: 1762 Place: , Halifax, VA
Died: 1834 Place: , , Oglethorpe, GA
Born: 1760 Place: , Halifax, VA
Born: 1764 Place: , Halifax, VA

From an Email April 2012:  You have the wrong parents for Mary. The were NOT her brother, James and his wife, Sarah WOMACK.  That has been disproved for many years.  She is in her father James ARCHDEACON'S will, Prince Edward co WB 1/33, dated 10 Dec 1759, proven in the April Court of 1761.  Early writers on the family took too much word of mouth infomation as gospel and mixed up James who died in 1761 with his son, James.  I descend from James of the 1751 will's son, Edmund, brother of the James who married Sarah Womack.  We refer to them as James II and James III as James II was also the son of a James, who left a will in 1720 in County Kilkeeny Ireland.  James II brought his family over to VA about 1730, bought his first land in Amelia co about 1735.  It is unknown if his wife came or if she died prior to the move or on the trip.

Oddly, the surname Archdeacon, always had an alternate name in Ireland, of McOdo, corrupted to Cody, and was used interchageably by the families.  The family of James II used Archdeacon in the U.S. until about 1800, James III may have switched a little earlier.  My Edmund died in 1794 as an Archdeacon, two of his daughters married in Princed Edward co VA under the Archdeacon name, but by 1800 the entire family had switched to Cody.  The reason has not passed down that I know of.

Jan Knox



Born 1762, died in Wilkes Co. Ga. in 1834. Was the Justice Of Peace Wilkes Co GA. Married in 1780 to Lucy Hopson (b. 16 May 1764 in Halifax County Virginia; d. 1820 in GA; Father: Henry Hopson (Capt.) - (1735-1810);Mother: Martha Neville - (1733-1800)) . Had 11 children:
1) William who married Elizabeth Ragan in 1801 and had William.
2) Wilson who became Govenor of Georgia (1830-35) and married Elizabeth Walker and later Jan 1, 1821, Annis Hopkins. By Elizabeth he had the children: a son, Lucy, Ann S., Pleiades Orion, Wilson (born 1811), William (1814-1816), Elizabeth, infant son who died young. By  Annis they had: Samuel Hopkins, a son (died young), John Calhoun, Martha Atlanta Wilson Compton (Atlanta GA was named after her).  
3) Jack (1785-1839) or John who was a minister and married a cousin, Ann Ragland Hopson, at least one child, Mary Ann.
4) George (born 1788), a minister who married Sallie or Sarah Pope and had a son John Henry born in 1812 who was Judge of the Superior Court of GA for sev. terms. George later married Francies Calloway and had no Progeny; but by his 3rd wife, Lucy Davis, he had 5 children, Angelina, Matilda, Sarah G., Dr. George, and Martha E.
5) Henry Hopson (born 1790) who married Lucy Milner and had a son Thomas Benjamin and some others.
6) Samuel (born 1792).
7) Robert (1795-1796)
8) Martha (born 1797)
9) Joseph Henry (1799-1867) who became Chief ustice of Georgia. Married Callender Cunningham Grieve or Greeve and had the children Marion McHenry, Josepth Troup, Callie, William Wilberforce, Lucy, Edward P., Dr. James M., Charles M., Miller Grieve, Robert C. (died unmarried), and Frank Grieve.
10) Thomas Jefferson (1802).
11) James Neville (1804-1819).


Married Ann (Nancy) Rutledge on 28 Jan. 1782, and went to Georgia shortly after.


Born on 11/25/1756, died 12 Nov. 1842. Married Elizabeth Forrest on 15 April 1784. ROBERT AND ELIZABETH LUMPKIN


Born 1749/50, died 2 Jan. 1827.  Married Col. John Wilson on 2 Apr. 1767 and had 11 children.

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